My Teenage Life (Vol. I) - the Freshman Year
Chapter 1: Free Falling

Copyright© 2015 by Diederik Rask

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1: Free Falling - The life of James Underwood, a too good for his own good Freshman at Wormwood High. Music is his love and girls are his desire. Follow him through the second half of his Freshman year and Summer vacation.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Oral Sex   Violent   School  

I was on top of the world, yesterday; today, it's more like I've been tossed into Dante's Inferno. At least, that's how it seems to me. Apparently, I'm the kind of guys the girls love for a friend, and that's it. It isn't that I'm bad looking. Hell, I've been told often enough I'm anything from cute to good looking, so that's not the problem. What is the problem is that I'm just a nice guy and the girls feel safe around me. In fact, I'm so "safe" (damn it) that my openly lesbian friends have made made me an "honorary woman". I don't know if that's good or not. Maybe both, but it just solidifies my "nice guy" label.

Oh, I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm James Underwood. My family moved here in the summer the year I turned 13. I just turned 15 and I'm in freshman in Wormwood High. Just so you understand, my birthday is January 1st. I was the first born in the entire United States of America in the contiguous united states, no small feat, but also not something actually planned. It does have some benefits, or did for my family when I was a baby; apparently, it has benefits for me, too, if I go to college. Right now, that's no looking so good. Maybe I need to become more studious ... no, that's not going to happen. I'm too damned bored with classes. Everything is, too, easy for me. Well, with the exception of my English classes. It's a bitch getting English grammar right and spelling, too, when you learn a different language for two years in a foreign country in their schools. Let me tell you, the kids in the USA have it too easy in school. Not enough discipline. No one is really pushed. It's all geared to the averge and maybe a little lower. I've actually forgotten what I used to know of German, and Russian. I recognize some words and phrases, but speak either one? Not any more. That's kind of too bad and I'm rambling now.

So, back to where I started. Yesterday I asked Brenda to go out with me and she said she would and we made plans to meet up and see a movie and hit the local Five Guys. I thought of it as a real date; I found out later, that it was just going out with a friend, for her. I guess I don't understand girls. I like them. I fantasize about them. I want to engage in intimate acts with them. Apparently, that's not reciprocated. I'm just a "friend" and that hurts.

I suppose that it would help to understand what happened that lead to this fall of mine from that high place. Well, I arrived to meet up with Brenda and she was there, but so were a gaggle of other friends of mine, all female. They'd already decided we'd be going to see the current chick flick and off we went, with no further input from me. The movie was good, it was a funny romance and had me laughing with them. The trip to Five Guys was good, as the food is always enjoyable (if you don't have allergies to peanuts – never go there if you do).

My problem began in earnest when I got Brenda alone to the side while we waited for our orders to come up and I asked her about our "date". It wasn't a date and she would not have agreed to go on a date with me.

"Brenda, I thought we had a date tonight. What happened? Why are they all here?"

"Date? James, I like you a lot. You're a great friend, but this was never a 'date'. I thought you understood that. When you asked me to go out I thought you understood that it would be with a group. We girls always go out in groups."

"I meant for it to be a date. I had hoped..."

"James, we're just friends. All of us adore you and trust you and feel we can tell you anything. We know we're safe with you, including what we tell you. But, we're just friends, you and me."

"Is it that way with everyone here?", I asked with a bit of a tightening of my throat and my eyes watering.

"Oh, James. I'm sorry. You're a great guy, but I just don't see you as the boyfriend type."

Turns out it was the same with all the other girls there. All girls I would have loved to have gone out with. All girls I fantasized about. All girls who were girl friends, but apparently, not ones who considered me boyfriend material. So, I put up a brave front, enjoyed the remainder of the evening with them, though I was feeling gut punched, and went home and cried myself to sleep.

I know it's not a "manly" thing to do, crying, but I did. The next morning I was up early, as always, got on my bike and went for a long ride. We live in a nice middle class suburban area that is still pretty new and because of that was designed with biking lanes from day one. I'd gone from being sad, depressed, and crying to mad and needed to burn the mad off. I guess I need better pedals as I managed to actually cause damage to my right pedal and it would need to be replaced. When I got home I had to shower, I stank so badly.

The rest of the day I spent reading. I had homework but never did it, much to my mother's consternation. I'd make a lot better than a C+ average if I turned in homework, but never did. In class, I helped others who were having problems with the work. In fact, helping them understand it helped me to understand it even better than I had before. Who needed homework? Besides, haven't they read that studies prove homework does not help with the learning process?

My mother must have noticed something because she asked me, at dinner, what was wrong. We have a good relationship, she and I. There's not a lot I don't talk with her about. Hell, there's nothing I do that I can't tell her about, except the few times I got high. So, I told her about what happened yesterday with Brenda and co. She listened, she's good at that, and told me something I will never forget.

"James, life is not fair. It never was. It never will be. You can cry all you want over this, or you can find out why you're in the "friends" box and why. I don't want you to change who you are, but you do need to grow up and learn to deal with things in your life." As a reminder of what she meant, mom pulled her dress up over her knees and exposed the prosthetic she wore. She'd been wearing one since she was eight years old, due to an accident. From what the family has said, and pictures I've seen and my own experiences, losing her leg never slowed her down. Well, it did, but only in physical speed. She still played sports when and where possible. It was her way of reminding me that people could overcome adversity and she was my own personal proof of it.

"I know mom. It's just ... I don't know. I thought I was good enough looking. Smart enough. And, to be blown out of the water like that hurts. I know she didn't mean to hurt me, but she did. Finding out they all feel that way really hurts. I don't know what to do." I finally ran out of steam and sat there with tears in my eyes.

"I'm not going to show you pity, James. I love you and I know you will succeed if you put your mind to it. I'll even cheer you on. If you think I'm going to listen to you wallow in sorrow, that's different. I'll not put up with it. You chose what to do with the things life throws at you. Figure out what you're going to do about it, but do something positive and proactive."

"Thanks mom. I'll get out of your hair, now. Love you."

"Love you, too, James."

So, I went and did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I may not keep my own room clean, but because my mother was a single parent, I took care of cleaning most of the house. I even cooked many of our meals. I thought about what my mother had said and tried to figure out what to do. I couldn't extort my girl friends into dating me. I'd never do that. By extortion I mean not helping them with understanding the work in class so that they would pass without a problem.

I finished up with the kitchen duties and found nothing of interest on the television. I thought about reading, but none of my books really held my attention at the time. Not the works of Heinlein, A.C. Clarke, Turtledove, Pratchett, McCaffrey, or any of the others. I had hundreds of books, nearly all paper back and had read most of them three times. I had a Nook, too, but used that for camping and traveling. I preferred the feel of a real book in my hands.

Instead, I got on my computer and started stumbling around doing Google searches. I ended up with a lot of hits for adult videos, which held no interest for me right then. Besides, I had my favorites already bookmarked. I found sites that promised to make girls fall all over you, but it cost money for their "products". That wasn't going to happen, for a few reasons. What caught my eye, though, were a few sites I found accidentally. Two of them were adult erotic story sites. Some others were blogs.

Before this, I did not know what MC was. I had heard about hypnosis, but didn't know anything about it. What got me to one story that really caught my attention was when I accidentally entered some search phrase I can't recall and randomly selected a link number at the bottom, instead of just looking at the first page, and came up with a link to the story, "Busman's Holiday". It was a story about a guy who was a hypnotist and went on vacation and ended up working for his vacation. He met a couple of really sexy women and taught them hypnosis as he seduced them and the story was in so much detail that it was if you were reading a "how to" manual on hypnosis.

This got me searching for more hypnosis information and stories. That lead to stories that were tagged MC as well as hypnosis and I was off and running from there, reading wise. Mind control is not real. Not even with hypnosis. But, the stories were often hot as hell and total stroke material. Few of the hypnosis stories were as instructive as that first one. Many were just fun reads but I knew they were full of shit. Because of that, I started looking into books on hypnosis. That actually lead me to Youtube where I found a lot of videos on inductions. One of the biggest names that kept coming up through all my searching was Elman. I started doing research specifically on his name and found some books by him that I ordered. In addition to hypnosis, I came across something else of interest, "Neuro Linguistic Programming." Mind you, this happened over weeks and months, in all. That first night I read all of "Busman's Holiday" and dreamed I was him.

Sunday was a good day out, for being the middle of January. The weather was warm and I went out to run. I couldn't ride my bike, because I needed to replace the pedal. It was an uneventful day, but I did accomplish a couple of things. On my run I went down to the mall where we had a well stocked bookstore. There, I got help finding books by Dave Elman. The pickings were few, but I found one I thought might be a good start and bought it. That evening I started reading it and became even more interested in hypnosis. The things Mr. Elman had done astounded me. If I could do half of what he did, I could ... well, I wouldn't be able to use it to rule the world, or even get girls to date me. But, I could use it for fun. I also stopped in at Dave's Bikes and got a replacement set of pedals. He recommended a set so that I wouldn't be likely to need to replace either one in the near future. I'd be back later to get a new arm, or whatever it's called, too. I didn't just mess up the pedal, I damaged the threading. Live and learn.

Monday was back to school, but it had changed for me. I met up with Nicole in the girls bathroom. I always came in early, as did she, and we talked while she did her hair and makeup. I sat there on the sink. We even got caught once and I was told to stay out. I was right back in after the Principal left and was out of sight. She was a good friend and hot, sexy and a girl I would have loved to kiss and so much more. I just never got up the nerve to ask her. Maybe that's part of the problem. I was a nice guy and never got the courage up to even approach a girl to ask for a kiss, or even indicate I had such interest in them. Okay, something to work on.

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