The Passion of the Possessed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, BiSexual, Fiction, Genie, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The female Ghoul took control of Debbie Kennedy with almost no opposition. That was a bit of a surprise since she was used to at least some sort of token resistance or fear from the clueless humans.

Debbie was not quite certain when she knew for sure that she was no longer in control of her body and her thoughts. It just seemed like one minute she was good old Debbie Kennedy and the next she was spinning out of control in a vortex of utterly depraved evil thoughts and desires. It was so debilitating that she sat right down on the sidewalk and couldn't take another step. She didn't care if she ripped her stockings or broke a heel; she had to get the ground under her backside for firm support before she fell face down like some crazed zombie or victim of a major stroke.

When she tried to answer a concerned question from a nice old lady that tried to help her back up to her feet, she started talking in a strange language that she felt certain wasn't any language in use in modern times. She rose and steadied her slender frame on the woman's shoulder knowing that the old Debbie was in the past and that she, the four thousand year old female Ghoul, had finally returned to this plane of existence inside the pretty young girl's inexperienced form and had replaced her predecessor's consciousness with her own depraved and ancient presence like a fungus on an innocent soul's surface.

One of her first thoughts was that her new host had a practically unused and chronically frustrated vaginal opening and her rear channel made for those special anal delights she was particularly fond of was entirely untested by male equipment. Thank goodness the girl's mouth had nescient memories of inserted cocks and tasty female slits or she would have thought the banished host was some sort of religious kook with no interest in human sexual exploration or simple pleasure.

She sat down on the nearby bus station bench feeling the hard surface of the wood on her sensitive rump. It awakened her internal juices and she wiggled on the slats like a schoolgirl on the tip of a demanding male finger searching for her special spot. The old lady looked at her with a funny expression on her face and she scurried away as quickly as possible obviously not satisfied with what she saw as being either normal or natural in any sense of the words. That was all right with Debbie because she didn't want the old lady to be telling anyone that the fallen girl had been speaking some strange language that didn't seem right for this day and age.

She searched her purse and saw her address was written on her front door key. When she asked the man selling magazines from a little wooden building right on the sidewalk for directions, he laughed and told her it was "only a couple of blocks down the side-street".

Debbie strode off with a determined gait wanting to get inside a locked door to regain her composure.

The apartment building was one of those old brownstones with the ornate stone decorations that she had always hated no matter what part of the world she came back to life in. These were atrocious gargoyles depicting the underworld in horrific and totally inaccurate design. They almost made her laugh just looking at their fierce inadequacy. She had already met quite a few demons and none were quite this benign.

Fortunately, there was no humans standing around waiting to ask questions and she went immediately to the number on her key which was apartment 301 on the third floor. The elevator was not in working order but she had no intention of getting on it even if it did. The confining space was too much like the tiny area she had spent the last century inside way down in New Orleans inside one of those family-styled mausoleums that featured rats, spiders and the odd ghost lurking in the darkened corners. It was her punishment to be contained there for exactly one hundred years because she had dared to confront the master with doubts about allowing the vampire covens into the sacred city. Next time, she would keep her big mouth shut tight and let it all play out with her interference. Of course, the master was overthrown and the vampires ruled supreme even to this day but she had no axe to grind any longer.

It was a bold stroke of luck that this girl had walked too close to the mausoleum wall and allowed the imprisoned female immortal to clone into her physical being. It had been a long journey to New York City and she was disgusted with how boring this new host turned out to be. The girl never did anything interesting and didn't even smoke or drink her beloved wine or strong spirits. The silly thing didn't even take care of her frustration with her finger or some blunt instrument designed for female satisfaction. She definitely had to give this female lifeform some accelerated training so that her sojourn inside would be as pleasurable as possible and the wise ones knew she deserved it after the long period of confinement just for telling the truth.

She rested under the bed not on it because she had been doing that for a long time inside the darkened space of the mausoleum. A noise startled her awake and she saw it was a black object on the desk that was ringing with authority like some warning bell of fast approaching danger. She picked it up and when she grasped it, the thing spoke to her like some spirit from beyond the grave.

"Debbie, you are late for work. Where are you?"

She immediately assumed the identity of the "Debbie" person and answered,

"I slept too late. I may not come into work today."

There was a giggling from the other end and the unseen female told her,

"It's me, Debbie, Connie, your best friend in all the world in your very own words. Don't be silly. Today is payday and we are supposed to go for fish and chips at the new place on Sixth Avenue."

"All right, I will be there shortly. Tell them I had a "woman's thing" and will be a little late."

Debbie saw a paystub on the same desk with the address of the company and that her department was the accounting office on the ninth floor. It seemed like a good a time as any to fill into her new shoes and besides she might need the funds for some necessity she was not as yet aware of.

Connie turned out to be a rather stout but still attractive older woman with far too much make-up for office work. It was better-suited to a pick-up bar or someplace equally discouraging. She handed Debbie a small brown envelope and told her to open it right away because some of the girls had been terminated due to falling sales of their primary products. The worldwide economic downturn had finally arrived at their firm with a vengeance. Fortunately, there was no "pink slip" inside her envelope and she heard Connie tell her that she hadn't received one either. Judging from the faces of several crying females, they were not as lucky.

An older man with a terrible scowl on his face walked up to them and addressed Debbie in a stern voice.

"Miss Kennedy, a word in my office, now!"

Debbie timidly followed the portly man into the shades drawn office at the end of the long work area and he turned around and kissed her so quickly that she could only blink in astonishment.

"Don't be coy with me, young lady. I warned you about the lay-offs and you assured me that you would be more than grateful if I kept you and that silly cow Connie off the list. Now bend over the desk like a good girl and give me my payback for being such a nice man."

Apparently, her host Debbie had made a deal with the devil in the form of this rotund and nearsighted leach from hell lusting for her seldom used goodies. She saw he had already unfurled his staff of pulsating man meat and was waiting impatiently for her obedient reaction. Her first thought was one of anger at being treated in such a cavalier manner but after a quick reassessment, she could see the benefit to Debbie's position in the workplace and the fellow did seem both aroused and enthusiastic.

Without a word of reluctance, she followed Mister Hancock's instruction allowing him to yank her undies down without any warning at all. After that, the initial insertion was accomplished with some degree of difficulty because of Debbie's lack of use of her female opening and the fact the boss had an unusually thick cock that stretched her cunt with uncommon stress.

The nasty man with the pot belly was banging Debbie hard from behind and whispering dirty words in her ear that made the Ghoul laugh with enjoyment but would have shocked the young girl if she had remained inside her replaced human shell. It didn't take very long for the ancient Ghoul to fall into a satisfying orgasm that made Debbie's pretty body shake with shudders of pleasure and forced her to squeal with joy at the flood of cum spilling into her vaginal tract.

Mister Hancock was astonished that his new slave-girl worker was enjoying his assault with such gusto. It was a switch from the girls that just cried and pretended they were "not that kind of girl". This one was a hot number and he decided right then and there that he would keep her employed at all costs even if it meant his own job. He slowed withdrew and watched his juices start to backflow out of the girl's slit with obscene slowness like lava falling from the slopes of a volcano unable to be stopped until it reached the very bottom.

Debbie reached behind her still bare cheeks and dipped her fingers in the goo and brought them up to her nostrils to inhale and her lips to taste. Mister Hancock watched her with great interest having never having seen any of his previous conquests act in such a depraved and delicious manner. She sucked her fingers and he leaned down and pushed his desperate tongue inside her mouth to see exactly how cooperative she really was. The sounds of her panting and sight of her happy smile convinced him she was not acting or pretending. He instructed her to remain bent over the desk and he played with her buttocks for several minutes to let her know they belonged to him now and she better get used to it. The older man was unable to resist it any longer and he dropped his head down to push up into her heated crack letting his long tongue touch her perfect little star tasting her feral wild female essence on his taste-buds like some exotic spice from the Orient. Debbie moaned her pleasure making Mister Hancock frenzied in his manipulations driving his now frantic tongue ever deeper inside her very core. The Ghoul was in sheer ecstasy because her hosted real portal had not been touched in a full century. It was her favorite bedroom sport and she enjoyed giving as well as receiving. It made no matter to the ageless spirit if it was male or female just that it be a young attractive male or female or at least enthusiastic like this overweight misogynist with a talented tongue.

"I think that will be all for today, Miss Kennedy. Do we understand each other that when I request your presence here in my office, you will obey promptly?"

She looked up at the sex-obsessed man and shook her head in full agreement.

"Yes sir, when you call, I will be sure to follow your orders like a good girl. Please don't tell my friend Connie that I am being so bad because I don't want her to know what I had to do to save her job."

The boss gave a wicked laugh and smacked Debbie on her backside as soon as she had her undies back in place.

"Just keep it ready for action, honey, and be sure to keep telling me how much you love it."

The Ghoul buried deep inside Debbie's pretty body stirred with contentment. This was certainly a good beginning for a new chapter in her long existence and one that she hoped would bring much pleasure and happy unions with these imaginative humans.

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