Rose Goes on the Road With Her Brother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex,

Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An attractive young woman goes on an overnight trip with her horny brother, what could go wrong?

Rose's husband simply refused to go with her to the birthday celebration her family was throwing for her grandmother. That's how it all happened, had he gone there would be no story to tell. But he had told her it was too far to go; he couldn't miss three days' work just to see an old lady who never seemed to remember who he was. So, Rose made arrangements to go with her brother John who was passing through town as he drove to the function. She thought it would be nice, while they had always been close as kids, they hadn't seen much of each other in the last four years. It would be a great way to catch up.

The day she left, her husband went to work in the morning as usual and left her to wait for John alone. She was slightly pissed as she thought about it; he really could have taken the time off and gone with her, he'd taken time off to go to ballgames with his friends but not for her. But then John arrived and she stopped thinking about it. He put her bags in the trunk and they were off. He had been driving for four hours before he'd gotten to her house, so they would have to stop for the night ¾ of the way there so he could rest and get some sleep.

The ride was enjoyable, they talked and joked with each other, reliving the old days as the miles rolled by. Finally, late in the afternoon, John got off the highway and pulled in to a motel parking lot. "Time to get out of the car and relax, Rosie, have to recharge my batteries."

She agreed and they checked in. It was enjoyable, kind of like a mini vacation. They went to the restaurant ate a good meal and had a couple of drinks. Then they went to the pool for a swim. Knowing they were going to lay over for the night she had packed a bathing suit. It was a black two piece, conservative but still showed off her figure, and Rose did have a good figure: nicely shaped and at 27, time hadn't begun to take its toll on it. She noticed several men, including her brother, pause to look her over.

When they got back to the room, John opened a bottle of wine and they each had a glass. Then she went into the bathroom to shower off the chlorine from the pool. When she came out, wearing only a bathrobe, more wine while blow drying her hair. When her hair was done Rose lay down on the bed on her stomach to watch the television while John showered. Eventually, she shifted her position, lying on her side, head propped up on one arm, and her legs curled up. She continued to watch the TV and sip her wine when John came out of the bathroom in his pajamas to hang his bathing suit up in the closet to dry. Then he went back in to brush his teeth. When he came out the second time he sat on his bed for a few moments, then clearing his throat spoke.

"Uh, hey sis, you might want to cover up a little over there." With that she raised her head up and looked over at him, transferring her glass from one hand to the other and reached behind her.

"Oh, Gawd!" she exclaimed when she felt her bare ass. The robe had bunched up when she had changed her position leaving her exposed. Embarrassed, she sat up and made sure she was covered, then got off the bed, went to her suitcase, and grabbed a pair of pajamas and a pair of panties. Then she disappeared into the bathroom. She came out and sat on the bed, safely clad in the night clothes.

"Now what I would like to know is, how long were you looking at me before you decided to say something?"

"Well, you know, when you see a big, beautiful full harvest moon, you have to stop and admire it."

She was sure there was a complement in that statement somewhere. But she remembered when they were teenagers; when she was first maturing into womanhood and he was growing curious about females. It was an awkward time, he was always trying to sneak a peek or cop a feel.

"Damn it, you haven't changed a bit." There was phony exasperation in her voice.

"Whatever do you mean?" he smiled.

"You were always trying to get a look at me or brush up against me and then running up to your room to jerk off." This time with exaggerated resignation.

"Yes," he said smiling again, "but at least it was me that I was jacking off." With that her eyebrows raised sharply. "I remember seeing you stroking Jeff Parker off one night at the movies."

She blushed slightly, then shrugged her shoulders. "That's all he ever got off me, a couple of crummy hand jobs."

"All I know is, at the time I thought about what a lucky son of a bitch Parker was."

"So you're saying you wanted a hand job from your sister?"

"Hey, I was fourteen, I wanted a hand job from anybody female. I'd of taken one from Mom if she offered."

"You are one sick bastard," she laughed, "get help."

"No, I'm not a desperate teenager any more. I've changed; I wouldn't take a hand job from Mom today."

"Oh, I'm impressed, I'm sure Mom will be relieved." She paused for a moment, then, "What? Wait, does that mean you still want one from me?" She made a face.

"Would not turn one down." Rose stuck her tongue out at him. "Whoa, that's a turn on. Does it taste as good as it looks?"

That's when Rose had the idea; if he was going to keep on like this she would call his bluff. He was an adult after all, and probably didn't really want any type of sexual contact with his older sister. Nobody said it was a good plan; it was one that was concocted under the influence of the wine she had been drinking. If she had been thinking straight, it all would have ended right then and there. But she wasn't.

"So, all these years you were jealous of Parker, huh?" She watched as he nodded his head, then she slapped the bed alongside her, "Well come on over and we'll take care of that."

With that, he got up and walked over and sat down. A game of sexual chicken had begun. Sure he would back down at some point, Rose was willing to take it as far as was necessary to get to that place. John was willing to go as far as he could until she stopped. It was a formula for disaster, each counting on the other to call a halt to things.

First was the kiss, she leaned forward as her lips found his, one hand stroking the inside of his thigh. She was sure that would be the end of it, but he responded by putting his arms around her, pulling her close. She realized the silly bastard wasn't backing down so quickly. Time to up the ante, Rose slid her tongue past his lips, he began caressing it with his own. Not only were things going farther than she'd expected, but she was beginning to enjoy it. She could feel her pussy moistening with desire.

Her hand moved from his thigh, and grasped his cock through the material of his pajamas and underwear. It was hard and fully erect, she started squeezing it rhythmically. Her brother responded by undoing a button on her pajama top and sliding his hand in where he began to massage her breasts. She was really becoming aroused now, as he tweaked her erect nipples.

John then brushed her hand away from his swollen dick and she thought for a moment she had won the game. But she was wrong; he eased her back down on the bed and undid the top of her PJs, exposing her firm tits. He then proceeded to kiss and lick them, sending sensual thrills through her. She was now too aroused to stop this from happening, it was going to go as far as John wanted it to go, and John wanted to go all the way. While his mouth attended to her boobs, his hand slid down across her stomach, reaching under her panties and began rubbing her wet cunt lips. As his finger slid between them, stroking her clitoris, Rose no long cared who he was, she just wanted a fuck. She wanted a hard stiff prick in her cunt, pounding away at her. John was more than willing to provide it.

"Gotta get comfortable," she moaned and sat up. Rising briefly, she pushed her pajama bottoms and panties down to her knees then sat back down to finish removing them. Then she turned as she lay back on the bed lengthwise.

John was quickly beside her, his hand again on her pussy. As he kissed her, his middle finger pushed into her cunt while his thumb pressed down on her clit. He then began trying to squeeze them together causing tremors of pleasure to radiate from her pussy. She felt her stomach begin to knot and a tingly feeling in her spine; she was going to come. His mouth abandoned her lips as he kissed his way down her neck and throat to her breasts. There he used his tongue to torture her hard nipples.

Rose was already moaning wildly, soft throaty moans, but when she began to orgasm they got louder and higher pitched. As her ass cheeks clenched involuntarily and her abdominal muscles tightened, one hand shot down grabbing the hand that was in her snatch and held it firmly in place. Her other arm was raised up, forearm covering her eyes, fist clinched.

Mouth open and gasping for breath, she blurted out, "Oh, damn, shit, fuck, uhh, Johnny, I'm coming!" Nobody needed to be told, it was obvious. As the orgasm subsided, her body relaxed, John's hand pulled out of her twat and ran through her pubic hair.

"I'm glad you don't shave, I love a hairy cunt." She ignored him. "Do you always come that easily?"

"Nope." She still had her arm over her eyes.

"Well, I guess I did something right."

"Yeah," she took a deep breath, "yeah, you did."

She felt the mattress move as John got off the bed. Rose moved her arm away from her eyes slowly and raised herself up slightly on her elbows to look at him as he quickly undressed. She focused on the hard-on that pointed up at her when he lay back down alongside her. He stroked her hair briefly, then leaned over and kissed her. She eased herself flat on the bed, slid one arm behind his neck, then reached down with the other and rubbed his balls.

When the kiss ended, he shifted himself over her and she had her last flash of reality. The silly bastard was really going to fuck her, he hadn't backed down. Incest was something she'd never considered in her life. For a moment she thought about stopping the whole thing, it was kind of like the first time she had intercourse: nerves and the fear that she was doing something wrong and irreversible had caused doubts in her mind. But then she felt the head of his dick rubbing against her wet cunt lips and she forgot all about it.

Her hands slid down to his ass cheeks and she let out a low moan as the stiff cock forced its way deep into her, filling her waiting pussy. Then, as the stiff prick started stabbing in and out of her, she threw her legs over his, ankles crossed raising her churning cunt up to meet his downward jabs. She was lost in a world of sexual arousal, thinking only of the boner that was hammering at the back of her vagina.

The thought of incest that had troubled her minutes before was now adding to her arousal. The fact that her brothers thrusting cock that was giving her so much pleasure, was "forbidden fruit", merely added to the erotic sensations that were driving her to orgasm. Then, she felt the first shudder roll through her and her pussy starting to spasm, like it was trying to grip the hard-on that was sending her into ecstasy.

"Fuckin' coming," she sobbed, "keep fucking, please, keep fucking. Cumming!"

Of course John didn't need any encouragement, he was close himself. She felt him speed up, then the flood of wet warmth in her cunt as he ejaculated in her. There was no longer any thoughts of incest haunting her, all she know was it had felt great. She was glad her husband had stayed home. When she felt the softening prick pull out of her and John slid off, she rolled on her side and kissed him. He slid an arm under her neck and embraced her.

"Damn it, you're one hell of a bang job." His hand slid down and patted her ass.

"Right back at ya. Now you're one up on Parker."

"Would it do me any good to tell you I saw you going down on Tyler in his car one night?"

She looked at him with a surprised smile. "Well you little sneak! You probably wouldn't like it; I made him wear a rubber. I felt that as long as my mouth didn't actually come in direct contact with him it didn't count. It was like I was sucking on a plastic dildo."

"You shouldn't have done it in the parking lot of the super market where Mom used to send me for stuff. I just happened to be walking by with a bag of bread and eggs, and rubber or no rubber, Tyler seemed to be enjoying it."

She thought back to Tyler; they had only gone out briefly but she had mistakenly thought they were in love. The first time he didn't have a condom, so she'd used a plastic sandwich bag. The soft rustling, crackling sound of one often brought back memories.

"Oh, what the hell," she said looking at John, "in for a dime, in for a dollar."

She untangled herself from him, got to her knees, and leaned over his cock, glistening wet with their combined sex fluids. Taking it in her hand, she began to lick it clean, it jerked and hardened slightly. This wasn't going to take long. First kissing the tip, stroking it lovingly with her tongue, she then proceeded to kiss a trail down the length of the shaft and back up to the top. Then she took it into her mouth and began sucking, one hand cupping his balls, gently giggling them. His cock swelled in her mouth until it was fully erect.

"Rosie, move over," he gasped, "you know, over my face."

She quickly complied: removing her mouth from his hard-on long enough to position herself over him, lowering her cunt to his mouth, then resumed with the blow job. She felt his fingers separating the outer lips of her snatch and his tongue lapping at her, rolling her clitoris unmercifully. Nobody had ever eaten her out right after screwing her, probably because of the mess, but then again, it was only fair; she had swallowed the same fucking mess from his prick. It was also the first time she had ever done the famous 69: where had this been all her life?

It would have been nice if they could have cum at the same time, but that seldom happens. John was first, sending a couple spurts of sticky cum in her mouth. She swallowed, and then raised herself up, hands on her thighs, to enjoy the lap job she was getting. Then it was her turn, she arched backwards as she start to cum, then collapsed forward onto her elbows, her head hanging down eyes closed, trembling in ecstasy. John continued licking her until her orgasm subsided. She lay on top of him, her face in his crotch, breathing heavily.

"Better get off me honey, unless you want a face full of piss." She rolled off to the side and watched as he walked to the bathroom. It was an unromantic end to it. Of course, fucking your kid brother isn't really supposed to be romantic. But now he was one up on Tyler also.

They fell asleep that night in the same bed, Rose's back against his chest, John's arm draped over her, both completely naked. Exhausted, Rose was dead to the world, but at some point she began to have an erotic dream. It was hard to define; she seemed to be drifting in air while her pussy was somehow manipulating itself, spontaneous arousal? Did such a thing exist? She slowly began to wake up, then she realized something; spontaneous arousal nothing, there was a hand on her cunt! Momentarily panicked, she jerked her body around and sat up. She then remembered where she was and it was John feeling her up while she slept.

"Hi", he said simply.

Even in the dark she could feel him grinning at her. She looked at her travel alarm, 4.00AM. She sighed audibly,

"Hell of a way to wake a girl up and at this ungodly hour."

"It was that or with the old stiff alarm clock." With that he poked her side with his erect penis, it felt rock hard. "Laying here with you has got me all horned up. Think maybe we could do something about it?"

It seemed like a good idea to her, she took his hand from her twat and kissed each finger, the taste of her cunt was on them. Then she laid back and raised the covers off him like a tent so he wouldn't get tangled as he slid over her. When he was in position she reached down and grasped his dick and guided it to the opening of her pussy. She hugged him tightly as his hard cock forced its way into her, she loved the feeling. There was no fooling around this time; he was out for a quickie. She braced herself as he began to ram his swollen dork into her waiting pussy. He may have been expecting a quickie, but that's not what was going to happen.

After several minutes of this furious assault, she felt him slowing down. He was running out of steam. From there they began a marathon fuck. She had drained him out so badly in their earlier sessions that he wasn't going to cum as soon as they had expected. It continued in a pattern; John would hump her hard and rapidly for a while, then slow down, or even stop to rest for brief periods before picking up the pace.

Rose, however, was in sexual paradise. Trying for a while to keep up with his ever changing pace, she eventually gave it up and lay there taking it, loving the feel of the prick ramming into her cunt, one minute with long powerful strokes, then switching to short shallow ones the next, the speed changing all the time. A girl can't take a fucking like that without coming at least once, and Rose came more than once. Wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled over her. She couldn't tell one orgasm from another, she had thought she knew what multiple orgasms were before, but this was different, unlike anything she'd ever experienced.

"I can't cum," John gasped.

"Don't care, keep fucking." That was his problem, not hers. This was making up for all the times when she was left unsatisfied and frustrated by a lover. Usually the term "I got mine now you get yours" was applied by men to women, but this time it was reversed: she was getting hers, and in spades. She was almost delirious with ecstasy when he finally got his rocks off. His orgasm was actually anti-climactic, no pun intended; it felt to her as if all he did was dribble a little semen in her. Then he rolled off her. She looked at the clock, he'd been going at her for 45 minutes. She knew she would be sore tomorrow, but she didn't care. So this was how you did it, wear them out but leave them desperate for more. When they tried for that one last shot, a legendary fuck!

They kissed once, then both fell asleep instantly. When the alarm went off an hour and a half later, neither was well rested. Groggily, they climbed out of the bed. Looking at the sheets, the housewife in Rose wondered what the cleaning women would think when they saw this mess.

"Damn, Rosie, you wore me out, I don't even have morning wood." He was staring down at his limp cock. She went over and kissed him sensually on the mouth.

"Just rest up, you'll be all right," she patted him on the cheek. "Now we gotta get cleaned up and hit the road."

"To bad we didn't do this sooner Rose, it was unbelievable. You're one hell of a piece of ass."

"Don't worry about the past, look to the future. We have two more nights before you drop me off at the house, think of that," she smiled at him. "After that, who knows?"

All she knew was family gatherings would probably never be the same.

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