Vaginal Studies
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They are lovers and he is besotted with the beauty of her vagina. They share a fantasy that huge photos of her vagina in varying stages of arousal are part of a private exhibition. The fantasy becomes reality, and they are part of the opening night audience being treated to an up close and very personal viewing of her vagina - the audience being nude also adds a tempting dimension to the showing.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Size  

It has started out life as a fantasy situation that I had described as part of my sex play with M. We had been fucking for a few minutes with M in the cow-girl position when I described a fantasy involving a photo exhibition that featured up close and personal photos of her vagina in various stages of arousal.

M suggested some of what could have happened during the exhibition, and that spurred us on to greater levels of arousal during that time together.

Little did we know at the time that the fantasy would actually come true.

We found a photographer (Lisa) and a gallery owner (Laura) who were prepared to indulge us in our little fantasy, and help us turn it into reality.

Fast-forward about six months, and it was thirty minutes before the opening night of the exhibition that we had called "Vaginal Studies".

M and I had toured the exhibit. We were extremely happy with the very high definition prints that adorned the walls of the gallery. Each print measured 4 metres by 4 metres square, with each on display in a separate room. The lighting focused on each print, with subdued lighting in the remainder of the room.

That night would be very special with some very thought provoking and possibly controversial activities planned for the evening.

Laura had quietly advertised for audience members for the closed private first night viewing. She had vetted the people who had indicated that they wanted to come. M and I started to use the word "voyeurs" to describe the audience members, and that word stuck for use by Laura and Lisa also.

The voyeurs were selected in pairs, with some same sex pairs in the final ten pairs selected. The group would be escorted as a group from room to room.

Borrowing an idea from a recent other exhibition, the opening night voyeurs would be nude (except for a coloured eye mask which would create some anonymity and intrigue of who was attending). Each of the ten pairs would have eye masks of different colours.

M and I would be joining the group to hear their comments, whilst our beautiful photographer Lisa would be leading the group from room to room. Lisa would be nude also (we think the exhibitionistb streak was coming out in her). She would be wearing a gold coloured eye mask, and would be the only person not part of a pair.

Lisa was a very beautiful person, and we were very lucky to have met such a talented person. She had a very sexy nature and a matching killer body, with M and I having explored it at leisure prior to tonight (but that's a whole story of its own for later).

The group gathered at the entry to the first room. There were sly glances as they checked each other out. M and I hung back a little observing the assortment of voyeurs who had come to see our fantasy come to life.

Some members of the group seemed a little self-conscious at being naked, but we suspected that the use of the eye masks helped somewhat in them overcoming their fears. There was an assortment of body types, tall and short, thin and curvy, hairy and shaved ... and that was just the women. Some of the men seemed to be subtlety checking out their fellow males equipment, all of which were floppy at the moment. That would change was our prediction.

Upon entry to the room, the group was greeted by a huge floodlit print of M's vagina.

A person could stand in front of it, and they would be dwarfed by M's vagina. They could almost climb inside it if we had built one that size. Ideas for a future exhibit ... hmmmmmm.

Lots of words probably came to mind when describing the subject of the print - vagina, pussy, cunt, twat, etc. etc ... but none could adequately describe the eroticism of that very beautiful part of M's body.

This first print was named "At Rest".

As the name suggested, M's vagina was at rest prior to the start of her sexual arousal. Her lips were quite fleshy and well beautifully formed ... crinkly was a word that came to mind. You could see all the wrinkles and their darker skin colouring in the high definition print.

Lisa encouraged the voyeurs to get up close and examine ... touching the print with finger tips was encouraged. There was some hesitation to touch before a young blue-masked couple stepped forward and broke the impasse by running their fingers along the line where the lips came together.

"Ooh ... that's wet" exclaimed the young woman discovering that the print had been treated with a form of lubricant that closely resembled the natural wetness of an aroused vagina.

That comment convinced the others to put aside their inhibitions and to also touch the print.

We noted that some of the male members of the group were getting hardons with some sneaky assistance from their partners.

The second room was even more eye-opening than the first.

The print was titled "First Arousal".

Lisa, M and I had spent quite a bit of time getting this print just right.

The lips to M's vagina were slightly parted, and they were swollen and aroused. You could see a definite wetness between the lips, and a hint of her inner lips. Her little clit was just peeking from under its hood.

"Oh wow" a red-masked woman gasped when she took in the arousal on display with this print. There were quite a few murmurs from the rest of the group.

M and I had loved doing this photo. I had laid between her parted thighs, and with my lips, tongue and fingers I had teased her vagina. Taking her lips between mine I had pulled her lips apart. Each time on release the lip would return to the centre, until finally the lips remained parted. I slid my tongue between them devouring her juices as they trickled from within.

The introduction of a finger sliding into her tightness and into her clasping inners fanned her arousal and allowed me to concentrate on her clit for a while.

Periodically I would move out of the way to allow Lisa to take many closeup photos, before resuming my teasing.

Touching again was encouraged and a different couple stepped forward first.

"Yes ... it's sticky wet" commented the middle aged buxom woman who slid her fingers between M's parted lips. She put the fingers into her mouth and licked them clean.

"Tastes good too" she added before saying "Smells divine too". That comment evoked a chuckle from the audience, and a few murmurs.

M gave my hard cock a sly tug as the group concentrated on the enormous print on the wall.

"Sensational" I whispered into her ear. "I loved doing that photo".

Room three had a print titled "Advanced Arousal".

There were some muted gasps from the voyeurs upon entry. The huge print showed that M's vagina had blossomed like a flower with its lip petals spayed apart with its core on full display. The droplets of her cum could be clearly seen in the high definition print.

"Amazing" commented the blue-masked woman near the front - the one who was getting really into the exhibition. From our vantage point near to the side, we could see that she was openly fingering her own vagina.

It was truly an erotic print, the gap between her lips and the entry to her hot canal could be clearly seen. A voyeur's head could easily fit in the gap. One guy did just that, and licked the print near the gaping entry to M's excited vaginal canal.

"Yummm ... that tastes sensational" he reported to the group. His female partner took up where he left off, licking the print.

Scanning the audience we could see that the group was getting very aroused, with some pairs openly fondling each other. We were also surprised to discover that members of pairs with different coloured eye masks were involved with titivating each other.

This print had been a very rewarding one to photograph. I had knelt between M's thighs and ran my cockhead up and down between her aroused lips, then changed direction and rubbed it across her lips. The lips became swollen and gracefully parted to reveal M's hot inner core.

The group was reluctant to leave this room, but I expect that the thought of what they might find in the next room spurred them on.

"Squirting" was the name of the next print.

The print showed M's vagina spitting its hot and plentiful juices from its core, having almost a three dimensional look to it.

Another different young lady (green mask this time) stepped forward to get a close look, and was greeted by a squirt of juices from a small jet embedded in the print. It splattered her face and neck. She was momentarily shocked, but soon recovered to sample the juices from face.

"Oh my god ... it tastes just like girl cum" she remarked in an astonished tone.

I think she just outed herself as an active appreciator of female cum juices.

All the pairs, even the more reserved ones who hadn't actively participated in the previous three rooms stepped forward to sample the juices. They were kissing each other, and licking the juices from each other's faces. A more adventurous pair had the male lifting his female partner to let the juices spray across her plentiful breasts.

I had brought on M's squirting by spanking her vagina with my cockshaft. Lisa was at the ready with her camera as soon as M started to squirt.

The audience was reluctant to leave this room, but Lisa promised them that the next part of their journey would be even more sexual and provocative.

We all gathered in the next room's entry way - all of us anticipating what was coming next. Lisa, M and I knew - but the audience would be shocked.

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