On Holidays With Adele
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a spin-off of "Male Model". Grant accepts a holiday invitation from 45 year old Adele. Come fly with me to Hawaii for two weeks holiday with plenty of sex - including some of her friends and her daughter. She introduces him to mile-high sex and sex in a lingerie shop - then he meets her teenage daughter.

Adele and I had just enjoyed an energetic fuck on her massive bed. Just thirty minutes ago, I had delivered her groceries from the supermarket that I worked at part-time. My other part-time job was as a nude model for a class that Adele attended.

Perving on my substantial endowment for two hours each week probably had something to do with the quickness and fierceness of her attack on me. Our clothes stretched from her kitchen to her bedroom.

She was the quiet one of the class, but I always sensed that she was watching me intently (and not always looking at my manhood either). She dressed down in track pants and a bulky top (which had the effect of hiding her magnificent chest from view).

Knocking on the door and discovering who the customer was, was an enlightening experience. She was dressed in her business suit, and had just kicked off her high heels. She look amazingly sexy for a woman just over twice my age.

I had enjoyed fucking the 45 year old beauty. Fully clothed she was the staid TV news presenter who wore conservative yet snappy suits on air. To me, naked she was anything but staid - she had a pierced clit, and a circular tattoo on her right breast (around her areola). Oh ... and she had a voracious sexual appetite.

I had deposited two large cum deposits deep in her snappy pussy, and it was in the process of leaking out and running down her legs.

She had just left me in her bed to go to the bathroom with a request "Rest up ... we will continue soon".

I kept my cock interested by giving it a gentle wank, knowing that I still had heaps of energy to expend with this foxy lady.

When she returned twenty minutes later, I was stunned at her transformation.

Her long dark hair was gone (it was a wig I discovered later) - in its place was luscious short wavy dark red hair. She had a small gold ring through her right eyebrow, and another small gold ring through her nose. Her makeup was anything by staid with bright red lipstick and dark glittery eyeshadows. The effect was amazing - she looked a completely different person - a younger hip person.

The other item that stood out was a diamond encrusted black leather choker around her slim neck.

I also observed that she had piercings through her long nipples - two in each nipple. A larger gold ring at the back of the nipple and a small gold bar vertically through the front of each nipple.

"Wow ... oh fucking wow" I muttered just loud enough for her to hear and to smile back at me.

Her hands looked different too, so I asked her to show me her hands. When she did, I saw that each finger had at least one ring on each. They were of various materials and styles - I also saw that her fingernails were painted black (previously they had been a light shade of pink).

"Fuck me ... you are gorgeous baby" I exclaimed. My cock said the same - it was on the rise again.

She laughed and said "This IS me" with the emphasis on the "IS" word. Then she added " ... not that old maid that the network wants me to be on air".

She crawled up onto the bed like a wild cat stalking it prey, then she showed me how the real her wanted to be fucked.

Adele was on holidays, and I had mid-term break from uni ... and there was no art class for two weeks - so it was perfect for me to accompany her on her overseas holiday. She was flying to Hawaii to stay at a friend's house on a cliff-top ... and the flight was aboard her friend's private jet.

I was gobsmacked when I stepped onto the jet. It was luxurious and we would be the only people on board for the five hour flight (besides the two pilots up front).

We settled down into the large lounge chair and fastened our seat belts for takeoff.

She looked amazingly sexy ... provocatively so with a low cut black leather top showing lots of her cleavage and part of her breast tattoo. She wore black leather pants that looked to be painted on. On her feet she wore strappy high heels that showed off her sexy feet with their black painted toe nails and toes rings.

Adele snuggled up to me in the seat as we took over and climbed to our cruising altitude. A signal from the pilot indicated that we were free to move about the cabin.

"Come on ... time for you to join the mile-high club" she announced as she undid our seatbelts and dragged me towards the door at the rear of the cabin.

Through the door was a massive bed, which occupied most of the cabin. We stood at the end of the bed as she started removing my clothes, and then hers. She was anxious to get naked, We crawled up on the bed, and hugged and kissed with her long pierced nipples raking across my chest.

When she broke off the kiss, she shuffled downwards until her mouth came into contact with my fat long cock.

"Yummy ... I just love your cock" she quipped just before taking me into her hot mouth.

Adele licked and sucked, devouring as much of my cock that she could take. It was then that I discovered the presence of a tongue stud as it raked along the underside of my fat shaft. She gagged a few times, but that just challenged her to overcome the gag reflex and take me deeper. Within five minutes she was taking all my cockshaft into her mouth and throat with her lips sealed around my shaft base.

"Fuck me ... that's impossible ... no one has done that before" I groaned.

She had a twinkle in her eye as she sucked me for a few moments more.

"Really?" was her question when she finally disengaged from my cock.

"Yep ... you are the first" I responded.

"Another first is coming up" she added as she straddled my waist, bringing my cock into contact with her very wet pussy entrance. She eased down slowly, feeding my fatness into her tightness until I was fully inside her.

"Yay ... first mile-high fuck ... well to be correct four miles high" she corrected herself.

She sat motionless on my cock, then she started to work her pussy muscles on my shaft - squeezing and releasing in a milking action. I let her make all the moves whilst I was content to play with her large tits and their pierced nipples.

"Ohhhhh ... ahhhhhhh ... oh fuckl" she moaned as a sneaky cum arrived quickly and unannounced. Her pussy got a lot wetter very quickly, making the join between our bodies very wet and sticky.

Adele continued to work my cock in a grind between our pubic bones. I could feel my arousal building and I hoped that we could co-ordinate our next cums.

"I'm gonna cum soon" I informed her.

"Yes ... yes ... I want to feel you squirting into my depths ... I love that feeling" she groaned as she started to bounce up and down on my cock.

"Oh god ... oh god ... fuck thats big inside me ... its growing I swear" she grunted.

"Cumming now ... oh fuck yesssssss!!!" I yelled as my cock dumped its hot load into her depths just as she too dumped her load of hot juices all over my cockshaft and balls.

"Fuck yeh ... fill me up" she moaned collapsing forward into my chest whilst her pussy was racked by numerous cum after-shocks.

We fucked less energetically for the remainder of the trip, only returning to our seats when the pilot gave us a fifteen minute warning of our impending arrival in Hawaii.

As we sat together cuddled together she surprised me by saying "I have a daughter who will be joining us here in a couple of days".

I was silent at the news.

"Oh don't worry ... she knows that I love sex and I have told her that I am bringing you to the house".

Then she added " ... and if she likes you ... she might give you her virginity".

"Oh god" I murmured under my breath.

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