The Whistle Blowers
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Several families have to pay the price when they are caught attempting to inform the authorities about the illegal activities of a big company.

Charlie Stuart awoke with a start. At first he thought he was at home but then as he became more aware of his surroundings, he realized it was anything but home. He was stretched out on something like a lounging lawn chair in his usual t-shirt and jeans but without socks or shoes. He tried to move and discovered he couldn't.

He was tied down tight. His wrists were in hand cuffs and fastened securely to the arms of the chair. He tried to move them but couldn't. He looked down and saw a rope was tied so tight around his chest he could barely move his torso. He tried to move his feet but they too were fastened so tight all he could manage was a little wiggle of his toes.

Charlie looked around helplessly, trying to find something in the room that would give him a clue as to where he was but nothing looked at all familiar. If he craned his neck far enough to the right, he was able to see a set of windows near the top of the ceiling that emitted some light, while to his far left he spied what he thought was the door to the room but it was closed.

Charlie kept trying to look around the room as he was tried to remember what had happened. His head pounded with a splitting headache and his mouth felt dry and parched but he did manage to recall his last conscious moments. He remembered driving with his family down a deserted spot on a narrow, two lane highway when suddenly his SUV began to sputter and finally came to a complete stop. There was steam coming out from underneath the hood and then, just as he got out to take a look, a truck pulled up behind him.

A guy in dirty, greasy overalls got out of the vehicle and stuck his head into the open hood from which steam still gushed.

He stepped back and stuck out his hand.

"James Greer," he said. "Looks like it overheated. Got a chain in the back of the truck, I can pull you in to the nearest service station, if you want?" the man offered.

"Sure," Charlie replied with a smile. "How much? Just our bad luck to have a breakdown here in the middle of nowhere and just our good luck to have you come along just at the right time."

"Fifty miles to the nearest big centre, so how about $50," James said and when Charlie nodded in agreement he started walking back towards his truck.

"Just get in the car with your family and I'll have you hooked up in a moment," the man said when he returned with a long chain.

And that was the last thing Charlie could remember. He shook his head, wet his dry lips with his tongue and wondered what was going to happen next. Had they been kidnapped or something, he wondered and he grew concerned about his family as they weren't in the room with him.

Just then the door opened and Charlie craned his neck again to watch some people he knew approach him.

It was two of the big bosses in the company he worked for and they were trailed by a couple of underlings.

He tried to speak but found his mouth so dry and dehydrated it came out in a rough, gravelly tone.

"What the hell happened, you guys kidnap me or something and where the hell is my family?" he asked them as they crowded around his chair

Sam Johnson, one of the big bosses, snapped his fingers at one of underlings who immediately stepped forward with a bottle of cold water. At a nod from Sam, he uncorked the bottle and pushed it into Charlie's mouth. He took several big swallows and then a couple more before he felt the dryness begin to leave.

"Feeling better?" asked Ronald Donaldson, another one of the big bosses.

When Charlie nodded, Sam looked at the underling again and the man quickly produced a pill that he pushed towards Charlie's mouth. When Charlie looked at Ronald and asked."what's this.? " Ronald replied, "a pill for the headache we want to get you in tip top shape again right away."

"Why, ' asked Charlie, "and where is my family?"

"WHY, oh, why did we kidnap you and your family? Because we don't like whistle blowers Charlie and we recently discovered you, Mike Carlson, Henry Lee and Rob Taylor have been speaking out of turn. We found out that you've been running to the authorities with all kinds of wild accusations about the company ignoring environment rules, deliberately polluting some sites and manipulating prices," Sam said.

"That's a total no no," Ronald added. "We tried to warn you about the consequences of telling tales out of school but you and the others not only ignored them, but all four of you continued to spread those outrageous rumors about the company so we decided to teach you a lesson, you'll never forget."

Charlie then remembered the nasty phone calls he had getting the last few weeks. Ronald was right. He hadn't taken them seriously neither had Mike, Henry and Rob and a couple of other people, but now he wished he would have.

"Okay, so I've been warned, now what," demanded Charlie. "I learned my lesson so let my get my family and we'll be out of your hair. No more spreading tall tales, okay."

"Sorry Charlie, it's gone way past that now. We managed to intercept the disc full of false information about us, you know," Ronald said.

Charlie gulped, suddenly realizing the implications of that. He had managed to make videos about the discussion of price manipulations and deliberate pollution and had given it to Bob and Lee to present to the proper authorities. If his bosses had discovered that, then the consequences were gonna start to get really serious.

"Look" Charlie pleaded. "So we tried and failed and now you guys have got all the stuff back so it's no big deal. Like I said, let me and my family go and we won't bother you again."

"Sorry Charlie," Ronald interrupted but like I said, you went too far and became whistle blowers, now you have to be punished for taking such action against the company."

"Okay," Charlie said, "punish me but leave my family out of it."

"Can't do that," said Sam. "The punishment definitely involves the family. By the way, when's the last time you saw Bob and Lee and their families? They disappeared a couple of weeks ago and their punishment is already quite advanced," Sam said.

"And yours is about to begin," added Ronald.

He turned and gestured to his underlings who rolled the back of the chair up until Charlie was sitting upright and then they followed Sam and Ronald out of the room and down a hallway.

When they entered another room, Charlie saw his family. They were fastened to the same type of chair he was in and they looked very scared and shaken. He saw tears in the eyes of his two daughters and son. Tess at 14 was the youngest, and the twins, Tina and Patrick were 16. Beside them sat his wife Sandra, she had tears in her eyes as well.

Charlie noticed something else about his family too. They all had been gagged. He looked at Sandra and tried to communicate with her but all she did was shake her head and sob a bit.

The men positioned Charlie's chair right across the table from his family and the men locked the wheels. At a nod from Sam, one of them presented Charlie with a gag. When he shook his head and tried to say something, one of them held his nose. When Charlie finally opened his mouth, the three inch penis gag was pushed in and then tied around the back of his head with leather straps so he couldn't dislodge it. It felt very uncomfortable and degrading. Like somebody had pushed a cock into his mouth and Charlie knew why his family had been crying. They were probably gagged in the same manner.

Charlie then felt somebody under the table fiddling with his clothes. He tried to look down but couldn't see who was under the table but hands were definitely undoing his jeans and pulling his underwear down to his ankles. He felt exposed and tried to struggle but it was useless and before he knew it, he felt hands on his testicles. Hands that were slowly caressing his balls and cock and making him gasp through his gag.

Charlie looked up and saw that his wife and family were still in tears with strange looks on their faces and wondered if somebody was doing the same thing to them. This is horrible, he thought. Somehow or other I gotta find a way out of here. Sam and Ronald are acting like madmen and they really mean business. Charlie had been expecting some repercussions but nothing like this. This was too sick and perverted for normal people to dream up.

Sam, who appeared to be acting as spokesman, began to speak. Charlie looked at him with glowering eyes but he ignored him.

"Now that everybody is comfortable, I guess it's time to begin the show," he said with all the flourish of a well practiced master of ceremony.

"You comfortable Charlie?" he asked with a smirk. Charlie could say nothing, only wiggle his torso as the hands continued to work on his cock and balls.

"Your family comfortable too, I guess. Very beautiful daughters and I see they're both blonds. Nice looking son and wife too. I'm sure they'll have lots to contribute to our sideline business.

"Know what that is Charlie?" Sam asked again with that ugly broad smirk that Charlie wished he could wipe off his face with his fist.

"It's the making of pornographic movies and it's very lucrative. You see the stars for our films come cheap so the whole thing is almost entirely profit. We sell thousands and thousands of copies to discriminating clients all over the world who love to see their fetishes acted out right before their eyes, and not by jaded old hookers with ugly faces, and saggy tits and asses but by fresh new ones who perform the most wanton acts of perversion.

"You see what I'm getting at Charlie? Like I said, earlier, I'm sure your hot looking wife and your hot blond daughters, and you, and your son, of course will give my clients many memorable performances. Isn't that right girls," he said as he looked at the family who were squirming uncomfortably in their seats.

Charlie fumed. If he could have gotten out of his chair, he would have gladly attacked Sam and wiped that smile off his face. Instead, he could do nothing but endure the handling of his balls and cock which had now become painfully erect.

"Now, as I also told you earlier, Bob and Henry and their families disappeared a few days ago. You wondering what happened to them Charlie? Well, I'll tell you. Their training as porn stars is already well underway and they managed to produce a couple of outstanding films.'

Charlie was forced to watch as a big screen TV suddenly came alive and credits began to roll across the screen just like in real movies.

"The Family That Fucks Together, Stays Together." That was the title that filled up half the screen. In the blank spaces between the lettering, faces began to appear. On the top right and left were pictures of Rob and Lee, underneath them were the faces of their wives, daughters and Henry's teenage son, Patrick.

This is sick, thought Charlie as the credits rolled away and Rob and his family appeared on the screen. They just stood there in silence staring in apprehension at the camera and doing nothing. Suddenly a loud voice was heard telling them to strip.

Rob and family jumped startled, but still did nothing.

"Strip, get those clothes off now," came the voice again. "Immediately, or all of you'll get more punishment," came the order in a thundering voice.

Rob looked at his family in helplessness and then slowly began to take off his shirt and pants. His wife hesitated for a moment but then, when Rob whispered something to her, she nodded and began stripping off her clothes. His two daughters, 15 year old Tiffany and 16 year old Amber, after a stern look from their dad and something whispered to them by their mother, also began undressing.

The family was soon naked. At first the females threw their arms across the tits and crouched down to protect their naked vaginas but the voice again directed them. "None of that, walk around in circles with your hands behind your head and show off your tits, cunts and asses. Don't forget either you or the Lee family is going to be punished after this performance and you are already losing points."

Charlie looked across the table at his family. His daughters and his wife seemed to be in shock as they watched the scenes unfolding on the TV screen.

When he returned his attention to the TV screen, Charlie saw that Rob's family was doing exactly what they had been told to do. It was then that he noticed that the pubic hair had been completely shaven off the two teenagers while Beth was left with only a bit near the top of her pussy. Although it seemed sick and perverted, Charlie had to admit to himself that it was very exciting to see the two young girls parading around with bare pussies, especially when they went through a series of poses for the camera that put their bare little cunts on display.

Tiffany was a younger version of her mother. She was tall and slender with big tits that sat proudly on her chest, seeming to defy gravity. The nipples were pink and long. Her waist was slim and her tummy was flat while her hips were wide and womanly giving her an amazing juicy looking ass. Her sister Amber was the exact opposite. She was a petit girl, barely five feet tall and weighing 90 pounds. Her tits were small, barely lemon sized but they were pert with small pink nipples. She had a tiny waist and trim hips that help form a perfect bubble butt.

Beth also went through the same poses. The 38 year old woman's long black hair was in ringlets and framed her pretty face. She had a big set of tits with large brown nipples, a slim waist and wide hips that gave her nice, fleshy ass. She began by laying down on her back and spreading her legs wide so the camera could zoom in on her nearly bald cunt, then she turned around and got on her stomach and with her naked ass waving at the camera as she went through the series of embarrassing and shameful poses. Again the camera zoomed in for close ups, focusing on her cunt which she spread with her fingers, and her tight little ass hole. The girls performed the same poses and Charlie was shocked to see that they all had big bright smiles on their faces to make it look as if they were actually enjoying this. Meanwhile Rob stood ram rod straight beside them and stroked his cock until it was a rock hard seven inches and two inches in girth.

As soon as the poses were finished, the Lees marched in led by Henry, a slim, skinny small looking Oriental man but his partially erect penis, looked large enough. Right behind him was his wife Lilly, a short, Oriental woman with huge tits that seemed too large for her body. Her waist was fairly firmly trim and her hips were wide, giving her a chubby but curvy look that boasted a big ass. Next was their sixteen year old son Richard. He stood taller than his father but he had a soft pudgy body with layers of fat visible. His cock, also partially erect, looked impressive for a teenage boy. Trailing the family was the youngest, 15 year old Susan. She was petit, just over five feet tall, with a tiny but perfectly proportioned body. Like Rob's family, Susan and Lilly both had their pubic hair shaved. Again Susan's cunt was totally bald which made her look almost like a preadolescent girl, while her mother's had some hair remaining right near the top of her pussy.

The families stood staring at one another and then a voice told them, "okay, let's see some action and remember the losing family gets punished, the full treatment, and if the movie doesn't get rated at least an eight, the winner will also undergo a session.'

Both families looked hesitant and reluctant for a moment then began to move towards each other in what appeared to be carefully rehearsed motions. Lilly and Susan went towards Rob and immediately began kissing him and rubbing their naked bodies against him. Richard and Beth met in the middle of the floor and quickly began kissing each other. Amber and Tiffany began to ply Henry with kisses.

Charlie glanced again at his family and saw his daughters watching with eyes, big and wide in shock, while his son and wife just watched. Again, Sandra refused to look at him and Charlie was sure he knew why. Whoever who was working on his cock and balls, seemed to be doing an expert job and he suspected something similar was happening to his family. Why else would there be tears and the strange looks on their faces. And the gags, probably to make sure the family couldn't communicate with each other while whoever was under the table did their work. Warm hands and a soft wet mouth were continually teasing his cock and balls until he felt ready to com but then, just when he felt he couldn't take it any longer, they would stop.

He turned his attention back to the TV just in time to see Lilly and Susan grab Rob by his erect cock and lead him to a mattress. When he laid down on his back, Lilly went to work on his cock, stroking it and tickling his balls, while her daughter moved up to his head, spread her legs and slowly lowered her bare pussy over Rob's face. He immediately began kissing and licking at the offered pussy, while Susan, who was facing her mother, stretched her body out in a 69 position and began licking and sucking at the cock that her mother aimed at her open mouth.

On another mattress, Beth and the fat, slobbish Richard were also in a 69 position. Beth was on the bottom, and sucking and licking at Richard's cock and balls that hung right over her face. Meanwhile the boy's head was buried between her wide spread legs.

Henry, Amber and Tiffany, were on a third mattress. The girls were both working on the Oriental man. Tiffany was sitting on his face and in a 69 position while her petit sister knelt between his legs and fed his huge cock into her mouth when she wasn't sucking on it herself.

Charlie watched as Susan got off Rob's face and straddled his waist. Her mother held his huge cock erect while her daughter slowly attempted to lower her tiny cunt down on it. He thought it was impossible that the tiny girl could take much of Rob's big dick. She did manage to take all of it, but not in one stroke. Once the huge organ had penetrated the entrance of her tiny pussy, the petit Oriental girl began to slowly move and down on it and each time she finished the down motion, a little more of the huge cock sunk into her, until finally it was completely buried in her. Once it was completely inside the petit girl began to fuck Rob. On the up strokes she rose until more than half the cock was visible and on the down strokes she took the whole thing. Charlie was shocked, not only by Susan being able to handle such a big cock, but by the fact that her mother, Lilly just passively knelt there and watched her daughter fuck herself on the huge cock. She watched the pair fuck for another moment before going over to where Amber and Tiffany were working on her husband.

As soon as Amber saw her, she crawled out from between Henry's legs and gave Lilly a long, open mouth tongue kiss. Lilly seized the girl's perfect little ass in her hands and kissed her back. She then led her over to a fourth mattress where they both lay down and Amber started kissing her big, white tits. Then Lilly took a turn kissing and licking at the teenage girl's small little tits.

Meanwhile Tiffany had gotten off Henry's face and guided his cock into her cunt. Her big, firm tits brushed against his face as she began to energetically bounce up and down on him.

Also, Richard and Beth were still 69ing with each other. Charlie looked over at that scene just in time to see the boy suddenly stiffen and watch as his cock exploded its semen down Beth's throat. It was clear, the woman didn't like it. She hacked and coughed but managed to keep his cock in her mouth long enough to catch most of it.

When he was finished, Beth had a look of revulsion on her face as she began to suck and lick Richard's balls and cock again. Thanks to the resilience of youth, he was hard again quite quickly. This time she lay on her back and guided the boy's cock into her cunt. His big, white fleshy ass cheeks moved in a blur as he began to rapidly fuck the woman.

On the first mattress, Rob had apparently finished fucking Susan. He lay exhausted on his back and his limp cock slipped from the tight confines of Susan's tight, teenage pussy. It was gaping wide open and gobs of com were leaking from it. She turned towards the camera and allowed it to zoom in on her freshly fucked pussy. All the while she kept a smile on her face.

Henry was also finishing up with Tiffany. His limp cock came out of her pussy with an auditable pop along with a stream of com. Tiffany also turned to face the camera and let it zoom in on her cunt. She also had a smile on her face, but it was easy to see, it was false as her face looked pained. Also, she didn't open up her legs very wide.

Beth and Richard were also finished their fuck. As Richard rolled off her, the camera also zoomed in on her freshly fucked pussy. It stayed there for a moment and then moved up to her face. Beth was trying hard to smile but failed. Instead, all the camera captured was a tortured look.

Lilly and the petit little Amber were the last to finish. After kissing and licking at each other's tits they had begun to 69 and ate out each other's pussies. The camera caught them as Lilly ate Amber to an orgasm. Juices covered each other's faces so it was obvious that Amber had also made the woman climax. The camera stayed on the teenage girl's tight, bald cunt which twitched and throbbed and glistened with moisture and then moved over to Lilly's. The woman didn't seem to mind, while Amber shyly tried to cover herself. Then she suddenly remembered and said "oh my God, I forgot this means punishment."

When the film finally ended, Sam shut the TV off and turned towards Charlie and his family and said, "That's just to show you what's in store for you. And don't think you can somehow resist our demands. You think Henry and Rob and their families did that willingly. Hardly, we put both families through some severe punishment before they would even submit to it in a half-hearted manner. Hell, they are best friends and their families grew up together. I bet that Beth probably babysat that boy and when he became a teenager, he probably entertained himself by having sexual fantasies about her.

But after a few punishment sessions they started becoming a lot more enthusiastic. A big improvement but still not good enough for us. We want you all performing like total, wanton sluts who will eagerly do the most sick, perverted things we can think of."

"Don't believe me, want a see what a typical punishment is like. What we do to motivate our porn stars into action?"

Sam turned on the TV again and this time the scene was in another room. Charlie was shocked to see Rob pleading and begging with several men who led him handcuffed towards a contraption that looked like some kind of bike. The men ignored his pleas and easily man handled him onto the seat of the bike. Charlie watched in disbelief as they men quickly fastened Rob to it. His ass was right on the seat and his feet fastened to pedals. Then as a final touch, the men grabbed his dangling cock and balls and connected them to a wire.

Rob waited nervously, the men still ignored his pleas as they placed his wife on one side of him and Tiffany on the other. They were fastened to the bike in the same fashion, except the women had to deal with two rubber dicks each. As they were forced onto the seat, a bigger one slid up their cunts while a smaller one was stuck up their ass holes.

"Notice how pretty little Amber, is not on the bike with her mother and sister," asked Sam. That's because she's still a virgin. We decided to introduce her to all kind of perversions before we take her cherry. We got her into lesbian acts with Lilly, she was very reluctant at first but she is improving every time they get together. I figure we'll keep doing things like that for a while and then maybe take her virginity in a huge gang bang. He saw that the petit teenager was being fastened to what looked a saw horse. However, it had very sharp edges along the top board. When Amber was placed on it, her legs were pulled down and her feet fastened tightly to the base of a board.

Charlie was repulsed at the idea and was wondering what would happen to his wife and daughters.

As if he were reading his mind, Sam said, "Watch this close Charlie. It's what in store for you and your family if you resist and resist you will. All our porn stars do in the beginning. After all, it seems to go against a person's natural instincts but they soon learn that there's a lot more painful things than doing sick, perverted sex acts with their best friend's wife and children.

"Ready, watch this," chuckled Sam as a man in the room threw a switch. For a moment nothing happened then suddenly Rob, his wife and daughter were galvanized into action and began to peddle their bikes at a furious pace.

"See that wire attached to Rob's cock and balls. It's connected to a generator that shoots electricity right into his testicles. The only respite he gets is when he pedals as fast as he can. However, we made the pedals with a lot of resistance so it quickly tires him and he slows down or stops. This immediately sends the electricity into his nuts.

His wife and older daughter are on bikes with the same kind of principal. The dildos in their cunts and asses are also electrified and again, the only respite is when they peddle as fast as they can which drives the rubber dicks in and out of their asses and cunts. Of course, they don't like fucking themselves like that but whenever they start to slow down or try and stop, a jolt of electricity spurs them into action again.

Now, for poor little Amber here, 'cause she's still a virgin, we devised a different device for her. See how that sharp board she's sitting on cuts into her cunt. Notice how we left her legs with just enough room to stand on that plate and thus avoid painful contact with that sharp board. Well, that plate she stands on to relieve the pressure on her cunt, is fixed so it gradually heats up. Soon, it gets so hot, that Amber is forced to raise her feet up and sit on the sharp board. She sits there as long as her pussy can take it and then puts her feet back on the platform, which immediately starts to heat up so the poor girl is forced to raise her feet again and sit on the sharp edge of the board. Crude but very effective. Two 15 minutes sessions on that and she not only stripped naked and allowed us to film her body in whatever pose we wanted. She then went around and sucked and stroked Henry's cock and balls, and she also sat on Henry's face and had her pussy licked to orgasm by him and then began making lesbian scenes with Lilly."

Sam kept a running commentary while Charlie and his family were forced to watch Rob and his family being tortured. He also switched the TV to another room where Henry and his family were undergoing the same punishment.

"See how we made them do the things they did," Sam said. "I can hardly wait to get your family in that punishment room and watch as you beg and plead me to let you star in my films. By the way, you're probably wondering where Mike and his family are. Well, we picked them up a few days ago and they've been undergoing the same training as Rob and Henry.'

With that, Sam nodded his head at men who were standing around in corners of the room.

Charlie prepared for the worst. He thought for sure they were going to be taken to the punishment room immediately. Instead, the men moved the chairs away from the table and then moved the table away.

When Charlie was able to look down, he got the shock of his life. It was Mike's pretty little 14 year old daughter Charlotte who had been working on his cock. The five foot African American, who was about the same size as Amber, if not a bit smaller, was kneeling naked between his legs. His balls were in one of her tiny hands and his cock was in the other. As he watched, her sweet little mouth opened and her tongue slipped out and moved across the head of his cock. At the same time she began to rapidly stroke it. After all the teasing of his cock, it didn't take long before it was ready to explode and explode it did. His pent up sperm splashed across the girl's face and into her open mouth.

When he was able to look around and look at his family, he saw just what he had surmised. Tina, his 14 year old daughter had also been sitting in a chair with no bottom and someone had removed her panties so that her pussy and ass rested right on Mike's face. The big boned, African American had been sucking, licking and fingering her pussy the entire time. That's why he saw the weird expressions on his daughter's face at times. His other daughter, 16 year old Tess, who had been sitting in a similar chair sat right on the face of Mike's wife, Cassandra. The woman had been given the dual job of sucking the girl's cunt and stroking Patrick's cock, while Sandra had been sitting on the face of their son, 16 year old Billy.

"See what I mean Charlie? That punishment even convinced big Mike Carlson and his family to do what we wished. How else do you think we managed to get his family to follow our orders?

Ain't that right, Mike, you want your family do undergo another punishment session?" "No sir," Mike quickly answered and then looked at Charlie with a shameful face. "Sorry Charlie but we had to do it. They made us do it. They'll make you do it too."

"Nice little speech, Mike, now what does your family want, another film making session or another punishment session?"

Mike didn't hesitate. "We'll do the filming won't we," he looked at his family who all quickly nodded in agreement.

"Very well, we'll put you with Rob or maybe Henry or maybe both," Sam chuckled. "I bet those families are eager to perform after their most recent trip to the punishment room.'

"Anything you wish, sir. We'll really try this time. Look at what we just did to Charlie and his family. They're very good friends but we did a good job on their cocks and pussies didn't we," Mike said in a meek, plaintive voice.

"Yes, you did an adequate job but the last film you made was less than adequate so I think your family deserves some punishment. However, I'll make you a deal. Double or nothing, I'll put you with both Rob and Henry's family and give you a chance to be punishment free this time. Okay, but remember, if you or any members of your family fail to perform up to par and it's double."

Mike eagerly nodded his agreement and followed his family out of the room while Charlie and his were wheeled out of the room and down into the punishment room.


Of course, Charlie and his family had decided to resist the sick, perverted demands being put on them. Although the punishment looked to be unbelievable painful, they all thought that they had the strength to endure it.

"We just have to, after all, we just can't give in and agree to do those horrible things without putting up a fight," Charles and Sandra told their daughters and son. "We all gotta put up a good fight and refuse to do any of those things, no matter how painful the punishment. We'll resist until they give up on us," the whole family vowed.

However, there resolve to reject all demands quickly evaporated. Before they got even half way through their punishment the whole family was screaming in agony. Charlie quickly found that pedalling fast enough to avoid having the jolts of electricity burn through his cock and balls, was very hard work. There was so much resistance in the pedals that he could only keep up the pace for a few minutes before collapsing in exhaustion on the bike frame. He got no respite as within a few seconds of even slowing down the electricity would burn through his privates. On one side of him Sandra was continuously screaming as she completed a one hour electrified dildo bike ride. She was in total agony the entire time. Between the rubber dicks that continually fucked her ass and pussy while she pedalled as fast as she could and the huge electrical shocks that tore through her body every time she slowed down, she was exhausted in no time. In the end she had no strength left and collapsed on the bike frame and let the electrified dicks continue to shock her.

On the other side, Patrick underwent the same hour long punishment and was also in complete agony the entire time. In the end, he too slumped exhausted on his bike frame, too tired to do anything about the bolts of electricity that tortured his privates.

Tess and Tina also spent an extremely painful hour on the saw horse. They fought a constant battle between sitting on the sharp board that cut into their pussies and the heated platform that burnt their feet every time they tried to stand on it to relieve the pressure on their cunts.

Sam watched them leave the room with a smile of satisfaction. They looked beaten down and defeated, which was great for the first session but he knew from experience it would probably take several before they were completely defeated and a couple more after that before they were completely broken. Anyway, this session would be enough to get them performing at least on a beginner's basis. He could hardly wait. He loved watching the first couple of times these soccer moms and proud papas who doted on their little girls performed in his films. He also loved the way they swallowed their revulsions as he forced more and more sick, perverted things on them.

Sam then turned on the TV. He wanted to see how Rob and Henry's families performed after their most recent punishment sessions. Especially Mike's family with a double or nothing bargain hanging over their heads.

The scenes looked pretty good to Sam as he sat down to watch another filming session. He watched Mike, the big African American with a huge cock playing around with Tiffany and he marvelled how well his punishment worked. The big guy had fought him tooth and nail at first but after one session on the bike and then another and he became quite docile. Even begged for a chance to do some filming, and his family had also done quite well. They did even better when he put them under the table with Charlie's family. But he sure wouldn't let Mike know that, keep being highly critical and pushing and forcing them further and further, was his plan.

Tiffany, the voluptuous teen with the big tits and ass, had also been dead set against doing anything with her parent's friends, but a couple of long bike rides changed her attitude. After the first one she consented to blowing Mike while he licked her cunt and then she fucked him. However, Sam considered it way below par and gave her another bike ride. Mike, of course also received punishment for his part in the poor performance, so their next fucking and sucking film was done with a lot more enthusiasm. She now also fucked and sucked Henry quite regularly.

He saw that the punishment had also prodded the teenage girl working on Rob into a lot more eagerness. Susan, the petit Oriental girl looked fantastic as she continually used her mouth and hands on the cock that was so huge, she could barely get her hands around it, much less put much of it in her sweet little mouth. Something, that had to be worked on, Sam thought as he watched her suck and lick at the big man's cock and balls.

On another mattress, he spied the 14 old girl, Charlotte sitting on Henry's face so he could work on her cunt while she worked on his cock and balls. The sweet, innocent little black girl was learning well, mused Sam. A couple of days ago she had absolutely refused to get naked or even consider the idea of sitting on any of the men's or women's faces, let alone handle their cocks or pussies. But after a punishment session, she had 69ed with Henry, half heartily sucked him off, and had a hard time swallowing his sperm. Then she had reluctantly sat on Lilly's face and licked her pussy. But, after yet another trip to the punishment room, the teenage girl improved her cock sucking technique. She even swallowed Henry's semen and was a lot more willing to sit on Lilly's face. Another punishment session due to some infractions and she did a great job of sucking Charlie off underneath the table. Now she willingly parted her sweet, bald little cunt and let Henry stick his tongue inside of her and eat her out. Later, she would have another face sitting session with Lilly. Like Amber, she was still a virgin but her cherry would be gone soon. How, was a decision he had yet to make.

Next he watched, Beth perform with the two teenage boys. He knew how much the woman hated to fuck and suck off teenage boys but one punishment session had her making some half hearted attempts to do just that and a couple of more had her much more willing. Billy, the black boy had just finished eating her cunt while she sucked Richard's dick. Now they switched places and Beth opened her mouth wide to accept his cock and at the same time, she spread her legs to allow Richard to fuck her cunt.

On another mattress, Cassandra, the black woman, Lilly, the Oriental woman with the huge tits and the petit, little Amber were entangled in a circle so that they could suck each other's pussies. The pretty teenager was in the middle and had Cassandra licking her pussy, while she licked Lilly's and Lilly licked Cassandra's.

Again, another amazing feat, mused Sam as he watched the two mature straight women, without any lesbian tendencies whatsoever, go at it like that with a pretty, virginal, straight teenage girl as a third.

However, he remembered it had taken some persuasion before Lilly had agreed to the lesbian acts. Probably, because first it had been with Amber. She had felt it was especially perverted to lick and suck the cunt of such a little girl, and one she known for years and watch grow up, but after a couple of punishment sessions she had agreed. It was fantastic to watch as she seduced her best friend's daughter who was also being forced into the action. However, it wasn't that good so it took another session before they became much more willing participants. In addition, because she had been so dead set against Rob doing anything with her sweet, innocent little Susan, he used the punishment session to force her into helping Susan suck Rob off and then help him bust her cherry. Susan, of course had also been very reluctant but the rides on the saw horse, quickly had her becoming very eager to blow the man and then swallow his sperm. She also agreed to sit on Rob's face so he could get her pussy hot and wet enough to take his huge cock. Now, the petit little teenager fucked and sucked Rob regularly and she also blew Mike's big cock.

In addition, he also had Amber going around sitting on the men's faces and playing with their cocks, sucking them off and swallowing all their sperm. She also had been reluctant to perform any lesbian acts or oral sex with the men but a few sessions had quickly changed her tune. Now, Sam thought as he watched her perform with the two older women, she was more or less broken.

He smiled when he thought of how much Cassandra had also resisted. The pretty 35, year old black skinned woman, had been absolutely appalled at the thought of any kind of filming, let alone sex acts with the family members of her friends. But now she performed just like the rest of them. Sometimes it was the lesbian acts with Lilly and Amber and sometimes it was with the Oriental boy, Henry. Although it had been Beth who had given him his first blow job and then taken his virginity, occasionally it was Cassandra who fucked and sucked him off and once in while both of them. Under strict tutelage the women sometimes double teamed the boy, with Cassandra sitting on his face and having her pussy licked while Beth worked on his cock. Then they would switch places and Cassandra would ride the boy's dick while Beth sat on his face.

As Sam shut down the TV he wondered how Charlie and his family would feel tomorrow morning. He rubbed his hands in excitement at the thought of bringing another prim and proper family into the business of making porn movies with their friends. Billy and Richard had gotten so much experience with Beth and Cassandra, that they both had become quite adept at eating and fucking pussy. Sam smiled at the thought of having them introduce pretty Sandra into the art of fucking boys. The two teenage girls, both virgins, also offered some interesting propositions, especially with the big dicks of Rob, Mike and Henry at his disposal. Then there was their son, Patrick who would pose no problem. He'd get Lilly, Beth or Cassandra to train the horny teenager.

Now, Charlie? That would be interesting indeed. A straight arrow like him would probably be quite reluctant to do anything with the daughters of his friends, let alone see his own daughters sucking and fucking their cocks. A few sessions on the bike Sam thought. That would change his prissy attitude. He would soon be fucking and eating the pussy of some of the other teenage girls and then maybe with lots and lots of punishment, even agree to help Mike and Rob or Henry take his daughter's cherries.

Meanwhile, in a room down the hallway from the punishment room, Charlie and his family were finally starting to recover from their ordeal.

"Now I know why they forced our friends to make those films," Charlie announced as he rubbed his still aching crotch. His cock and balls felt like they still on fire from the electrical session. His wife and daughters were also moaning and complaining about their torture.

"Yeah, that was truly horrible," moaned Sandra, still feeling the effects of the dildos invading her ass and pussy. Slumped on a sofa across the room, Patrick, Tess and Tina were also trying to get over their punishment session.

"Any of you want to go through that again?" Charlie asked his family and they all quickly shook their heads. "Then that's it," he said. "I guess we have to make the films whether we like it or not because those bastards have us over a barrel. The minute we refuse anything, they'll punish us again until we agree to do the things we seen on the films.'

"But we can't do that," his wife and daughters chorused. "Those were horribly perverted things, "whined Tina. "I barely let my boyfriend touch me, let alone do those things I saw in the film. I don't see how Amber, Charlotte, Tiffany and their mothers can do that," she moaned.

Tess also began complaining. "Sucking on penis's and balls and fucking men old enough to be my father," it's so gross because they are my best friends' fathers, ' she wailed.

When they looked at Patrick, he just sniffled and said, "anything's better than that electricity on my privates."

Charlie listened to them and then looked helplessly at his wife, Sandra who pondered the situation for a moment before speaking.

"Girls," she finally said. She gave her husband a sick look as she tried to explain to her daughters, the big decision they must make.

"You know how bad the torture was today." The girls nodded and Sandra added, "well, it's only going to get worse unless we agree to do the films. Now I don't like the idea any more than you do. In fact I think it's sick and perverted but it's that or another punishment session. Now, how many more of those do you think you can stand?" she asked her daughters.

"None," they chorused. "Well Charlie and I don't want any more of them either so we think, we have to do the films and we have to do the best we can to follow their instructions or they'll just keep punishing us."

The teenagers were silent for a moment as the full implications of what their mother was saying hit them. Finally they both nodded in agreement. "Okay," they said." but mother, I don't think I can do those horrible things."

"I know, I don't think I can either but we have to so we'll just try our best because it's better than the punishment," Sandra said.

Shortly after they all fell asleep, but their dreams were broken by thoughts of what awaited them in the morning. What they didn't know was that their entire conversation was recorded, both video and audio. That gave their tormentors an edge for it not only showed them what stage of complete capitulation the family was at, but it also allowed them to see weaknesses which could be easily exploited.


When they awoke in the morning, they were allowed showers and Sandra and her daughters had their pussies shaved. Then they were given a nice breakfast but as the dreaded time true near, the whole family became more and more nervous.

But with the punishment still fresh in their minds, the whole family was prepared to endure the filming. Still, there was some reluctance and hesitation when they marched onto the stage and into the glare of lights. Beyond them Charlie and Sandra could see cameras pointed in their direction and shuddered at the thought of what was going to happen next.

They stood silent and motionless for a moment and then a voice announced. "Okay folks, the cameras are rolling so get those clothes off unless you want another trip to the punishment room. That moved the family into action. Charlie went first. He took off his shirt and pants and finally pulled down his underwear to display his cock to the camera. He hated it and he had to force himself to follow the instructions his handlers had given him. He put his hands on his cock and began to stroke it while his wife began to strip.

It was easy to see how much she hated it. There was no smile on her face as ordered by her handlers. Instead there was a look of grim determination as she forced herself to take off her top, then her pants and finally her bra and panties. She was a long legged MILF. Her tits were on the smaller size for a grown woman but the 38 year old was well preserved. Her tits, with long brown nipples, barely sagged and her tummy was still pretty flat, thanks to her daily jogs. Her legs were long and well toned, while her hips were slim which gave her a tight looking firm ass.

Tess, the elder daughter hesitated for a moment, but with a nod of encouragement from both her mother and dad and the punishment still in her mind, she quickly took off her clothes.

The pretty teenager was a real beauty with long blond hair that framed a very pretty face, complete with big, blue eyes and a soft sensual mouth. She stood five foot five and weight 120 pounds. Her skin looked smooth and flawless and she was well tanned except for the areas of her bikini top and bottoms. The strip of white on her chest highlighted a nice set of tits with all the firmness of a teenager. Her tummy, thanks to the soccer she played and cheerleading activities, was flat and her waist was small. However, her hips were a bit wide but her legs were long, leaving her a big, juicy ass. Tina went next. Again it took a stern look from Charlie and Sandra as well as the Voice reminding them that the whole family was endanger of further punishment due to her delay.

"In fact, although you are trying to co-operate as promised, your performance so far has been anything but satisfactory. That means the points are adding up and you all know what that means, so you'd better do something pretty quick to see if you can get rid of some of them," the Voice warned.

Charlie frowned at the news as he continued to stroke his cock as ordered. It was now erect, a full seven inches and two inches in girth and it was embarrassing to have his daughters and son see him like this but he knew he had no choice. The Voice had reminded him that they wanted more than some half-hearted attempt. A total and complete participation in all activities was required and they must always have a big smile to show viewers how much they loved being porn stars. Anything less and negative points were acquired. However, they could be negated by positive points earned by outstanding performances.

So far, he realized the Voice was right. They had barely begun and their performance was dismal which meant negative points were piling up. Somehow we have to do better to get some positive points, Charlie thought as he watched his youngest daughter undress. The 15 year old was a pretty teenager with long blond hair, cute face complete with some freckles and a small mouth that had soft, pouting lips. She was the exact opposite of her sister. She was five foot one and barely weighed l00 pounds. Instead of soccer and cheerleading, she was involved in ballet dancing and gymnastics where her petit frame served her well. Her tits were small but pert and very firm with tiny pink nipples. Her tummy was flat, and her hips were slim. Her legs looked long and coltish and she had a perfect bubble butt.

Last was Patrick, and the 16 year old was not as shy as his sisters. He quickly pulled off his clothes and began stroking his cock. Heavily into sports like football and weightlifting, his five foot seven body was muscular and bulky. He was immediately erect to six inches and one and one half inches in girth. He blushed red when he saw his mother and sisters staring at his organ, but he continued to stroke it, just like his father did.

Next come the shameful poses Sandra and her daughters were told to do. Like the others, they lay on their backs, spread their legs and allowed the cameras to zoom in on their freshly shaven cunts. They had been told to pull their pussy lips apart when they were lying on their backs and again when they got on all fours so that the cameras could really focus in on them. However, due to their natural shyness and modesty, they did a very poor job of it. Grounds for more punishment thought Sam who was viewing the sight from his office.

Finally it was over, Sandra and her girls had never been so embarrassed in their whole lives and it was a huge relief to finally get it over with. It was also shameful for her husband and son who had continued to stroke their cocks through the whole ordeal. They were huge and swollen and looked ready to explode but they had been warned against that, so they toyed with themselves just enough to keep themselves painfully erect.

However, the relief was short lived because as soon as the camera men had completed their filming, the Voice announced it was time for more action.

"I could let you sink or swim and probably drown by throwing you in with all the families at once, but instead, I decided to be nice and have you perform with only one family. I have chosen Henry Lee and his brood to introduce you to the kind of sex action we want. Isn't that nice of me? " the Voice chuckled and Charlie suspected he might be Sam who was doing the directing.

He wanted to say something to express his anger, but wisely decided to keep his mouth shut, so instead, he merely nodded and turned to wait for Henry's family to arrive.

The Lees were on stage in a couple of minutes. They were led by Henry and they were naked like the Stuarts. Henry's cock bobbled before him as he strode onto the stage. Behind him walked his wife, Lilly. She had a short, chubby body so her big, white tits bounced and jiggled with every step she took. Next was the petit teenager daughter Susan whose body was so firm and trim, nothing jiggled very much. Like Tina, she was a gymnast. In fact they belonged to the same club. Behind her walked the fat, flabby teenage boy, Richard. His cock also bounced in time to his steps.

Charlie and his family were prepared to perform with the Lees but if they thought they might get eased into the acts, they were dead wrong. Instead, they found the Lees, fresh from another punishment and with orders to push the Stuarts to their limits. This had been planned. It made them very aggressive and in no mood to put up with any resistance.

Before the startled family had time to react, the Lees begun making their moves, again as previously ordered by their handlers.

Susan, the petit Oriental gymnast didn't waste any time turning her attentions to Charlie. Before the bewildered man knew what was happening, the pretty teenager, who barely came half way of his chest, was pushing her naked body against him and reaching up to his face to try and kiss him. The teenage girl also boldly seized his cock and began tugging at it. Then, without letting go of the organ, she led him over to a mattress.

Although Charlie had seen the film of her fucking Rob, he was shocked at the wanton actions of the tiny teenager who was a friend of his daughter. They had been chumming around together since grade school and she had always seemed like such a shy, reserved little thing. He had also considered her a very cute girl but had never looked at her in a sexual way. It was sick and perverted to entertain such thoughts, yet now the girl was using his dick to lead him to a mattress. Due to the orders from the Voice after the punishment, he knew what was expected of him, but he still found it unbelievable.

He let the girl push him down on it and immediately she seized his cock again. Charlie gave a loud gasp as the tiny teenager quickly swung around so that she sat on his face and began sucking him off. She was trying to cram as much of his cock as she could into her sweet little mouth and her hot, wet tongue was sweeping across its sensitive head. When Susan had suddenly swung herself around so that her bald pussy was over his face, he hesitated for a moment before deciding to stick his tongue into her cunt and begin licking at her. After all, this is what Sam wanted him to do in order to avoid any more punishment.

Richard, a shy, introverted teenage boy with no experience with any kind of female a few weeks ago, was now becoming an expert. He should be after the number of times, he fucked Cassandra and Beth.

Without preamble, he grabbed Sandra and before the shocked woman could react he was trying to sloppily French kiss her and greedily groping her big, naked tits and ass. Richard had known Sandra for years. After all, she was a friend of his parents. He had often masturbated while imagining her naked. She had always been the ultimate MILF to him. Now, he had finally managed to get his hands on her and she was gonna suck him off and fuck him, just like Cassandra and Beth did. They too were beautiful women, but nothing like Sandra. He couldn't believe his luck.

Sam knew because she was new to the group and there was going some resistance. That's why he told Richard to be super aggressive. It was just so they could provoke the entire family into more punishment. The handlers had been right on. As expected, the prim and proper woman who was already having a hard enough time adjusting to the sick and perverted demands being forced upon her, instinctively fought back against the boy's attack on her.

Sandra tried to push him away, avoid his drooling mouth and remove his hands from her tits but Richard would have none of it. He wouldn't let go of Sandra and continued to slobber over her face and squeeze her tits with one hand and her ass with the other. When she continued to fight, the Voice warned her in a harsh voice to stop any resistance.

"Richard's just doing what we told him to, which means he's earning positive points while you are helping your family accumulate negative points," the Voice warned.

This was enough to force Sandra to swallow her revulsion of the boy's action. Not only is he just a kid, he's the son of my friend. I used to babysit a few times when he was young. I even changed his diapers, now I'm expected to have sex with him. It's horrible sick and perverted, she thought as she forced herself to calm down and at least remain passive as Richard continued to French kiss her and force his tongue into her mouth. She even kissed him back, and did nothing to stop his hands from squeezing her ass and tits and pinching her nipples. She blushed in shame and humiliation when he finally finished kissing her and moved his mouth down to her tits which he sucked at for a moment before his attention moved to another spot on her body.

Sandra gasped as without preamble or warning, he pulled her legs wide open and stuck his face into her newly shaved pussy. The boy then wasted no time in eating her out. His hot, wet tongue seemed to be everywhere as it sought out her most sensitive spots down there. To her horror, Sandra found herself responding to Richard's tonguing of her pussy, but it got even worse when he suddenly swung himself around so that he was in a 69 position with his erect cock and hairy balls hanging right over her face.

At first, she turned her head in revulsion. Sucking cock was something Sandra hardly even did to her husband and now this boy who was wildly eating her cunt, was expecting her to put his organ into her mouth. The idea was just too sickening, it took another warning from the Voice before she reluctantly consented to the odious chore. She forced herself to open her mouth, and stick out her tongue so she could lick at the boy's cock and balls for a moment before she attempted to take his dick into her mouth.

The whole thing was distasteful to Sandra. She certainly didn't like the taste or the smell of his cock at all but she did manage to make a feeble attempt to suck it while he continued to eat her out until she had an orgasm. Then the boy, suddenly pulled his turgid organ from her mouth, got on top of her and without warning, plunged his cock straight into her hot, wet cunt. Sandra lay there as the boy fucked her for a good 25 minutes before his organ erupted inside her. The times he spent fucking Beth and Cassandra had given him some control and he was able to fuck Sandra to a second orgasm before he shot inside her.

When the boy rolled off her and Sandra began to stir, she looked around the room, wondering what her husband and family was being made to do. She spied Charlie immediately, on the mattress right next to hers. He was still with the petit Oriental teenager who had just finished sucking him off and then taking his sperm inside her mouth. She opened it wide and wore a big smile as she showed the congealed com on her tongue to the cameras before swallowing it. Then she returned to working on Charlie's limp cock in an attempt to get him hard again so she could fuck him. Meanwhile, her husband just lay there with traces of the girl's juices glistening on his face. An obvious clue that he licked the girl's cunt to climax.

On the next mattress, her son was being sucked off by Lilly. The Oriental woman had all of Patrick's cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down as she expertly gave the boy a blow job. Sandra watched as her son's body suddenly stiffened and he began spurting his semen down Lilly's throat. She saw that the woman, apparently had no problem at all swallowing his junk. Sandra realized then, that she got away lucky by not having to suck and swallow Richard's sperm but she knew it was going to happen soon.

Her two daughters were on another mattress with Henry. Tina was kneeling between the Oriental man's wide spread legs and was stroking his cock, while Tess was in a 69 position, and sucking the man's organ each time her sister pushed it in her mouth. Neither of them looked too happy. Tess looked like she'd rather be anywhere else than sitting on the face of Henry and letting him stick his tongue up her pussy while her sister sucked his cock and fed some of it into her mouth. After all, she was still a virgin who had never seen an adult dick before. Now here she was helping her sister suck a man off.

Tina didn't look very pleased either. She was kneeling between Henry's legs, reluctantly sucking his cock and balls, stroking it and pushing it into Tess's mouth. It was so horrible and disgusting she would never have imagined doing anything like this before today. However, threatened with the promise of an even longer time on the saw horse, she agreed to it.

Sandra was horrified to see her daughters performing like that, especially with both of them being sweet, innocent virgins up to know. She had been so preoccupied coping with Richard, she'd forgotten all about them. She didn't even realize it had taken several stern warnings from the Voice before the teenage girls had consented to do such things with Henry.

But it wasn't over yet. Sandra watched, Susan straddle her husband and take his now hard cock into her tiny cunt. She thought it would be impossible for the petit girl to take his huge dick inside of her. It was a slow process but she did manage to do it. First she straddled the man with her tiny cunt poised above his huge organ and then she began to slowly lower herself down on it while pulling apart her pussy lips. First its huge head disappeared into her barely used pussy and then, as she began slowly rocking herself on it, more and more of the huge cock slid into her with each up and down motion. Finally she had taken the entire length of the cock inside her and began fucking Rob faster and faster.

Susan thought it was horrible to fuck the fathers of her friends but the punishments had convinced her to do just that. First it had been Rob, who had taken her virginity, while her mother not only watched, but helped him. She thought that had been a terrible ordeal but when she remembered the lesbian acts she had performed with her mothers' friends, she almost fell grateful that she had been told to fuck Rob. After the second time it didn't hurt as much, now here she was fucking Charlie. At least I'm not with the women, Susan thought as she fucked herself on the man's huge cock.

Rob, despite being appalled at having sex with a girl of such tender years, couldn't help himself. He began to thrust up and down as the petit Oriental girl bounced up and down him. Fuck, he kept thinking, this is horrible. She's much too young for this and she's being forced into. Still, it was the tightest pussy he had ever fucked. It fit his big cock like a glove and besides, it really wasn't his fault. He too was being forced into it. So I might as well make it good, maybe try to gain some positive points, Rob rationalized as he gave himself over to the fucking the petit girl was giving him. What the hell, he told himself. Henry is busy fucking my daughter, so I.m gonna fuck his.

As Susan rocked on his body and bounced up and down on his cock, he reached up with his hands and seized her pert little tits. He began squeezing and kneading the warm, firm titty flesh while pinching and pulling on the sweet, little pink nipples.

Sandra knelt mesmerized as she watched her husband wildly fuck the petit little girl. The son of a bitch sure looks like he's enjoying himself, she fumed as she watched Susan ride his cock. Most of which, slid out of her widely stretched cunt on the upswing and then it was totally buried in her pussy on the downswing.

Suddenly the Voice was talking to her, bringing her back to reality.

Sandra turned her attention to it, nodded and then shuddered in revulsion as the Voice explained what he wanted her to do next.

"I want you to help Henry fuck your big titted daughter Tess. She's been riding his face for the past 15 or 20 minutes and I bet that tight virgin cunt is ready for some cock. So get over there on that mattress and follow my instructions or else," the Voice menaced.

Sandra nodded numbly and began walking over to the mattress.

"In the meantime, Tina, I want you to get over with Lilly. She's finishing blowing your brother and now she's going to show you a little lesbian loving."

The teenage girl gulped and shook her head at the suggestion. It had been hard enough for her and her sister to stroke and suck Henry's cock to rock hardness and then have it explode its sperm all over their faces, but this was far worst. To do it with a woman? She'd never even thought of it before. She didn't even like women that way, but what could she do, the Voice had already warned she was racking up negative points at a tremendous rate and she certainly didn't want to get anymore so maybe this was a way to earn some positive ones.

With a shrug of resignation, she began making her way to the mattress where Lilly and her brother lay. Gross, she thought as her brother looked up at her, his spent cock, now limp and small. He's going to be watching everything we do.

When Sandra reached the mattress where Tess and Henry were, the Voice told her, "okay, I want Tess on her back and you are going to hold her legs spread wide open and back towards her head. This will allow Henry maximum penetration as he takes your daughter's cherry. Just think, you'll get to watch his big cock, ravage that tight pussy for the first time, how many mothers get to watch that," the Voice chuckled.

With no choice but to obey, the horrid man's orders, Sandra waited for her daughter to get on her back and then she grabbed her legs and held them wide open as the Voice ordered. Then she had to watch in disgust as Henry lined up his huge cock with his daughter's unspoiled pussy and began to slowly push himself into her. Thanks to the job he had done tonguing her cunt, it was wet enough to allow him to get a couple of inches of his dick inside her but then he met the hymen.

Henry pulled his cock almost out and then pushed it forward again with force enough to tear the girl's virginity with one thrust. Sandra heard her daughter scream at the sudden intrusion and then watched as the man started giving her a first fucking. Henry went slow at first but then picked up speed once Tess's cunt had become used to his cock. He groaned as he fucked the teenager. He had never fucked one as tight as this one and even though it was sick and perverted to ravage her while her mother watched, he did get some enjoyment out of it. After all, hadn't his own sweet, innocent little girl been forced to suck and fuck Rob's cock and now she was being forced to fuck Charlie.

He looked down at the girl's wide spread legs and could see traces of blood and knew her mother saw it too but he continued to fuck Tess until his cock finally exploded into her. When he pulled his limp organ out of her cunt, Sandra gasped in horror as her daughter's freshly fucked pussy leaked semen and blood. What's going to become of us before this is all over, if it ever ends, she thought.

The Voice then directed the attention over to the mattress where Tina, Patrick and Lilly were. The Oriental woman was stretched out, flat on her back with her legs spread wide. Tina had her face buried between her legs and was licking and sucking at her pussy. Patrick knelt at Lilly's head and was feeding his cock into her mouth so she could suck it back to hardness. It looked to Sandra that her son was really enjoying himself. As Lilly sucked his cock, his hands kneaded and plucked at the woman's big tits.

Disgusting, totally disgusting, Sandra fumed as she watched her daughter continue to eat out Lilly's cunt while her son had his cock sucked. Then the voice commanded the trio to change positions.

"Okay, Lilly, get on your hands and knees and let Patrick fuck you from behind and while you're giving the boy his first fuck, you will eat out Tina's pussy. Immediately the trio got into the proper positions and Sandra watched as Patrick fucked Lilly while the woman buried her face in Tina's pussy.

When she turned her head to look at the mattress where her husband and Susan were, she saw that Charlie had just finished with the girl. She rose off him and his limp cock slid out of her tight cunt with a plop. It brought a string of cum with it and her husband lay back exhausted.

Charlie and his family were back in their room, the women sobbing and complaining about the indignities they had to endure but everyone was relieved it was over.

Then come the bad news. The Voice announced their performance had been far less than adequate, even for beginners, so they had garnered a lot of negative points. That meant another session in the punishment room. The men ignored their pleas and promises as they hooked them up to the contraptions. Only this time Tess, since she was no longer a virgin, rode the bike with her dad, mother and brother while her sister Tina was forced onto the saw horse again.

"I know you tried, but your performance was terrible," announced the Voice. "So this is for your own good. Another session here and I know it will improve your performance, so just think of this as a lesson learned and try much harder the next time," the Voice added.


While the Stuarts suffered the agony of their second punishment, Mike and Rob's families, both which endured another session in the punishment room, were getting ready for some action before the cameras. They were good friends, known each for years but none of the mattered anymore. Both families were so determined to avoid any more punishment that the idea of fucking and sucking off one another was no longer as repugnant as it used to be. Sam, as he sat back and watched from the privacy of his office, thought these circumstances would help him produce an excellent film. To spice things up and take the families further down the road of depravity and complete humiliation, he had introduced some new things and he was wondering how the families would handle them, especially now that they knew any objections to his suggestions meant punishment.

He watched as Mike, his big cock swinging in front of him, led the way into the room full of mattresses. He was followed by Cassandra with her big tits jiggling and bouncing with every step she took, then the petit teenager Charlotte and then the son. From the other side of the room Rob led his family into the room. Behind him were his wife Beth and their daughters Tiffany and Amber.

For a moment they faced each other like adversaries instead of old friends, and then moved towards each other. Each had been informed by the Voice, after their last punishment, what was expected of them and everyone was determined to carry the orders through to the letter.

Then the action started. Beth grabbed the black teenager Billy and they were soon on the mattress making out. Rob and Charlotte grabbed each other and began kissing, despite the fact the girl was so short, she had to wrap her legs around him as he carried her to a mattress. Tiffany and Mike were together on a mattress while his wife and Amber claimed another one.

The cameras zoomed in to catch the action but the families were used to them by now, so they were oblivious as they began fucking and sucking each other. Charlotte looked a tiny dark skinned doll as she lay along the length of Rob's six foot frame 180 pound frame and rubbed her tiny tits and bare pussy against him while they kissed each other. After a bit of that, she straddled his face and they began 69 each other. His tongue pushed right into her tight pussy while his cock looked huge in her tiny hands as she started sucking at its head and stroking him. She also tickled his balls.

On another mattress, Tiffany and Mike were making out, first 69ing each other and then the pretty teenager let the man push his huge cock into her tight pussy and she began riding him. This time it was a reverse cowboy style and she faced his back as his huge cock fucked in and out of her pussy.

Cassandra and Amber were also going at it. They did a 69 for a bit and then when their cunts got wet and hot, Amber pulled out the device she had been given. It was a huge eight inch rubber dick that Cassandra helped fasten to her waist. When the job was completed, the dick looked monstrous on her small body. Most devices like this one had two dildos, one for each partner. However this particular one had been designed so that only one received the big dick. For the person doing the fucking, there was a couple of tiny nodules positioned so that it rubbed against her clit. This ingenious method allowed Amber to fuck Cassandra without losing her virginity. However, the nodules moving against her clit would drive her to several orgasms.

Amber and Cassandra wasted little time, although neither of them were lesbians, they had been conditioned and trained to act like they were. Both of them still thought it was distasteful, but once Amber had the device securely fastened around her tiny waist, Cassandra immediately lay down on her back and helped the teenager guide the monstrous dick into her pussy. Amber had to give several vigorous pushes before the whole thing was buried in her partner's cunt and then she began fucking her in earnest, just like the Voice had ordered. Cassandra thought the indignity of fucking a tiny teenage girl with a rubber dick was bad enough, however, she knew something worse was yet to come.

Beth and Billy were on another mattress and making out like mad. Although Beth still hadn't got completely used to fucking a boy young enough to be her son. A boy she'd known since he was a baby, the punishments had convinced her to put her concerns about such matters aside and perform the sex acts the Voice ordered. No matter how odious or sick and perverted they seemed to her.

First, Beth got on her knees in front of the standing teenager and she sucked and licked his cock and balls. When he came, she took everything in her mouth and then held it open for the camera to see. After that she and the boy 69ed. He licked and sucked at her pussy, while she used her mouth and hands to get him hard again and that came all too soon for Beth.

Prior to her last punishment, she had been forced to down some pills that kept her running to the toilet until her bowels were completely empty.

"This is to introduce you to some new sexual stunts," the Voice told her while the men fastened her to the bike.

She noticed, this time as the rubber dicks were lined up with pussy and ass, the one bound for her nether regions was much bigger than usual. It was five or six inches long and almost a couple of inches wide and it felt uncomfortable as it slid up her virgin hole. The one in her pussy was the usual large size and she felt completely full when she finally got settled on the bike seat.

"During the next round with Mike's family, I want you and the boy together again, but only this time there'll be no pussy fucking. Instead, the boy is going to sodomize you and you will not only let him, you will help him. And maybe I'll get that pussy licking Charlotte to eat your cunt while the boy reams your ass. At least after this punishment session, it'll be a bit loose for when that boy fucks it for the first time," the Voice chuckled.

Beth was shocked at her new orders. She knew more and more perverse things were being demanded of them and she was trying her best to what was required. But something like that, the whole idea was preposterous. She had never even considered something like that happening. There was no way she was going to do that, she was promising herself but then the punishment started and the huge rubber dicks started fucking her ass and pussy while she frantically pedalled as fast as she could. A half an hour of it had convinced her to not only give it a try, but put her best effort into it.

Now, as the time drew near, Beth was tempted to rebel and refuse, but the punishments had convinced her that such an idea would not only be futile but painful. If I don't do it now, it'll be after the next punishment. She had just finished sucking the boy's dick to hardness again and prepared herself for the ordeal. The boy had also been told what was going to be happening and immediately sat down on a chair by the mattress. Beth began rubbing some oil onto his rigid weapon and then she presented her ass to him and said, "rub some in my hole, it'll hurt less when you fuck me back there and it'll make your dick slide in easier."

The boy complied. Beth stood red faced and totally humiliated in front of Billy and then bent over and spread her ass cheeks as wide as possible for him so he could push gobs of oil up her bum hole with his fingers. She could hardly believe she was doing this, it would have been impossible a few weeks ago but now fear of the punishment was compelling to let the boy bum fuck her.

Once the boy had finished with the oil, Beth prepared herself for the worst thing she had ever done in her life. I'd better start getting used it as it'll probably become a regular occurrence from now on, she thought as she grabbed Billy's dick to hold it straight so she guide it into her. Beth found it difficult at first but thanks to the lubrication, the cock slid quite easily into her virgin bum. After a couple of attempts it was fully lodged inside of her so Beth grabbed the arms of the chair for leverage and began to slowly lower her ass up and down on the dick.

She had just gotten started, when Charlotte who had finished blowing her husband while he ate her pussy, came over. This too was part of the script and Beth didn't like it one little bit as it was making the whole ordeal even more shameful. However, determined to go through it without having to be punished again, she spread her legs when the petit little black girl approached.

She kept fucking the boy's dick with her ass, as the 14 year old girl, lowered her face into her pussy and began to lick it. She kept this up for several moments until the cunt was getting wet and then she stepped back and fastened a rubber dick to her waist. She them aimed the eight inch cock at Beth's pussy and shoved in it. Now Beth was being fucked by two people at once. It was horrible but in addition, when the girl started licking her tits, sucking on her nipples and kissing her she could taste her own juices from her cunt. It was hell but there was nothing she could do about it. The two teenagers kept at her for about 15 minutes before the boy's cock finally exploded in her ass and the girl pulled the dildo out.

"Wow, how about that for a brother, sister act with a soccer mom. Two blacks making a sandwich with a white woman, nice, a true Oreo cookie moment," the voice announced over the noise of some simulated clapping. "Not bad for a beginning Beth, in fact it was so good, you might even avoid some punishment, at least for today. However, I hear Amber caused some trouble with Lilly and announced again she didn't want to be a lesbian anymore, while Tiffany complained she couldn't blow and fuck Mike anymore because his cock was too big or something. And your very dear husband had to be warned several times before he licked Charlotte's tight little bum. You know what that adds up to, don't you but don't blame me, it's your family that causing the problems. Maybe you should talk to them, after all you seem to be at least trying to pull your weight."

Since Beth being sodomized had been the main attraction, Amber and the Oriental boy Richard abusing Cassandra had been the second best.

First Cassandra and Amber had double teamed Richard and took turns sucking his cock and balls until his com exploded all over their faces. Then Cassandra had sat on his face in a 69 position while Amber knelt between his legs so that they could suck the boy to hardness while Richard licked her cunt. Now, as Beth looked over, the trio were preparing for the next scene. Richard lay on his back and Cassandra straddled him so that his cock slid up into her freshly licked pussy. Meanwhile Amber was preparing herself to fuck the woman up her ass. A 6 inch rubber dick, was fastened around the tiny waist of the five foot nothing, 90 pound girl. It looked monstrously huge compared to her petit frame and Beth shuddered at the ordeal Cassandra was gonna' be put through. Like Beth, she was also a virgin back there but the fear of punishment compelled her to do this sick, perverted thing with the young teenage pair.

Everyone in the room watched as Cassandra, still impaled on Richard's dick, spread her ass cheeks apart. Her tight bum hole glistened with oil and so did the rubber dick, the teenager wore. Due to her tiny waist, it couldn't be secured properly so the dildo was almost dragging on the floor when Amber awkwardly tried to position herself behind the black woman. Then, although she hated to do it, but realized she had to, Amber lined up the 6 inch dick and slowly began pushing it into the woman's ass. Gross she was thinking, but it's just like everything else around here, it's all so horrible. But Amber kept on slowly pushing the rubber dick in between Lilly's big, fleshy ass cheeks until the rubber dick was completely in. She then began a fucking, thrusting motion that kept it sliding in and out of Cassandra's ass hole.

"Deeper, harder," announced the voice and Amber quickened her pace, fucking Cassandra's ass as hard and fast as she could with tiny body nearly bouncing off the black woman's widely spread ass cheeks each time she buried the rubber dick to the hilt in her. Meanwhile, Cassandra was not only enduring the indignity of being sodomized by Amber, but she was trying to fuck Richard at the same time.

The trio was kept at for about 15 minutes and her wild physical efforts to ream out Cassandra's bottom while Richard fucked her pussy were starting to tire the little girl. She was gasping for breath and her wild fucking motions had slowed down considerably when Richard finally came in Cassandra's cunt. The Voice finally announced it was enough. Cassandra thankfully felt the dildo being pulled the make shift cock out of her ass. However, while Amber began unfastening the rubber dick from around her waist, Cassandra continued to kneel there as instructed so the camera could zoom in on her gaping ass hole.

"Not bad this time," the Voice announced as the men began putting away their cameras and the families prepared to go their rooms. You are improving which is good, very good, however, Rob, I think your family needs some more punishment. There were some of you who weren't exactly up to par, so maybe if you all had a talk, and discussed how you could better, then you could be like the Carlson's who get no punishment today."

Beth was furious with her family when they went back to their room.

"You mean to say, I sacrificed myself, helped that boy fuck my ass while his sister fucked my cunt," she screamed. "And you guys continue to rack up the negative points with your petty complaints. Well no more, I'm going to tell them what happened. That I did what I was supposed to do, that it was my daughters and my husband who think they got it so tough that caused all the problems. Maybe they'll let me forego the punishment. I tell you that'll be fine with me. You guys can suffer, I'm going to do what I'm supposed to. You're on your own from now on."

Sam listened to Beth's tirade with interest. It was exactly what he hoped would happen.

It was obvious to him that the woman was not only completely broken and therefor ready for more shame and humiliation, but now a wedge was being driven among her family. That was going to make things really interesting, especially when he announced that Beth wouldn't be punished while the rest of her family was.


Since the discussion was being recorded, Sam turned his attention to the TV just in time for the filming of Charlie Stuart's family and the Lees.

Of course, the Stuart's had been punished again for their poor debut and Sam knew it would drive them to even more and deviant and degrading acts. He just loved to see these families with so called "good girls and sons" get their minds blown as well as cocks, cunts and asses as they debased themselves in order to avoid the punishment room.

He was just in time to watch them make their entrance. Charlie led them in and he was followed by his wife, daughters and son. The punishment worked wonders on them, Sam decided as he watched Charlie quickly strip and begin stroking his cock with a smile plastered on his face. Next come his leggy blond wife, Sandra. This time there was little or no hesitation and the woman managed to maintain a smile as she stripped and went through the poses requested of her. Her daughters, who also stripped without problems, paraded themselves around naked, and even shook their naked tits and asses for the cameras. All the time they managed to keep some kind of smile on their faces. Patrick was last and he was easy. He wanted no more punishments so he quickly stripped and stroked his cock like his dad.

Probably thinking about fucking Lilly again, Sam mused as he watched the naked family wait for the arrival of the Lees.

They were there in minutes, again led by Henry, then his wife, daughter and Richard.

Gonna get interesting, Sam mused as he watched the families prepare for another forced orgy with their friends. After all, the Stuarts had been rather harshly punishment and were now bound and determined to avoid the punishment room at all costs, while the Lees, who were a bit further along in their training, had figured out to avoid the punishments. Just do whatever was requested. So what if they were friends, it didn't matter anymore. To liven things up, he had given several orders to the Stuarts which he knew would push them to their limits, and he informed the Lees if they could make the Stuarts guilty of plenty of misconducts, then they would get a get out of jail free card. Of course, that's providing they kept their own misdemeanors to a minimum, Of course, they had jumped at the chance.

The action started quickly, Susan, the tiny China doll, immediately went to Charlie, while Richard was with Sandra again. Tess was led to a mattress by Henry, while Tina and her brother were paired with Lilly. The girl was straight as an arrow, not a gay bone in her sexy teenage body, but that didn't matter to Sam. He enjoyed forcing pretty teenagers like her into lesbian situations. He could see the girl struggled to smile at the Oriental woman as she forced herself to French kiss her. She also cringed when Lilly grabbed her tight little ass and began squeezing and fondling it, but she did nothing to deter the woman. The last punishment had quickly cured her of that.

He had instructed Lilly to push the teenager and with a free pass staring her in the face, she had readily agreed. She quickly led the teenager to a mattress and after a few more kisses, pulled Amber's head down to her big tits.

When Tina hesitated for a moment, Lilly whispered, "get sucking on them and then you can finger my pussy or we'll all get punished." That was enough to spur Tina into action and she hurried buried her face in Lilly's ample tits to begin licking and sucking at the big, brown nipples. Meanwhile the teenage boy Patrick, had joined them. He knelt at Lilly's head and pushed his already hard cock into her mouth for a good sucking. This isn't too bad at all, he mused as he fondled the Oriental woman's big tits. I have Lilly sucking me off while my sister eats her pussy and gets it hot for my cock. Then I get to fuck her and all this to escape punishment. It makes it really easy for me to co-operate.

It was amazing what that punishment room can do, thought Sam as he watched the mature, straight woman let the straight teenage girl eat her out ... He continued to watch as Tina tongued the mature woman's pussy while she sucked off Patrick. The trio continued until the boy's cock exploded in Lilly's mouth. The woman swallowed his sperm and continued to work on his cock until it was hard again. Then the brother and sister changed positions so that Patrick could fuck Lilly in a missionary position while Tina sat on her face and had her pussy licked.

With that mattress going good, Sam turned his attention to the one where Richard and Sandra were making out. Again, it was French kisses at first for the parody of love, then the big, fat, flabby, Oriental boy began kissing and licking her tits before working his way down to get between her spread legs. Last time the woman had struggled when the boy had rudely pushed his tongue into her sex, but thanks to the punishment, she now let the boy feast on her pussy until she had an orgasm. Then it was blow job time. She waited until Richard was stretched on his back, before pressing her body against her and kissing him again.

Sandra thought it was horrible. She could actually taste her pussy juices on the boy's tongue when she French kissed him. Gross, she moaned to herself, but the punishment room compelled her to continue as ordered.

"Do it real nice, likes he's your one and only boyfriend, better than your husband even and slowly work your way down his body with your tongue and hands, kissing and caressing as you go. Take your time, give it to him good, suck his nipples and tell him how handsome and sexy he is and how you can't wait to suck his cock and then fuck him," the Voice ordered. Sandra, of course, was too scared to disobey so she swallowed her revulsion as she kissed and caressed practically every inch of the boy's fat, flabby body. She wished she could hurry and just get it done but the order had said slowly so she tried to take her time as she worked her way down the boy's body. She also tried to keep up a constant chatter of praise. Telling him he was handsome with a beautiful big cock and so sexy you couldn't keep her hands off him.

As Sandra neared his erect cock, she grabbed it and began to stroke it, while her fingers trailed through his course pubic hair. She even tickled and gently squeezed his balls. Then, as ordered she pushed Richard's cock up against his stomach so she could suck and lick at his hairy ball bag. Terribly gross, she thought as she gave them a good licking and sucking before returning to his cock. This is even more gross, she moaned to herself when it was time to open her mouth wide and take the boy's cock inside.

This was her second time doing it with Richard. The first she had barely done much more than kiss the boy's cock. However, since that had been deemed totally inadequate and one of the things that caused her the last punishment, now Sandra was determined to give him a proper blow job. She let a couple of inches of the boy's repulsive organ into her mouth and began sucking it and licking at the sensitive head. She thought she was doing pretty good, when Richard, who had been almost passive up till now, suddenly began demanding more.

As per the Voice's orders, he too had been told to push Sandra to her limits if he wanted a free card. So he did what the Voice wanted. He suddenly grabbed the woman's head and pushed it down on his cock, until it was practically lodged in her throat.

When the woman came up coughing, hacking and gasping for breath, he whispered to her. "We have to, remember the orders. Well, I don't want any more punishment and neither do you so just do as I say. Then maybe we'll both avoid the punishment."

When Sandra nodded, as her orders had also been not to deny the boy anything, he added, "you gotta deep throat and take as much as you can inside your mouth, it's better than the punishment isn't it? "Go for it then and I'll help you get as much of my dick in your mouth as possible." For the next 15 minutes, while Sandra's jaws kept getting more and more tried, she bobbed her head up and down on Richard's cock, each time taking a bit more of it, until she could feel his pubic hairs tickling her lips. All the time, he guided her and kept her head to keep it bobbing up and down in a good rhythm.

Just when Sandra decided she couldn't take anymore, she heard him shout, "It's there, I'm coming. I'm coming. Don't forget to swallow it all, ' he groaned and grunted loudly as his cock suddenly exploded deep in Sandra's mouth. She instinctively fought to get her mouth off the spurting cock but Richard held her in place until it was drained. Sandra thought she was going to be sick as hot, gooey sperm filled her mouth. She tried to swallow as fast as she could but thick gobs of come as well as strands of saliva leaked out from the corners of her mouth. Finally Richard's limp cock slipped from between her lips and she was able to breathe again, but the smell and the taste were horrible. Sandra wanted to race to a bathroom to wash her mouth and brush her teeth, but she knew that was a no, no.

The Voice's last orders had been to make sure to lick Richard clean when they done. If she thought it was gross to suck his cock and swallow his spunk, Sandra thought that licking at the limp cock until every trace of the semen was gone was worse. However, she did manage to complete the job.

Sandra looked around at the other mattresses and spotted members of her family still working on their explicit orders. Lilly had finished fucking Richard and was now locked in some kind of lesbian embrace with Tina. Her other daughter Tess was riding Henry's cock in a reverse cowboy. Her back was pushed against the man's stomach and the girl's big tits were flopping wildly but every once in a while, Henry would capture them and squeeze her titty flesh or pinch her nipples.

Sandra looked down to where Henry's big cock was thrusting in and out of her daughter's cunt at a rapid rate. It was horrible to watch Tess getting fucked like that. Up until yesterday she had been a virgin. Then she had been forced to help Henry take her cherry. Tess had been punished for her initial reluctance and now she was bouncing up and down on his big cock as hard and fast as she could. She wanted to look away but she couldn't. She starred at the pair as if mesmerized. There was no doubt about it. Tess was getting fucked and good. Sandra saw all kinds of white foam like stuff leaking from her daughter's ravished pussy. My God, he must have already come in her once already and she must have come to, Sandra thought as she watched the Oriental man fuck her daughter.

She was still looking in shock at the pair, when Henry suddenly announced, he was coming and he jammed the teenager tightly down onto his cock. As he spurted a load into her, Sandra could see even more of the white stuff leaking through Tess's fucked pussy. When she finally rose from Henry, her gaping slit leaked even more com and the cameras rushed in to get a zoom shot.

But Tess wasn't finished yet. Like her mother, she had been told to clean Henry's cock with her tongue after he fucked her and she was too scared of the punishment to disobey. Without a word she knelt down and took the man's limp organ in her mouth. She licked at it until it was clean. All the time she kept thinking it was absolutely gross to have to do this to any man, let alone her friend's dad.

The other mattress was occupied by Rob and the Susan. The tiny Oriental girl was also fucking her husband in a reverse cowboy so Sandra could see everything. Her tiny body was pushed up against Rob's stomach and her little tits looked crushed in Rob's big hands. Sandra marvelled again how the tiny little girl could have managed to get her husband's huge organ into her tiny cunt. It looked absolutely plugged with cock as she watched the girl rapidly bounce herself up and down until the cock exploded. When she got off of Rob, her tiny pussy widely gaped opened and huge streams of com poured out of it. As soon as the camera finished taking photos of oozing cunt, Susan, like Tess, then knelt between Rob's leg and used her mouth to clean the limp organ

When Sandra turned her attention back to her other daughter, Tina. She saw the petit teenager and the older Oriental woman were just finishing a 69 session. Lilly's face glistened with the juices from Tina's pussy as she had licked and sucked the girl to several orgasms. Tina look distressed and her face also showed the results of licking Lilly's cunt. Meanwhile a tired looking Richard lay back on the mattress with a limp cock and a smile on his face.

This is all so sick and perverted and humiliating and shameful and degrading, Sandra thought as her family followed Rob off the makeshift stage. Once they were back in their rooms, Sandra turned to Rob and said," my God, it's only second day and look what we did already. And they're only getting started with us so it's only going to get worse because if we refuse they just punish us and the next day we follow their directions anyway.

"I know' Rob said. "And it's all my fault. If I hadn't tried to convince Henry, Mike, Charlie and the others that we should do something about the illegal activities in the company, than this wouldn't have happened. I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do about it until we can find a way out of this mess." In the meantime, I guess we might as well as do whatever they wish and try to avoid the punishment."

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