Femdomme Marriage Gone Wrong and Aftermath
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Cuckold, Revenge, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Enema, Cream Pie, Workplace,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - FemDomme Marriage gone wrong due to failure to communicate, betrayal and life after the divorce. Peter liked his life as submissive husband 'til the day SHE made a cuckold out of him in their home - what he considered his sanctuary.


They had met in college, she a senior and he a grad student. After a slow start they were inseparable by the time both had completed their studies and a year later they got married. At that point he started working for her father rapidly rising to senior management on his merits, not because he was the son in law. He took over as president a couple of years ago when her parents were killed in an accident and she inherited the company.

Life was good. From the beginning they experimented a fair amount in the sex department including Dom/sub games. It turned out that they both enjoyed those. At first they had switched roles regularly but he was never really comfortable as a Dom while she took to dominating him like a duck to water. In the end they settled on her as a Domme and he as her subbie.

These "games" eventually evolved to the point where he was her true "slave" at all times.

Well there were times when they were just a loving vanilla couple and others where he would suffer for weeks as she satisfied certain urges. These periods always included being locked into a chastity device of sort. Sometimes just a plain one made from titanium, at other occasions a more "devilish" device with spikes and she would take great delight in teasing him with her charms, making him worship her breasts for long time, normally not a chore but the CB with the spikes made it extremely difficult because he stayed hard in spite of the pain from the spikes digging into his cock.

Even though he had become a very skilled lover and knew how to "ring her chimes" with his average sized cock, She would taunt him.

"You know, your little dick needs to be locked up so no one can mistake it for a cock and it's a good thing that I love you and you have a very talented tongue or I would have dumped you a long time ago."

There never was a point where he was seriously injured but some days he just preferred to stand, rather than sit while eating. It was a totally random schedule but always her decision – the Loving Wife - the Dominant Bitch or something in between.

As time progressed they joined a very discreet BDSM club about an hour drive from their home. He was sure that the cuckolding started at this club. There were days when he was put into severe bondage, the eyes covered and ear phones providing just white noise. The only senses left for him where smell and taste. He would spend hours – to him it seemed like days – in bondage. Sometimes he would feel a foot pressed against his mouth, never sure whose it was to break up the monotony of being tied, unable to see or hear.

Eventually she would partially release him and roughly guide his head to the area of her vagina where he clearly could smell her sex as well as taste semen as she forced him to worship her. Making him give her several orgasms before letting him go to clean up and get dressed so that they could go home. She certainly tasted different during these sessions from what he was used to since he always has to clean her after having intercourse with Her.

At one time or another she would text him "back door basement 'till". That meant that he was not allowed any contact with her ranging from a couple of days to maybe a week. He would go to work, take his meals outside the house and return to spend the nights alone locked into his CB on a cot in the basement. He was sure that during those periods she was with a Lover.

One thing he was sure of, her relationships were extremely discrete – due to their position in the community. He did suspect that one of her lovers was a golfing buddy of his, but had no real proof. Besides, he was her "slave" and the choice was hers and hers alone.

Following his "solitary confinement" there always was an extended period of intense sensual loving and caring – no CB – hours of cuddling, conversation and great vanilla sex. Many times these periods would coincide with vacation time so that they had all days nights to enjoy each other.

A couple of times the "solitary confinement" had been extended beyond the usual maximum of a week. Those were time when he began to worry that she might leave him. But upon his release she always reassured him of her love, even rewarding him with a sensational blow job, something that was not part of their normal sex life.

He understood her needs and was grateful that she did not really rub his face into the fact that she had lovers other than at the S and M club. Because of this he felt that they had an understanding, that their home was their sanctuary – no outsiders would intrude into their relationship in their home. Sure, she would flirt with their male guests and be quite "touchy feely" with Greg, his golfing buddy at social gatherings causing him to feel stabs of jealousy but he was totally confident that no sexual activity outside their marriage was taking place in their home.

Then came that fateful day...

I wasn't feeling well and decided to go home early to just rest and see how things went. That's when I found them – My Wife – My Goddess getting fucked by that slime ball Harry. An acquaintance from the country club and the Chamber of Commerce.

"Hey, what's going on here. Harry get your clothes and get out of my house before I tear your head off."

Don't you get smart with me cuckold. Your wife asked me and I obliged. Seems you don't have the 'goods' ", pointing at his rather large cock.

With that, he came towards me and started poking my chest, telling me to get lost so that he could get back to ... That's when I lost it, picked him up and threw him naked out on the front lawn and locked the door.

I was so hurt and angry that I had lost all power to reason. Luckily my Tai Chi training kicked in just in time to prevent me from killing the guy.

What was she thinking – Not only in OUR home – our sanctuary but with that ass hole Harry? I hope he'll keep his stupid mouth shut. He's a braggart when it comes the women he supposedly fucks all the time. I need to have a serious conversation with the jerk. I know his company is not doing too well. Maybe that will give me some leverage. I'll have to check into that. Might be a chance for revenge or at least leverage enough to force him to keep his mouth shut.

There I stood – Just staring at her. Still naked and as beautiful as ever. Any other day I would have had an instant boner. Now I was just hurt and


..."Look darling I'm sorry you had to see that. OK?

I never expected you to blow up like that. I guess I was wrong in viewing cuckolding you in MY house as just a natural extension of our Domme/sub relationship."

(Chuckles) "I did enjoy the way you threw Harry out of the house. He was an ass and fool taunting you. I tried to stop him but he's so full of himself because of his big cock. Well he should not have poked you in the chest and telling you to get lost." (subconsciously stroking Her pussy reliving the thrill of hubby turning "macho")

"I doubt he'll come sniffing for my pussy ever again. No great loss. Big cocks are a dime a dozen – sorry babe, that was cruel..."

Her efforts of looking somewhat contrite, extra seductive and sexy at the same time had no effect on me at that moment – My world as I knew had coming crashing down on around me.

"Darling, I don't want to lose you. I love you with all my heart and I'm saying it again. I'm truly sorry for hurting you. I didn't know that you had this limit. I should have talked more with you about your feelings. I just always assumed that you were happy with your role as My "slave" and I could..."

I said nothing other than "better give the ass hole his clothes before he damages the front door".

That stopped her rambling, at one point justifying her action as her right as my Mistress and then going on with how sorry she was and how she failed to consider my feelings...

As Monique gathered the jerks clothes, I went to a storage closet and pulled out two suitcases and went up to my bedroom to pack things I would need for at least a couple of weeks.

I don't know what she said to the jerk but there she was again as I packed up my clothes.

"Peter, I can't stop you if you want to leave and end this marriage. But please, I beg you, take some time to think about it."

"Do you hear that? Your Mistress and Goddess begging ... Please think about all the good times we've had..."

"Please don't throw it all away in a fit of anger and pain..."

"But since you seem to be determined to leave, why not go to the lake house and contemplate what you want to do. I'll be here ready for you whenever you decide you want to talk, air your grievances or come back for good. Darling I don't want to lose you, I love you with all My heart. I want to find a way to work through this, to make it right again. I want to understand why you got upset. You've been My "slave" for all these years and you never complained about the way I treated you. I know I've been cruel and mean to you but I thought – and you must feel the same way or you would have rebelled or at least used your safe word a long time ago – that I always balanced it with My love for you..."

"On the other hand if you want a divorce, you'll have to start it. I won't. The prenuptial makes it easy."

"I'll call the office on Monday and tell them that W/we've decided to take our vacation a week early. That way no one will know for a while. No need to upset the apple cart there until you are clear in your mind what you want to do."

"There is an envelope in the top right drawer of My desk with your name on it. It contains a bank card, the pin and all the statement for an account in your name. When you became My "slave" you turned all of your earnings over to Me. It's all in that account. It's yours because you earned it."

That surprised me at first but then I realized that was her nature. No matter how mean she treated me, how much she abused me, there were always times when she would nurture me, take care of my needs and be madly in love. That's what made this so hard. Her so totally disrespecting ME. I never saw that coming. Was it just a failure to communicate? Was she just ignorant as to how I felt about OUR home – OUR castle? She is right, I'll have to think about those things before taking any steps of breaking up our marriage for good.

"Oh, one more thing I would like you to consider – of course I can't make you and I understand if you don't, but I really, really would love it if you stayed on as president of My company, even if ... if we wind up divorced. I'll raise your salary to whatever you think is fair and our relationship will be strictly business."

"Please think about that too. If you feel that it might not work, at least stay long enough to groom someone to take your place. You put many years of hard work into that firm to make it what it is. If not for Me, do it for the great people that work there and depend on..."

Damn that Woman knew how to play me. She knew how much I love that company, considered it my life's work.

It was that passion he had for his work or anything else he got involved in that so appealed to his father in law and helped him rise to top management.

Maybe her idea to go the lake house was a good one. Certainly better than some depressing hotel room even if it was a luxury suite. I realized that I always thought better when I was out on my sailboat or sitting on the patio and watching the sun go down while smoking one of my rare pipes since I had finished the Cuban cigars inherited from my father in law a few months ago. I couldn't have gotten more but it just didn't feel right since the import was illegal.

Finished packing, I left never saying another word to Monique. Loaded the suit cases into my car and pulled out of the drive with squealing tires.


Watching him leave she muses: I wonder what he'll do. In all his anger and pain he completely forgot about his chastity thing. There is no way he'll be able to get it off. I wonder if he'll come back, asking for the key. Hmm, that might be a bargaining chip, to get him to at least talk to Me ... Or if he insists on a divorce will he swallow his pride and endure the humiliation of telling his lawyer to get a court order for the key?...

Hearing the tires squealing, it really hits Her: Shit, I screwed up. I should have known better. I got so caught up in the Domme/sub stuff that it never occurred to Me that there was something he would not accept from me at least not without first laying some ground work and discussion. Of course I also had to pick the shit head Harry instead of say Greg who is his friend even though I'm pretty sure he knows that I sleep with him. Heck they play golf almost every week they are both in town. He knows that I have lovers from time to time. After all he gets the occasional strange "cream pie". But he has never complained about cuckolding him and I made sure to keep reassuring him that I only love him. Maybe doing it in our home - even though it is MY house rattled his confidence that I truly love him. It sure pushed him over the edge. I've never seen him that angry before...

With that She started to cry – I sure hope I can fix this because I love that guy and right now there is a big hole in My heart...


I left what used to be my happy home with tires squealing to the end of the block where a stop sign brought me back to my senses. I sat there, not sure how long with eyes misted over and wondering, how could she do that to us?

Finally a horn got me back to earth and I started to head up the road to the four lane highway that would get me to the turn-off for the road to the lake house. It was hard for me to concentrate and I turned into the first wide spot on the road where it was safe to just stand for a while.

At that point it all hit me again. The picture of skanky Harry's hairy ass moving up and down plunging his big cock into MY Goddess' sacred pussy. That's when I lost it and it was a good thing that I had already undone the seat belt or I would have puked all over the inside of the car.

I threw up several times until the only thing left were some painful dry heaves. I tried to swallow some water from a bottle I had in the car but it would not stay down. So I tried to rinse out my mouth as best as could and just sat there trying some calming breathing exercises.

That's when the cop pulled up behind me with his lights flashing. As he walked up I lowered the window.

"Are you OK sir? Could I see your license and registration please."

He took them, walked back to the car and checked his computer to see if I was wanted, etc.

When he came back handing me my documents "What happened here sir? Are you ill?"

"No officer, thank you, I'm OK now, must have been something I had for lunch"

"Do you need some more time sitting here?"

"No thanks officer, I think I'm OK to go on now"

"OK sir drive carefully. There is a gas station and convenience store about 15 miles up the road."

"Yes I know about that, I'll stop there and see what they have to settle my stomach a bit more"

He waited with his lights flashing until I was on the road and speeding up before getting on himself and taking the next cross-over to head the other direction.

When I got to the station I needed to use the rest room. That's when it hit me. SHIT! That stupid chastity thing is still on my dick. No way I can get it off with the tools I have at the lake. It's that bloody titanium one. Light and comfy as long as don't try to get hard but harder than steel. Now what?

I'm not going back right now. I'll have to think about this. I've worn the thing for the last three weeks. Another couple of days until I figure out what to do aren't going to hurt me. Except of course thoughts of why I was wearing the thing.

The love of my life that betrayed me liked it when I wore it. It pleased her to no end to tease me with her sexy body. This was supposed to be a weekend for just us and at some time or the other it would have come off. SHIT!

Well nothing I can do right now. Might just as well pick up some stuff at the store for some meals and continue up to the lake, fix something to eat, have a drink and my pipe and hopefully I'll be able to get a good night's sleep.

Well sleep did not com. As soon as I drifted off pictures of Harry's hairy ass entered my mind again and again. The only way to stop them was to wake up. Around 5 AM I finally gave up, had a glass of OJ and went out onto the rear deck to perform a series of ritual exercises to clear my mind. After maybe an hour of that, I took a shower, had some coffee and cereal.

Sitting with a second cup of copy I fired up my lap top with the intend to try to write down my thoughts in random order, just as they entered my mind about what happened, what might have lead up to it and so on.

The mail icon was flashing. I hesitated but eventually curiosity got the better of my and I opened it. It was of course from Her – two pictures and one sentence: " I miss you – do you miss this?"

Damn that woman – why does she have such hold on me. If I were at home I would fall down onto my knees and beg her to forgive me. Shit, what am I going to do.

"Delete" - it's gone from the computer if not from my mind.

I have to be strong. She needs to know that she really, really hurt me badly and it will take some time and effort on her part to repair the damage.

So now that I had managed to upset myself, I decided that I needed to clear my mind again and went for a run. The road around the lake is about 15 miles, I've never managed that. Tried it once but had to call her to pick me up after about two thirds around. No, I would go for three miles and turn around by the boat launching ramp.

Getting back I had snack – shower could wait. I'm the only one around and decided to try again putting down my thoughts about this mess.

The e-mail was flashing again but I decided to ignore it.

So what was my position?

I loved her with all my heart, I enjoyed both her physical mental domination games. I got off on being Her "slave". I felt secure and trusted Her that she would never really harm me.

Shit be honest, you crave some of the kinky stuff she pulled on you including going every couple of months to that BDSM club out in the boonies. It was fun, sometimes She would just have me fetch drinks for her and her Domme friends and otherwise ignore me. Then other times they would put me into all kinds of bondage, whipping me, torturing my nipples and stuff like that.

Entertaining her and her friends through my suffering.

Then there were the evenings when she would restrain me, fix my mouth with a dildo gag and her gang of friends would ride my face for hours.

On those nights I was not allowed to clean my face drenched with "pussy juice" but had to go home covered with the stuff and only allowed to shower the next morning.

Regardless what these Ladies came up with, I could always be sure that My Goddess would protect me from any real harm. For example, my dick and balls where off limits to all her friends. Only She was allowed to "play " with them.

Except for the nights that I was a "fuck machine" my Goddess would unlock my CB as soon as we got into the car to go home and tease and torture me all the way with licks and mini sucks – never a full blow job but the promise of one. It would drive my nuts and I had to do all sorts of mental exercises in order to not crash the car. By the time we got home both were so turned on and horny that we very seldom made it past the foyer before we were rolling on the floor and my dick sunk deep into her dripping pussy.

So here is the big question – do I want to give that up?

Sure I could go to the local ProDommes and have them do their thing but it would not be the same. The love would be missing – the beautiful afterglow as we just lay and hug each other, not saying anything for a while. That could never be duplicated with a Pro.

Cuckolding: I know she does it.

Do I mind?

Yes and no. I'm crazily jealous when I know she's out with her lover. I know their cocks are larger than mine. I've seen Greg's in the shower at the golf club and now skanky Harry's. So will there be a day when she gets tired of my "average tool" and dump me?

I worry about that, not so much when I know she's just out for an evening or the times when I get the cream pie at the BDSM club, but when she sends me off to the basement for an extended time, forbidding ALL contact with her, that's when the doubts assault my mind in full force.

Do I insist – Never in our home? I mean that is what got us into this mess we are in right now.

Would I have reacted differently if she had asked me. Taking the cuckolding "out of the closet" so to speak.

I don't know. Will have to think about that for a while.

What if we can't fix this? Will I be able to work for her as CEO of her company? Damn, that's a tough one. I love my job. Her father built the company from scratch and when I joined he gave me a chance to take it into 21st century. None of the top managers are ready to take over from me. Sure they'll learn but it would set back business quite a bit as they make mistakes along the way. Rod and Sue are both very talented but would need at least a year to be truly ready to take over.

Someone from the outside would probably have trouble with the "culture" and upset people left and right. See all of us are having fun. We work hard but also party hard.

So do I want to abandon all those friends that stuck with us through tough growing pains? Shit I don't know.

With our history, could we really just have a strictly professional relationship? Again, I sure don't know. Sure we would try but at one time or the other somebody says the wrong thing and...

I sure don't have the answers right now. So I shut off the computer to take a shower and have some lunch. I nice breeze had popped up – time to go sailing.

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