A Valentine's Tradition

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Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - Angie and Geoff enjoy voyeurism and exhibitionism, so as a Valentine's treat Angie takes them to Victoria's Secret to do some sexy modelling. Things get fun when Bob mistakes Angie for a Personal Shopper. As Angie's lingerie gets briefer, Geoff gets bolder; leading an unsuspecting Bob into the ultimate Personal Shopper experience: "The Lingerie Test Drive"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex  

They say that the strength of a couple's relationship can be measured by their traditions. Actually they don't say that at all; I just made it up. But they should, because it's true. And not just couples, I reckon; it applies equally to all kinds of groups. Clubs and community groups have their barbeques and jumble sales; schools have their assemblies, concerts, and break-up parties; and even countries have their national days of celebration and mourning. It's these traditions that bind us; without them there's nothing to define us, nothing to hold us together, and we begin to drift apart.

So how much more important are traditions for couples and families? Countries, companies and community groups can tolerate a modest level of non-conformity; it's no tragedy if a few people don't turn up to the company picnic. But for families, traditions are much more important. If Daddy doesn't make it home for Christmas then mark my words, Christmas will be ruined for the kids. And this goes double for couples.

Geoff and I are both big on traditions. He buys me a new charm for my bracelet on our wedding anniversary, and we always make breakfast-in-bed for each other on our birthdays (I swear, if I ever catch him making those Eggs Benedict for another woman then the marriage is over!) We do family stuff Christmas (his) and Australia Day (mine), and like every other family we eat and drink way too much and regret it afterwards.

We never had a Valentine's tradition though. Is that strange for a young couple? I guess it probably is. Of course we have our tradition now, but for three years of dating and another three of marriage, we didn't even buy cards, let alone chocolates or gifts.

Geoff reckons there's two types of people: those who go all-out for Valentine's with gifts and chocolates and a fancy restaurant and maybe even a limo; and then there's the cynics (that used to be us!), people who think it's all a big retail con to sell romantic gifts and chocolates and flowers and what-have-you.

And heaven help the mismatched couple for truly, Lord, they are doomed. It's usually the girl who wants a big Valentine's production, as if she can re-live her wedding day year after year. That would be sexist if a guy said it, but I can get away with it. Some guys like all the gooey stuff for Valentine's, but I reckon if you got them drunk and asked them in private, you'd find out they only did it for the sex. That's pretty expensive sex, too! At least ten dollars on cards, another twenty on chocolates, fifty on flowers, and heck, maybe three hundred bucks on dinner and wine. Oh, and we haven't bought a proper gift yet; how about a little necklace? Another two hundred? Let's face it, if a couple gets through February fourteenth for under half a grand then they can chalk that up as a win. Am I right? How much is a decent escort, anyway? It has to be less than five-hundred bucks.

But don't get me wrong, Geoff and I didn't suddenly strike it rich and start splurging on Valentine's. In fact, apart from gas, we still don't spend a cent on each other. Those are the best gifts though, don't you think? The ones money can't buy.

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