Weird Wednesday
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Oscar Dante

Humor Sex Story: Chapter 1 - As a result of a horrific traffic accident, Mother and Daughter trade bodies. What happens next is not to be believed.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation  

Kristen George and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Brooke, where doing what they usually did—fight. Kristen and Brooke were driving to inspect the banquet hall where Kristen's wedding hold the reception. Brooke was screaming about her mother's Nazi-like control of her social life. Kristen was screaming back her response and didn't see the stop sign or the semi-truck their SUV slammed into at 60 miles per hour.

Kristen woke to the sound of metal popping. Her mind was in a fog. In front of her was a deflated air bag. The windshield was gone and she stared at the side of a semi-truck. She didn't feel any pain, but she thought she might be in shock. Then one thought filled her head: BROOKE. She snapped her head to the right and found she was looking out a window. Her head turned the other way and she saw: HERSELF. Her boy laid slumped forward and in front of her was a deflated airbag. She looked down at her body and saw she was wearing the clothes Brooke had on just moments ago.

In the distance she heard a siren. She reached over and touched herself. Her body sitting four feet to her left roused and lifted her head. She bolted upright and yelled, "MOM!" and turned to her left, looking out the window. She turned her head the other way and looked at herself. "Mom?" She said in confusion.

They looked at each other trying to decide what they were seeing. It was as if a mirror was between them allowing each to see the other's reflection. Their hands touched over the wrecked console. Kristen looked at her body and said, "Who are you?"

Brooke said, "Are you me?"

Flashing lights appeared down the street. "What happened, Mom?" The Mom body said.

Brooke's body shook her head. "I don't know, but if we try to explain this to the people coming to rescue us, they're going to think we're crazy. Tell them you're me and I'll tell them I'm you, and we'll sort this out later."

"Okay, Mom... " Mom body said to teenager body.

The paramedics showed up first. Expecting corpses, they were shocked to find bodies who could talk to them, though they said little. Inspection of their injuries while in route to the emergency room found not even a scrape.

Kristen and Brooke were confused by their identity change, but no more confused than normal for a sudden brush with death.

Martin Hamilton, Kristen's fiancé arrived quickly and hurried to Kristen's side. "I saw the pictures of the car. It's a miracle you're alive."

Brooke was nervous about Martin holding her hand and thinking she was Kristen. Kristen was nervous about Martin treating Brooke like he treated her. The kiss bothered her greatly, but she was glad to see that Brooke didn't kiss him back.

"How did this happen?" He asked Kristen.

Brooke answered him. "We got distracted during one of our epic fights."

Kristen piped up sharply, "Mom, It was your fault."

Martin, ever the mediator, patted his future wife's hand, "I'm sure it wasn't anyone's fault, but you did drive into a semi-truck."

Kristen said smugly, "Yeah, Mom. You drove right through that stop sign. This is all your fault."

Brooke sputtered in anger. "Brooke, you were screaming at me about that slimy boyfriend of yours."

Martin raised his hands. "Let's let the police sort this out. Right now, let's just sit here and praise Jesus that you're both alive."

Brooke said sarcastically, "Praise Jesus."

This drew his fiancé a sharp look of rebuke from Martin. "Darling, there's no need to be disrespectful."

Brooke lowered her eyes and said, "Sorry, I guess I'm still shaken up from the accident."

"Yes, Mom. I think we're all pretty shaken up." Kristen said.

The ER doctors didn't believe the paramedics story about the accident. The patients appeared normal in every way and after four hours of tests released them.

The ride home started out in confusion. Kristen opened the passenger side front door to get it. Brooke took her arm, "I think you're still a little confused. You're riding in the back seat. I ride up front with Martin."

Kristen glared at herself and opened the rear door and got in. After Martin pulled out onto the highway, he reached over and picked up Brooke's hand and kissed the back of it. Holy Shit! He just kissed my hand. What's he going to want to kiss later? What if he wants to fuck me? I'm a virgin and a lesbian. Oh, God. I need to get Mom alone and talk to her about this. He's not putting his dick into me, that's for sure. Brooke looked away from Martin hoping this would put up a wall to conversation.

Kristen sat in the back seat steaming. I'm going to ground that bitch for a month when we get switched back. Watching her fiancé holding her daughter's hand drove home her predicament. What's going to happen later tonight when she goes to bed with him? Suddenly Kristen grew very depressed and stared out the window as they drove home.

Kristen leaned over the rear seat. "Marty, could we stop. I really need to pee."

Brooke looked over at time. "I need to take a piss too, Marty."

Martin said, "Of course. Kristen, I think the accident must have shaken you up more than I thought. Your language has become rather crude."

Brooke looked over at him. Uh-oh. "I'm so sorry, Marty, it's just when I spend a lot of time with my daughter her potty mouth is contagious. I apologize and will try not to let her foul mouth influence me."

Kristen seethed in the backseat. She'll be grounded for a year.

Martin pulled into a Petro gas station and the girls silently got out of the car. Kristen walked behind Brooke and gave her a shove. "You better be careful you little bitch!"

"Fuck you, Mom!" Brooke shot back at herself.

After locking the door, Kristen took Brooke by the arm and turned her around roughly. "Listen to me, you little cunt!" She smirked "I'll show you some foul language. I don't want you screwing up what I have with Martin. I love him and we're getting married, and until we can go back the way we were, you're going to pretend to be me."

"I'm not kissing him, Mom. Not that way. "Brooke hissed. "And I'm certainly not fucking him."

Kristen smiled, "Well, at least we can agree on that. From tight now you, Marin's lover, has her period, and it's a bad one. Very bloody and gross."

Brooke nodded. "Okay, I can pull that off for a week." Her voice grew softer. "Mom, the reason I can't have sex with him is that I'm a virgin and a lesbian."

Kristen's jaw dropped. "Well, who would have thought with Gilbert Middleton attached to you at the hip, you would be a virgin and a lesbian. How do you pull that off?"

"I just tell him that I value my body, and I give him the world's greatest hand jobs."

"Hand jobs. Who still gives hand jobs?" Kristen was shocked. "Well, if you don't fuck Martin, then he's going to expect a blow job every night. A great one."

"Mom, I'm not sucking his dick. Ewww! That's gross."

"We have to do something for him until we get out of this mess."

"Did it occur to you, Mom that my girlfriend is going to want you to go down on her?" Brooke said.

"I'm not doing that. I'm no lesbian. I've never done that."

"Really Mom, in this the 21st century, a time of sexual openness, you've never gone down on a girl?" Brooke was amazed.

"No, it's just never been my thing, okay!" Kristen was getting angry.

"So, Mom. What are we going to do?" Brooke asked in exasperation.

"Let me think!" Kristen said and paced in the small bathroom.

"I think I know what we do." She snapped her fingers.

"What's that, Mom?"

"We trade back. I will as Brooke, seduce Martin into having sex with me, and you will, as Kristen seduce your girlfriend into having sex with your Mom."

"That's nuts, Mom." Brooke paused. "You know it might work. I know what my girlfriend likes and wants, as you, I'll just get her hot and you, as me, know what Martin likes and wants. You make him fuck who he thinks is Brooke, and I'll go down on my girlfriend who thinks she been seduced by an older woman. It works, Mom. Let's do it."

Brooke gave her mother a big hug and after a quick pee returned to the car with Brooke in the front seat and Kristen in the back. Kristen smiled out the window. Martin will never know what hit him with me playing Brooke. I wonder if the sex will change. I've forgotten what it feels like to fuck in a teenager's body.

When they arrived home, Brooke went to her mother's room and Kristen went to Brooke's. Brooke stripped and got in the shower. While she was washing her hair the shower curtain moved and Marin got in with her. "Let me do that for you" He washed her hair. Crap! He's naked with me in the shower. What do I do? He's good at washing hair. I wonder if he and Mom do this often. It feels good to have someone taking care of you.

Martin was aroused. He always got a hard on when showering with Kristen. He rinsed the soap form her hair and began to soap up her back.

OMG, he's going to wash me all over. Oh, his hands feels so good on my back. Why isn't this revolting? I'm a teenaged lesbian in a shower with a forty-five year old man, and I'm getting turned on. He's washing my ass! Oh, that feels so good. Could my lesbian-self have stayed behind, Is Mom right now having lesbian fantasies? He's washing my pussy! Holy fuck, that's so good. He's rubbing my clit. Oh fuck!"

Kristen also got into the shower in Brooke's room. As she lathered up her body she examined it closely. Her breasts may have been smaller, but they were so firm and high. The nipples pointed upward and they were rock hard as she washed them. This body feels so good. I'm sure Marin will jump at the chance to fuck me. I've seen him looking at Brooke already. Brooke, as me, is going to seduce her girlfriend, Allison. Allie was hot. She loved to wear these low cut tank tops that showed off a lot of cleavage. She has such amazing tits. I would love to see them, touch them. I wish she were here. I would love to take a shower with her. So soap her up, wash her hair, to shave her pussy. Kristen's fingers found her pussy and she masturbated in the shower thinking about Allie's pink little pussy, and how good it would be to lick up her juices and to make her cum. Kristen leaned against the shower wall and imagined Allie at her feet licking her pussy. She came hard sliding down the wall as her orgasm overcame her.

As Marin was fingering Brooke's pussy she found his erection. She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed making Martin moan with pleasure. She knew how to give a hand job and she pumped on Martin's cock as he fingered her. Then Brooke wanted to do more. She lowered herself to her knees and kissed Martin's cock. She licked the head and tasted his sweet precum, and then she took him in her mouth and gave her first blow job. Having a grown man's cock in her mouth turned her on beyond belief. She fondled his balls as she bobbed her head on his dick.

Marty looked down at Kristen sucking his dick. "Baby, I can't hold out much longer, let's go to bed and fuck!"

Brooke's body shivered at his proposal. She had never had a cock in her, but she wanted Marty's and wanted it badly. They stumbled out of the shower and ran dripping to the bed and Brooke laid back and looked at Martin naked with his huge hard on. She held out her arms, "Fuck me, Marty." Her lover's eyes grew round. Kristen never used foul language, even in bed. He did and she tolerated it, but when she looked up at him and said, "Fuck me, Marty." He almost blew his load over her wet naked body.

"Come on, Marty, don't make me wait, I want that big dick of yours in my hot pussy." Her eyes gleamed with lust.

"Oh, Baby. What's in you tonight?" He asked as he moved over her.

"I'm hoping it's your big fucking dick, you stud." She put her hands on his back and pulled him down and felt his big dick laying along her slit. "Come on, Baby, put that big fucking cock into my hot little cunt."

He mounted her and slammed it deep in one long stroke. I've never seen her this slutty. I love it. She's really letting go. I'm going to fuck the shit out of this hot bitch!

When Marty's cock plunged deep into Brooke's pussy she let out a scream of passion. Loud enough for Kristen to hear them in the next room. She got up and leaned her head against the wall and listened.

"I love your fucking cock, Marty. Bang my hot pussy, Baby. Fuck it hard! Harder! HARDER!" She screamed.

Kristen listened in disgust. There's no way I would let Marty fuck me anymore. I'm not going to let any man put his meat into my pussy. It's girls only from now on. This is so gross. Kristen went back to her bed and put a pillow over her head to block out the loud sounds of sex from the other room.

"Marty, I'm cumming ... oh fucking God ... cumning ... cumming." Brooke screamed as Marty hammered her cunt with his big dick.

"Take it you hot slut. Take my fucking cock."

"Give it to me ... cumming ... cumming..."

"Oh God, Kristen, you are so fucking hot ... I love this ... take my fucking cum..."

"Cum in me, Marty! Fill my hot cunt with your seed. Knock me up, Marty. Cum in me!"

Marty let loose a huge load of seed deep into Brooke's pussy. She wanted it and more. She wanted his baby.

He finished filling Brooke and rolled off of her. Brooke laid there a moment and then rolled on top of him and gave him a long, wet, tongue kiss. The kiss continued down his chest and his stomach before she took the head of his cock in her mouth and licked up their juices. So Sweet! I love our cum mixed together. He's the fucking best. He's getting hard again. I hope he gets a hard on, because I want to fuck some more. I want him in me all night.

Brooke got her wish as Martin's cock resumed it's hard state. He turned her on her hands and knees and put his revived dick deep in her pussy and fucked her hard. Her screams of pleasure soaking through the pillow over Kristen's head in her room. The slut. She got him worked up again. How long is this going to last?

Brooke wailed as Marty spanked her ass. "Spank me, Daddy. Spank your naughty little girl. Spank me while you fuck me!"

Martin was out of his mind with lust. "You dirty girl, fucking old men when your Mom's not looking. Take Daddy's big dick you fuck slut!"

"Cum in me, Daddy. Knock up your little girl. Put a bun in my oven, Daddy!"

"Fuck yes! Take my load, it's cumming."

"Fill me up, Daddy. Cum in me. I'm cumming too ... cumming too..."

They collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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