Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A girl teases a boy in the school's photography dark room.things progress from there.

I've known Val since we were little kids. But we hadn't talked a lot until a year or so before high school. I had always liked her and counted myself lucky that I even got the chance to talk to her as much as I had. She was smart, beautiful, kind, and very energetic. She had beautiful black hair that reached down to about a couple of inches past her nice, cute ass, sorry excuse me; I mean butt. I could look at her blue eyes all day. Some would say that blue eyes were odd on her, but it wasn't.

I never expected much more to happen between us than what there already was, that is until she was a senior, and I was a junior in high school. We were both 18, but I had been held back a year because I had been sick, and it made me miss a lot of school, way back in elementary school. Finally one year we shared a couple of classes together. And as luck would have it we were usually partnered together in those two classes.

One day during art class, Val looked upset. I thought she still looked cute, but I didn't like seeing her that way. I looked around us and noticed that the teacher was busy with one of her projects, so I leaned in close and quietly asked, "What's wrong?"

Val jumped slightly looked confused, then saw me and rubbed her eyes with one hand and after a few seconds said, "Oh, I'm just having a hard time figuring out how I'm supposed to make this sketch look and resemble something like a piece of work by M.C. Escher. I swear that artist must have been crazy or brilliant or something."

She took another look at her drawing and sighed before sliding the pad over to me to look at. I looked over it and wasn't very surprised to see that it still looked good. I could see what she meant by it not looking like it was supposed to but still, wow. I slid the pad between us and asked, "Can I make a couple of suggestions?"

Val smiled and nodded. I told her that what she could do was add a few lines here and there and shading in a couple of places. I even took my paint brush and pointed to the areas. She took back her pad and started with the touch ups. She turned to me and mouthed 'thanks.'

After the class was over Val, and I was the only ones to stay behind because this was the same room for our next class. I went to the back of the room to put my sketch away and get my film and camera. I was really looking forward to seeing the pictures being developed on one of the rolls. I was shocked though because I was grabbed from behind.

I heard Val call out, "Thank you so much. Your advice really worked. I think my picture will be great now."

"That's great to hear. I'm glad I could help." Is what I would have liked to have said, but nothing came out. I was so shocked by the hug, I couldn't really say anything.

And before I could correct that mistake, Val was out the door calling out that she would be back. It was then that I noticed I had dropped both my camera and the containers that held my film. I looked around and quickly found them on the floor by the sink. The containers were fine but the camera's back had popped open, exposing the film. I silently cursed the fact that we still had to use the old-fashioned film instead of using digital. I just wished I could remember if I had put in new film, or if it was the roll with the special picture in it.

When Val finally came back to class, she was about five minutes late. She sat down next to me without even saying anything. Not even saying sorry for being late. She looked as if she was just trying to pretend she was invisible or something.

I kept looking over at Val though class. There was something different about her. She caught me and whispered, "What?"

Bashful, I started to say, "It's just that you look..."

"Okay class we are running behind in getting pictures developed and finished, because our spare dark room is out of order, so I'm going to have to send two groups at a time," said Mrs. Green the photography and art teacher.

"Just how are we going to work that out? There's only one room that has the chemicals needed to expose the film. The room is too small to fit four people in it. Not comfortably any ways," said Bill Thomas.

"It's easy. Just one group will be in the room with the chemicals while the other group will be in the next room with the lights off, transferring the film into the canisters. You'll then knock on the door and wait for the people in the dark room to apply the chemicals to the film. The second group will do the same for the rest of the class' film. That'll help so we won't have lots of people running through the halls. Now the first group that will be in the dark room, with the chemicals, will be, Tiffany and Pepper. The second group, transferring film to get ready, will be Valerie and Will."

I had figured things would go this way, in that the teacher would send two groups in there at the same time. I had heard earlier that one dark room was down. I just figured she would send all girls. Counting me there are only two guys in the class.

We had been in the dark room and the room adjacent for about five minutes when we had everything settled down. Val quickly exchanged info with her best friend Tiffany about the upcoming Valentine's Day party.

"You've got to go out of your way and ask someone to the party Val. It's going to be strange if my best friend is dateless, and I'm not. It's been ages since Rick. At least tell me there's someone you're interested in," said Tiffany.

I was uncomfortable listening to them talking about boys and dates. Especially when Val said that there wasn't a guy that she was interested in. That kind of hurt because I have recently realized I had feelings for her. I had no idea how long those feelings had been there, but I had them. It was also strange when Tiffany kept looking my way. Maybe that's how Val felt earlier.

Val and I talked for a little bit now and then, but then there was silence. Then Val said, "Hey Will."

"Yeah," I replied.

My heart started to race, wondering what she was going to say. I wondered briefly if she was going to ask me to go to the Valentine's Day party. What she said would have left me confused or at least at a loss for words if things didn't move so fast.

"What would you do if someone came in here, with the lights on, and I was topless," Val asked.

My mind worked faster than the rest of me, and it was shouting, 'Woo hoo.'

"Uh..." I was saying and paused. Before I could say anything more, I heard the door to the dark room start to open.

Val yelled out, "No, not yet!"

Val ran to the door and slammed it before I could see much of anything. Before the door slammed shut Tiffany stuck her head out the door and looked at me, laughed, and repeated my response then closed the door. It took a few minutes for Val to return.

She asked, "Sorry about that, but ... did you see anything?"

Without hesitation, I said, "No, not really."

out hesitation, I said, "No, not really."

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. It wasn't until I was at home, and my head was against the pillow that I wished I had responded differently when Val asked me that question earlier in the day, and why hadn't I turned my sight to her sooner? I spent plenty of time imagining what it would have been like if I had, and what it would hav been like if it had just been the two of us

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