World Eve
Chapter 1

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The worlds greatest invention was made in the year 2092 by a Doctor who just wanted to give his sick daughter a better life. It gave the Doctor the power of a god to make worlds of unlimited possibilities. All it cost to join a new world was your body and signing over everything you had in this life so he could keep going with his research.

The poor signed up in waves to start over and try to make a better life, the old signed up so they could be young and healthy again. With many nations fighting over crowding with no way to support the poor old and sick they embraced the new invention with open arms hoping the the over crowding in the major cities would die down.

I was one of the first handfuls of people allowed to join by the Doctor I am Andrew and had just turned 23, i had grown up a normal all American boy i guess you could say. I grow up in the middle of America one of the few places in the US where there was still a lot of open land covered in farms in a town of 1200 we were really not tied down in overcrowding like in to the massive cities there were jobs if you wanted to work and people could better themselves if they tried and studied in school. I was lucky i was the son of a well off farmer and a body shaped by hours of hard work i was well liked in school and studied hard to get off the farm and even made a name for myself in football. Football is what made it so i could get out of the small town more than the grades since even with overcrowding Americans still loved there football.

I was a top pick to major colleges looking for linemen so i had my pick of schools i went to a school that had a lot of line men being taken in to the NFL, I thought it was my way to make a living and even help take care of my family but that all came to an end my sophomore year in college when i was hit by a car walking across the street. I woke up in the hospital with no feeling from my waist down the driver had taken off, it was a big story for a few weeks. It was soon after that i was told the school was pulling my funding i could no longer play so they could not hold that money for me. I was devastated but thanks to my family having some money i was taken care of sent to one of the best hospitals for my recovery that is where i meet the Doctor and his daughter.

The Doctors name was Earl Thomas the 3rd he had two PHDs in some type of computer programing and Engineering, you would have never guessed that fact looking at him. He was working on a way his Daughter who was born sick and weak could live a normal life get out of the hospital and become something great. When my Doctor told him i was about to turn 20 he somehow talked me into meeting his daughter he was a very nice man and still today it shocks me that he got me out of my bed and my deep depression to meet her. Her name was Elizabeth, she was 19 just like me but had been sick all her life and all she really know was games and that she was going to die at some point in the not too distant future. It was in that tiny room on the 3rd floor of the hospital that my life changed in a massive way, the fact that she smiled and could laugh even knowing that any day she could die really made me stop being depressed and made me a better man, a man that would do anything for her.

I was in the hospital for two years spending my time with Elizabeth and even getting to know Doctor Thomas when he would get away from his lap to visit. Time moves on and the hospital made up their mind that i was ready to go home after those two years but really i had no where to go. My mom and dad would have welcomed me with open arms back to the farm but what can a guy in a wheelchair who can't even usa bathroom by himself going to do on a active farm. It was even worse than that i had fallen heads over heels in love with my pretty sick little Elizabeth and the idea of being away from her killed me worse than not being able to walk. The luck came when the Doctor Thomas offered me a job helping at his lab i could tell he did not need me and he only offered me the job so i could be with his daughter but i could not say no he let me stay with my Elizabeth.

I did not know what the Doctor even did until i went up the little ramp and he showed me the wonders that he just had all over his lab. The thing that he showed me that really got my attention was something i had heard of but never seen it was the game pod. I had no idea he had made the game pod the hottest invention in the last 20 years I remember seeing them on the TV climb in and be the game. I had never seen one in real life it was something my family did not need on the farm so i could never have got one but they were all over in the major cities in gaming cafes. He just said it was something his daughter loved when she was at home since she could just be healthy and be a hero and run around and be free. It was not something i wanted to try if i was not helping the Doctor i wanted to be with Elizabeth talking and just being together.

It was 6 months after starting to help the Doctor at the lab that he made a major discovery that would shock the world and change how the world for better or worse i have no idea but it saved Elisabeth and that is all that mattered to me. He found a way to put your very being in the game or any world he could make. It was not a massive bang but a slow build up so much testing so much time. It drove me nuts that we could not speed it up Elizabeth just got weaker as time went by. The Doctor tested it on many animals making a world of massive plans and putting all kinds of animals in to it when doing this he found that no matter how often they died they would just come back there lack of a better world soul would not die no matter how many times they were killed.

The main thing that the doctor had a problem with was once the world was made it was endless you could never find the end and you could never go around it and end up in the same spot. He could not control the world at all when he made it so anything he put in the world could change it more than he could if the sheep ate the grass it would grow back but he could not cut the grass it would grow like normal grass. He made many simple world and could even make fake AIs in the world he could program them so if they were killed they would come back at the time he set for them but once he made the world he could not change it.

After massive testing he started making a world that his daughter would love i did not get it myself but she loved games. So with as much help as i could give we made a world that she would love a world that you could level up in and gain skills depending on what you did in the world a world with monsters and quest and castles. Starting with the game pod you could make your own character with many races cities and shops it was a dream for her and that was all that mattered to the two of us.

The sad truth was we were running out of time she was getting weaker and fading her mind was there but her body was dying and it will hurting me and the doctor fall more than her. It came to the day that i joined the massive game world not because it was time but because we ran out of time. It came in a mad rush one day when Elizabeth's Doctor told us she only had a few days up to two weeks left her body just could not take it any more. That was the last day i was alive in this world i guess you could say. Doctor Thomas and I had a massive fight that day we were both crushed by the news he thought the world needed new testing and it was not safe we needed to test it on people to make sure it would work on thing with bigger brains. I told him we had no time we had to do it and do it now. At that moment i know what i had to do i told him i would test it if he did not work Elizabeth would die and if she died i did not want to live it was the way it needed to be to me. The Doctor hated the idea he told me he thought of me as a son and if me and Elizabeth both died he did not know what he would do, I told him there was no other way and that i would send him a mail and after hours of fighting i was strapped in the the pod and scared as i was i flipped the switch and the world changed forever.

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