The Couriers: Ripening Fruit
Chapter 1: Flush and Fill

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Shemale, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Food, Lactation, Water Sports, Enema, Pregnancy, Flatulence, Size, Body Modification, Big Breasts,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Flush and Fill - A new crew of Couriers is hired to help a science team working on a jungle planet. They stuff themselves full of supplies and prepare to collect fragile specimens using their own bodies as containers. In the remote jungle, things get interesting once the Couriers meet the local wildlife and their cargo begins to ripen.

Morning came for the girls of the Amphora 2. Although they were on a starship, the artificial daylight system was programmed to keep them on a normal 24-hour cycle. The blue nightlights faded to buttery morning yellow and soft music and bird calls came from a speaker in the wall.

Molly, the ship's senior courier, opened her eyes and stretched. The rising light shone on her long red hair, bathing her pale, freckled skin in warm radiance. She yawned, licked her thin pale lips, and looked around. As she stirred, she felt a heavy weight on her lower body. She heard a soft snoring underneath the covers and threw back the bedspread.

"Morning Katie," Molly said and yawned again.

"Mmmph," said Katie sleepily.

Molly wiggled her wide hips and Katie opened her eyes. Molly looked down at Katie's oval face, her big brown eyes with their long, luxurious lashes. She had chubby cheeks and a wide mouth, which was currently wrapped around Molly's flaccid penis.

"Katie, you fell asleep with my cock in your mouth again," Molly said.

Katie looked up at the redhead, her wet lips still engulfing her the cock in question. "Mmo mwut?"

Molly sighed. "One of these days, you're going to have a bad dream or something and bite it off."

Katie slid her lips from Molly's girl-cock. "No I won't," she said. "I'm a heavy sleeper. And anyway, you didn't complain while I was sucking you off," she said.

Katie rolled over onto her back and Molly studied her. Katie's skin was the color of milky coffee, her body padded with a comfortable layer of fat. Two fat, torpedo-shaped breasts jutted from her chest, each capped with an enormous, shiny areola dotted with tiny bumps.

Molly reached an arm down and poked the curvy tummy that swelled between Katie's thick thighs. "I think all that cum is making you a little chunky," she said jokingly.

"You love it," Katie said, patting her paunch and dipping a finger into her deep belly button.

"Mmm, you know I do," Molly moaned. Her small flaccid cock was starting to rise and poke against Katie's cheek.

"How about some breakfast?" Molly said. She cupped her little balls. "Nice hot girl-cum, fresh squeezed!"

Katie rolled over on her hands and knees and had just put her lips around Molly's swelling cock when the door hissed open.

"Oops!" shouted the girl in the doorway. "I didn't know you were both in here." She turned to go, but Molly put her hand on Katie's forehead. "It's okay Hannah," she said. "This can wait until later."

Katie lifted her head and pouted in Molly's direction.

"It's new mission day, isn't it?" said Molly.

"Yeah," Hannah said. "The briefing just came in."

Katie looked across the room at the girl who had interrupted her snack. Hannah was short and curvy, with honey-brown hair in wavy curls. Her thin face wore an expression of apology. Her powder-blue robe was untied and failed to conceal her enormous, teardrop-shaped breasts with their inverted nipples that puckered shyly in the middle.

Katie's annoyed expression turned to one of joy. "Mission day! Mission day!" she sang. "I love mission day!"

Katie leapt out of bed and grabbed a robe, then tossed one to Molly. She bounced happily to the lounge while Molly shuffled sleepily behind.

A message was paused on the large video screen on the wall. Molly pressed a button and a woman's voice began to speak. "Greetings, couriers. Mission briefing for assignment number 229604 follows."

The screen filled with a riot of green. Molly stared at it for a moment before realizing that it must be an image of a forest or jungle.

"Pickup location is planet Alpha Tucana 1," said the voice. "Coordinates have been provided. You will assist scientists working in the Harani Gorge in collecting and transporting botanical specimens. You will be in the field for approximately two days, and then you will return the specimens to the main research facility at Tucana Station."

The image changed to an X-ray-like diagram of a woman. Her stomach, womb, and breasts were blinking yellow. "Due to the varied nature of the specimens, vaginal, anal, and mammary transport may be required. The science team will give specific instructions. Please undergo nanosurgery sequence 119 prior to the mission. The Harani Gorge is a remote area with no direct road access, so you will need to land at the drop zone approximately 5 kilometers away and hike into the gorge. You will also be resupplying the science team with food and water. Use resupply kit C and flush with Tiralin twelve hours before the mission."

"Oh, not Tiralin," Hannah groaned.

"Boo Tiralin!" Katie said. She paused. "What is that again?"

"It's the pipe cleaner," Molly said.

"Ohh!", Katie said. "Boo!"

In situations where Couriers were carrying food and liquids for human consumption, they were often required to clean out their systems with Tiralin. The girls called it the "pipe cleaner" because after taking it, they would piss and shit until they were completely empty.

"Another magical evening on the toilet," Hannah grumbled.

Molly said nothing. She secretly enjoyed the full, crampy feeling and the loss of control that accompanied a dose of Tiralin. She would often eat a big meal and drink as much as she could prior to cleaning out, in order to maximize the gut-wrenching pleasure. Underneath the table she rubbed her cock through her panties, already imagining the loud grumbling from her food-bloated belly.

She turned back to the closest computer screen and punched up a menu. "All right girls," she said. "Autopilot is engaged, we'll be on Alpha Tucana in 24 hours. We'd better head to the nanosurgery suite and start prepping. Dinner's at 7, Tiralin at 10."

Several hours later, the girls were seated around the table. Katie and Hannah pushed scraps of food around their plates, aware of what lay ahead. Meanwhile, Molly was busily stuffing her face.

"Mmm," she moaned. "Good lasagna!" She stuffed another forkful into her mouth, her lips smeared red with sauce, and washed it down with a slug from her glass of milk.

Hannah gave her friend a look. "Moll, that's your fourth plate!" she said. "You're going to shit like crazy!"

Molly waved her hand dismissively. "Don't care," she grunted. "Hungry."

Hannah put down her fork and looked at Katie across the table. The bubbly brunette had pulled up her shirt and was examining one of her newly-enhanced breasts. It looked the same as before, fat, brown and puffy, except now the nipple was inverted like Hannah's.

Katie picked up a hard-boiled egg and said, "Look what I can do!" She held the egg up to her breast and pushed. Her nipple began to wink open. The tip of her breast bulged as the egg entered, then disappeared inside her. Katie squealed with delight. She squeezed her breast and jiggled it, feeling the egg slosh around inside her ample boob.

"Nanosurgery is amazing," Hannah said. She lifted her shirt and withdrew one of her own massive breasts. "Bet I can hold more than you!" she said to Katie.

Hannah stood and went over to the food station, her loose tit flopping as she walked. "Computer, give me 30 boiled eggs," she said. A bowl of eggs materialized and she brought it back to the table. She sat and plucked an egg from the bowl, then held it up to her nipple.

The tight pucker of her inverted nipple expanded and engulfed the egg, which dropped inside her with a pop.

"Ooh," Hannah said. "That was tight. I need some lube." She lifted her breast to her mouth and spit. A dainty rope of saliva fell into her gaping nipple. She ran a finger around her opening and pushed another egg into her tit-orifice. It slipped quickly inside her.

"That's two," Hannah said. "You'd better catch up!"

Katie jumped and picked up another egg. She squished it hard against her plump breast, shoving it inside.

Molly watched as Hannah and Katie frantically stuffed their titties. Her girl-cock formed a tent in her panties as the breasts grew rounder and fuller with eggs. Katie's pointed tit stood straight out from her chest like an inflated half-zeppelin. She had eight eggs inside her and was trying desperately to cram in one more. It sunk partway into her nipple before it "clunked" against another egg and slid out.

"Give up," Hannah said. "Your titty's full."

Hannah effortlessly slid another egg into her nipple. "That's twelve," she said. Hannah's soft breast hung fat and pregnant from her thin chest wall. "And I've got plenty more room."

Katie massaged her swollen breast, trying to push the lumps away from her nipple. She tried and failed once more to insert the egg. "No fair," she said, throwing the egg back in the bowl. "You have way bigger boobies!"

"I win!" said Hannah. "Next round at the bar is on you!"

Katie began to squeeze her breast, working the eggs back out. A white lump appeared under her nipple and slowly crowned as she massaged her swollen bosom.

"Look Molly, I'm a chicken!" laughed Katie as her tit birthed the egg.

Molly laughed too and then stood from the table. "I'm going to go get ready," she announced.

Hannah looked at the clock. "It's only 9:25," she said.

Molly looked embarrassed. "I've got some things to take care of," she said. The pink head of her swollen cock poked from the waistband of her panties, leaking dribbles of pre-cum.

"I'll help you!" Katie said. She stood and the eggs inside her breast jiggled wildly.

"That's okay," said Molly. "I'm just going to go take my Tiralin and relax."

Hannah snorted. "You mean you're going to bloat up with a poo baby and jerk off," she said.

"Yeah, that too," said Molly, blushing.

Just before midnight, Molly lay on her bed. She had taken the Tiralin pill an hour before and she was really feeling. She had kicked all the covers off and was sweating profusely, her thin nightshirt and blue panties soaked with sweat. Her round belly looked six months pregnant. She rubbed and kneaded it with both hands as her swollen guts rumbled and churned.

Tiralin worked by generating huge amounts of gas as it passed through the digestive system. It inflated and stretched the intestine, swelling Molly's belly until it looked gravid and tight. The wave of gas would force down anything in its path until eventually it erupted from Molly's sore bottom.

It began as a heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Then she started belching softly as gas bubbles rose from her belly to her mouth. As the pill traveled deeper inside, the flow of gas went the other way. Her pale belly rose like bread dough as the gas filled her guts. For the last twenty minutes she'd been fighting the urge to fart. Every so often a cramp would hit so fast she couldn't clamp down, and a bubble of gas squeaked from her tight pink hole.

Now the rumbling inside her had reached fever pitch. Her gassy pregnancy was coming to an end, and she would be in labor soon. A blast of farts erupted from Molly's ass and she knew it was time to move.

Squeezing a hand to her straining hole, she waddled to the toilet as quickly as she could. She whipped down her panties and slapped her cheeks down on the bowl. She clenched her ass shut and waited for the spasm to pass.

"Oh god," she moaned, lightly thumping her huge belly. "So full. Gotta shit soon." Her belly burbled again as the trapped air hammered her sphincter.

"So big and tight," she whispered. Another jet of flatulence erupted from her pregnant ass. Her cock was fully erect, the swollen head twitching every time it brushed against her distended stomach. Her balls felt tight and ready to explode.

Finally she couldn't stand the pressure any longer. She spread her hands wide across her belly and bore down hard.

"Ohhhhhh godddd! Oh shit!" she cried. As she erupted into the toilet, her pink girl-cock exploded, splattering a load of shiny cum up her belly and between her small breasts.

When everything was out Molly leaned back, exhausted. Her deflated belly was sticky with cum, but her nipples were still rock-hard.

In the morning Molly crawled out of bed and showered. She washed the dried cum from her nipple and threw on a robe. Katie and Hannah were already waiting for her in the lounge. On the table in front of them was a small plastic box labeled "Resupply Kit C". Hannah took off the lid and they looked inside.

The container was empty except for two small jars full of colorful rice-sized grains, a paper envelope, a length of hose, and a sheet labeled "Instructions".

"Where's the food?" Katie asked.

"It's all in here," Molly said. "It's dehydrated."

Molly passed Katie a jar labelled "Protein / Starch" and showed her the label on the other: "Fruits / Vegetables". She went to the kitchen area and got a bowl, then filled it with water from the sink. She set the bowl down and shook a couple of grains from one jar into it.

There was a wet sucking noise and the grains began to expand.

"Holy crap!" Katie exclaimed. Before her eyes, the two grains swelled, becoming larger and more pliable. In a couple of minutes they had grown recognizable as food. One was a block of cheese, maybe 10 centimeters square. The other was a small ham.

"Neat!" said Katie. she lifted the ham out of the bowl and shook off the water. She sniffed it, then took a small bite. She chewed thoughtfully and said, "Mmm, not bad."

Katie set the ham down on the counter and said, "Okay, so how are we going to carry all this food? Don't we need backpacks or something?"

Molly laughed "No, silly," she said. "We are the backpacks!"

Molly reached over and rubbed Katie's tummy. "You've got all the room you need right in here," she said.

Molly went to the kitchen and returned with two pitchers of water. She passed one of them to Katie along with the "Fruits / Vegetables" bottle.

"You have to drink the whole thing," Molly said.

"Really?" said Katie. She lifted the huge clear pitcher, considered it, and then started to drink. Molly followed suit. Both girls downed half their water, then shook the contents of the bottles into their mouths and washed it down with the rest.

Katie clutched her sloshing belly. "Too much water," she said.

Molly sat down and put a hand on her swollen middle. "Give it a minute," she said. A gurgling, slurping sound came from Molly's stomach. As the grains absorbed water, a grapefruit-sized bulge formed just under her belly button. It quickly grew into a bump the size of a melon, then a basketball.

Molly sat in a chair and watched her belly expand. It was like watching a pregnancy progress in minutes. Katie was rubbing her own growing middle, saying, "Whoa! Oh wow!" over and over. When it finally slowed, she stood and announced, "I look preggo!"

While Katie and Molly were drinking their water, Hannah tore open the envelope. Inside were two small rubber-coated clamps and a balloon. She read the instructions. "Insert 30 liters of water into uterus. Excess liquid will fill the breasts. Affix clamps to nipples and inflate plug inside vagina to prevent leakage."

"30 liters," Hannah groaned. She lifted the hose out of the box and headed for the sink. "I'd better get started."

Over at the sink, Hannah attached one end of the hose to the faucet. She leaned over the table and pulled her panties down. She licked the end of the hose and slid it into her vagina, her breath catching as it penetrated her. She shoved it inside her until she felt her cervix open and gave it a final push to make sure it was firmly inside.

Hannah turned the faucet on and put the other end in her mouth and turned the faucet on. She gasped as cool water flooded her womb. Minutes passed, and Hannah's belly filled. Her womb bloated and stretched, filling her abdomen. It pushed her organs aside and she felt a little twinge from her empty bladder.

Katie stared at Hannah, bent over the table with her water-filled belly hanging and a hose sticking from her pussy lips. Katie kneaded one of Hannah's plump little buns and ran a hand under her expanded belly. "No, you look preggo," she said. "Preggo with a water baby."

Hannah looked back over her shoulder "Thanks, honey," she said to Katie. She gasped suddenly as the water overflowed her womb and travelled up through nanochannels to her breasts. A cool sensation filled her breasts and her inverted nipples swelled and puckered.

"Hey, as long as you're back there," Hannah said. "Why don't you help me out?"

Katie grinned. She ran her fingers under Hannah's stretched belly, teasing and tickling her. "Youu've beeen naaaaughty," she sang. "Naughty naughty Hannah, getting all preggo. You spread your legs for that nasty hose and it knocked you right up!"

Katie opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a small pink butt plug. She put the plug in her mouth and sucked on it for a second, then reached down and spread Hannah's cheeks. She pressed the tip of the plug to Hannah's brown hole and pushed.

"Mmm," Hannah moaned as her hole yielded. When it was all the way in, Katie pressed a button on the base and the plug began to vibrate. The buzzing rippled through Hannah's water filled body. Katie looked down and saw her sagging belly jiggling softly. She came back around to Hannah's plump ass and the mound of her vagina underneath.

"Oh god," Hannah said. "That feels unreal."

Katie reached under Hannah and cupped her swollen vaginal mound. Using her middle finger, she began to rhythmically flick Hannah's clit and ran her thumb up and down between Hannah's lips.

Hannah gasped with pleasure. Her juices coated Katie's hand and Katie worked her thumb and finger faster. She alternated long, teasing strokes up Hannah's slit and steady pressure on her clit.

Between the vibration rippling through her belly and ass and Katie's stimulation, Hannah felt her orgasm building quickly. "Just like that," she cried. "Finger-fuck my pussy!"

Katie speeded up her stroking, hooking her middle finger and rubbing it against Hannah's pulsating clit. "Oh! Ah! I'm cumming!" cried Hannah as waves of pleasure came crashing over her. A jet of liquid erupted from her hole, soaking Katie's hands.

"You're a squirter!" Katie exclaimed.

Hannah resting her head on the table and breathing hard, said "Maybe. But I don't think that was squirting. I think I'm full!" Sure enough, a dribble of liquid was running out of her vagina around the hose.

Katie grabbed the hose and began to pull it out of her friend's waterlogged womb. Hannah felt eight inches of plastic slide out through her cervix, followed by a gush of water.

"Close your vag!" Katie shouted.

"Mmph! I can't!" Hannah replied. She bore down with all her might but a trickle of water still leaked from her birth canal. "Put that balloon in me!"

Katie picked up the balloon and pushed it inside Hannah. Her inner walls were still slick with lubrication and it slid in easily. Katie bent down and put her mouth to the nozzle protruding from Hannah's tight pussy. She blew into it and it began to inflate.

Hannah felt the balloon expand inside her pussy. It stretched her walls and made her feel even more full. Katie gave it another couple of puffs and tied a knot. The flow of water had stopped.

Katie stood as quickly as her stuffed belly would allow. Her tummy rumbled softly as the food inside her expanded a little more. She took Hannah's hand and helped the massively-swollen girl stand.

"Oof!" Hannah cried as the water inside her shifted. It sloshed loudly back and forth. "I feel like a waterbed," Hannah said.

Molly, still rubbing her belly in the chair, looked over. "Your boobs are leaking too," she said. "Better put on those clamps."

Thin jets of water were spurting from Hannah's nipples. She looked down, embarrassed, and said, "Katie, can you hand me those clamps?"

Katie picked up the two clamps and handed them to Hannah. She pinched one open and placed it around her nipple.

"Oww!" Hannah said as the clamp bit into her sensitive flesh. The flow of water stopped. She winced as she put the other one on, and then slumped down on the couch.

Molly looked at over Hannah. Her belly and breasts were enormous. She looked like she was pregnant with triplets and her bloated tits were the size of volleyballs. The clamps pinched and bloated her fat nipples.

"You look sexy," Molly said. "All swelled up with a water baby."

"I feel like a blimp," Hannah replied. She laid down on her side, her two massive breasts obscuring her face.

"Well, at leas you're a sexy blimp," Molly said. She looked at the clock on the wall. "Relax for now, we've got two hours until we land."

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