Queen of the Dead
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An evil witch, possessing her daughter's body and deceased, wants Mia dead just like her.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Paranormal  


I come from the world of the Dead. They call me Queen of the Dead. You want to know the whole truth, don't you? This is my personality: Dead men fall under my power. I control them. I stole these powers I presently have from a powerful god. My real name is not Aubrey. I am her mother. And I have taken possession of her soul.

Her throne is high. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen. She sits on it like a Queen. Okay, she is a Queen—I am not denying that. The thing is my visit is not a friendly one. I have come here to destroy her. She is the woman who has knows the mysteries to death. I seek to steal her great knowledge and influence what's more.

"I can foresee you are not here to make peace with me, Aubrey. What do you seek this time?"

"Your Majesty, I am here to rob that which you possess. If you don't give me what I seek the nice way, I shall grab it from you through violence."

"How dare you come to my palace and threaten me like this? You have grown wings, you little witch, have not you?"

She is right. She knows I am the little witch possessing my daughter's body. What she does not realize is that the small witch has now grown into a giant goddess who dominates the dead. "Will you give me what I want, Souk? Perhaps I must use violence to lay hold of it."

"Rot with the dead, weak witch." From where she is seated, smoke arises and wraps her entirely. Right now, she is an old woman. She must be eight hundred years old. Souk is the Keeper of the Mysteries of Death. Her hair is whiter than snow, almost like the brightest rays of light. Her gown is white too, and long and beautiful. It covers her feet—I cannot even see them. Her breasts are small and shrunk; her face is wrinkled terribly. There is no slight youth in her.

After the smoke shrouds her from head to toe, it vanishes, and there she emerges at last—a beautiful, young, twenty-something woman. She is so beautiful she is beyond recognition. It is almost like I have never known her.

"Souk, is that you?"

"I am the Goddess of the Mysteries of Death."

I have been tricked! I must find Souk. For the moment, I must put up a fierce fight between me and this Goddess. Having said that, a golden rod appears in her hand and she points it at me. I don't know what exactly happens. All I know is wind stirs at me from that rod. It is moving fast. I sense danger with its approach. It doesn't have to fan me, or else I am doomed.

I place my fingers on my lips and kiss them. I am turned into non-existence. I am still here—alive and stirring. It is just that my tangible body has worn away and now I possess the elements much the same as wind. The wind that my newest rival has sent at me fans past without touching me.

"You thought it would be easy getting rid of me, Goddess, didn't you?"

She is stunned. She does not seem to know what else she can do. She quickly stands on her throne and faces me. "Damn you, wicked thing. I didn't know you have become this incredibly strong."

I laugh at her. "I am invincible, Goddess."

I push my feet up into the air and begin flying. Once I have moved above her, I stay still and stare down at her. A ball of poisonous air appears in my left hand and keeps on growing—bigger and bigger each passing second. Once is the size of an enormous rock, I throw it at her. With the speed of lightning, it zaps unswerving in her direction.

Guardedly, she levels her rod at the flying ball. The moment the ball touches the rod's head, the ball stills without causing her any harm. "Well, you don't seem too invincible to me, vile thing."

She turns the ball from poisonous gas into wind, which she then hurls back at me. The wind is without color—yet it moves fast, making a loud buzzing sound—like that of bees when they are traveling in a swarm. I sweep my hand in the air from left to right and make a shield of glass against the swirl of wind. Once it hits the glass, it gets blocked from striking me. In anger, the Goddess unleashes more wind at me, which begins to crack and break the glass little by little.

I look down at her throne and see it is made of human skulls and bones. Yes. I will use those dead ones to attack her. I have tremendous power over the dead after all. "Arise," I tell the bones and they quickly join together, fitting into the skulls. She is not aware of it. Six living skeletons are stationed behind her, slowly moving after her. When she stares back, it is too late to avoid them. They grab her by the hair and start pulling her mercilessly. Her hair tears off from her head, sending showers of blood down to the floor. She moans out.

"Kill her!" I furiously order the skeletons. They hold her head quickly and dig their knife-edged nails into it, ripping it bit by bit while she weeps uncontrollably. Her moans are cut short. She is finally dead. Her head has been chopped off with a sword, its flesh ripped apart horrendously. "No one messes with the Queen of the Dead," I tell myself. "No one dares me."

Now, I must hunt her soul and bring it under my control. Gradually, I watch it creep out of her body—a bright yellow light that is shaped after a human being. Quickly, I let myself fall to the ground on my two feet. Then I rush towards her as swiftly as I can. Just when I am about to reach her, she heads straight into the surrounding forest, fleeing as fast as she possibly can.

"How far do you think she can go?" Asks a dead man. Yes. I do talk to dead men. They can hear my voice. They obey my commands furthermore. At this moment, I have summoned them to help me find Souk's soul.

"She will not flee far. You will all help me find her. Once you do, seize her soul and bring her back to me." With this said, I gaze upwards and turn myself into ash. My ash scatters in the air and flutters into all the directions—north, south, east, and west. I have split my body up. These ashes carry my own powers. I am going to use them to grant supernatural strength to these skeletons I have just commissioned a hard task of tracking down the Goddess's soul.

They run faster with the exact speed that an eagle uses to fly. Some are down south, others are up north, the rest are scattered west and east. These are the dry, sunlit skeletons I am talking about. Together, we are looking for Souk's soul. She must be somewhere near. I can sense it. We are about to surround her very soon.

"I have seen her. There she flees," someone down south cries loudly. I turn there quickly, still in my form of ash, and fly in the air as rapidly as I can. Souk is not aware of it. She hits herself into my ash, and I straight off arrest her in a trap of white light brighter than her. She weeps out, seeking to break free from this net, and yet failing.

With breakneck speed, my ashes collect together from all the directions and form my entire self anew. In a matter of time, the small crowd of the dead stands surrounding me and her. She looks at me madly. "You will not get away with this, you witch."

"I am going to take your soul underworld with me, Goddess. And you know what? I will sell it there, in exchange of youth and beauty so I can keep running my schemes. You are not a Goddess anymore, but a mere slave."

I don't know where she gets the power from. She breaks through the net, shining brighter and more dazzling. I stare away from her, gnashing my teeth and pinching my eyes. Damn her! She is still powerful. I am going to grab her most fruitful powers anyway. I will surely conquer her. When I look back at her, she stands freely. "You are not invincible, witch. Who lied to you that you are?"

Another ball of poisonous air forms in my hand. This time, it need not grow bigger. I have plans in which I am going to make use of it. From this small ball, the poisonous air spreads quickly throughout until it forms a circle around the Goddess. She turns to every corner. She is stuck. She doesn't know where else she can flee to this time.

"I told you, Slave. There is no escaping your fate this time around."

"What are you doing to my soul?" She demands furiously.

"It is poisoned. Poisoned with death. Well, this is not actual death since you are already dead. You will only sleep, and by the time you wake up, you will be in the Underworld—no longer a Goddess but a pitiable slave. We shall see how miserable things get for you."

She is sleeping. I hold her in my arms. Well, I don't have to give myself the burden of carrying her weight. To ease up things for myself, I turn her into ash, which I collect in my hand and store inside a small vessel. Once we get there, I will turn her soul back into its original form and then place her inside a large cage. In the Underworld, there is no means of escape.

A few hours later of walking, I arrive at this tiny country house. It seems to be an inn; maybe a bar. Oh yes, it is a bar. There is an old man at the counter who is selling drinks. The tables are empty, except one, where a group of three men are settled while they drink and smoke and play cards. By now, I am no longer wearing my long black robe. I am dressed like any normal modern-day girl. I look nineteen. Yet I am far old than that. I am wearing jeans, a sweater, and cow girl boots. Frankly, I look like a country girl.

"Can I see the magician?" I tell the old man at the counter.

He looks at me with a doubtful expression. It is like I have told him weird and unimaginable things. "Who are you, young girl?"

"I am not a young girl. Believe me, I might look young but I am not young really. Now, take me to the magician. I hear his name is Simon."

He is more shocked than before. "Who told you that? You must be mistaken."

"There are three skeletons in Simon's chamber. I was speaking to them a while ago. They told me he is here, that he stays here, and he is also expecting my visit. Now, if you want me to spare your sorry life, let me see him."

He nods his head quietly and leads me there through the secret door. The shelf that is storing wine is the secret door into Simon's chamber. Those three men who were seated playing cards there are not genuine humans. They are the skeletons I were communicating with. When I glance back at them, I see that they have turned into their actual form. Everything in the bar is slowly changing. The place becomes more of a concrete-formed castle other than the wooden-built inn that it formerly was minutes ago. The old man himself is Simon's father, whom he turned his representative.

Simon is being hunted day and night by the soldiers of the Underworld. They want his life. He sought to overthrow the King of the Underworld, but failed to accomplish that. Now he is on the run of his life. He didn't expect me to find this easily.

"Woman, how nice it is to see you. Are you here to help me, or to destroy me?" There is a voice speaking somewhere. It is one voice. Yet after speaking, several voices repeat what it has exactly said. The later voices belong to a group of small girls. The original voice is a man's.

"Simon, how nice it is to be at last here with you. I want to see you. Show yourself please."

"I will do that only after you swear that you are not going to kill me."

"Worry not, servant. I will do thee no harm. Now show thyself. I swear: I will not lay any hurtful finger on you. If I do, may my own powers curse me and kill me before I cause you further harm."

There is a chair ahead of me. It revolves by itself and on it there appears a man who is clad in black pants and a dark jacket. That is Simon. He looks up at me and smiles leniently. "What does a witch more powerful than the Goddess seek in my chamber?"

"I have a nice proposal to make to you. I know you will definitely like it."

"What proposal is that, if I may kindly ask?"

"I need to hunt down Souk. You are the only one who can help me. You used to serve the Goddess of the Mysteries of Death. I killed her. I have her soul inside this vessel." I show it to him. It is colored pink. The minute I reveal it to him, it becomes glass, and there the beautiful woman is sleeping on a lush bed inside the small bottle. "Right now, she is fast asleep. I poisoned her spiritually. She will only awaken after we have arrived in the Underworld; and only after I have shut her inside a cage for all eternity."

"How did you manage to do that? She was more powerful than ever. She nearly killed me." Yes. He looks astound. I can tell just by looking at his face. He seems scared somehow. He fears I will betray him. I won't dare to. I have sworn. I would be dead before I have caused him much harm. I am not ready to take that risk.

"Do you doubt my influence? I am more powerful than ever, Simon. If you serve me, everything shall go smoothly for you. You know one thing? Your efforts are weak and lazy. You can't do more than you already have. You won't be hiding from the Underworld longer than you already have. They will find you sooner or later. If you serve me, I shall protect you from all your enemies. It will be my responsibility to see that you are secure. I swear with my life. I will not disappoint you.

"I am aware: You have always dreamed of spiritual wealth. You are still poor. Your powers are small and tiny. If I had not sworn to do you no slight harm, I would have paralyzed one side of you and healed it again—just to prove my point. Any smaller witch can easily kill you, Simon. Magic is not working for you these days. Once you begin serving me, I will give you half of my powers. Yes—half of them. We shall become equal and invincible. I swear with my own life: I will do this, as long as you are faithful to me.

"Your father here is already a dead man. Now that I have defeated the Goddess of the Mysteries of Death, I know all things pertaining to death. I stripped away the Goddess' powers and knowledge. I made her suitable to work under slavery. I can see who is about to die next, in what exact ways, and at what particular time. If you agree to work with me, this gift shall become yours too. Remember, I promised to give you 50% of my abilities. I swear I will fulfill that promise. Failure to do this, I will be dead. Your father has not more than three days to live. He is going to die in such a terrible way. I won't disclose it. Soldiers from the Underworld will raid this place seventy-two hours from now. They will destroy everything that you value, including your own dad. You will escape, yet they will not rest from hunting you.

"If you agree to serve me, I will reverse these things and prevent them from happening. I will offer you better protection than what you presently have. I will also stay death from taking your father's life. He will live as long as I live—as long as you remain faithful to me. The day I will die he will perish too; the day you betray me, he will perish as well.

"You are old, Simon. How old are you? I remember—one hundred and twelve years. You look quite old. Your efforts to beautify yourself with youth fail horribly. Have you checked yourself in the mirror? You look like you are sixty-eight. You see ... magic is not working properly for you. It is fooling you, Simon. Don't pin your faith on it. I wouldn't advise that." Having said this, I snap my fingers and a mirror appears in the air before his chair. It is big and clear. He checks himself in it. Yes. His magic is doing little to hide his age and flaws that come with oldness.

"You see: I am not telling you lies? Now, what do you say? Yes—or no. If you deny my offer, I will not make it to you a second time. Neither will I give you any bit of time to think about this. You have already weighed everything, I can see. Say your final opinion now."

"I will serve you—for as long as I will live. I swear: I will never betray you; that is not a wise thing to do. I accept your proposal."

I smile happily. I snap my fingers the second time and the large mirror floating in the air before him disappears—turning into air abruptly. "Good, now come and hold my hands and receive my powers. From today, you will share my looks. You will be able to look yourself and be me on the other hand. We are twins from now henceforth."

Simon stands up and walks to me confidently. I am smiling joyously. My plans are working well. I have managed to talk him into serving me. Now I will be able to possess two bodies—my daughter's, and his. I made a similar proposal to Aubrey when she was on the verge of dying. She accepted; which is the reason why I am able to control her thoughts, behavior, and emotions.

Simon places his hands into mine. We hold and smoke arises around us from the floor beneath. Yes. I now possess the powers of the Goddess of the Mysteries of Death. Once I have linked myself with him, we share the same objectives and thoughts. I can read his mind. I can tell what his emotions are. I can live inside his body. I can switch back into Aubrey's. I can do anything I want with him. What I cannot do is hurt him. No, I wouldn't dare to attempt that. It would be breaking my own promise, and accepting death as my fate.

The smoke covers us. It is at this precise moment that I possess his body. I am only able to switch into his body if he is holding hands with Aubrey. If he is not, I cannot accomplish that. Once the smoke evaporates, I withdraw my hands her and stare her quietly. She is herself now. "Mother," she calls me.

"Yes, darling."

"Mother, you are a man—a handsome young man."

"Thanks, sweetie!" I snap my hands the third time. The air before me turns into a big, clear mirror. I study myself. Gosh! I am so handsome. I look twenty, even though I am older than that. This has fantastically worked for goodness' sake! I want to stay in this body for all eternity.

"Aubrey, can you do me one favor, daughter?"

"Anything that you ask for, mother."

"Take care of Simon's dad." The old man stands quietly, observing us. "I have half of my powers remaining in you. Use your magic well. Remember—no attracting unnecessary attention. For now, I must go out in this new body and have a bit of fun. Remember to play safe with your magic. If you find yourself in trouble, just call me. Scream my name out loud and I will be right here in a moment. I will also leave this vessel with you. This is where the Goddess of the Mysteries of Death is sleeping. Take proper care of her too. Remember, no spell can wake her up until we are in the Underworld."

"Where are you going, mom?"

"To Mia, your stepsister. I am not through with her yet. Take care, darling." I turn myself into ash, which scatters quickly throughout the air and moves in one direction. I head straight to Zoe's party. Yes. I know everything that is taking place in Mia's life. Before I proceed to that party, I stop by Chaz's house. Chaz is her dad. The man I married before I died and became all this. I glance at him through the window. He is reading a novel on the couch. Him and books? He loves them like they are his heroine or something. Before I leave, I notice him pick up his cell and dial Zoe's number. He is speaking with her when I quickly scatter myself into ash and fly away.

The party is getting wild. There are kids paired into two and stuff like that. Well, they are not kids actually. Most of the crowd here are teens finishing high school. I suit myself around them. Yes. I am not in Simon's form right now. I may be in his body, but I am now a girl who is clad in a mini and knee-high boots with black long hair and she is dancing steadily to the tune as she moves her way in the crowd.

There he comes. Ty. He is Zoe's sister; the dude who is having his eye on my stepdaughter, Mia. I hate that girl. I must hate him for that too. In one hand of mine, there appears a faint green light, which I will be putting inside him. This is a spell; one that enables me to control him when I feel like it. Under my influence, he can say whatever things I wish him to and do whatever things I would like him to.

As he nears me, I throw myself into his way, then collide with him, and quickly tap my hand on his shoulder. The light has faded back into my hand. This time, it comes out and enters him stealthily. He does not see it. No one does. Even if he was staring at my hand, he would not have seen it! Once it sneaks into him, I immediately apologize and then rush into the crowd. I can't disappear just like that. Someone will see me. I will go only after I have completed my task here. I must set a trap for Mia, and destroy her when she is least suspects it.

Who do I talk to? There is this guy standing next to me. I don't want to end up being lonely here. He will be entertaining me for a while, I fathom. "Hi? Are you Calvin Saunders? I think we were together at Brunswick Primary. Don't you remember me? I am Suzy Karol." As I look at him, I see that he will be dead seventeen years from now when he is 38, in a terrifying car accident.

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