Girl Friends Surprise
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Surprise my girl friend ,fulfilling several fantasies at the same time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   BiSexual   Fiction  

We knew each other for a good long time but we both were with someone else till the this time. I had always thought she was a looker, slender well built and very pretty. As it turns out she had a thing for me too.

We were at a party at my friends house when we hooked up and have been together ever since. We wound up spending the night there because we both had to much to drink and neither one of us wanted to drive. I crashed on the couch and she got the spare bedroom. The next morning after breakfast we talked out in the drive way and made a date for that evening and the rest is history. We have been together ever since and enjoy a good relationship and a awesome sex life.

She had told me of a fantasy shes had for a while, actually two of them. So I decided to fulfill both of them at the same time. The first was that she wanted to be touched by some and not know who it was and second she wanted to be with another woman. I talked to a friend of mine who is bi and unattached about it and she agreed to help me out.

One Friday night I called her and told her I had to cancel our date, but on Saturday I had a surprise for her. She was upset about our date but was excited about my surprise. I was always giving her surprises mostly gifts and one time I took her away for the weekend so surprising her wasn't unusual.

I knew her routine so I knew she would get up shower put on her blue robe and do her house work. Sure enough when I showed up she was doing laundry wearing her robe. I kissed her and ask her if she trusted me. She smiled and said "I don't know should I" I said "yea dear you should".

I took her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom.I turned her around, reach around and untied her robe. After taking her robe off I started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck. I took her arms and pulled them behind her back and very quickly put hand cuffs on her. She said "what are you doing", I said "trust me dear". I then pulled a blind fold out of my pocket and slipped it on her. She said "I don't know if I like this", I again said "trust me".

I stepped out of the room and gave Laura (my bi friend) the signal to come in.We talked about it so she knew not to say anything so Sharon wouldn't figure out who it was. Sharon knew Laura so I wanted to not let her know who it was.

I walked behind Sharon started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck again. Sharon said "what are you doing", and just then she realized someone else was in the room. Sharon said "whats going on and who else is here", I whispered in her ear trust me.

I went back to kissing Sharon's neck and Laura leaned in and just licked Sharon right nipple. Sharon quivered as Laura's tongue touched her nipple.I could tell Sharon was getting ready to say something, so I put a finger across her lips and gave her a shh. Laura moved over and took Sharon's other nipple into her mouth, as she rolled her other nipple with her fingers.

After a few minutes of Laura sucking Sharon's nipples Laura reach around and cup Sharon's ass cheeks in her hands. I slid my hands around Sharon's waist and up on to her tits. I held Sharon's tits as Laura kept sucking them.

Sharon was starting to feel good, she was moving her body around and moaning, from experience when she starts moaning she enjoying herself.

I slid one hand down across her stomach and down to her smooth hairless pussy. I slid a finger into her and felt her wetness, spoke up and said to Laura "she nice and wet must be liking this". Laura then let go of Sharon's ass and slid her hand down to Sharon's pussy. Laura and I rubbed her clit together as Sharon continued to get hornier and hornier.

I pulled away and pulled Sharon by her arms to the edge of the bed. I helped her get up and lay across the bed where I remove the hand cuffs from one hand. I quickly took that hand and pulled it up and cuffed her to the head board. Laura had also taken Sharon's free hand and cuff it to the head board.

Laura and I stood up looked at each other then got undressed. This was the first time I had seen Laura naked before. I only said "you are looking good", and Laura didn't say anything just smiled.

We both climbed onto the bed next to Sharon. I motioned to Laura to put her tit on Sharon's mouth. She leaned over took a tit in her hand and rubbed it across Sharon lips. At first Sharon thought it might my, but soon realized it wasn't. Sharon opened her mouth and took Laura nipple into her mouth and sucked.

I leaned back and watched my girl friend suck on another gals tit. Laura kept giving her one tittie after the other.Laura slid her hand down between Sharon's legs, I watched as Laura's finger entered Sharon's pussy, Sharon moaned loudly with a tit in her mouth as she felt Laura finger entering her.I watched as Laura continued fingering Sharon's pussy and feeding her tit.

I lay down next to Sharon and took a tittie in my mouth and sucked her nipple.Laura lay down also and we both sucked Sharon's tits and we both slid our hands to her pussy.We lay there sucking Sharon's tits and finger her pussy together.Sharon was moaning like I never heard her before, she was so hot and horny I knew she was close.

I pulled off Sharon and told Laura to also, we both leaned back and stopped touching Sharon. She spoke up and ask what was going on, I told her to just lay back and relax. She was squirming around wanted us to touch her again.

I stuck my tongue out at Laura and she knew what to do, I slid down and spread Sharon's legs open. I spread her pussy lips open, Laura leaned down looked at Sharon's wet pussy. She moved down between Sharon's legs, I held Sharon pussy lips open as Laura licked stuck her tongue into her pussy.

As soon as Laura's tongue touched Sharon's pussy she ached her back up. Sharon was twisting and turning pulling her arms against the cuffs, moaning with oblivious pleasure. I pulled my hand back and let Laura do her thing, licking my girl friends pussy!!.

I leaned down and whispered into Laura's ear "can I fuck you while you do that". She didn't even come up off Sharon just shook her head yes. I went down behind Laura spread her legs and climbed on. Laura sure was enjoying this too, she was so wet I slid in her tight pussy easily. I grunted as I bottomed out in Laura.

With every stroke of Laura she pushed harder onto Sharon's pussy. Sharon was close, real close when I motioned for Laura to stop. We again stopped, stepped back and let Sharon squirm. Sharon was saying come on don't keep doing this, I laughed and said "we can do anything we want and you cant do anything about it"

I told her if she didn't be quite I would have to put some thing in her mouth so she couldn't talk.Sharon said "I cant take anymore of this" I said ok then you were warned about talking, so I took my cock still wet with Laura's pussy and rubbed it across Sharon's lips.I said can you taste anything? Just as Sharon opened her mouth to speak and I slid my cock in her mouth.

I leaned back down and pinched her nipple, knowing that gets Sharon off. Laura started doing the same, pinching her nipple and fingering her pussy. I started teasing her saying you ready to get off are you, Sharon tried to said yes but with my cock in her mouth she couldn't speak.

I leaned down and started playing with Sharon's clit and Laura went back down licking Sharon's pussy. Sharon lost all control, didn't realize she had my cock in her mouth.I felt her moaning on my cock.I just pushed deeper in her mouth. Sharon was so lost in Laura licking her pussy I slid most of my cock in her mouth.I gave her a few more deep strokes of my cock before pulling out and I stood up.

I leaned down and kissed her cheek and said but there one more thing before we let you go. Sharon said 'please let me, I'll do anything". I stepped back and Laura climbed up on the bed and knelt down next to Sharon, she then put one knee over across Sharon so she was straddling her.

Laura leaned up and put her pussy close to Sharon's face. I said "you smell that honey","Sharon said yes and it pussy". I said yea and you are going to lick it? Laura leaned in closer and put her pussy on Sharon's mouth. Sharon opened up and licked Laura pussy, I said "you like licking pussy". Sharon didn't say anything, just kept licking Laura's pussy.

I whispered in Laura ear, you enjoying this, She smiled shook her head yea.I went up from behind Laura and started rubbing my cock across her pussy while Sharon licked her. Laura leaned forward exposing her pussy to me and putting her clit in Sharon's mouth.I started fucking Laura pussy while Sharon sucked her clit. I puled out of Lara and slid my cock down to Sharon's mouth, she opened up and took my cock head in.

I stroked her mouth a few times before going down and sliding my cock into Sharon's wet pussy, She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in. She worked her legs and pussy around me pulling me in and squeezing my shaft with her pussy.

I leaned down to Laura and ask if she was ready, she shook her head yes. Laura got up and got into the 69 with Sharon. She put her pussy back in Sharon's face and leaned down and licked Sharon's pussy. I went back up behind Laura and started fucking her again as Sharon licked her clit.

I yelled out damn ladies I'm going to cum, and I pulled out of Laura pussy and jerked myself onto Laura ass crack. I watched as my cum ran down her ass crack onto her pussy and finally onto Sharon's lips and tongue. I leaned back and watched as Sharon cleaned up my cum off Laura pussy.

No sooner did Sharon have all my cum licked off Laura pussy she let go from Laura sucking her clit. Sharon bucked wildly as she came, She came like never before Sharon came like a mad woman, arching her back up pushing her pussy toward Laura waiting tongue. Right after Sharon got done, Laura sat up rubbed her clit onto Sharon's tongue and came herself, Sharon sucked her clit all the way through Laura orgasm.Then she leaned up and rubbed her pussy all over Sharon's face, (at my request).

Laura hopped up as per our plan got a quick shower dressed and left. I left the room while Laura showered, leaving Sharon still cuffed to the bed. After a few minutes Sharon called out to me saying you cant leave me here like this. I yelled back yes I can.

Before she got mad I went back in, climbed on top of her and gave her a good a kiss and fucked the hell out of her. Which she didn't mind at all, we both had another orgasm together this time.

I did something unusual or kinky I'm not sure.After we both came I pulled out of her pussy and climbed up across her chest. I took my cock in my hands and rubbed it across her lips, she responded by opening her mouth and taking my cock head into her mouth.she licked my cock clean of her and Laura's pussy juices.

After I rested for a few minutes I uncuffed her and took the blind fold off. Leaned down and gave her a kiss, she wrapped her arm around me and kissed me back sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. I could smell on her and taste the pussy still on her lips.

She looked up at me and said "that was fun", I said "yes it was". She immediately ask who was that, I told her I'll never tell who is was. I just told her it was someone she knew.She begged me to tell her who it was, but I wouldn't tell her.

I also told her if she wanted to do that again she wouldn't have to set it up. She smiled and "said I can do that"and with a devilish smile she ask "do I get to cuff you". I didn't answer her, so who knows.

We got cleaned up and went out for lunch and just happened to run into Laura at the restaurant. She invited us to join her, which we did. We sat down and chatted while we ate, I excused myself to go to the bathroom just to see what Sharon would tell Laura.

I spoke to Laura on the phone later and she said Sharon didn't mention anything about it, so she thought Sharon has no idea that it was her. Laura told me before we hung up she is willing to do it again anytime. I said "you enjoyed it did" you, Laura said "yes I did". I told her about what I had told Sharon about the next time. Laura said well maybe I'll have to drop a few hints.

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