A Wife Has to Do What a Wife Has to Do
Chapter 1: Explaining Things To My Husband

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Explaining Things To My Husband - A wife lets her boss use her to earn money for her family.

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"We need the job, Tim," I said, sitting in our living room. As usual, Tim hadn't been able to find work again, and I dreaded having to tell him my news.

"I know, Cindy. Believe me, I'm trying to find work, baby," he began. I cut him off.

"It isn't about that, honey," I said. "I know how hard you're trying. I do. And I'm not blaming you for this fucking economy. But until something comes along for you we can't afford for me to lose this job, and Hank knows it."

"That son of a bitch," Tim said. "Taking advantage of you like that. It's not fair, Cindy. It's blackmail, or extortion, or something like that," he scowled.

"I know that, baby," I said, taking a sip of my martini. "But it's not like I never fucked another man while we've been married. Remember how excited it made you that time we had the threesomes with Bill before he moved away? Your best friend? Remember how hard you came when you'd fuck me with my cunt full of his cum, baby?"

"That was different. We had a choice. This prick Hank is forcing you to fuck him. Different deal. Plus we didn't have Janet back then either. How are you going to explain fucking another man to our 14 year old daughter?"

"Well obviously I don't plan on bragging to her about it. And maybe we can try to turn this into something we both WANT me to do, baby. Let's use it ... use it to excite us, Tim. You're always telling me how hot it would be to watch other men fuck me, right? So just because I don't have a choice about this with Hank, let's pretend I do. Let's pretend you're setting it up for me to fuck him, Tim. Let's use it to excite US, and not worry about why I'm doing it. Let's pretend we're the ones using HIM, not the other way around. Can we try that?" I asked, walking over to Tim, sitting next to him. I had changed clothes when I came home from the office, and was wearing just a tank top and a thin pair of shorts. My big tits were flopping around under the thin tank top, and I knew my nipples were getting hard as I thought about the very real possibility that Tim was going to be okay with me fucking my boss. I wasn't going to tell Tim yet about the other men I'd also be fucking ... Hank's executive staff.

"You mean you're asking me to try to LIKE my wife fucking another man?" Tim asked, incredulous.

"It could be fun for us, Tim. Think about it. Remember how excited it used to make you when you fucked me after my cunt was full of another man's sperm, baby? How sloppy seconds excited you? Remember?" I asked, curling my legs over Tim's, letting him feel my big 36C tits pressing into his side.

"Yeah, I remember." Then, thankfully, he grinned. "It was kind of fun, wasn't it. To get fucked by Bill and me in the same night. Two cocks, just for you. Made you feel like a slut, didn't it, baby," he smiled, reaching up to squeeze one of my tits.

"Yeah. It did. And I loved that feeling, Tim," I admitted. "I ... I think I could really get into it again, even if we don't have a choice this time. It isn't like I'd be fucking HANK, babe. I'd just be fucking his cock ... like a human dildo ... nothing more. And then I could bring my nasty old slut cunt home for you filled with another man's cum."

"Jesus!" Tim said softly, and I reached down and felt his cock.

"And this time you can eat me, baby. I'll spread my legs for you and you can suck the cum out of your slut wife's pussy," I cooed. "Or I could bring you home a rubber filled with warm cum."

"You WANT to do this, don't you, baby," he said, not angry, just aroused now. "You want to be a fucking slut wife, don't you?" he said, his hand in my crotch, feeling the heat coming from my pussy.

"Yeah. I ... I think I do, Tim. And I want to share all the nasty details with you while we fuck. Now let's go upstairs and talk about how much fun it's going to be..."

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