Just a Spanking or Two
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story set in the Swarm Cycle Universe The story is about how a man forms an unconventional family that he eventually takes to the stars.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking  

All you spankophiles have seen the ads, "Want to spank someone? Push here!"

I was not having a good day, in fact it had been a long time since I had a good day. I pushed, filled out the credit card form and paid the "introductory fee". I filled out the profile which requested my age, weight, height, sexual preference, racial preferences, the city and state I lived in. I selected the "one or more females who wanted to be spanked", "my age or younger" and "sex upon mutual agreement" check boxes.

I expected to receive nothing ... I was thirty-nine years old, overweight and I expected no one to be interested. Then ten minutes later I got e-mail. Sure enough ... an ad from the internet company wanting me to spend more money. In fact, two days later I had fifty plus emails from the site and every kinky site on the net and not a single woman interested in me.

Then I received my first letter from Lori. Lori was a Filipino lady who lived ten miles away. We started chatting and hit off a nice conversation. Spanking never came up but she chatted up a storm and had all sorts of questions. I never made a secret of my age or weight but she did not seem to have a problem with it.

We eventually exchanged pictures. She was twenty-six. She may have been a little overweight but not too bad. She saw something in me ... I had no idea at the time what ... we talked even more often after exchanging pictures. I really was surprised.

One day she popped the question, "Let's meet for dinner," and she was going to bring her four sisters. I liked the conversations we had but spanking never entered into it, and I did not want to break the spell. I said ok to the four sisters, whose pictures were also sent to me. I was sure they were quintuplets.

That Friday we met at the restaurant. Lori, Lisa, Linda, Laura and Lois found me waiting in the lobby. I asked for a quiet table out of the way. The waiter asked what they wanted to drink. They said they would each have a screwdriver. I had a feeling I wanted to remain sober, so I had a diet coke. They decided what they wanted to eat and asked me to order dinner for them. I did, meanwhile they freshened up in the ladies room. They were back five minutes later. We spent the next five minutes playing footsie under the table, everyone looking innocent ... when I was done I had five shoes. Someone mentioned something about poor behavior at a restaurant, but someone else said, "We're just getting started." When they were on their third drink, the meal came and I was hoping their house was not too far away, because they were going to be plastered. I cut them off at the fourth drink, which they only mildly objected to. After we were done with dessert, I insisted each have some coffee and I asked how far their house was. It was two miles down the road, and they were in no condition to walk it, so I piled them into my car and I took them to their house. It was a good two miles down the road and then back in the woods another mile. It was very secluded. They asked me to help them in.

All five were three sheets to the wind -- or so I thought -- and they stumbled into the house. I got them in. Call me old fashioned, but I don't take advantage of a drunken lady. So once they were all in, I said I'd call them next week, and turned to leave. I doubted that I'd ever see them again.

Lori yelled, "NO, don't go! You're just too nice! This is the only way we can get anyone into our house to spank us. Everyone is intimidated by quintuplets. We all want you to spank us and have sex with us tonight and probably again and again. I am just putting on an act. I am almost sober. Each of the others drank one of my drinks. I was to stay sober to make sure no one got hurt.

"The other four are out of it tonight. You'll get to roast their butts good tomorrow, after they deal with their hangovers. Tonight though, my butt and my body are yours and you've more than earned it. Come, let's get these four to bed and I will show you our room."

I carried each of the ladies to their beds and set them in. Lori made them comfortable. They were really out of it.

She then took me to the basement of the house. In a side room there was a king size bed and in the main room was a setup that could only be described as a dungeon, with a pillory and a St Andrew's Cross. There were hooks and chains everywhere hanging from the ceiling and walls. In one spot there was enough room for five ladies to be hung 'on their tip toes' next to one another for a good whipping, according to Lori. "We have never had anyone come down and actually do it. Maybe someday you could?" she asked hopefully.

Lori asked, "So what do you think?"

I looked around and said, "I could probably get really into this, but we need some safety controls for both you and me."

Lori said, "Yes I know, we have two safe words, one is Nova and the other Ramon. Nova is a 'slow down' word. Ramon is 'stop'. If any of us use them, even if we are not the ones being punished, we expect you to comply."

"Sounds good to me. I agree."

"Good! Now I have been a really bad girl, so what you going to do about it?"

"You sure have, strip for me, or your punishment will be worse!"

She looked at me, smiled and began stripping. She took her time, putting on a show. I ordered her over to a waist high railing in the room which had some restraints. I had her bend over it and used the restrains to secure her feet and arms.

I first started hand spanking her, lightly at first and harder as I went. In five minutes her butt was glowing red but she was not complaining. My hand, on the other hand, was. So I went over to the implement rack and picked a nice thin but long bamboo cane. I started on her with that. It had the desired effect as she was howling from the beginning. I went up and down her butt, giving her eighteen stripes. There was no sign of either safe word, even though I was laying it on heavy.

Lori said, "That was awesome, I hope you are not done!"

I walked over to the rack and picked up a strap with a foot long wooden handle and a three inch wide, foot long leather blade. After about twelve strokes she was begging for mercy, but not using the safe words. When I was through, I released her, picked her up, and carried her to the bed.

We made love. She did not seem to mind if I laid her on her butt or not as the pain for her was an erotic experience. After about sixty minutes she was passed out and I was limp and exhausted. She and I slept after that.

A few hours later I woke up to a fully in progress blow job. I told her she was a bad girl for not asking first ... and she handed me the strap and rolled over, saying, "I know, I could not help myself. Here, do your worst."

I gave her ten mild strokes, enough to get her endorphins going. I told her that her butt was already really red, black and blue and I did not want to scare her sisters away.

She snorted, "Fat chance of that. They will take one look at my butt and insist on having one as red or redder."

We played a little but fell asleep until about 7:30 am, at which point I usually wake in the morning. I went and took my shower, during which Lori asked to join me. We had fun washing each other. Lori got a few swats along the way. I tried for new territory as her butt was now more black and blue than red.

We went to the kitchen and I started breakfast. I found eggs and some sausage. I also made some french toast. Meanwhile, Lori set the table and started the coffee. Soon there were noises upstairs and then whispers...

" ... that smells like coffee ... shut up ... turn the sun off ... it hurts too much ... quiet my brain feels like it's being spanked ... hey I wonder if ... what's that guy's name? ... is he still here? ... if he is, your brain is not the only thing going to be spanked ... I can't believe we did it last night ... right now my head feels like I wish we had not! ... oh, I smell food ... I think we are in trouble, Lori does not cook ... hey ... my butt's not spanked ... yet I am up here in bed ... does that mean he did not do it last night? ... mine's not either ... we'd better go see what is going on ... and see what we got ourselves into last night..."

Showers were run and eventually four meek looking young ladies came into the kitchen. All four wore long terrycloth robes only and looked beautiful. Lori told them to relax and eat breakfast, nothing was going to happen until they did. Once the coffee and the food were eaten, their heads began to clear.

Laura said, "I usually stop at two drinks, those three extra were way too much."

Lori responded, "Yes, it usually does not take as long to finish a meal with our man. You each had one of mine to make sure I stayed sober."

Lisa yelled, "Hey he is not supposed to be told that! By the way ... my brain is still not right ... what's your name?"


"I had no choice, the man was a real gentleman. He was going to leave because he doesn't take advantage of women who are drunk. I had to tell him I was sober as part of our little adventure, to keep him here."

"What did he do?"

"He carried you four up to bed, let me tuck you all in and when we came down ... we had lots of fun!"

"What do you mean fun?"

"I told him I had been a bad girl and asked him what he was going to do about it. He said, 'Looks like someone needs a spanking'. I showed him our play room."

"Did he spank you???"

"Yes he most certainly did!"

"Oh good! Let us see!"




"Euw! I'll bet you that smarted!"

"Fifty with the hand, eighteen with a cane and then twelve more with the long handled strap ... you're damn right it smarted."

"What did he do afterwards?"

"He took me to bed and made love to me. I have never had so much fun and rapture in my life."

Linda said, "OK! It's my turn now!"

Lisa said, "No! I'm first. It's my turn!"

Lois said, "No! No! Me first!"

Laura said, "Me first!"

They were all wagging their butts at me.

Lori said. "Now girls, you know the Saturday morning drill, we do our chores first before we have fun. I am task master today so make sure you do it well. Ed will inspect and mete out the punishments, and they won't be the fun type so don't test him!!

"Ed, you just sit here and enjoy the scenery. Anyone loitering will get a bare butt spanking and loses the robe for the rest of the day. We'll see if it is possible to cook an egg on a spanked butt! Failure is not an option!"

I could not just sit and watch. I pitched in by doing the lawn. It saved one of the girls from having to get dressed. When I was done, there were five robe clad sisters waiting for me.

Lori had a wooden spoon in her hand and said, "You get to inspect the house. Each of us cleaned our room and then the laundry, garage, basement, mudroom and the guest room. You must spank us for every spot of dirt you find."

I took the wooden spoon and marched the group from room to room. They had obviously left a few things for me to find, but they had not counted on the thoroughness of my inspection. There were two and three swatters, but each room had a serious missed spot, where it had not been cleaned in years. They agreed that it was worth ten swats each. When I was done, Linda and Lori had twenty-five swats, Lois and Lisa thirty-five swats and Laura forty-five swats of the spoon coming.

Laura said, "This is going to be as bad as the last time Dad did this to us."

Lori responded, "Yeah, last time Dad did this, Mom had lit into us the night before and I was worse than this morning. I'll go first and get it over with, since I am already tenderized."

They led me to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for me to sit on. Lori went over my knee and got her twenty-five swats. She was bawling like a two year old when I was done. Next was Linda's turn, and she got her twenty-five swats and was scissor kicking and crying like the last time her daddy got her according to Lisa. Lisa did not fare much better nor did Lois or Laura. Afterward though they were all hugs and kisses.

When we were done, they decided it was lunch time and we made hamburgers on the grill. We rather casually discussed the night before and determined how I would get my revenge that afternoon. Each girl, Laura, Lois, Linda and Lisa, would get the same spanking as Lori the night before plus twenty-five with a switch for getting drunk. Lori would get twenty-five of the switch for letting them get drunk. Lori was not happy about that, so it was decided to cut that back to fifteen and that each of the others would get five each for letting the other three get drunk.

I was along for the ride and was not making any decisions. That would change though as I carried out the spankings. I was getting hornier by the second, but I was also aware the ladies had bit off more than they could chew. Their butts were becoming seriously damaged. I wanted to have fun after the spankings and Lori's especially was getting seriously bruised. No one had used the safe words yet and I intended to keep it that way. After giving them the strappings, I told them that I thought that they had had enough and it was time for other extracurricular activities, like sex. No one complained.

Later that day, we had been swimming in the pool when a patrol car of a Sheriff's Deputy pulled in the drive. The girls immediately covered up and Lori went to the door.

Lois told me, "Don't worry, he is a friend of the family, probably checking up on the strange car in the drive. No doubt he has reports on last night at the bar. He wants to make sure you're OK and we are too."

He wanted a word with me, alone. I'd never had any trouble with the law, so I went with him.

Once we were alone he said, "These girls are the daughters of my best friend, may he rest in peace. I know they are a handful. I know they are kinky and I know they like it together and rough.

"What I want you to know is that, if anything ever happens to any of them, there will be no place in the world for you to hide.

"Play with them. Have fun with them, but play safe!"

I thanked him for his looking out after the women. We shook hands and he left.

When I walked back to the house, the girls looked worried. Lisa said, "He usually does not do this in front of us. He chases every boyfriend we ever get away like this. Please tell me you are not going to run!"

I said, "You girls have a good friend there. Hopefully, over the next few years he and I will become friends too. You don't have to worry about me running. I'm probably going to be here as long as you five will have me."

Two minutes later I was in the house with five naked women doing their very best make me happy. I did my best to make them happy too!

We agreed to tone the spankings down the rest of the weekend. The girls were all medical doctors doing research work at a local university. Weekends were theirs and they played hard. This was not the first time they had a man over but I was the first to make it through the night. Most men found one woman enough, two a maybe once in a while, three once a year, four once a lifetime, five never. The sisters wanted someone they could share together. Then there was the spanking. Most men would not do it the way they wanted. They were either way too mean or way too light. They almost never adjusted their pace based on the condition of their victim. I scored a lot of points by letting them sleep it off the first night. I also scored a lot of points by making sure I got them all off multiple times, even though they knew my enjoyment had a natural performance limit.

The girls set up the weekday nights different than the weekends. Sunday through Thursday, they set me up in their parents' bedroom in a king size bed. It was more bed than I was used to but they insisted. Only one girl slept with me every night. She got a good girl spanking on that night and then a roll in the hay. Afterward, we were usually pretty zonked, and slept the night together.

Friday night was a night out. Often we went to the movies. Sometimes they would bring friends along, usually girl friends who knew about their kinks or expressed some interest. Those women were told that I was safer than most men and knew how to meet their needs. By the end of the night, someone had been a seriously bad enough girl to rate a spanking, often all five of them and their friends as well. The spanking and orgy commenced when we returned home.

Every Saturday morning was clean the house day. I always found something in every room ... they saw to it. I did a white glove inspection of every room. Each girl usually received twenty to twenty-five swats of the wooden spoon.

It was funny though the first week as they all were cleaning their rooms and the side rooms in their spare time. They knew there were plenty of spots that I had not seen that they needed to clean or suffer the consequences.

Afternoons on Saturday were what I considered maintenance spanking time, though I never called it that. Each girl would come to me and tell me the 'bad' things she had done that week to deserve a good hand spanking.

I was a venture capitalist and had my fingers in two to three dozen businesses. Several skyrocketed to success and most of the others succeeded. I was never short on money though the girls did not bring up what I did for a living for weeks.

Eventually, after about a year, the subject of children came up. We lived in a pretty liberal area of the country so five women living with one man while raising some eyebrows did not cause any problems. Still it was decided that I should marry one of the sisters for legal purposes. Lori was chosen because it was no secret that our relationship was strongest. I tried to treat them all equally, but it was just not humanly possible and the other girls did not seem to mind. Still I made sure that in a secret ceremony, that would not be legally recognized, I married each woman.

We built a new house on the girls' property for each of the other four sisters. They moved to those houses and raised their families there. I was the father of four children for each sister over the next six years, at which time they decided to have their tubes tied for their own health and safety. Weekends were pretty much a block party with the families intermingling.

The playroom was packed up and put into storage when the first children reached the age of two. It was just too risky at that point to continue it in the open.

Every month the children would be sent to a weekend camp to do something (anything) to give us parents a free weekend. The children expected it and there were only a few problems. That weekend we played.

We took two two-week vacations a year. One was with the children, the other just the parents. The entire family went together. We had a few friends we trusted watch the children when we went abroad on the parents-only vacation.

There were never any problems with the children, even when they became teenagers, mostly because they were all working to get into a Class A college. About half wanted to be doctors, the rest lawyers and engineers. We managed to instill in them responsibility for their actions and a good sense of right and wrong. CP -- corporal punishment -- never was used on the children, it was not politically correct and there were other ways. I would have used it as a last resort, but the children never pushed anything close to that.

The worst that happened was a couple of 'groundings for life' which turned out to be about two weeks -- an eternity for a teenager.

For years we had watched Average Joes. The past few years had brought interest back into the series. The creators of the series, who I believed had really run out of ideas, had sold the series to some new blood. That group had instituted a nationwide search for candidates by using something called a CAP test. On a whim, the ladies and I had taken the test. I scored 9.6 but I was not selected for the show. That was fine by me. The ladies scored between 5.7 and 6.2. We were surprised because they were really very smart. Their age at that point was fifty(26 starting age + 1 year before children came up +18, age of youngest child + 5 years for gestation and rest periods) and they were overdue for menopause. I was sixty-three and beginning to feel it.

The news had been interesting, lately, with reports of rumors that government was in contact with an alien race -- as in space alien. Then there was an announcement that the President of the United States was to make a very important announcement that night. My ladies and I gathered together to listen to the announcement. For presidential announcements it was unusually clear, stunningly apolitical, scary as hell and shockingly interesting all at the same time.

The president announced our contact with the Confederacy, the coming of the Sa'arm and the Earth evacuation plan. To facilitate evacuation, there was also going to be a change in the national policy bringing the age children were considered to be adults down to fourteen.

To be considered for evacuation, the person had to be fertile. People with a CAP score of 6.5 or higher were eligible to be extracted and were called sponsors. People with a score less than 6.5 could be extracted if they could find a sponsor, those people would be called concubines. Children under fourteen could the evacuated with their parent if the sponsor involved approved it, they were called dependents.

The details were discussed with human representatives of the Confederacy providing more information. After about an hour, things started to be repeated. We turned the television off and I huddled together with my ladies. We discussed the implications and what we should do. We decided that we would go as a group or not at all.

I called all twenty of my children together and asked them if they had taken the CAP test. They all reported they had and that they had all scored greater than 6.5. I would not know until later that the reason their CAP scores were so high was that they were much more aggressive like me rather than my wives, who tended to be very submissive.

Call it luck but we had scheduled a family reunion party the next weekend at our houses. I had a strange feeling that with so many sponsors together, there was a good chance that the Confederacy might find out about it and extract. That was especially true if I made sure Confederacy knew about the party. I told my children to make sure they brought their families and friends to the party. I did not tell them my plan or why I wanted them to bring their friends.

I also had my ladies invite some of their friends who had played with us in the past. I wanted to have plenty of concubines available if an extraction occurred. I did not tell anyone my plan.

I then called the Confederacy, wanting to set up an extraction. After working my way past five or six levels of subordinates, I was able to talk to the head person of the embassy and he told me in no uncertain terms that the Confederacy did not do extractions that way. He thanked me for calling and hung up. Oh well, it was an idea.

I did not know it until later but that phone call started surveillance on my family and household as the Confederacy considered doing the extraction that they 'never do'. My 9.6 was important to them. They wanted me badly.

The day of the reunion came and the party was in full swing when we noticed two model plane like craft swoop into our area. I just assumed it was a couple of nosy neighbor children playing with their models.

Suddenly around our property a shimmering gray wall appeared. From where each of the planes had been, about six 6' 6" men and women appeared. They walked toward our party.

When they were close, one of them said in an amplified voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have nothing to fear. I am Lieutenant Christopher Kennon of the Confederacy and this is an extraction. Please remain calm."

The long and the short of it was that all of us were extracted, along with everyone else at the party. For my efforts, though, the AI awarded me two extra concubines. I chose as concubines my five now ex-wives and the friends they had brought to the party.

It might sound strange but every one of my male children had brought co-eds from the colleges to the party in the exact number that they were allowed to extract. Every man on campus who had a 6.5+ score was gathering a following, so when I suggested bringing friends they brought what would later be considered a pre-pack. My female children had brought some of their sorority sisters and a boy friend to the party, so they were all set too.

The kids had figured out that, unless you were together when an extraction happened, you were not going to be extracted together. They knew how many concubines they would receive and tried not to complicate things when coming to the party. Much like their mothers the kids communicated with each other constantly. Coming to the party was something they talked about at length. I would not have put it past them to have figured out what I was up too and just kept their mouths shut.

The only problem we had was that there were two extra women from the women my wives invited. The AI, not wanting to leave the two women behind, allowed me two more "hardship" concubines, since it was pretty clear that they had been severely abused recently.

I would later find out that not having a male on my concubine list was a class one blunder. During the trip to the planet the AI was constantly fixing my worn out equipment. There just was not enough of me to go around. Fortunately, once we arrived at the colonies, I was governor and that gave me the right to fix things any way I could get the AI to agree to. Soon there were two more males on my concubine list.

When everyone was organized and the appropriate questions and answers recorded, we were all teleported up to a ship in orbit.

We started our new life there...

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