Chapter 1

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(Ringtone of the William Tell Overture)

Few people knew that cell number, in fact only one was still alive that did, it was my stepdaughter calling.

I answered, "Sam's Home for wayward girls, are you picking up or dropping off?"

"Dad, Help me, Please Help me!"

"Aimee Honey, what's wrong, where are you, what do you need?"

"Dad, I'm at home! Mom's. I don't know she is lying on the floor. Her new boyfriend is drunk or high on something and trying to get into my bedroom. Dad, I have a chair by the door and am sitting on it, but he keeps saying he wants to rape me, Dad. Please Help!"

"Hon, Stay there, call '911'. I am sending people to help you and I will be there within 90 minutes. Gino and Vince will go to you ASAP and I'll call George to get there too. Just stay there."

"Dad, I don't want to hang up, keep talking to me please."

Bruno heard us on the speaker and was already calling for the helicopter.

"Ok Honey! I'm flying down there right now and don't you go out of that room until Gino and Vince ask you to. They will get you soon, you know him or Vince. They will bring you to meet my helicopter. They will get to you before I will so go with them, I'll be there ASAP. Understand?"

"Yes Daddy! Please hurry, I'm scared!"

Amelia was my step-daughter, nick-named Aimee, Maggie's(Mary) 15 year old daughter. We were actually a married couple less than 1 year and the divorce was final a little after that. She could not keep her legs together and I found out why. She was hooked on drugs. What she could not buy, she exchanged her considerable charms for, at least, I guess, while we were supposedly married.

I called Gino and Vince first, told them it was a life at stake and to get Aimee then bring her to me, I was flying down. I also told them I was calling George, he was to take 'care of things' for them there but to just make certain Aimee was safe. I made a call to George while on the ride.

"George, It's Mary again. Her new 'boy toy' is trying to rape Amelia. I've had enough of this shit. Gino and Vince are on their way to get Amelia and I'm on my way there now. Take care of things, if you need too permanently. If you will not do something like that for me, at least just don't interfere; I'll get somebody else to take care of things but if you screw with me I'll..."

I did not finish that thought. George was a LEO and it was not often I called on him nor made a threat. I assume he got the message though. I made another call, just in case. This one was going to cost me big time though, but it was not going to be only money, I just knew it. I would gladly pay ten times any amount of money if it would put a stop to these sorts of things, the other 'fee' she would probably want I did not want to even consider. But George did not respond the way I wanted him to and there were only a few I might trust for something that could come back to me.

I made the call anyway. "Katia! I have a problem that I do not want to have anymore. Will you arrange to 'take care of it' for me?"

"Sam, you finally getting smart and want the 'Bitch' torched? About time you arsehole!"

"Gino and Vince are on their way now to rescue Aimee. Her mother's 'friend' has decided to expand his attention to her now. The LEO's are on their way too. I called George but I am under the impression that drinking coffee, eating doughnuts and taking my money is all he is good for. Still, it gives me an alibi when something might happen to them, any of them, Capiche?

"Jawohl Mein Herr, das werde ich!

"Katia let me know how much this will cost me, no I don't really care, just tell me where and when the funds should be sent. If you need cash this afternoon, I'll have it sent or wire it to any bank you say. If you need anything sooner, Bruno will have it with him today, we are on our way there now."

"Sam, this is also going to 'cost you' personally, you know. I'm not a little girl anymore and by now I hope you know you can trust me, Honey. I've waited a long time for you."

"Kat, Kat, I told you before, I'm too old for you! God, you have your whole life ahead of you. Your young, intelligent and beautiful; ever man's wet dream. Yes, I trust you, why do you think I call you at a time like this!"

"And why do you think I am still waiting for you. I love you, stupido. You took a little girl no one else cared about, raised her up properly, trained her to be a lady, were willing to buy her anything and everything she could possibly want; when all she wanted was to be with you. Well Buddy Boy with this you owe me 'big time' and I aim to collect."

"Kat, Kat, what can I do?"

"Let me see, maybe I can think of a few things you can do to me. Maybe we can go to a nice, warm and private place for our honeymoon, Honey?"

Dead silence.

"Earth to Sam, earth to Sam! What's the matter, Kat got your tongue or a might lower than there?"

"Just do it Please. I'll give you anything you want, money that is Kat. Kat please you know I love you. You are the part of me I never had before. I love and care for my stepdaughter, but you hold a special place in my heart. When I am dead, Aimee gets $25 million, you get everything else, everything Kat."

"And I'll trade that for being Mrs. Samuel Constanta now."

Dead silence again.

"It will be taken care of Dear, people will join the LEO's and mistakenly shoot the 'perp' and Maggie by accident. George will know nothing about it. These added police will not show up at the station to file any report though. Hell, they may even get the job done before Vincent and Gino get there, so make certain they concentrate on just saving Amelia. Will that be satisfactory Mein Herr?"

"Oui, je suis d'accord avec vous, my evil little girl. You have learned your lessons well 'grasshopper'."

"Next you will have to teach me some other new things, future husband of mine!"


Maybe I should say why I put up with Mary so long. It was not out of the goodness of my heart. It was I was concerned it would start a Vendetta, only this time between families. That being said, once Kat had gotten older, there was not much family left. I would never hurt Amelia either. She was the one bright spot in my ex-family. I had a feeling too, that now being, sort of given the 'green light' to put Mary out of my misery, I mean her misery, Kat would extend that sanction to a few other souls too. I just had a feeling all this became 'personal' for her, not just business.

Note to self: Kat can't be serious about me as her husband, can she? I am 13 years older than her and my life expectancy can be counted in days and weeks, not years and decades. Do I love her? Without a doubt like the sun rising in the morning, since that first moment I laid eyes on her in Prague I knew she was special. I can still remember the expression on her face when I held her in my arms. She should have been terrified by what she had just watched, but she merely placed her head on my shoulder and looked away from the bodies.

It was not what a 13 year old would normally do. Bruno was with me back then too. She was in a side part of the Prague Zoo in Troja and several men had surrounded her, a bench between them. Bruno looked at me, I nodded and he and Paulie eliminated any threat to her. Her smile was what I remembered. Bruno later told me she had held out her arms to me and I held her. I don't quite remember that part.

Back then our work was done under the 'protection' of some government agencies. I look back now and regret I did what I did. What I did was take her with me. Not much could be said after-all by our handler. What could they do, make us take her back, kill us, refuse what we asked for? No, for them new papers, a new life for her was very easy to do.

I could not leave her there, she had seen too much, I could not kill her, even Bruno was chiding me that a cat or puppy would be easier to take home. That is when she became Katia, Kat for short. She was living with me until she turned 18, then I told her about the business she is in now and that it was hers. She is a 'broker' of sorts putting people together for a fee. Clean, simple and a lot less dangerous than what she would have had to face should she have stayed in Prague. Of course I spoiled her rotten, or at least tried to.

Several things happened. Mary and Kat were like mixing fire and water. The opportunity to strike out on her own was like her escape. Bruno, called me names in like 7 languages. He made certain to watch over Kat. He also patiently gathered information, photos, people's names, places and dates to show me what a fool I had been to trade Kat for Mary.

I already knew that though. He just shoved my face into it until there was little else I could do but divorce her. I let her be. The attack on Aimee, her own daughter, was the straw that broke the camel's back, and in this case even something more drastic would be broken. It also it seems, was the event that was bringing Kat back into my life. Maybe!

I should explain a bit more on exactly what 'we' now did, our team was in the 'service industry' sector, sort of. Over time, several covert and clandestine agencies seemed to need a problem within their own houses removed; a 'house cleaning' of sorts. Early on, it was the money that attracted me to take these on. Later we got a good 'rep', so that several groups around the world choose to use us for such a service. I guess an external contract was a lot safer for them to use when they could not trust their own staff.

These type of assignments had several positive aspects to it. One, now we had not only 'good friends' all over the world, but about a dozen organizations that made certain we were considered a 'part of theirs' and not to be 'bothered' or 'else'. There also was that thing I loved, they paid 5 or 6 times more for their 'internal' jobs than a contract. With that 'fee' came anonymity and exclusivity. We will never accept a sanction against an active client. I liked that. By no longer doing things anyone might be upset with, or at least not within the counties where we were doing business, they got some assurances that their 'secrets' would remain a secret. It was sort of like, 'What happens in Baden-Baden, stays in Baden-Baden'.

Sorry, I did not mean to digress.

I had a strange thought as my guys and I got into the copter. Should I send flowers to the funeral or go to it? Nah!

Once Aimee was safe, I figured she, Bruno, Vince maybe Kat and I could use a short vacation. We would be leaving the States on a jet plane, having picked up Kat, then see about a drink or two in Kingston with Jimmy. I'm certain several people there would 'swear' we all had been around the bar when the unfortunate accident to Mary would have happened. The plane was just coming there to pick us up and take us back home the next day. Man, how sweet was that? Then another song came to mind. 'Money, Money, Money'.

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