One Rainy Evening
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young Transgendered girl is raped, then rescued by a man who becomes her hero and her dad, with some very interesting turns and developments.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   TransGender   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   Analingus   Nudism  


I use a "Narrative Discourse" type of writing, which is quite a bit shorter than pure dialog. I realize that it is not used so frequently in this sort of stories, but I think it should be easier to follow than "he said," "she said" over and over, ad infinitum.


One rainy evening in May, I was sitting reading when I heard a girl scream. I jumped up, and thinking that it came from behind my house, rushed out the back door and onto the porch. I could still hear it, but it was not as loud as before. I then went to the front porch and could tell that it was close, but not visible. I put on my raincoat and my Glock, went out into the now just sprinkling rain and started looking.

Across the street and down a couple of houses I saw a small young naked teenage girl huddled up on the sidewalk and crying.

I told her that I was there to help. She looked up at me with fear in her eyes which lessened as I took off my raincoat and put it over her. She told me of having been forced into a car and made to suck an older guys penis. I asked if she was hurt and she said no, just really scared. I picked her up into my arms and took her to my house and into the bathroom. She seemed to be more collected so I told her to take a hot shower while I found her something to wear.

Being single, I only had guy clothing. I found a long tee shirt but nothing else. I opened the bathroom door, telling her that I had put it on the sink, that she could take as long as she wanted to shower. I told her that I would be 10 feet from the bathroom so she could call me if she needed.

I went into the kitchen and made a good size portion of hot chocolate to warm up her insides.

In about 5 minutes she came out, sheepishly looking around, walked over to me and gave me profuse thanks. I told her to find a seat while I went to get the hot chocolate. She climbed up on the sofa next to where I had been and, smilingly, took her cup. We sat and sipped, not talking, for another 5 minutes. I asked her if she would like to call anyone. She said that her mother was working until 11PM, so, no. I offered to take her home myself but her house key was with her clothes so she couldn't get in.

It appearing that she was not hurt, I asked her if she wanted me to call the police. She said no, that it would be too embarrassing. I put my arm around her and told her that she could stay with me until her mother was home and that I would take her home and explain to her mother. She looked up at me with those big eyes and thanked me again, snuggling up against me. She was so pretty and sweet!

As I thought more about what had happened, I suddenly got very angry, wishing that I had found her in time to stop the guy before he could get away. I decided that if she wasn't going to talk to the police that I may go and try to find him and take care of him myself.

I asked her what her name was. "Bobbie," she said. I told her that was a cute name for a girl, and that was also my name. She giggled and looked up into my face, totally at ease.

I told her that I had a huge problem with the guy who had abducted her. I told her that he would probably be out looking for other girls to get into his car. I asked if she would tell me exactly what happened.

She said that he had pulled over to a bus shed and offered her a ride. She said she told him no, thanks. He insisted, then got out of the car with an umbrella, offering to protect her from the storm. She thanked him several more times, and then he suddenly reached out and picked her up and put her in the back seat, setting the child lock so that she couldn't get away.

He drove away without stopping or slowing down to the rear of an abandoned building, and under a shed roof.

He got out and then into the back seat, telling her that he wouldn't hurt her if she did what he told her. He dropped his pants down and showed her his dick. She said that it was very small and looked odd on him. She said that she had seen her younger cousin's and that this guy's was smaller.

I coaxed more descriptions from her, determining to find this guy and show him how lucky he was to have even a dick as small as his, which he would soon not have nor the balls under it. I was raging mad.

She said that as scared as she was she didn't resist, but was going to do what he said. He told her to put his dick in her mouth and how to use her tongue. She said he squirted into her mouth and that it tasted really bad so she spit it into a coffee cup that she saw on the floor of the car.

She said that he didn't talk for a short while, then told her how good it had felt and asked what she had done with what he had squirted. She showed him and he was not happy. He told her that she should have swallowed it, she told him that it tasted bad so she spit it out.

He sat and looked at her for a few minutes and then his dick got hard again. He said that he knew how to make it stay in her and told her to take her clothes off and he would put it into her pussy and make her keep it.

When she realized what he intended to do she went into a panic as he told her to her take off her shoes and socks. He reached out and began to fondle her boobies and laughed cruelly at her when he found she had a flat chest with small nipples.

I pulled her even closer to me as she started telling me the part that I really didn't want to hear. She shifted her body around and I bent down and kissed her forehead. She looked up and returned my kiss to my lips. I almost swooned! What a delightfully pretty, sweet and lovable girl she was!

She resumed telling me the sequence of events, how he suddenly got violently abusive after pulling down her shorts, saying what he was going to do to her, now.

I was puzzled, and then I began to understand when I saw that a noticeably bulging tent had appeared under my oversize tee shirt that she wore.

Bobbie saw the look of disbelief on my face as I stared at the tent and I just stammered, "Bobbie?"

"Are you mad at me, Bobby?', she mumbled.

I told her that she had done nothing to make me mad.

"Is that what made him so violently mad?" I asked.

"Yes," she mumbled.

I asked if he had put his dick in her and she said that he had not. She said that she was ashamed that she had suddenly gotten hard when he had told her what he was going to do, and that was what

made him go off on her.

I pulled her in to me tightly again, telling her that she had been lucky. She looked up at me and said that she had never had sex with anyone and that the thought of what he intended took over her mind.

She had had fantasies about boys and men ever since she could remember. She told her mother that she wanted a boy next door to be her sweetheart when she was 4. Her mother explained why that could not be and Bobbie was hurt for life.

I asked her how old she was and she told me she was fourteen. I told her that she was the cutest fourteen year old girl I had ever seen. She got a hateful look on her face and said, "With THIS?" as she pulled the tee shirt up revealing an impressively hard 3 inch love stick. I smiled and assured her that it did not matter what she had between her legs, and that she was still a very desirable young girl.

"But, I am not a real girl," she said.

She told me about being teased, hated, ostracized and avoided by everybody. I told her that there are some of us out there who understand people who were assigned the wrong bodies and accept them as they are.

"Sweetheart, you are what you are inside that pretty little head of yours," I said.

"But, this means that I am Gay, although I have never felt that. I am just me ... a girl. I really don't know what to feel. I don't have any friends, but I do have feelings, you know, feelings that change from day to day," she said in a defensive tone. Then she got very quiet and thoughtful.

"Uhh, ... I can't believe that you really see the girl in me," Bobbie blurted.

"Well, I do still have my arm around you and have not said anything bad about you, now have I?" I said.

"Oh, Bobby, I've never had a daddy. Would you be mine, PLEASE?" Bobbie said, pleadingly.

"Have you ever heard of incest, Baby Girl? I am afraid that I would be guilty of that if I were your daddy!" I said, somewhat slyly and teasingly.

"Why would you do a thing like that?" she asked intensely serious.

"I won't go into that, thank you," I quickly answered.

"But I want you to be my daddy more than anything," she said.

"I think that your mother might have something to say about that, Sweetheart," I responded.

"I'll bet my mother might think that it would be nice for me to have a daddy like you," she insisted.

"Speaking of your mother, what time does she get home?" I asked.

"Usually about 11:30. She works at the junior college, teaching night courses. She is really smart. She started college when she was 16 and has her Master Of Education degree from State U. She is working on her Doctorate and will be Dr. Mom next year! She home-schools me and I am a high school senior now," she proudly announced.

I was completely overwhelmed with what she told me.

"Do you plan to go to college next year?" I asked.

"Mom hasn't decided yet. She had trouble when she went and doesn't want me to go through what she did," Bobbie said.

"What kind of trouble did she have?" I asked.

"She was raped one night by two boys and got pregnant with me," she quietly answered.

"Oh, my god," I thought.

"It's almost 11, Pretty One. I think we should go to your house so we can be sure to be there when your mom gets there. She would panic if she got home and you weren't there," I said.

A thousand thoughts were going through my mind as I once again picked Bobbie up and carried her out to my car. Using basic arithmetic, I knew that her mom would be in her early 30's and wondered if she was as pretty as Bobbie.

As we drove, I asked Bobbie if she knew where the abandoned building was and if she would recognize the man who abducted her. She knew exactly where the building was, and said that she could never forget the man.

A few minutes after arriving at her house, her mother got home and I told Bobbie to get out of my car and go to theirs. Her mom looked from Bobbie to me, as I stood, leaning against my car.

Bobbie's mother walked over to me with a determinedly serious look and quietly asked "What in Hell is going on here?" I introduced myself and asked if we might go up on their porch and talk.

She indicated that we sit and asked, once again, "What in Hell is going on here? Please answer me. Why is Bobbie wearing an oversize tee shirt and standing outside? Why are you here?"

I looked her straight in the eyes and told her that; first, Bobbie was not hurt and was probably lucky to be there at all. I told her what had happened, right up to the present. Bobbie came over to me and put her hands up to my face and kissed me on the lips, not a sexual kiss, but, indeed a very loving kiss.

Her mother got up and came over to us and put her arms around both of us and kissed our cheeks. I smiled and noticed that tears were coming down her face. I hugged her and told her that she only needed to be happy that much worse things did not happen and that Bobbie was home and safe.

She asked me to please come inside and asked if I wanted coffee. I accepted and sat down at the kitchen table, with Bobbie sitting next to me, with her legs and body pressed up close.

Bobbie told her mother that she wished that I was her dad and her mother jumped and immediately blushed to beet red, but said nothing.

"Mom, he KNOWS that I am a girl and he's OK with it! Can you believe that?"

"Bobbie, let's not talk about that right now, Bobby and I need to have some serious conversation about what happened to you. If it makes you feel any better, yes I expect that he would make an excellent father, but we need to talk right now."

She brought a pot of very nice coffee to the table and asked Bobbie to get cups, saucers, spoons, milk, sugar and some coffee cake from the fridge. She sat down across from me and, first, thanked me profusely for taking care of Bobbie. Then she asked if I had reported it to the police. I told her that I had not, explaining that Bobbie was so devastated and emotional when I found her that I thought it best to at least wait and that it might be best to not report it all, since she had no real evidence to justify arresting anyone in the first place. I told her that I was going to go to the scene and look around and to also be looking for the low-life that had raped Bobbie.

She agreed that it would serve no useful purpose to make the report, especially in light of the fact that all crimes are reported by the local newspaper from the records at the police department.

I added that I intended to look for the man and his car and If I could catch him doing it to another girl then call for assistance and, hopefully, rid the town of its menace. (I did not mention that he might not survive to be arrested should I catch him.)

Bobbie's mother looked at me intently and said that she couldn't believe that I would spend time looking for him. I told her that I needed something to do to break the boredom of my life.

She asked why my life was boring and I told her that I had decided to retire from my occupation as an electronics engineer and try to conjure up another idea that I could patent and sell for a small fortune like I had done the year before. I told her that I spent my time looking for possibilities but that it seemed to be going nowhere.

She asked what I had patented and I described the automated assembly line controller that had occurred to me when I was interviewing for a job. I told her that I had plenty of time to devote to trying to catch the man who rapes little girls because that infuriates me.

Bobbie leaned over and put her arm around mine and told her mother that she knew that I would find him and stop him from doing it.

I asked her mother if I might take the two of them out for a movie and dinner soon. She told me that that would be really nice. I asked for her phone number and she got one of her cards from her purse and gave it to me. "Janet," I said, "that's a nice name!"

"Oh, I never introduced myself to you. How embarrassing is that?" she said, going beet red again.

"Please don't worry, Janet. You had a rather shocking experience to contend with. I am glad that you are the sensible woman that you are and didn't lose it over the incident."

"Mom, now don't you think he would be a good daddy for me?"

Janet went into a deeper red at that and looked down, saying nothing, but smiling a big smile.

As I drove away from their house, I began to plan how I was going to resolve the problem of this scumbag raper of little girls. The pictures in my mind of him making her suck him off reminded me of some military methods of handling those who do such unspeakable things to others.

I am not a violent man. I was taught to defend myself, but never had to utilize those skills. I do not relish the idea of killing anyone, but I also don't want menaces like this one loose and hunting. I had fleeting thoughts of encountering him, being threatened by him and removing the threat ... Permanently.

I first drove to where he had pushed her out of his car a couple of doors from my house and began scanning for evidence possibly left by him. I found nothing there so began retracing his route back to the abandoned building where she had been taken. About three blocks from the building, I saw clothing in the gutter, stopped and picked up Bobbie's clothing. A little bit further I found her shoes. I found her money, house key and a few other kid things in the pockets of her shorts. She had been wearing leather shoes and I hoped to find fingerprints to use in identifying that piece of shit.

I drove to the abandoned building that Bobbie had showed me as I took her home, parked in front and made my way to the back, flashlight in hand, Glock on my side. I found tire tracks and followed them under a shed roof. Looking around, I found nothing in the form of evidence except some perfectly clear single tire tracks where the vehicle had made a tight turn in leaving. I took my time and got several greatly detailed pictures of the tracks of all four tires with my phone. I left the building and went home.

A guy I was in the Army with is now a senior FBI agent. We were close friends then and still are. If I asked him to run the prints, I was sure that he would and not press me for details. We had done some personnel "cleaning" a few times and had always been satisfied with our results. He was an investigator and I was an electronics specialist. We worked quite well together and sometimes "forgot" to include some minor details in a few of the nastier cases we worked.

Our methods and practices were "what was needed at a particular time in order to clear unusual problems".

( Equalization is so satisfying to the soul! )

I carefully inspected Bobbie's shoes and did, indeed, find some rather clear fingerprints. I packaged up the shoes so as not to disturb the prints. I printed the tire track pictures on my hi-rez printer and called Tom, my FBI friend. I was prepared to leave him a voice mail but he answered on the second ring. I apologized for the lateness of the call and he told me that he was in his office and had been finalizing some paperwork on a case they had just completed. I told him that I would like to see him asap and he offered to meet me at an all-night diner. We met 15 minutes later.

I told him the story and what I wanted to do and he pledged his support and assistance immediately. When we left, I gave him the shoes and pictures. He agreed to contact me as soon as he had evaluated the evidence.

I got a call from him around 11AM and he invited me to have lunch with him and talk about our army days. I instantly knew that he had good news. We met and sat at a table in a corner of a restaurant so we could have some privacy.

The first news was that the fingerprints were quickly matched to a man who had two convictions for sex crimes, the first one for sexual assault and raping his own 14 year old daughter for which he had spent 20 years in the penitentiary.

Then, after his release from prison, he had gotten a life sentence for the kidnap and rape of another girl that he had kidnapped on a school ground.

His life sentence was overturned due to technicalities and he was never re-tried. His last known address was in a town 10 miles from where we were. Tom said that the local police departments were on the watch for any of his activities.

I also learned that there were no automobiles owned or licensed to him and that the tires matched factory tires on a late model and make car. Bobbie had told me that his car was silver.

I felt well prepared to embark upon the hunt for and end of his despicable career.

Tom wished me good luck and offered several legal points to keep aware of in order not to ruin my success. I thanked him and he said that he was glad to be of assistance and to keep him informed in a third party manner of "What-ifs", "What-does-it-mean-when" only and to give him no direct information or reports so that he could stay completely neutral and disassociated from my activities. I agreed and thanked him again.

I drove out to the last known address of the child raper and did not see either him or the car. On a whim, I drove over to the local middle school and promptly located a car matching the description of the one of interest. I parked across the street and two car lengths behind it. There appeared to be no one inside. I tried to give the impression that I was waiting to pick up a child after school, and began to read a newspaper, with my phone camera in my lap.

When the bell sounded the end of the school day, children began leaving and I soon noticed a middle aged man walking about and closely observing them. A police car drove by and he began looking at the school's door as if waiting for his child. When the police car turned the corner, he immediately walked to the car that I was watching. I got several nice pictures of him and of him getting in the car. Then I took a shot of the rear of the car, showing the license plate. I followed him from a block back as he drove home to the address listed to the convicted child rapist.

I did not expect him to attempt anything in this town on account of his being known by the police there. I concluded that he had just been "window shopping" at the school and, that having been unsuccessful the night before, he might just be on the prowl again that tonight. I determined to be like his shadow for the time being. As soon as it was dark, I parked directly across the street from his car, got out and quickly attached a GPS unit with a radio transmitter to his car and went back to my car and drove off.

I parked in a Wall-Mart parking lot and fired up my laptop which was connected to a receiver tuned to the transmitter on his car. It showed that the car was still parked at his house. 30 minutes or so later, I saw that it was moving and traveling toward the Interstate highway. I started up and headed in that direction, noting that he was going away from my city


I followed him to a city an hour South, and watched my screen as he drove slowly, patrolling the streets, looking for his next prey. He stopped for a couple of minutes, and then drove away faster, making a few turns and stopping again. I approached his location, got out and walked around looking for the car. I finally located it behind a building that had a "For Sale" sign.

I could see movement inside the car and then a girl's voice begging "No, please don't. I don't want to get pregnant. Please don't, EEEEEeeeee! NO, STOP, THAT HURTS ... AAAAHHHHhhhh". I got up to the car just as he was beginning to thrust deeply into the girl. I was too late to save her virginity, but had plenty of time to open the rear door and put the snout of my Glock to his right temple. I told him that if he moved I was going to gut-shoot him and that he would die an extremely painful death. He froze, and before he could respond, I took pictures of him with his dick inside the little girl's bleeding pussy. I then told him to pull out of her and back out of the car.

I called 911 and got the police en route. I made him lie, face down, on the ground and told him that I hoped that he would move, but that if he did I was going to shoot him as previously described. He blubbered and cried that he couldn't help himself, wanhh, wanhh, wanhh.

I told the girl to stay put until the approaching police cars and ambulance arrived.

The beat cops took information and details and while they were busy, I asked to be excused to go pee before I contaminated their crime scene. They laughingly said yes and I went off into the shadows, pausing momentarily to remove the GPS / transmitter from his car and plant it behind the bush that I watered. Upon my return, I was informed that I had caught a known and convicted child molester and rapist with incriminating pictures to boot. I was told to follow them to their headquarters for further statements, etc.

My story was (and perfectly true) that I was walking down the street and heard the pleas of the girl and hastened to assist her. I forgot to mention certain other aspects of the story, in the excitement of the moment. No one asked why I was walking down the street or what I was doing in their town because I had violated no law and it was no one's business.

When I told them of my investigatory history with Army Intelligence and mentioned my superior's name, everyone in the office recognized him.

While we were talking the rapist attempted to escape and was shot instantly by one of the officers who had been watching him.

As he lay dying, I whispered into his ear exactly why I happened to be there and that I was glad he tried to escape because I had decided that if he ever was loose on the streets again, I would probably kill him and I didn't want that burden.

A short while later, Tom called and asked to speak to me. One of the detectives had called his office to get verification of my statements. Tom said that I should consider going back into the Investigations occupation. I told him that my hitch in the army had been enough for me, too many bad dreams, too much distress and death. He understood.

The girl that he raped was 14 and her father and mother were local lawyers.

The next morning's newspaper ran the whole sordid story with statements from the two lawyer parents of the rape victim describing me as a hero.

I felt like no hero because I was too late to save their daughter's virginity.

About noon, Janet, Bobbie's mother, called and was hardly able to speak from crying so pitifully in reaction to the news article. She pleaded with me to come to their house as soon as I was able because she wanted to thank me in person. I told her that I would come as soon as I got up, cleaned up and had breakfast. She said to get up and clean up and that she would make me the most abundantly delicious breakfast that I could imagine.

I could not refuse THAT offer!

Bobby got up, did his bathroom necessities and hurried to Janet and Bobbie's house. He felt a sense of urgency as he sped along, not quite able to comprehend his feelings.

He realized that he had images of Janet and Bobbie flashing around in his head unlike anything he had ever felt. He was unable to rationalize this sudden gripping apprehension that was dominating him.

As he pulled up at their house, he had a vision of Bobbie running up to him and climbing all over him as Janet hurried to him, too. It was a very happy and satisfying feeling that he imagined.

As he got out of his car, their front door burst open and Bobbie jumped through it and ran to him, laughing and crying at the same time. She reached up and pulled him down, giving him a long and sensuous kiss, unlike any that he had ever experienced.

Janet walked, briskly, to him and put her arms around them both and kissed him on his forehead as Bobbie continued her oral assault on his lips.

Putting his arms around the two women, he panted a big "WOW", then, laughing, said, "Would you like me to get back in the car and then get out again? I think I missed something!"

Janet stood back, looking into his eyes and said, "Bobby, I have never known anyone who could do what you did yesterday, and do it so quickly and efficiently. I am so impressed, and Bobbie has fallen in love with you!"

Bobby told them that he had learned a useful skill while in the Army, and that he was privileged and proud to have accomplished his mission, but was sorry that he had not prevented the man from doing what he did to the girl.

Bobbie soberly asked what he had done. Bobby briefly told them that she had not been as fortunate as Bobbie, and had been raped for a very short period. He said that he had no idea that the man would go as fast as he did with his assault. He told them that he would never forgive himself for his allowing it to happen.

Janet brought them into the house, turned around to Bobby and told him that he had done more than anyone else could have done and did it well, in her estimation. Bobbie was still crying and hanging onto her hero. She choked out that she would like to see the girl and try to comfort her. She had been very lucky that she had not been impregnated or even killed since she had had a good look at the man.

Janet remembered that she had made breakfast for all and suggested that they sit and enjoy. They did, and the conversation lightened up into a friendly and congenial setting.

Bobby told them that he had forgotten something and went out to his car, with Bobbie attached to his arm, and took out a plastic shopping bag. Bobbie, looking quizzical, asked what it was and Bobby told her it was for her. "What IS it?" she asked. He handed it to her and she screamed when she saw her clothes and pocket stuff.

"How did you get this?" she asked.

"I went on a hunt for evidence and was successful," he said.

Janet and Bobbie then wanted to hear the whole story. Bobby agreed to tell "Most Of" the story, explaining that he would have to leave out parts. (He later told them how it "Could Have Been" accomplished, using indirect suggestion to get points across.) He, more or less explained his connection with his friend. Tom, at the FBI.

"Oh, your shoes will be back to you as soon as I get them back. You know, they really sped things up. He left his fingerprints on both of your patent leather shoes. It was an instant match for the computer. He was a very unthinking and ignorant man. I just wonder how many other girls he has assaulted and raped."

Bobbie looked at her mother and reminded her that she had predicted that Bobby would have no trouble finding the rapist. Her mother sighed and told Bobby that she had, indeed said that, although she had no idea how she knew.

Bobby thanked Janet for the huge and plentiful breakfast that she had prepared and said that he would like to get the whole ordeal off his mind and think of more pleasant things.

Janet asked how he would like to do that and Bobby said that he always liked to go to the zoo to escape life's problems. Bobbie shrieked that she LOVED going to the zoo, too. Bobby asked if the two of them would like to spend the afternoon with him up until Janet had to be at work.

Janet said they could stay until the zoo closed if they wanted, because she had already gotten someone to fill in for her for the rest of the week, and that she needed the time off to recover from the previous day's ugliness.

Bobby happily said that he would really like that and then to go wherever they wanted to eat dinner.

Janet ruefully said that they hadn't been anywhere except fast food places in so long that she didn't know where to suggest.

Bobbie said that she didn't care as long as she was with him. After Bobby recited a list of better restaurants and told them to consider them as the day wore on. He mentioned that surely someone should have taken them out.

Janet told him that she was so busy teaching and working on her doctoral degree that it hadn't occurred to her to go out.

Bobby asked her if she didn't have a regular friend to have a social relationship with. She said that she had dated one man once while in college and no one since. She told him that she had had a bad experience and was not interested in trying any more. Bobbie looked up and said that she had told Bobby about that.

Janet went beet- red again and admonished her for telling. Bobbie just said that he was going to find out anyway, so she had told him.

"And just how was he going to learn about that situation?"

"I don't know how, I just knew. I know that he is going to be my DADDY, too. I don't know how, I just KNOW!"

Janet began to softly cry and apologized for the embarrassment that they had caused Bobby and her.

Bobby, never looking up, said that he was not embarrassed, but that he felt a warm feeling that he could not explain. He said that he was certainly agreeable to being Bobbie's surrogate father, and that he had been intrigued by the possibility since Bobbie had first mentioned it.

"SEE, Mom, I TOLD you!" Bobbie screamed, jumping into Bobby's lap and kissing every part of his head that she could get to.

Janet looked into Bobby's eyes and said that if he honestly wanted to be a father figure to Bobbie that she couldn't think of a better one than him.

Bobby replied that he would be honored to be so.

Janet got up and kissed him, endearingly on the lips. Blushing to her beet-red again, she said that that was the second time that she had kissed a man, the first being her grandfather when she was 14.

Bobby was at a near loss for words and mumbled about how the men of the world had been deprived. She laughed and said "Hardly." "Oh, no, that was the second sweetest kiss that I can remember, the first being from this beautiful daughter of yours about an hour ago," he replied, "I am so very sorry that I never met you before. I could live very well on the kisses that you two lovely women dispense." Then the two women began showering him with more and more kisses until they all had to sit down to recover.

"Janet, I have to tell you that I am becoming very interested in changing your so introverted lifestyle. You may not choose me in the end, but I assure you that I will treat you in a way that I hope you will become accustomed to if you will let me into your head and, hopefully, your heart. You two are amazing women and I cannot help but want to be around and with you both. Please let me try to make you both happy," Bobby said sincerely.

"Bobby, I have felt a longing for a man despite my bad experience in the past. You are the first man that I have even thought might make me happy to be around and I already am enjoying you. You are so understanding, especially about Bobbie, that I am drawn to you and don't want to be away from you. I hope that you won't take it wrongly, but I feel compelled to tell you these feelings. I have no experience telling anyone my inner thoughts, so I guess I just dumped them on you."

"Janet, you saved us a lot of time by being forthright and honest. I think that we should go forward with this, but go slowly. I haven't dated anyone in several years because of not finding compatibility. I just sort of lost interest in pursuing partnership after being disappointed so many times. I have not become anti-social, just quit socializing, at least until this little fox showed up at my house and stole my heart. I started rethinking my priorities when I met her," Bobby said, "And then meeting you caused my emotions to just snowball."

"Now that all that is settled will my Daddy please take us to the zoo? I want to get really hungry and decide where we should eat dinner, since no one else seems interested in choosing," Bobbie interjected rather enthusiastically.

It being a nice warm day, and an only moderately populated zoo, the three of them had a wonderful day. Bobbie had been about 6 when Janet had taken her to the zoo and had not taken the time to do it afterward because of school and work. Bobby chided her for not being more proactive. Bobbie said that it was OK, because now he would take them places and they would enjoy them more.

As it turned out, Bobbie was well informed on animals and their habits. Bobby was impressed with her frequent statements and observations. Janet confessed that she had no idea of the knowledge Bobbie had. She knew that Bobbie was well above average in intelligence but had never had her IQ assessed. Bobby offered to have her examined and her IQ determined. Janet agreed.

After spending 5 hours at the zoo, three well worn people were ready to eat a hearty meal. Bobbie asked if The Grecian Table had baklava. Bobby laughed and said that they had excellent baklava and if she wanted to form her own opinion, then they should go there and see.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they were shown to a back table which afforded a view of the whole dining area. After looking at the menu, everyone had chosen their meal and Bobby signaled the waiter to take their order. Bobbie asked if real butter was used in the baklava, whether generic or local unpasteurized honey was used, if they used pecans or walnuts and if they rolled their own phyllo or bought a commercial variety. The stunned waiter smiled and answered yes to the butter, local honey from a relative of the owner, pecans and commercial phyllo.

Bobby was caught off guard and couldn't help laughing out loud at the unexpected and thoroughly detailed question. Janet was amused at his reaction. The waiter was thoroughly impressed. Bobbie was satisfied.

Janet ordered the Greek style Chicken, Bobby the Souvlakia with a side of stuffed grape leaves and a spinach pie, and Bobbie ordered (In Greek!) Pastichio, egg-lemon soup, spinach pie and a double order of baklava.

The waiter answered Bobbie in Greek and she was pleased that she had been recognized. Actually, she had only been self-studying Greek for a couple of months but had correctly understood the waiter's question, in Greek, "Is that all?" and had responded "Neh, epharisto" (Yes, thank you) in a perfectly acceptable Athenian accent. The waiter was enchanted by the young girl's proficiency in Greek and Greek food.

Bobby glanced over at Janet who shrugged and told him to get used to it, that it was classic Bobbie.

"Well, Daddy, I have to know stuff," Bobbie said.

Bobby replied, in Greek, "And so do I."

Bobbie squealed in joy, telling her mother, "Mom! He speaks Greek!"

Janet looked happily at the new father and daughter and said, "Does anyone speak Latin?" All three got a good laugh at that.

The threesome enjoyed a three hour stay in the restaurant, being visited by Gus, the owner who was an old friend of Bobby's, the head waiter, the chef and a couple of the kitchen staff, all of whom carried on a reasonable conversation in broken Greek and broken English which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

They were invited back, sincerely, and assured of getting "The Greek Price" from now on. They were also showered with sample dishes and pastries as long as they stayed.

As Bobby was settling the check, the Gus asked where he had been hiding that pair of women. He told him that they had just met, but to expect to see more of them, and often.

Gus then commented on the morning headline news about the incident that had featured Bobby. He said that Bobby was one Helluva guy, and shook his hand warmly.

On the ride back to Janet and Bobbie's house, Bobbie snuggled up to Bobby and cooed to him about the wonderful day he had given them. Janet agreed from the back seat, to which she had been consigned by Bobbie who plead "Fair is fair" since Janet had ridden shotgun to the zoo and the restaurant. She was fascinated at how well the two got along and was glad that she had chosen to participate.

Once home, the three sat around the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate and eating more Greek pastries which had been sent home with them.

At one o'clock in the morning, Bobby said that he had better go home and get some sleep, that he had had a long three days. Janet offered him their spare bedroom, which he declined but was overruled by Bobbie. She said that she would sleep better knowing he was in the house. Janet agreed, so he gave in and went to the bedroom. He had nothing to sleep in, but there was a connecting bathroom between his and Janet's rooms so he felt easy about being in his undershorts.

About an hour later, he was awakened by Janet getting in bed with him. He looked at her in astonishment and she said that she wanted to sleep with him. She had never slept with a man and wanted to experience it. He asked for her exact idea and she told him that she wanted to be his sexual partner, and that he had better not hesitate to accept because she didn't know how she had mustered up the nerve to even come in the bedroom, much less offer herself to him.

Bobby sat up and put his arms around her and pulled her down onto the bed, telling her that he had gone to sleep thinking about her and wanting her so badly that he hurt.

Janet told him that she knew the mechanics of sex but none of the operating procedures.

Bobby began kissing and holding her, and noticed that she had on only her pajama top and bottom with nothing else. He told her that she was a beautiful lady and the most sexually alluring one that he had known. She purred and told him that she had never met a man who turned her on until he came along.

Bobby slipped his hand under her top and found the most delightful pair of boobies one could imagine. They were not big at all, about the size of oranges and about as firm with proportionate nipples which were standing at attention. She nearly fainted as he gently felt and caressed them both at once. A picture came into his mind of baby Bobbie nursing them and he couldn't stop himself and began licking and sucking them one at the time, and finally started full-fledged nursing them. She was cooing and moaning while holding his strong arms. In a couple of minutes she sucked in a huge breath and held it. She began to tremble and shake then went completely rigid and put her arms around him, then started an articulated and sinuous motion with her entire body, ending in a scream that would wake the dead ... And Bobbie!

He knew what had happened and also what would happen any second now. Bobbie came through the connecting bath from her mother's room, stopped and gave them the biggest smile that she had.

"Mom! Did you just have sex?" she exclaimed.

"I don't know just what I had, but it blew my mind, that's for sure," Janet answered.

"Daddy, did you give Mom an orgasm?" she asked him.

Bobby sheepishly admitted that he had.

"Is she going to be pregnant, Daddy?"she asked in high excitement.

"No, not this time, Baby Girl," Bobby answered.

"Oh, I was hoping for a baby to love and take care of," she lamented.

Bobbie flopped down on the bed between them and kissed and hugged them both.

"May I stay and watch?" she asked hesitantly.

"Only if Bobby doesn't mind, so you must ask him."Janet said.

"I wasn't ready for that one, Janet. Are you serious?"

"Bobby, she and I are completely open with each other. It's the only way we have survived. I know that it may be hard for you to understand and I will explain things as we go along. We have no secrets from each other. Can you live with that?" Janet said.

"I have never thought of it in that context, but if it has worked for you I accept it," Bobby mused.

"There is one other aspect that I must mention again, and it is that Bobbie is deeply in love with you, as I am. Can you handle that?" Janet posited.

"Wow, that's a bag full. Are you advocating what I think you are? Do you mean to share me with her?" Bobby coughed out.

"Only if is agreeable with all three, whenever. Don't you think that fair?" Janet asked.

"Uhh, what do you think, Bobbie?" Bobby asked.

"If it's OK with you, I'd love it. I dreamed about it last night and I think it would be great. Probably the only chance I'll ever have to learn about sex first-hand. If Mom and I can be happy with it, you should be able to," Bobbie pleaded.

"It's not I couldn't handle it, it's just that I have never considered it," Bobby conceded.

"So, is it a plan? Do I get to love you, too? I mean, I already do, you know. Mom and I talked about this for a long time last night and we both want to be with you forever. I am willing to take a back seat if I have to, though," she said.

"I am still just a little bit flustered. I am being offered two beautiful women together and I don't see how I could possibly refuse the offer, but it just seems too good to be true," Bobby said.

"Well, are you or aren't you?" Bobbie squealed.

"Of course I will," Bobby shouted, "I'd be completely insane to say no."

"YES!!! I have a daddy and Mom has a man and I have a man and Mom has trouble, cause I'm going to learn to be a real girl and that will require a lot of time with Daddy, I think," squealed Bobbie.

"I'm not so sure that I will give him up to you. I have to learn a lot, too," said Janet, "But it's going to be interesting and certainly a lot of fun!"

"Are you two going to have sex again," Bobbie said in a subdued and hoarse voice, "because if you are, I am going to take part, too."

"I am not going to spoil my great feeling by doing any more, Bobby, why don't you and Bobbie get more acquainted while I just ride my first orgasm until it stops. I have never felt anything like that in my life and that was just my boobs. I cannot imagine what it will be like when you actually go in me, but it is fun to think about," Janet opined.

"Are you going to make me orgasm, too, Daddy? I have never been awake, but have semen all over my stomach when I wake up most mornings after having dreams that I can never remember. I don't really know what one feels like, but I bet you are gonna show me, aren't you, Daddy?" Bobbie said in a low and very sexy voice.

"Janet... ?" he asked, hesitantly.

"Oh, that's your department, Bobby. I have nothing to offer except 'Have Fun'," Janet said, nonchalantly, while grinning ear to ear.

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