The Girl With the Secret Weapon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, BiSexual, Fiction, Violent,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman with special talents.

Cindy Nelson was not a "Hottie".

She had rather average sized boobs that didn't impress her boyfriends who got to touch them occasionally and they were not the kind of breasts that lust inspired males to make fools of themselves.

Her only unusual feature was the fact that she had been studying martial arts since she was seven years old and at eighteen had achieved the status of Black Belt in two of the killing arts taught by the schools of Okinawan fighting and the school of Korean fighting that emphasized an entirely different approach than the leverage based basically weaponless style from Centuries old techniques.

It had been speculated by her close friends and relatives that Cindy was still a virgin.

In actuality, she had lost her cherry several months ago in the back seat of Harry Thompson's parent's car and bade it "good riddance" once and for all. It was not a particularly exciting encounter with the breathless Harry but Cindy was fully appreciative of his efforts and hoped that future couplings would prove a lot more pleasurable than Harry's rather below average cock.

Still, it was enthusiasm that counted in that all so important "first time" scenario and Harry delivered his load dead center of her core with his condom covered short fat cock in less than two minutes that seemed like an eternity to her.

She had wanted him to give her some foreplay like kissing and sucking on her nipples and perhaps even kissing her between her legs even if it was on the sides of her panties and not inside them. But Harry being in the grip of the need to insert his greedy cock inside his girlfriend's obliging pussy just went straight for the prize and started knocking on her cunt door as soon as he had her panties down to her ankles.

Cindy was not really quite sure what to do.

Her first reaction was to give him the edge of her hand on his neck to let him know she wanted him to go slow. She decided against that because she was the one who asked him to "do her" in the first place. Well, he had done her all right but not quite in the romantic way that she wanted. At least, he had used a condom and she didn't have to worry about starting a family on her own.

Cindy didn't tell anyone about her change in category regarding her virginal status. Now, as a certified non-virgin, she felt that she didn't have to worry about "opening the package" and that everything was functioning according to nubile standards. Harry was trying to sell her on giving him access to her poop hole but she didn't think that was necessary at her age. She was more interested now in gaining additional experience with various sizes of cocks and perhaps even test older men for a difference in technique.

After a few months of experimentation, Cindy felt like an "old hand" at getting fucked from different directions and by assorted sizes and ages of partners. She had insisted they all wear condoms for her own peace of mind but she felt a little deprived because she had not yet experienced the spurt of creamy cum inside her vagina and she lacked the wet feeling she got when she squirted a dildo filled with bogus cum straight into her fully penetrated channel. She weighted the pros and cons and decided that it would be more beneficial to take the raw cocks inside risking the STD aspect but that she would immediately start on a "pill" program that precluded any chance of pregnancy. After that, she began to have spectacular orgasms from the force of male sperm shooting deep inside her cunt.

When she looked in the mirror, her innocent looking face stared back at her never giving away the fact that she had already taken in close to three dozen various sized cocks and had numerous orgasms that made her determined to continue her program of sexual awakening. She kept her secret well and most men assumed they were talking to a virgin with no idea of what was in store for her. They were all eager to "break her into" the wonderful world of fucking and seemed surprised that she accommodated them without much protest. Fortunately, she had an extremely tight pussy and they assumed she was just ready for the magic moment and they were the first to give it to her up deep inside. Thus, Cindy lost her "cherry" over and over again with a fine acting performance each and every time.

She was hired by a security company that specialized in providing mercenaries around the world to protect buildings and people from the dangers of the modern world. Her immediate supervisor was a mature woman called Loretta Knight who had been an agent in her early years but now she functioned as a trainer and supervisor in the main office. Loretta knew that Cindy was highly trained in martial arts and she wasted no time in testing the girl with actual agents who had returned from the field and needed sparring partners to keep their fighting arts in tip-top condition.

Cindy was matched against agent Karla Marx inside the soundproof gym and she was surprised when the tiny woman threw her over her shoulder and caused her land on her rump with a loud thump. She got quiet when she saw the strange woman laughing at her discomfort and knew that Karla was determined to make the young girl feel some pain.

The next time Karla tried the same trick, she wound up flat on her back with Cindy's foot on her neck needing only a slight bit of pressure to break it like a twig. Karla quieted her anger and calmed down because she knew the young girl had her at her mercy and she was far too smart to risk getting killed because of stupid pride.

Her surrender brought a smile to Loretta's face because she had big plans for her young protégée

Her primary concern was that Cindy appeared to have no experience in sexual matters and that was quite dangerous for a field operative.

When she inquired about Cindy's experience with cocks, the girl laughed and admitted she had already acquired extensive experience using her vagina and her mouth but that she had not taken it up the ass because she was saving that for "a rainy day". They both laughed at that but Loretta told her it was important to be well rounded in all openings in case it was required at some future time. Loretta suggested she use the strap-on on Cindy's backside to give her an idea of how a nice-sized cock would stretch her sphincter muscle. The both giggled over the process of strapping on the device and Cindy helped her to lubricate the entire shaft and Loretta pushed a quantity of the guck up Cindy's little brown eye to make entry easy.

When Cindy started to fidget and move her hindquarters, Loretta hastened to apply a heavy handed correction to both cheeks letting Cindy know that she was to stay immobile whilst she was lining her pucker hole for insertion. There was a lot of grunting and groaning going on that sort of inspired Cindy to open up her brown star for Loretta's ten inch black shaded cock. The realistic ridges on the shaft stretched her sphincter to the limit and she quivered on the carpet knowing her new best friend had buried the hard object to the hilt inside her tender back door. She looked over her shoulder at Loretta but she saw the serious look in her eyes and the set of her lips that informed her there was no escape from the impalement. Cindy relaxed and let the woman take charge of her backside and let her ride at the speed and angle that she desired to make her orgasm powerful when it finally hit her right in the gut. She could feel her boss gyrating and humping her buttocks with a frenzied humping action and she just took it all obediently and with a submissive attitude that seemed to suit her like a familiar pair of shoes.

Primarily because of her martial arts training, Cindy was the kind of person who followed orders and stayed focused on an objective until it was reached. That made her an ideal candidate for special "clean-up" assignments with the security team. She had that look of innocence and youth that generally deflected suspicion at checkpoints and screening procedures. Her first assignment was in Dubai at an upscale hotel that used the company for all security related matters. Apparently, a pair of bad guys had blackmailed the operations manager to provide a suite under a threat of doing harm to the man's wife and children who resided in a separate compound that was not as secure as the hotel grounds.

Cindy was assigned to the operation working under another operative called "Black Cobra" who was supposed to be the "go to" guy for taking care of business. Unfortunately, Black Cobra who was a dishonorably discharged Marine charged with engaging in unauthorized interrogation techniques managed to drink a beverage with suspicious ingredients and he was flat on his back in his hotel room the entire time. He wasn't even able to give Cindy hints on the best way to take care of the matter.

She decided that it would be best to take the initiative and conveniently used the elevator at the same time the two bad guys were returning from receiving their final instructions from a sleeper cell at the local university. They were both young jihadists and were not willing to wait to get their virgins in paradise. The younger one whose name was Nidal let his hand roam all over her ass inside a tight revealing skirt. She knew she was considered "fair game" for bedroom activities because of her western dress and the use of cosmetics on her pretty face.

Cindy did her best to pretend a combination of fear and submissiveness.

It was the key to getting these guys all worked up. She could tell they worked as a team and probably did all their girls together to overwhelm her with their power. She didn't object when the young one held her by her elbows and his older partner Al-Mahrati violently removed her flimsy panties and stuffed them in his pocket.

"You are coming with us, young lady. It is important you learn a lesson about showing your body in public."

She kept her mouth shut and her eyes down on the ground because that is exactly what she wanted to happen. Cindy didn't really have any specific plan when they got to the jerk's room but she knew they should not be allowed to leave the room alive.

After the door to the suite was locked and bolted, they stripped her of all her clothing and made her parade around on the fluffy white carpet on her hands and knees. The young one kept hitting her flanks with his open palm and they were both laughing like insane persons. She could tell from the clock on the Television cabinet that the extraction team had already moved the family out of harm's way so all she had to do was to dispose of these two without delay.

She was pleased when the older man instructed his companion to hold her arms as he entered her vagina with an ugly looking cock that was covered with wildly growing black hair like some beast from the forest. Cindy knew she had him as soon as he buried his thing inside her and she engaged the special device that relieved the rapist of his tool of torture. The look on Al-Mahrati's face was filled with horror. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom with blood spurting like a fountain in the square. His partner looked at the bloodstained carpet with complete confusion and didn't feel the blow directly under his nose that drove the bone cartilage straight up into his brain killing him instantly.

She padded into the bathroom on her bare feet and twisted the young one's neck hard to the side ending his grief at losing his manhood.

Then she retrieve her cell phone from her purse and called for the back-up team to clear the suite of the bodies and replace the carpet which was stained so badly that cleaning would simply not suffice. She checked out and assisted her senior partner Black Cobra into the taxi to the airport because it would be best if they both exited the country as quickly as possible.

As soon as they boarded the airplane, Cindy fell asleep with her head on an older gentleman's shoulder who didn't seem to mind in the least little bit.

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