Wolf - 1 - the Beginning
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Violent, Military,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is NOT a werewolf story! A detachment of human Space Marines on planet Wolf-439 iv were nearly annihilated by aliens, but the alien spaceship crashed. A few marines survived and fought back against the aliens. This is the story of what the humans did and how they became aliens, themselves. This is Book 1 of what may become a continuing story, depending on the reaction this one gets.

"Your turn. Take knife. You hide 25 hours. We chase. We find. We kill. Go now."

The ogre, that's what I called the ETs who had invaded our base on Wolf-439 iv, handed me a large knife similar to what we humans called a Bowie knife. Wolf-439 iv was a recently occupied planet, at least by the humans, in the Wolf-439 system. We were on the fringe of human expansion, about 300 light years from home. We were there as a scouting party to see if the planet was worth exploiting, and it looked pretty good, so far. That is, until the ogres showed up.

We knew next to nothing about the ogres. They were not native to this planet, and probably not to the Wolf-439 system. We tried to be friendly at first, but to an ogre, killing you immediately was considered a friendly gesture. We lost almost all of our contingent before we figured that out. Anyway, I was one of four grunts captured. I'm Sgt. Andrew Higgins, and I think that I am lucky to be alive.

For some reason, the ogres were not interested in questioning us, they just wanted to play with us. We were tossed into cells and fed something that I suspect was human flesh, but I could not tell for sure. Anyway, I have been in this cell for four sleep cycles, but I do not know how that corresponds to days. This planet's day lasts just under 25 hours and has a gravity of .98g. The atmosphere is 27% oxygen, 72% nitrogen, and the rest is various inert gasses, so humans can live off it once they get acclimated to the additional oxygen level.

I was still wearing my combat uniform, so I was not completely helpless without the knife, but I was not going to point that out to the ogres. Yesterday, they implanted something under the skin of my left shoulder near my collarbone. I guess that it is a tracker of some sort, so I am going to dig it out as soon as I possibly can. I would not put it past them to cheat on the tracking part of the game.

The ogre walked out of my cell chuckling to himself. Well, I hope I had time to set up a few surprises for him. The cell door was left open and so was the door at the end of the corridor. I hurried down that way, and soon found myself outside. I guess the ogres like swamps because they had parked their spaceship directly in the middle of one. I ran down the ramp before anyone had a chance to change his mind and wound up wading in water up to my knees.

My first goal was to get out of sight of the ogres' spaceship and to dig out whatever it was that they implanted in my shoulder. I headed for a little mound of land that had the local equivalent of trees growing from it. That would be out of the direct sight of the ogres, I hoped, and would give me a place to sit down while I did the gizmoectomy. I could also look around to see my best chance of escape.

Well, it took about 35 minutes to dig that thing out of my shoulder, and every minute hurt worse than the one before, but I was not going to give in if I could help it, and kept digging. I had a vague plan for the gizmo, so I dropped it into my pocket. I still had a small first aid pack so I treated my wound as best I could and started walking in the direction that I remembered as having the most dry land.

Fortunately, we had mapped this area pretty thoroughly, and I had always had a good memory for maps, so I had a good idea of what would be best for me. I wanted to stay under the cover of trees so that the ogres could not track me from the air, but I was caught at cross purposes: I wanted to be tracked well enough for me to get close enough to them to kill them off. I have a strong lineage of Chiricahua Apache blood, and the thought of revenge for the killing of my friends ran through me like a river of fire.

I laid my first trap within two hours of leaving that damned cell. There was a small puddle of water across my path, and I had a strong feeling that the ogres would take the opportunity of walking through it. Therefore, I paused long enough to set out a series of punji sticks I cut from a plant that looked a lot like bamboo. Obviously, there could be no genetic relationship, but it looked enough like bamboo for me to call it that.

I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this trap because of it being built upon speculation, but I did have high hopes for it. I hid the evidence of my work and headed out in my original direction. So far as I knew, the ogres had not found our base camp, and I was hoping that was true. If I lived that long, tomorrow I would head for it in a circuitous route, hiding my path as best I could, because there were a few items there that I wanted to pick up. My true prize, if I could find it, would be the combat shotgun that operated on compressed air. I had actually managed to kill two ogres with one before I was captured, so I knew that it worked. I had not been able to kill more because of the wild charge put on by nearly 25 ogres that simply overwhelmed us.

I hurried as fast as I could to a place suitable for my next trap. This was going to be a more elaborate trap baited by the implanted gizmo, and it was going to take several hours to build. At last, I reached my trap location and set to work. This trap consisted of a flat platform with bamboo spikes on the underside. It would be suspended from a tree limb and set to fall when the trigger was tripped. The bait would be set at the trigger point, and I hoped that one of the ogres would bend over to pick it up. That would release the spiked platform to fall on his back.

Fortunately, I finished the construction and installation before dark and was able to find a place to sleep reasonably safe from discovery just in case the ogres had lied to me. Food was going to become a problem before long. A human could eat the local flora and fauna without danger, except there were some vitamins missing that had to be supplemented by pills from the base. That was the overriding reason that I had to find the base in reasonably good condition.

I managed to quell my curiosity about the efficacy of my traps and to head toward the base. The going was slow because I wanted to cover my tracks as best I could. My God! Was I lucky! The base was in first class condition and had not been disturbed. No other humans were around, but that was not surprising. I found several bottles of the vitamin supplement and dropped them into my pockets. There was enough to last one man several years, so I was home free on that subject.

I broke into the armory and picked up one of the special shotguns. I also took four of the replacement tanks and a pump for recharging the tanks. The pump could be operated on human power, so I did not have any trouble from that angle. The biggest problem was ammunition. I took 200 rounds with me of mixed solid slug and buckshot. By this time, I was loaded with about as much as I could carry. I picked up a couple of canteens for water, but I did not take any food: that I would collect as I needed it, though I did eat a big meal before I left the base.

Now was the time to head back to see how my pursuers were managing. As I suspected, I found their trail and it was running straight for where I had left the trap baited with the tracking gizmo. The trail led straight as an arrow to the first trap. From what I could read, I had caught at least one ogre there. The ground was churned up with multiple footprints as would have been made by a group of people helping a compatriot in trouble. Okay, that was good for my ego, but I was not sure how much trouble it had caused the ogres, other than the one who had been injured.

I put on a little speed and caught up to the hunters as they got close to the last trap. One of them was constantly referring to a box in his hand, and he led the way directly to the trap. Aha, I was right! They were a bunch of cheats!

I stayed well in the background as they approached the trap. The ogre with the box walked up to the bait and bent over to pick it up. That released the trigger and the platform of spikes came crashing down on his back. He let out a mighty scream of pain just before he died. I could tell from the way the rest of the ogres acted that all of the fun had gone out of the game.

They snatched up their weapons and formed a defensive circle around their fallen comrade. I had decided to use solid shot for the beginning of the campaign, so I fired a slug into an ogre on the far side of the circle. He screamed and blood gushed from the hole in his back. As he fell, he turned enough for me to see the exit hole, and it was gushing even more blood.

I managed to kill two more of the ogres before they determined where the bullets were coming from. Apparently, they knew only in general where the bullets were originating because their firing back at me was hardly close. The lack of a loud gunshot was confusing them, and I suspect that they thought that more than one attacker was present. I was well protected by a tree, so there was no need for me to move. I continued to shoot at the ogres as long as there were any left alive. By not running away immediately, they had lost their chance to escape.

I killed eight ogres, counting the one killed by the trap, and I was feeling good about the whole episode. I had no idea about how many ogres there were in the spaceship, so I did not know how many more I had left to fight. It occurred to me that I should report this encounter to Earth, so I took some pictures of the ogres and their weapons. They appeared to have guns that used conventional gunpowder.

I headed back to base and composed a message describing everything that had happened to me since we were originally attacked. I also said that I planned to continue my harassment of the ogres until I had eliminated all of them or until they had killed me. I signed the message with both my English name and my Chiricahua war name. I hoped that they understood that meant that I had declared war on the ogres, and nothing was going to dissuade me! The message was sent by FTL radio, and it should have been received within two minutes of it's transmission.

I stayed at the base for the rest of the day just in case there was a reply. I heard nothing, so all I got for the rest of the day was a lot of rest. That was probably good for me, but I did get a little bored. While I had nothing else to do, I read all I could find of the field notes made by the scientific crew. There might be something there that I could use in my fight with the ogres.

I didn't find anything specifically useful, but I did find a reference to an open position on the local inhabitants' genome. This same open spot existed on the genome of every plant and animal tested. Nothing significant was attached to this anomaly, so I let it go as a curiosity point and went on to the other stuff.

The next day, I went back to take a look at the ogres' spaceship. A number of them were outside the ship working on it, and I wondered what was going on. They had spotted our ship and destroyed it at the time of first contact, so I wondered if one of our gunners had gotten in a lucky hit. As nearly as I could tell, the ogres were not doing any sort of scientific investigation of the planet: either they had already thoroughly explored the planet or else they had no interest in that sort of thing. In either case, I wondered why they had been hanging around. Simply killing a stray human could not be the full reason. The only other reasonable possibility that I could come up with was that their ship was damaged and had to be repaired before it could leave the planet.

I decided to play the part of a nasty demon and do everything I could to interfere with their repairs. Therefore, I moved to a good attack position and began to shoot at the ogres actually doing the repairs. If I killed them, the others might not be able to take off.

I found a place about 60 meters from the work gang on a little relatively dry knoll. I was hidden by bushes, so I figured that I could shoot a few shots before they found out where I was. For no particularly good reason, I picked the ogre sitting atop the largest of the machines. I made sure to let him get into the most favorable position before I shot. Then it dawned on me: NO, let him get into a position where his uncontrolled machine could do the most damage!

He was carrying some large subassembly from one place to another when I fired. There was no more than a gentle whoosh of sound from the shotgun, and a large slug was launched into the ogre's left side. My shooting was just about perfect! The Ogre slumped where he was in the driver's seat and the monster machine kept moving. Several of the other ogres shouted at him, presumably to stop, but the machine kept moving until it crashed into another large machine waiting nearby. At that point, the "dead man" brake must have taken over and stopped the machine, but not until considerable damage had been done to both machines.

Now, the question came up of whether or not I should shoot again. I decided that I might not get such a good opportunity again, so I took several more shots at the drivers of various machines. Their machines were not moving, so the death of an operator was not noticed until I had killed four more of them. Talk about sudden chaos in an anthill!

Every one of the ogres took off at a dead run for the ramp back into the spaceship. Unfortunately for the ogres, a dead run for them was hardly more than a fast walk for a human. Those ogres were nearly 3 meters tall and must have weighed at least 300 kg. Anyway, not all of my shots were killing shots, but I managed to hit seven more of the bastards before the last one was inside the ship! I congratulated myself on my skill and good luck and ran like hell to escape before they could come after me.

I went back the next day and found the ogres hard at work trying to clean up the mess that I had made. The main difference was that they had 17 ogres out with weapons to guard their perimeter. I figured on making life as miserable as I could for those bastards and killed three more before I ran away. Those three dead ogres had been enough to cause a mad scramble for the inside of the ship, and that might be the last of the repair activities for the day.

There were some demolition charges at the base, and I wondered about using them against the spaceship. I considered sneaking up at night and setting charges under some of the equipment still in place. After looking around some more I found just the kind of fuses I needed. That was what it took to convince me to give it a try. Two of the vehicles were tracked, and I figured that they would be the most difficult to repair. I sneaked in and set a charge with a pressure fuse so that moving the vehicle would set off the explosive. Three vehicles were rigged this way, and I crept back into the woods to await developments when daylight came.

I had been waiting for almost two hours, and the sun was finally ready to show itself. At last; I was bored out of my skull, and I had already dropped off to sleep a couple of times. Dammit, if I was going to do that sort of thing, the best thing for me to do would be to get the hell out of there. I sure didn't want to be caught at this time!

I had nearly another hour to wait before something happened. The sun was well up by now and there was plenty of light. An ogre came out of the ship very cautiously, as if he expected to be shot the moment he stepped onto the ramp. Well, it didn't happen, and he emitted a massive sigh of relief. He was followed by six more ogres carrying guns. I was so bored by now that I was tempted to switch my fire selector to full automatic and wipe out the ogres that I could see on the ramp. Thank God that I was able to hold off.

Shortly thereafter, 11 more workers came down the ramp. I defined them as workers because they were not carrying guns. Here came 12 ogres with guns down the ramp behind them, and that seemed to be the end of the working party.

Three of the men climbed into the vehicles that I had booby trapped and started the engines. The other ogres scattered themselves around the work area, and one of the ogres blew a whistle. One of the vehicles started to move, and that was when all hell broke loose. There was a tremendous explosion that threw pieces of metal all around the work area. Very nearly every one of the workers was hurt to some extent, and four were killed.

By reflex, I suppose, the other two vehicles started to move, and both of them exploded at essentially the same time. As nearly as I could tell, every member of the work crew and the guards were killed by one or more pieces of flying metal.

I went back to base and to bed, singing a little nonsense song as I went.

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