Desperate Housewives
Chapter 1

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Interracial Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Not like the Desperate Housewives you've seen on TV. This one is a long, ongoing story about several women who are very broke and so desperate to save their rich lifestyles, they recruit and begin making porn movies with one anothers' sons.

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   InLaws   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Nudism   Porn Theatre  

Amanda Peeks almost fell out of her seat between trying not to choke on her drink and her gales of laughter.

"Sorry," the 35 year old blond managed to get out while still trying to compose herself. She starred back at her best friend she had known for years and realized she had been totally serious about the proposal she had just suggested. The 34 year old was just sitting quietly and completely straight-faced.

"Absolutely," replied Sandi Cruthers as she brushed a stray strand of her long chestnut brown hair off her forehead.

"I see no other way out of our predicament."

The pair were sitting in a small lounge that was dimly lit and almost deserted except for what looked like a few regulars who were perched on stools at the bar.

They both were very pretty women with slim, tight bodies thanks to memberships in a high class gym that allowed them to work out regularly. Today the near perfect looking bodies were encased in the latest fashion of tight designer jeans that displayed their long slim legs and superb asses.

In addition both women had classical beautiful faces with high cheek bones, and smooth unblemished skin.

Amanda was a blond bombshell with a voluptuous body that boosted a pair of big tits, a slender waist with a flat tummy and wide generous hips on a short frame of about five foot four. Sandi was a couple of inches taller with thick brown shoulder length hair that fell in waves around her pretty face with big brown eyes. Her five foot six figure was slim and athletic looking with smallish looking boobs, a very slim waist and trim boyish hips. Although her body was not near as voluptuous looking as Amanda's it did attract a lot of attention Normally they would have relished the stares from the men but today they had more important things on their mind like finding a solution to the very serious financial predicament they found themselves in.

About a year previous, Sandi held a very respectable job as a project manager in an ad agency. However, never satisfied with the money she was earning she began experimenting in the day trading of stocks. At first she was quite cautious with her money and never invested very much. Just a few dollars at a time but the impressive returns she began receiving from this modest amount kept tempting her to take bigger and bigger risks with her money.

Which she did but there was no worry. It seemed like magic at work as dollars began rolling into her bank account at such a rate she could barely keep track of it all. Sandi soon began spending like there was no tomorrow. First she bought herself a fancy new sports car and then began lavishing all kinds of other expensive things on herself and her 16 year old son, Ryan The money continued to be so good she abruptly quit her job, and bought herself a big condo in a new and very expensive complex. It just seemed like there was no end to it and when her friends saw her expensive lifestyle, they began begging her for the secret. She willingly confided in them and explained to them how easy it was to make huge sums of money by day trading.

After that, her friends began clamouring and asking her how they could get get involved so they formed a club with Sandi in charge of all investments. They trusted her so much nobody ever thought of questioning her or looking into her road to riches that deeply.

Soon there were six of them involved and since they were all single moms they called them selves the WIGS or Women Only Group. In short order club members were all so rich that they too began quitting their jobs and buying themselves new expensive cars, big expensive homes and racking of thousands of dollars of debt on bank loans and credit cards.

Then a few months ago it all came crashing down on them. It seemed like overnight the market fell apart and they got no returns at all on their investments leaving them all deep in debt and struggling to pay for their expensive toys. With unpaid bills coming due Sandi, in desperation, took all their remaining funds and placed them in what she thought was a sure thing but this too failed leaving them even worse off than before.

Now, with angry creditors demanding payment on their mountains of debt and the banks about to foreclose on their fancy new homes, Sandi and Amanda met to discuss any and all options. They discussed various ideas and dismissed them all. Then out of the blue Sandi brought up something so far off the wall that it had never crossed Amanda's mind before.

"You mean we make sex movies, PORN, with our teenage sons," she questioned Sandi in dis-believe.

Sandi, who had remained silent throughout her outburst replied, "yes, I checked out a site on the internet that is very discreet and caters to high paying clients who want to see certain things."

"You mean FETISH, where those perverts pay money to watch us ordinary housewives do disgusting things with boys young enough to be our sons. And to top it off, THEY ARE OUR SONS"

Sandi was silent again, letting her friend vent her feelings before speaking.

"I understand what you're thinking. It is sick and perverted but the more I think about it, the more I realize that it's the perfect solution to our financial problems. You see, the way the site is set up it costs very little to get started, just a nominal site rental fee and the cost of some very good high resolution cameras. Then all we have to do is get an internet banker that can handle the monthly payments our customers will pay to access our site and we can start withdrawing funds from it almost immediately. That will give us immediate money to keep the worst of our creditors off our backs, then as begin making more, we can start paying back all our creditors."

Amanda interrupted

"But it's our SONS involved here. I can't imagine me getting it on with your son Ryan, with or without a camera. He is what, 16. And you fucking around with my son Timmy, also barely 16."

Sandi countered by suggesting to her friend that if the idea of using their sons was too sick for her, then maybe they could go out and hire some strangers to fuck.

"It doesn't matter as long as they they look young and innocent. I am sure we could find some- body willing to fuck us on camera. Hell, we probably wouldn't even have to pay them. Or we could find ourselves rich boyfriends. Take Joe Sandin for instance, I hear he is Mister Moneybags himself."

Amanda's face took on a sour expression.

"Totally a no no," she stated strongly.

"To hell with his vast sums of money. Why that old fart is not only ancient with no teeth, I don't think he baths that regularly." " Well, if we don't do something right away I may be forced to seduce him into being my sugar daddy. I can see if he has a brother for you," Sandi laughed.

It was Amanda"s turn to be quiet as she thought over the idea.

Finally she asked, "okay, tell me more, what does the rest of your plan entail and what exac- tly are we going to have to do.

Sandi allowed herself a small sigh of relief because when she saw the look of resignation on her friend's face, she knew she had won her over.

Although the idea of fooling around with Amanda's son on camera was not that appealing, it was better than the alternative which was bankruptcy. No more fancy sport cars and expensive condos

with plush furnishings. She had grown so used to that life style those things seemed like necessities to her now and there was no way she going to give them up without a fight.

"Okay, here is how it works," Sandi began explaining to Amanda.

"This internet site wants graphic movies of women like us doing things with much younger males."

"You mean BOYS," Amanda spat out then kept quiet as her friend continued to explain how the site worked.

"These movies are posted on the internet on a very discreet site that is not seen by the gen- eral public looking for porn. In addition, in case it does happen that someone we know views the site. It won't matter because our faces will be altered enough to make us unrecognizable.

"And because it is a fetish site it caters to a select group that pays more than normal for the privilege of viewing it. That is $50 a month and our sponsor, Marcella is her name, takes ten per cent. We get to keep the rest. Just imagine in a few weeks or few months, if we work this right, we could have hundreds of people paying us monthly. We will be rich again."

"How graphic," asked Amanda.

"As graphic as we want to make it, it could be a little or a lot but remember the really big money is in the most graphic."

Sandi then pulled a sheet of paper out of her purse and handed it to her friend.

"Here are the suggestions from our sponsor that will make our site a big money making machine for us."

Amanda grabbed it and began reading it out loud.

"Let's see, complete nudity is a must with the sexiest poses possible. Sex is a must of course. It must be done in various positions and places and various types of sex are highly suggested. That means anything from straight sex, to oral and even anal."

"Ugh," Amanda shrugged in distaste. " Oral, I might be able to handle. I have done it a few times for special boyfriends who insisted on it, but anal NEVER. I think that is truly disgusting."

"Me too," Sandi sympathized, " but maybe if we can make enough with the other stuff we can avoid doing it."

"And another thing, I don't think either of our sons have much experience with sex. I know Tim has had a girlfriend or two but I don't think they have gotten down to the nitty gritty yet." Amanda said.

"Then we teach them, that is something our customers may want to see. Us hot little MILFs having our way with those sweet innocent boys, Sandi countered.

"MILFs, just what does that stand for or do I want to know?"

"It is porn terminology that means Mothers I Would Love To Fuck" explained Sandi.

"Oh brother,"groaned Amanda, "that's all I need to be known as. And what about Ryan? How much experience do you think he has?"

Sandi thought it over for a moment and then stated. "He's probably like Timmy. He has had a couple of girlfriends but I don't know how far things progressed. I never really thought about it."

"And speaking of the boys. How do you think they will feel about all this. They are going to have to participate and in a very big way you know,"

Sandi shrugged and replied "I have thought about that and there are various things we can do."

"Number one, sit them down and tell them exactly what is going on and that if they don't want to co-operate they don"t have to but it will mean the end of their current lifestyle. No more monthly allowances, their car is history and they had better get used to living in a much smaller place on the poor side of town. When we explain it to them, like that I think they will understand what's at stake.

Also, don't forget the fact that they are typical teenage boys with hormones that are always run- ing wild. They will probably be salivating and drooling at the very thought of having sex with us."

"Their little dickies will probably be sprouting woodies from the word go," Amanda laughed.

Sandi laughed with her and then continued.

"Option two, we don't tell them. Instead we maybe get them a little drunk or stoned on some- thing and then seduce them. That should be easy enough to do, especially with perpetually horny teen- age boys. "Option three, again we don't tell them anything at all. We just put them in a situation where they are pressured to get it on with us or else."

"You mean a little blackmail, or something," Amanda snickered.

"Exactly," Sandi answered. "We set them up to get caught stealing something out of our houses and tell them it is sex with us or else.

"Which one do you prefer Amanda? "Well, I have always been right up front about our situation with Timmy so I think it is best to let him in on everything."

"Me too. I feel the same way about Ryan." "So who else is in on this? What about the rest of the club, they are just as broke as we are and they can definitely use the money? But will they be willing to sacrifice their bodies and a teenage son? Amanda questioned Sandi. "Just us two to begin with. We will test the water first, see how well it works and once we are successful at it, we will offer them the chance to join us."

"Oh goody, just we need, more teenage boys to fuck," Amanda giggled.

"So when do we start our porn careers," she added. "The sooner we get started, the sooner we can begin making some serious money again, so I suggest this weekend. Today is Thursday so that gives us until tomorrow to talk to the boys and get things rolling with this."

"Okay," said Amanda.

"Good, you talk to Timmy as soon as possible. Phone me when you have everything arranged with him," Sandi told Amanda as they walked out of the lounge.

"This is going to be really good," I promise she added.

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