Clementine Gets Gold Fever
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Clementine never thought she would get caught up in the lust for gold that all the silly miners seemed under the spell of. Still, there were a lot more ways of gathering the yellow stuff than digging for it.

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In a cavern, in a canyon,
Excavating for a mine,
Dwelt a miner, forty-niner
And his daughter - Clementine

Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling,
Oh my Darling Clementine.
Thou art lost and gone forever,
Dreadful sorry, Clementine.

A long time ago, way back in the time of the famous California "Gold Rush", there lived a beautiful miner's daughter called Clementine. I have to make it abundantly clear that this sensuously nubile daughter of the far west was unique in a very special way because most of the females out in the gold fields were either whores or worn-out wives with no sparkle left in their weary eyes any longer.

Her impetuous ma was long gone, not in the permanent way of being deceased, but by taking off with some itchy-footed Cavalryman with a need to find a more comfortable existence in the drawing rooms of San Francisco society without a need for actually working in some dreary mining camp with rustic simplicity.

Clementine's ma was undisputedly a "hot" number and the rumor was that she had made a fool of her husband with almost every good-looking unattached male passing through the gold fields with a yen for finding a lot of the yellow stuff without really having to work for it like the actual miners similar to Clementine's hard-working dad.

It was really no surprise to anyone including Clementine that Mrs. Powell was finally running away to her "pie in the sky" dream about life in the upper crust of society and in the midst of rich and cultured people that set store by fancy duds and typical "nose in the air" attitudes. The fact that her new-found beau Lt. Ashbury was better at playing cards than actually shooting a pistol seemed perfectly suitable to her because she respected his ability to earn money with skills learned during his military career.

I first met Clementine at the assay office up near the American River not far from Folsom and Sutter's Mill where the first nuggets were found. She had this deep low sexy voice that sent shivers up your spine like a bobcat just jumped down from a tree-branch. She was standing real close to her Pa because there were some rough looking characters hanging around the place looking for naïve prospectors to fleece of their new wealth. It was hard to discern her figure because of the loose-fitting men's clothes with the baggy pants and high slogging boots which were needed if you stood anywhere near a sluice box.

My name is not important because this story is about Clementine and not about me.

Her Pa was a fine figure of a man. He was tall and handsome and you could tell from the way he kept his hand always near the handles of his six shooters that he was not one of those naïve dudes that hadn't yet lost their "back east" ways.

I was careful to keep my distance because I was certain he was on the alert for amorous minded gents willing to risk rejection because the prize was so tempting. It was easy to see that the flirtatious Clementine was used to the attention from the way she kept tugging at the wisps of softly flowing hair in front of her delicate ears.

The assay officer was tabulating the value of the dust pokes and his swift hands were watched closely by one and all to make certain none of the precious content was spilled or swiped by some dishonest soul.

I had several nice-sized nuggets in my waist belt but I hesitated to produce them because I didn't like the looks of some of the rough and heavily armed characters standing silently in the corners. I would just hang onto the finds until I got to the better protected miner's office in Sacramento.

Clementine was excited with the press of the heavily bearded men crowding the small office. Of course, most of them had not had the advantage of a bath for some time because they were too busy searching for the yellow stuff that guided their every motion. She really didn't mind the odor because it carried a certain thrill of masculine presence. Besides, she was with her doting father and he would protect her for any unseemly advances.

In a way she wouldn't mind of one of the dangerous looking types did force her to do something against her will because she certainly wouldn't find an eligible bachelor out in the dreary gold fields and muddy rivers where the dust seemed to gather.

She heard a pair of miners arguing about the "Mother Lode" that was supposed to be up in the foothills of the nearby mountains and that it was the legendary "El Dorado" of solid gold seams running though the rocky face of the silent mountains. She heard talk of "millions" and it made her start to quiver down low between her legs like some silly boy had inserted his grimy hand under her skirts to explore her virgin territory. The thought and the lure of the vast riches they discussed made her come closer to a true orgasm than when she did her best to rub her feminine slit under the covers in the dark of their lonely cabin. Sometimes she got so lonely; she considered asking her father to take her virginity. She was mortified at the incestuous thought and knew she would never do any such thing but it was a little exciting just to think about him holding her down and making her give up to him the secrets of her female core.

The tent where the fancy girls from San Francisco were making more gold than the miners was only a short distance from her window and she could sometimes hear them shouting encouragement to the miners that were plowing their gardens in exchange for some of their precious "pokes" of dust. She had visions of the girls flat on their backs with their legs up high taking all the miners had to give and hoping they got there fast so they could move on to the next customer.

Clementine had forged a sort of friendship with one of the tent girls that was more friendly and talkative than the others. She told Clementine that most of the miners were just lonely and looking for female companionship and they pretty much were satisfied with just poking her between her legs until they managed to fire off their loads with happy shouts of laughter. Sometimes they would spank her just to see if they could make her cry but she liked it so much she felt more like laughing than crying.

The girl's name was Emma and she told Clementine she had come from a well-to-do family back in Salt Lake City but her father was so strict that she ran away with a young man determined to find his fortune in the gold fields of California. Unfortunately, he had been shot in the back entirely by accident by a sheriff from another county that mistook him for a wanted murderer with a similar look to his face and build. The sheriff apologized profusely to the sobbing Emma and he gave her a nice poke of gold to compensate her loss and lifted her skirts to give her a poke between her legs as well.

After that, she felt so guilty about betraying the love of her fallen partner that she found employment in the fancy lady tent because the men were all too busy searching for gold to take a deserted female as a wife. She had been working there almost a year and lost track of the number of men that had passed through her legs paying the fee for their short visit.

The way the girl talked it induced Clementine to laugh because of the humor of her tale. In a way, she could tell the girl was motivated just like her to find a "pot of gold" but Clementine was positive she would not want to reach her goal by spreading her legs for anyone with enough gold dust to pay the going rate.

Late one night, Emma knocked on her window and told her to bring her pan and mining tools because she knew a place where the gold was sure to be. They both crept down to the long wooden walkways outside the assay office and the bar and the tents of the girls offering flesh for dust.

They both got down on their knees and crawled underneath. It was dark but Emma had a small lantern and the place was completely deserted. Slowly they both scooped the surface of the sandy dirt under the wooden boards and they dragged their bags back to the stable behind Clementine's cabin. There, they sifted the sandy dirt looking for the yellow flakes that slowly filled their two pokes with the heavy metal. Apparently, the miners often shifted their dust from poke to poke losing some of the precious stuff between the boards of the narrow walkway.

Both of their pokes were heavy with the gold dust and Emma told Clementine that they had just collected more cash money than she could make in a busy week at the tent. They giggled and hid their loot under the floorboards of the stable along with the prospecting tools for repeat excursions to retrieve the lost gold flakes that had lain under the walkways ever since the first day of the gold rush.

Clementine didn't object when Emma kissed her right on the lips because she like the laughing girl and she was so excited about having gold of her own at long last. Even when the fancy woman tent girl started to explore her hidden assets she didn't refuse her intimacy. It was making her pant with emotion like she was in a race uphill and she knew her unmentionables were wet with desire.

When Emma arrived at her secret garden, Clementine was confused because she was experiencing the same feeling as when some of the rowdy young boys back home took liberties with her person between dances. She knew she shouldn't feel that way about another female but it seemed so natural under the circumstances.

"Get on your tummy, Clementine I want to rub your pretty bottom."

Emma's words made Clementine blush and she was glad it was dark in the stable and the other girl could not see her immature reaction. Besides, Emma was doing such a good job massaging her legs and her buttocks that she didn't want her to stop until she reached that little tingle she suspected was fast approaching.

The girl with lots of experience in making men tingle knew she had Clementine right where she wanted her and added some spanking to her massage without any reluctance on the young girl's part. Clementine pushed her flanks up high for Emma's ministrations and suddenly she went into a convulsive orgasm when the naughty girl touched her trigger at the front of her soaking wet quim. She held onto Emma's arm and kissed her face to thank her for making her feel so good. It was not quite the same as having an actual man to service her but it was certainly enough to satisfy her in a way she never suspected could be done.

They planned to do another sweep of the ground under the boardwalk the following night to add to their pokes. Emma was excited and explained to her,

"After we get most of those droppings, we can get in behind the bar and look under the floorboards. I know they always count out the drinks on the little scale and never think to get the fallen flakes from the floor. I bet there is a least a whole poke of gold just sitting there waiting for us to collect it."

It sounded wonderful to Clementine but she was worried they might get caught and treated like thieves. The males were usually beaten up but the females were always bent over and paddled with the huge slab of wood that hung over the bar as a reminder to not steal from or cheat the house.

As she was leaving, Emma whispered in her ear,

"I have a really nice customer from the mountains. He is real young and has a wonderful tool that makes me happy to service him. He told me that he wanted to put his thing in a young girl's bottom but I can't do that because I promised my mom I would never do such a sinful thing. I couldn't help but notice you liked getting touched back there and if you want to help out with him I know we can split another full poke of gold. I promise it is just a one-time thing and nobody at the tent needs to know you are helping me."

It sounded deliciously naughty to Clementine and she had to admit the chance to get another poke of gold was mighty tempting. She promised Emma she would think about it and the girl gave her a knowing look. It was beginning to look like Clementine was finding the lure of accumulating a stock of gold was enough to make her downright open-minded about her actions.

Her father was snoring inside the cabin and she knew he was probably exhausted from digging in the hard ground for the elusive yellow prize.

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