Chapter 1: Arrival

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Fisting, Sex Toys, Nudism,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1: Arrival - A modern young man finds himself thrown into the strange and incomprehensible world of 2299 C.E. Only one person can understand his 21st Century English but she has her own agenda. Can he trust her? Does he have any choice? This story is hard science fiction with a strong original plot plus some sex.

Location : Melbourne, Australia
Era : Friday, 23 June 2017 CE

The first indication something strange had happened was the unusual track in the bubble chamber. It was far more prominent than the others. Mark went looking for the digital SLR camera to record it.

Mark rummaged through the litter and tools his fellow post-grad Bill had left on the bench. He made a mental note to have a word with him. There were potato chip packets and empty soda cans scattered across the work area. Mark sniffed the cans. The cans smelled like they had been spiked with alcohol.

He sniffed the cans again. Scotch, definitely Scotch!

Mark really needed to talk to Bill. If the Professor saw this mess, he would not care who was responsible. They would both be in trouble!

He spotted the camera in amongst the debris and fished it out. He half-filled the camera’s memory card with snaps of the chamber, focusing on the weird track.

The bubble chamber was old school; hardly anyone used them anymore especially for detecting cosmic rays. The magnetic traps installed around the chamber were new, but even they were just variations on an old idea. Mark and Bill had been collecting data with this museum piece for months at the behest of Prof. Holland. The Professor was cagey about why he wanted the data. Maybe it was for his History of Physics course?

The unusual track terminated inside one of the new magnetic traps. Mark knew a particle heavy enough to make that track would decay almost instantaneously, but the curvature passing through the trap would reveal a lot about its properties. It never occurred to him that the unknown particle could still be inside the trap.

Mark hung the camera around his neck and retrieved a screwdriver from its bracket. At least that was in the right place. He moved around to the back of the chamber to access the trap then everything seemed to happen at once. His inner ear and his eyes started disagreeing about which direction was down. His foot came down on something wet and slippery. The metal blade of the screwdriver hit something solid. There was a spark and the smell of burning plastic. Then there was a pain in his ears and something shoved him hard in the small of the back. He slammed into the back plane of the chamber and his right cheek and his right wrist exploded in pain. Then he was falling though white powder and broken glass.

Things became very confusing for a while.

He had surreal memory of someone with purple dyed skin, novelty lenses, and a cosplay costume helping him along a war-torn street. A gritty, grey powder was falling from the sky. There was ringing in his ears. The purple guy was looking at him and moving his mouth, but he could not hear. He could not even collect his wits enough to try communicating through gestures or lip reading. It was just too hard to think.

Buildings looked like a first year architectural student’s idea of avant-garde design. There was steel and glass tinted in unlikely colors. Fuzzy colorful shapes he could not focus on milled about in the confusion. He could not put any weight on his right foot and had to lean on the purple guy. His right lower arm was bent at an unnatural angle. Everything dissolved into dizzy confusion and he was falling again.

When he came to, he was naked on some sort of padded table. Someone had washed him but they had not done a good job. There was still grit on his lower legs, left arm and all though his hair. There was something weird about the walls and the furniture in the room too. It was like being in the middle of an impressionist painting! He had trouble focusing his eyes on the walls, as spots making up the mural seemed to project off the surface, and float in midair a few feet from his eyes. His stomach threatened to turn itself inside out. It felt like an iron spike was being driven through his head as he struggled to make any sense of this impossible image.

He saw there were three people in the room, two females and a male. He tried to focus on them. At least they were normal 3D objects, although they looked like they belonged at a comic book convention. Maybe models at a comic book convention as they were all extremely good looking. They were arguing in some incomprehensible language.

Two of them seemed to be wearing matching, if bizarre, uniforms. He guessed that they were some kind of medical professionals, as they each had something which vaguely resembled a stethoscope-hanging around their necks. The male medic was holding his stethoscope out in front of him like a holy symbol, as if it would protect him from the anger of the loudest member of the trio.

The imposing figure giving them grief was a tall, skinny, light-skinned, blond female ... elf? She wore nothing but snowflake tattoos, a green strip of cloth that might be called a skirt, if one were generous, and a matching green carry bag. She turned toward him and a look of concern passed over her face. Then she barked an order at the medics.

The male medic, who was the strangest looking of the bunch, made a quick gesture on the bench they were standing near. The decor returned to a semblance of normalcy with the patterns on the furniture and walls at least staying put on their proper surfaces, instead of leaping out at him.

The timid looking man’s skin was bright yellow and his eyes were larger than normal. His hair was white bristles. He was wearing a green kilt. Except for the color it was identical to the skirt his female colleague was wearing. His top, if you could call it that, had long sleeves, shoulders, a collar, and not much else. It displayed his impressive yellow chest and abs.

His female colleague tried to mediate between the angry elf and the fearful yellow ... goblin? She was shorter than the others with pale skin and black hair. Her blue uniform included the same ridiculous looking torso-less top as her partner. In addition she had a blue lace bra that mostly covered her breasts and perched on her head, was a ridiculous paper origami boat that made him think of a nurse. Upsetting the elf, seemed the last thing the goblin wanted to do. He cringed very time he shook his head at one of her demands, making warding gestures with his hands.

Finally the elf tossed a few plastic rectangles onto the bench. From the reaction of the medics it was money - a lot of money. They became much more receptive to the elf’s suggestions. The elf barked orders while the nurse collected equipment and the goblin pocketed the money.

Mark had finally collected enough of his wits to attempt to communicate. “Um, hello? Could I have some pethidine or something stronger, and a blanket? I am cold and in pain, and I am hanging out here for everyone to see ... and, Aaah, do any of you speak English?”

The elf showed some interest in his words. A needle appeared in her hand and was sticking out of his arm before he knew it with barely a sting. Actually if he had not seen it go in he would not have noticed. He noted with interest that the needle did not have a plunger and was injecting itself like a bee sting. The nurse did not seem happy about the needle. She held a different needle -- this one with a plunger and a cap on the business end in front of the elf. She seemed to be saying, that the doctor should have used the other one.

Where did the elf get that needle anyway!? It is not as if she had anywhere to hide it. He had thought she was a patient or a managerial type however now she seemed to be acting like a doctor, although the two ‘nurses’ did not seem to like the situation at all.

Relief flooded Marks body. “Oooh! That’s what I’m talk - AAAARH!”

The elf had set his arm while the goblin held him down and the nurse applied the splint. The splint tightened around his forearm, then stiffened, holding his forearm immobilized. A little later his arm became numb.

When he could talk again Mark groaned, “Would it have killed you to wait until the painkiller kicked all the way in?”

Mark studied the elf who dominated the room. She was in complete charge of the situation, full of purpose and determination, never hesitating or displaying second thoughts. The nurses obeyed with little argument despite showing horror and dismay at what she was doing. There was a sadness that haunted her eyes but she seemed to cheer up and soften when she looked at him with kindness and sympathy that transformed her features. Something about her seriousness; her intensity, brought things home to Mark.

‘It was time you faced facts, ‘ thought Mark. ‘Something big has happened to you’

The whole ‘there is a comic convention he did not know about and these people are in cosplay’ theory was more wishful thinking than something he actually believed in. The ‘it’s a practical joke and there are hidden cameras’ theory seemed overly optimistic at this point. He had trouble accepting the ‘he has been abducted by aliens’ theory. There always the ‘he has fallen into a parallel dimension’ theory however at least the alien theory had the advantage that outer space was real. He was not so sure about parallel dimensions.

The nurse placed a boot on his sprained foot that tightened around, and immobilized it like a splint. The elf leaned over him, and did something to his cheek that stung. Her skin felt like fire to his chilled flesh.

Mark became very aware of her near naked closeness. Her skin had a floral Jasmine smell, and her hair felt soft as it brushed his chest. As she moved closer, he was able get a good look at her pointed ears. They looked real, and natural. She was lean, athletic, and judging by how she had man-handled (woman-handled? elf-handled?) him, was extremely strong.

She grimaced and hesitated for the first time. She gave him a look of apology. He was startled when she uttered the first words, he could understand, since arriving in this place. “You need rest, but...” she said.

“Rest would be good, and a blanket even better. Is there any chance I could get a blanket here?”

“You cannot rest now. No time. Here danger!” The elf seemed to struggle with the words.

“Aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

“Police come. Danger!” said the elf with some urgency.

“Why would - No. First tell me where I am.”

“Place Oceania, city Melbourne.”

“This does not look like Melbourne to me.”

Again she hesitated, before seeming to come to a decision. She pulled his wallet from her carry bag. Opening it she tapped his driver’s license. “What year are you from?”

“Really! You are going there?” Time travel had not even been on his list, however it was not any more ridiculous than his other theories. “You DO know that it is considered impolite to take someone’s belongings without permission. Where is my other stuff? I am pretty sure I arrived with a full set of clothes.”

The elf tapped his license again.

“Alright I’ll bite. My name is Mark Henderson and I am from 2017. And what might your name be?” asked Mark.

“Today is 22 May 2299. You may call me Kara.”

“Kara is a lovely name. So it is May! Well that explains why it is so cold. I mentioned the need for a blanket before. Any in the house?”

“We in Year 2299,” stated Kara.

“Yes, I understood you first time. You however seem to have a problem with the word blanket. How about clothes? Any chance of some clothes, before I freeze to death?”

The elf barked some orders in an unknown language, and the nurse appeared with a toga and a hooded cloak; possibly the most normal set of clothing that Mark had seen so far in this world.

“Must go. Police come. Danger!” urged Kara as Mark awkwardly tried to don the toga.

“It does not seem that you are big on underwear in the future.” They had not offered any underpants to Mark. Judging from what Kara was wearing, or not wearing, maybe they were not popular there. Sure it was chilly, but considering the view maybe he should not be complaining. Kara was truly one of the most beautiful women he had ever met. She was leaning close to him, staring into his face with an intense expression on her face, so close that he could feel her breath on his cheek. Her long blond hair framed a heart shaped face, which was a compelling mixture of exotic and familiar. Her pert breasts seemed to defy gravity. Her body was smooth, lean, and unblemished, with a washboard stomach, and physique that was extremely athletic, without being grotesque. Her skirt was so short, it left little to the imagination, and he caught glimpses of short blond hair. Mark felt an uncomfortable hardness and tried to rearrange his legs and arms to conceal it. <That is one reason for underwear.> Mark thought with embarrassment. “What happened to my original clothes?”

“Must go. Police come. Danger!” repeated Kara in annoyance.

“So the police are going arrest me for illegal time travel.”

“Time travel legal. Not problem.”

“Then what is the problem?” Mark asked.

“Problem population control.” The Kara paused to gather her words. “Parents must have permission before having child. No permission, death to parents and death to child.”

The goblin appeared with a tray, a look of resentment on his face. Kara scooted up next to Mark on the bench, grabbed an iced drink in one hand and a cup of ice chips in the other. She indicated he should take the remaining items on the tray, some kind of hot tea and a small cake.

As Kara gulped down her drink, Mark noted her flushed appearance and the sheen of perspiration, which seemed at odds with the cold air and her clothes, or lack thereof. The jasmine scent became stronger and her skin was hot when she brushed against him. Was she sick? Was she a patient after all?

“I am pretty sure I was born outside the jurisdiction of this law”. Mark sipped the tea. It tasted of apple, lemon and a touch of chili. The cake melted in his mouth in an explosion of pear and cream.

“You IN jurisdiction now”. Kara snapped a command at the goblin, which sent him scurrying. She took a mouthful of ice chips, then applied a handful of leftover ice to the back of her neck. She looked as if she was about to have heat stroke.

“How on earth were my parents supposed to comply with a law that had not been written yet?”

Kara sighed. “While argue we run out of time. You tell Police crazy story about time travel they think you crazy or lying. Conversation go better if get time travel mechanism to show them”

“I don’t have a time travel machine.”

“You had object that cause time travel in 2017. It came to 2299 with you, even if you not know what it was. It where you arrived in this time.” Kara’s color was starting to return to normal. Her hot flush or fever or whatever it was, seemed to be passing.

“The only machines near me when things went crazy, were for detecting cosmic rays. I have no idea where I arrived. I was out of it for most of it,” said Mark.

“You make big noise, big disturbance when you arrived. I take you there. We go now. Sorry.”

Another needle appeared in her hand before disappearing again. He felt a sensation of strength and energy flow though his body. Kara removed the needle from his neck. He had not felt it go in.

“Whoa! That has quite a kick.”

“It is not good for you. It encourage you to aggravate injuries, but need you on feet,” said Kara.

Kara stuffed the cloak in her bag, and looped it over her shoulder. She then grabbed him by the waist, and lifted him to his feet, as if he weighed nothing. Her flesh was uncomfortably hot. She placed his broken left forearm on her left shoulder, fitted her right shoulder under his left arm pit. This was awkward as she was a little too short. She then urged him towards what he took was the exit.

“What about that cloak? I am still cold you know.” The goblin turned up with another tray this time with two cakes, and another cup of ice about 3 times the size of the first one. “We need cloak later. Walking warm you.” Mark was already feeling warmer, as the heat from Kara’s body seeped into him. Kara paused in front of the goblin. “Mark eat cake you need sugar.”

Mark chose one of the cakes, and bit into it. An orange and chocolate taste sensation flooded his mouth, and was that a hint of cloves? Mark glanced with regret, at the half-finished tea on the bench.

Kara gestured at the nurse, and she brought the tea to Mark. As Mark finished the tea, Kara devoured the other cake. “Please, hold ice Mark. Need it soon.”

Kara stopped before the exit, and awkwardly tried to turn to bow while holding Mark. The nurse and the goblin bowed with more grace. Kara pulled Mark through the door into what looked like an elevator.

As the elevator doors closed Kara flushed deep red and her skin burned hot to the touch. The smell of Jasmine became overpowering. “Ice!” Kara muttered as she swayed, looking as if she was about to collapse. She placed her free hand on the elevator wall to steady herself.

But Mark was already pouring some of the ice in the gap between her back and his arm. In a panic Mark shifted his weight off her and onto his bad leg. Mark ignored the pain flaring in his leg and brought the ice cup around to Kara’s mouth. She crunched the ice chips between her teeth and swallowed them eagerly.

“Oh God, Oh God don’t die on me,” said Mark

A soothing sensation spread through Mark’s leg. Mark looked down, and saw one of Kara’s bee sting needles sticking out of his leg above the medical boot.

“I not so easy to kill,” Kara panted.

Mark poured some of the ice over Kara’s head then brought the cup back to her lips.

“Thanks for that,” said Mark indicating the bee sting.

“You not thank me when drug wears off and all abuse I putting you though, you can feel.” Kara said. “Give me one more mouthful then rub ice on body.”

Mark poured the rest of the ice on top of the ice he had already poured her back. He tossed the empty cup on the floor and grabbing some ice from her back, rubbed it on the back of her neck, forehead and face. Ice chips flew everywhere. He grabbed another handful of ice and started to rub her torso.

He was rubbing ice across her breasts when the elevator doors opened, startling him and the couple waiting outside the lift, a pair he could only describe as swim suit models. A bedraggled soaking wet Kara straightened, lifting his weight off his bad leg, and dragged him past the scandalized pair.

“Good job, thank you,” said Kara.

“Shouldn’t you be in hospital? What WAS that? Are you sick?”

“Not sick. Waste heat from computational logic.” Kara dragged him through the lobby towards the entrance of the building.

“You mean a computer? You have a computer inside you? Are you a cyborg?” Mark whipped his head back and forth. The people in the lobby were all beautiful, even the ones who were of unconventional appearance. He saw bizarre skin colors, horns, and limbs bent the wrong way, even tentacles for arms. Some were dressed for cold weather, some for the beach, while others were completely naked. Many had tattoos, and some of the tattoos moved putting on an animated show.

“I not half machine. Have tiny machines in blood.” Kara did not pause but continued onward to the entrance. Mark watched as the walls flickered with incomprehensible scenes.

“You mean nanites? You have nanotechnology in your blood?”


“And they act like a computer?” asked Mark.


“What did you compute to generate so much heat?”

“I locked them in and cut off their communications. They not be warning the police about us. Commercial grade security not hard to crack but still need some computation.”

“Locked in who? You mean the nurses? Or were they doctors?”

“They just Level 5 medical practitioners; qualified to prescribe drugs and treat simple injuries. Higher level practitioners like surgeons or specialists never wear clothes. They are too proud. Must show everyone that they are Tarkika, are logic user.”

“That does not sound very hygienic. Doesn’t the bacteria on their skin contaminate patients?”

“Mid-level Tarkika have no harmful bacteria not even on skin. High-level Tarkika immune to most viruses.”

“So you are one of these Tarkika and so are the people not wearing any clothes.”

“All people around here except you have tarka, have logic, less clothes means more tarka, more status, more money, mostly. Roughly true, not always true, but mostly true.”

“So if you overuse your computer you get heat stroke. That does not seem very practical. Why not use computers or tarka in the walls or the furniture or in some other object.”

“That is what clinic did.” Kara said pointing upward. “They are now locked up and helpless. Without physical security there is no security.”

“So you do not use computers outside your body because you are afraid of being hacked.”


“You know a lot about this for a doctor,” said Mark.

“I not doctor.”

“But you set my arm. And you have been injecting me with God knows what?” Mark said with alarm.

“It is not so hard. I have tutorial software. It show how.”

“I would rather be treated by a real doctor, thank you.”

“You want to be treated by Minnie and Chippy. They going to let authorities kill you,” said Kara with disdain.

“I am sure if they had treated me it would not have hurt so much. You were rough.”

“If clown twins treat you, they still be dawdling, and fooling around when police come,” Kara said as they passed though the entrance into sunlight.

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