Cocky Neighbor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young woman hates her sexy, but rude and arrogant neighbor. Can she resist him?

The crowded dance club pounded with bass. The sea of people seemed to flow as one giant mass under the flashing lights. Lacey let her body move with the crowd and beat. It had been months since the 24-year-old brunette had been out with her friends and letting loose felt great. She wasn't sure if the room was moving from the several drinks she had been slamming back or if it was the lighting and music.

Everyone was crowded together so it wasn't unusual to get groped occasionally. It was hard to tell which ones were on purpose and which were people trying to make their way through the crowd. Lacey had on a tight black dress that looked like she had been poured into. At 5'3" and 110 lbs, she was petite and had curves in all the right places. Her dark hair matched her tight fitting dress. It left no room for a cell phone or wallet so she only had her ID and a credit card stuffed in with her 34D breasts. Lacey felt wild and free.

The night went by in a blur and before she knew it, she awoke to her head throbbing. The sun was shining in through her second story apartment window into her face. The noise of kids playing outside her window at the pool was just enough to annoy her. Lacey rolled over and grabbed another pillow and put it over her head. The pounding felt like she was still in the club, but her room was silent. She decided to get some aspirin and slowly rolled herself out of bed. As she stood up, the room was spinning wildly. She sat back down to try to stabilize herself and realized she still had her dress from last night on.

She pulled the tight dress down over her body and let it fall to the floor. Pulling out something more comfortable from her dresser, Lacy looked up at her mirror and saw her license and credit stuck to her left breast. She started to laugh, but the pain in her head cut it short. After getting some aspirin down, she went back to bed.

The sun was starting to set the next time Lacey woke up. It was her first week in her new apartment. After graduating from college, Lacey found a job in a nearby town and was starting on Monday. She needed to get some laundry done so she threw on some sweatpants and gathered up a load of clothes.

Walking down the steps from her Apartment, an old man was walking by with a small dog on a leash. He looked up with a kind smile. "Good evening."

Lacey didn't feel much like talking so she just said, "Hi" and kept walking. She instantly felt bad, so she promised herself she would stop and chat next time she saw him.

The laundry room was fairly close to her apartment, but she still felt groggy and struggled to get the washing machine started.

"Wow, you look like shit." A strong male voice said.

The sound of the voice made Lacey jump. She turned to see who had spoken with a dirty look. A guy sat on one of the washing machines across the room. He looked to be in his mid to late 20's with a pair of tight fitting jeans and no shirt on. His body was chiseled like a model in a magazine. His sandy blonde hair looked messy, yet styled and had a slightly unshaven face. The man was handsome, but a remark like that should only come from someone she knew well.

The man wasn't looking at her anymore to see her dirty look. Instead, he was looking at his smartphone like he hadn't spoken to her.

Lacey went back to trying to get the coin tray pushed in, but it wouldn't budge. She hit the top of the washer with an open palm.

"That won't help." The stranger said from his corner.

"Fuck off." Lacey replied. Deciding to try a new machine, she opened the door to move her clothes when the door suddenly slammed back shut. Startled, Lacey jumped back to see the shirtless man slide the coin tray with apparent ease and the washer started filling with water.

Feeling stupid, but not wanting to admit it, she glared at the man until he broke the silence. "You're welcome." he said. They stood for a moment, looking at each other. Lacey couldn't help but think if they met under different circumstances, things could have turned out very different. Despite his good looks, this guy clearly thinks he is God's gift to women. She instantly didn't like him.

Before she could come up with a response, he was out the door with a basket of clothes in his arms.

"Asshole." She said out loud. She didn't need his help. She didn't need anyone's help.

Lacey went back to her apartment and found her cell phone. There were two missed calls and five text messages from her boyfriend, Brian. They had met and started dating in college two years ago, but Brian had a job and wasn't able to move just yet with Lacey. It was only about an hour drive away so it wasn't that big of a deal to Lacey. While she wouldn't admit it to Brian, she was looking forward to having a little space. Brian could be clingy and jealous at times and it was clear he was mad because she was not returning his messages. Lacey decided she wasn't in the mood and turned her cell off to enjoy the quiet. She would deal with Brian later.

Over the next two weeks, Lacey worked on settling into her new job and apartment. She had patched things up with Brian and they were back to talking daily. They made plans for Brian to come out Thursday night and spend a long weekend with Lacey. She found herself missing him after not seeing him for a few weeks and worked on planning a fun weekend together.

-Thursday 9 pm, Lacey's Apartment-

Headlights from a car flashed through the window next to the front door. Lacey jumped up to see if it was Brian and pulled the blinds open. Brian was pulling an old duffel bag out of the trunk of his newer model black Chevy Camaro. Lacey assumed he hadn't changed after work, but looked sharp with his gray business slacks and white Oxford dress shirt.

Lacey dashed out the door and down the steps to greet him. When Brian saw her running towards him, he dropped the duffel bag just before she jumped into his arms. They hugged tightly for several moments before Lacey leaned back and gave Brian several kisses.

"I have missed you soo much!" Lacey said in between kisses.

"Me too! Think we could go inside though?" Brian said with a smile.

Lacey dragged him in her apartment. He had helped her move in but had not seen it since she had put everything away. Brian set his bag down just inside the door and looked around.

"Looks like you're all settled in!" He said impressed with what she had done. The front door looked in on a small living room with a small kitchen and dining area to the left. On the other side of the living room, there was a small hallway with the bathroom and bedroom facing each other.

Lacey called to him from her room. "You can put your bag in here."

Brian stood about 5'10" and weighed about 160 lbs. His dark brown hair was combed neatly. His duffel bag did not match his appearance, but he always took it on short trips. When he walked into the bedroom, he stopped abruptly and dropped his bag.

In the middle of her full-size bed, Lacey was naked, stretched out leaning on one side. Her wavy dark lay perfectly over her shoulders reaching the top of her creamy breasts. Her skin looked so smooth and soft from years of being careful in the sun. Her dark hair contrasted against her pale skin. Brian noticed that she had trimmed her pubic hair leaving just a little dark strip, just as he liked it.

"You going to stand there all night?" Lacey asked seductively.

Brian stripped in record time and jumped onto the bed with Lacey. He kissed her all over starting with her tight stomach. She didn't have rock hard abs, but he wasn't fat either. He moved down her smooth legs all the way to her feet and massaged her toes with his hands. Moving back up the other leg he could smell the light clean scent of a fresh bath.

Brian gently moved his hands over her large breasts and massaged them gently. Her pink nipples stiffened under his palms. He lightly sucked on each one before moving up Lacey's neck and lightly nibbled on her ear.

Laying underneath Brian, Lacey wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in tightly. His hard-on rubbed against her pussy. Brian moved his arm to guide his cock into her wet pussy. He was stopped when Lacey cleared her throat and nodded to the night stand. She had set condoms out for him. Quickly putting one on, he moved back to slid it in.

Lacey felt like her pussy had closed up, because it had been so long since she had sex. It took Brian a moment to work himself inside. It took a few strokes to fully lubricate his shaft. He took long, slow strokes. Lacey rocked her hips to meet his thrusts. He gradually quickened his pace. The sound of their bodies slapping together became louder with each stroke. Brian loved watching her natural breasts bounce as he made love to her. The bed frame began to squeak and Brian exploded into his condom.

Brian fell beside Lacey exhausted. "Wow. You've been saving up for me!" Lacey said looking at the condom still on his dick. Lacey had told Brian early on in their relationship that she expected him to wear a condom. Despite being on birth control, it made her feel more comfortable.

Being new to her job, Lacey didn't want to take the whole day off of work, but did arrange to come home early to get some extra time with Brian.

He had said that he might go down to the pool so when she didn't find him in her apartment, she looked out her bedroom window that overlooked the pool and saw him with that some well-built guy. It took a moment to register that it was that guy from the laundry room. She realized that she had forgotten about him and hadn't seen him since that night a few weeks back.

Immediately, Lacey's dislike of the man returned. She headed out to the pool to get Brian.

Lacey walked up the iron fence that surrounded the pool. "Hey, Honey!" She called out to Brian. Both guys turned towards Lacey. Immediately, she could tell that from Brian's red face that he had been drinking. "Fuck." Lacey thought to herself. Brian could act like a real asshole when he drank.

"Heey!" Brian called back in a slur. "Have you met Trevor? He is really cool." He said sounding really stupid.

Lacey rolled her eyes. Great. There goes their romantic night.

Trevor gave Lacey a confident smile. "Why don't you go get your bathing suit on and join us?"

"No, thanks." Lacey said trying to be polite, then turned to Brian. "Brian, we were supposed to go out to a movie tonight. Come on."

Brian sat there with a stupid look on his face like she was speaking a different language.

Trevor laughed. "Hmm. I don't think he is going anywhere tonight. You sure I can't offer you a cold one?"

Lacey glared at him. This jerk had ruined her night. He pulled a beer from a cooler near the chairs they were sitting in and held it out in her direction. He looked like he should be in a beer commercial with his board shorts hanging low on his trim waist and his perfect tan shining in the warm sun. Then she looked at Brian sporting his farmers tan and love handles.

Without saying anything else, she turned and went back to her apartment hoping that Brian would get the hint.

Two hours later there was a knock at Lacey's door. She took her time getting up from the couch where she had resigned to eating ice cream and watching reality TV.

When she opened the door, Lacey found Trevor holding up Brian who was barely conscious.

"What the fuck did you do to him?" Lacey said accusing Trevor.

"I didn't do anything to him. He's a big boy. He just can't handle his beer." Trevor said with no sign of being drunk. "You want me to bring him in or leave him on the porch?"

Lacey considered the second option. "No, bring him in." and opened the door fully. Lacey watched how Trevor 's muscles flexed as he held him up to get inside.

Lacey had Trevor get Brian to her bed.

Trevor went back to the living room and sat on the couch. "Who invited you to stay?" Lacey asked with an attitude.

"You're a real bitch, you know that? I helped you with the washing machine and you gave me attitude. Then I help you with your boyfriend and you give me attitude. What's your problem?"

Lacey thought about it for a minute. It was Trevor that insulted her when they first met.

Trevor broke the silence. "Let's start again." He stood up and reached his hand out. "Hi. I'm, Trevor."

Lacey hesitated then shook his hand. His hand felt huge as it firmly gripped hers. She felt hot suddenly and replied, "Lacey."

"Nice to meet you, Lacey." He said and sat back down. "Anything good on?"

Lacey was irritated that he sat down again without being invited. She replied, "Not really."

Trevor watched the TV, ignoring that Lacey was still standing there. Lacey acknowledged that he wasn't going anywhere and sat down on the other end of the couch. It was the only piece of furniture so it was her only option. It was long enough so she didn't feel like she was sitting too close.

Trying to assess Trevor, Lacey wondered if she had been unreasonable with him. Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy. He looked huge sitting on the couch compared to Lacey. She was amazed how fit he was too. Even sitting down, there were no rolls of fat anywhere to be found.

"You can touch." Trevor said breaking Lacey's thoughts. He seemed to be watching the TV and didn't even turn his head to speak.


"My body. You keep staring at me. I won't tell your boyfriend"

"You would like that wouldn't you?" Lacey said in a snarky tone. No, she was right all along. He was an arrogant prick.

"I'm pretty sure it's you that would enjoy that more than me."

"Could you be any more full of yourself?"

"I just tell it like I see it. Your little boyfriend is soft around the edges. You ever ran your hands over a real six pack?" He looked up with an arrogant smile.

Lacey's face became red with anger and was about to scream at him when Trevor 's cell phone ran. She could hear a female voice on the other end, but could make out the words.

Trevor then said, "Sounds good. See you in 10."

Trevor stood up and looked at Lacey with a smirk. "Sorry. You missed your chance. I got a booty call. See ya around."

Lacey could only watch in frustration as Trevor left her apartment. She went and checked on Brian who was passed out across the bed. She tried pushing him over, but couldn't get him to budge. Frustrated, she slept on the couch.

It was almost noon before Brian finally got up. Lacey was so mad at him that it was 30 minutes before she spoke to him. The entire day was ruined for Lacey. Brian felt sick and didn't want to go anywhere. Lacey was mad at him for ruining their weekend.

Brian was supposed to leave late Sunday, but the tension was high between them so he left in the morning instead. Lacey worked on cleaning her apartment up, but she still had some energy to burn.

It had been over a month since Lacey had worked out and didn't join a gym since there was a workout room that the apartment complex managed. Making up her mind to get back into her workout routine, she put on a black sports bra and spandex shorts. Not wanting to look like a slut, she threw on a loose tank top to cover herself up a little and headed out.

Heading for the workout room, Lacey noticed the old man walking his little dog again. As she got closer to him, he smiled and said, "Good afternoon!"

"Hi, how are you?" Lacey said using the same voice she used with her own Grandparents.

"I'm Tom and this is my guard dog, Jerry." He said motioning to the tiny dog.

Lacey bent down and pet the little dog. "Well hello, Jerry! You are just so cute!" She looked up at Tom and caught him trying to look down her shirt. It wasn't an uncommon event, but Lacey wasn't going to give him a show either. Like most men, Tom acted like he didn't just get caught.

"Well, Tom. My name's, Lacey. It's nice to meet you and Jerry both."

Tom looked like he wanted to keep talking. He ruined that chance. Lacey headed off to the workout room.

The workout room was about the size of Lacey's living room, which wasn't very big. The equipment consisted of an old cable machine, some free weights, and two treadmills. It looked a lot better when she toured the complex, but she wasn't too excited about it now. She got on the treadmill and tried kicking it up to a jogging pace, but it wasn't smooth and Lacey got frustrated quickly with it. Examining the cable machine, it looked worn out as well. "Fuck this." She said out loud and headed back to her apartment to get her purse. There was a gym just down the street and decided to go check that one out.

Lacey expected the gym to be quiet on a Sunday and was right. The thought occurred to her that Trevor could also work out here, but convinced herself that Trevor would not impact her life. Walking inside a young girl sat behind a counter playing on her phone. The girl finished her text before looking up.

"Hi, I was interested in a membership."

"Okay, let me get someone to give you a tour."

Lacey really wanted to skip the sales pitch, but the girl was already on the phone asking for someone to come up front. She looked around the interior of the club and noted that it looked like most any other gym.

"Hi, I'm Jake." A guy who barely looked 18 approached Lacey and stuck his hand out. He gave Lacey a tour and took her over to a desk near the front and started going over pricing. He was trying to include personal training, supplements and other additions, but Lacey had already tuned him out.

"Look, I just want a membership." Lacey said with frustration in her voice.

Jake started in on why personal training was so important when he was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Jake, are you giving Lacey a hard time?" Trevor said looking like he had just walked in from outside. He was wearing basketball shorts and a shirt that had the sleeves cut off. The sides under his arms were torn open down the hem of the shirt giving a clean view of his hard torso.

Still it was the most clothes she had ever seen him in. Lacey was starting to wonder if he even had normal clothes.

"Oh hey, Trevor!" Jake said looking at Trevor like he was a rock star. "Um, no. She said she was interested in a membership so I was showing her the options available.

"Just add her to the same plan I'm on."

Jake looked like he wanted to say something, but instead turned to the filing cabinet and started pulling out some paperwork.

Trevor turned to Lacey with his trademark arrogant smile that she was sure made some girls drop their panties and said, "Let's go. Jake will do all the paperwork while you workout and you can sign it when you leave. Right, Chief?"

Lacey's first impulse was to tell Trevor to fuck off, but she looked at Jake who was following Trevor's orders and decided that she did not want to hear any more sales pitches.

Lacey got up and followed Trevor. Her mind raced trying to think of something to say without being too nice. "Do you work here?"

Trevor laughed, "No. I'm just here a lot." He stopped and looked at Lacey. "You coming in to give me a hand?"

Lacey realized they were just outside the men's locker room. Her face blushed. "You wish." But instead of saying it with attitude, she realized she said it with a smile. Trevor went into the locker room and Lacey found her way to the woman's room to put her purse up.

Lacey found a treadmill in the back with no one near and began jogging. She had her hair pulled back into a ponytail which swayed with her movements. From her spot, she could view the entire gym floor and quickly spotted Trevor. She forced her eyes to look elsewhere, but they always came back to him.

It was amazing how much attention he attracted in the gym. Nearly everyone in the place came by to say hi to him like he was some kind of hero. It only made her hate him even more. Just because he was built like a Greek God, didn't mean everyone should treat him like one. No wonder he is so arrogant!

There were only three other women working out, two of whom looked fairly hot. Lacey watched Trevor play his games and very smoothly approach one flirt just a little, then when the other was occupied hit on the other one. By this time, Lacey was using some resistance machines. She knew she was hotter than the other two girls and found herself wondering why Trevor hadn't hit on her. "Not that I would want him to hit on me." She told herself.

Trevor was still working out by the time Lacey finished. She completed her paperwork while keeping an eye on Trevor to see if he noticed her leaving. It appeared like he didn't notice. "Good."

Every day of the following week, Lacey went to the gym after work. Every day she saw Trevor working out, but not once did he even acknowledge her. She felt great getting back into the routine of working out. She also found herself irritated that Trevor hit on nearly every woman that worked out while ignoring Lacey.

The following Saturday, Lacey was picking up around her apartment. She hadn't spoken to Brian since his visit despite him leaving several voicemails and texts apologizing. For now, Lacey just wanted to block him out of her mind until she decided what she wanted to do about their relationship. The weather outside was gorgeous. Clear sky, warm air, but not too hot. Lacey decided to open the windows to let in some fresh air.

When she opened her bedroom window, she noticed Trevor down by the pool. Two older women were also by the pool relaxing on loungers. Something inside her made her mad every time she saw him. She watched him from her window for several minutes losing track of time in her thoughts of anger that felt almost like jealousy. That would be ridiculous though.

Two guys that she didn't recognize went to the pool area and Lacey suddenly had a thought. "Maybe I should get to know my neighbors. It's a nice day. Why not go to the pool?" Lacey went to her dresser looking for a bathing suit.

Lacey didn't do a lot of sunbathing so she didn't have many bathing suits to pick from. The first was a basic one piece that she had had for years. The other was a basic bikini. It was purple with triangle shaped cups that covered most of her breasts while still showing plenty of cleavage. The bottoms matched and covered the important parts of her ass. She put on the bikini and admired herself in the mirror. Looking at herself, she said, "Fuck you, Trevor." and headed to the pool.

As soon as she entered the gate, the two guys were in the pool goofing off and noticed her right away. Lacey had on her big aviator style sunglasses that hid her eyes and acted like she didn't notice the gawking. Trevor looked up briefly then casually flipped over to lay on his stomach.

Lacey didn't want to sit too close to Trevor so she picked a lounge chair two spots away from him. She adjusted the back so it was leaned back, but not flat. She wanted to be able to see what was going on.

The sun felt hot on her skin and suddenly Lacey worried about getting burned. Trevor finally sat up and Lacey did her best to look like she didn't notice. Her big sunglasses helped hide her eyes. He glanced her way and did a double take.

It was a small victory, but she felt proud. She wanted nothing more than to tell him he couldn't have her.

Trevor stood up and grabbed a bottle of something that was next to his chair. He walked casually over to Lacey. This was it! She could crush him like the worm he really is! Did he really think she was going to fall for the "Can I rub some lotion on you?" line?

"Here you can have some sunscreen. You're so pale that you're going to burn easy out here." He set the lotion next to her chair and left the pool area.

Lacey was stunned. Was she actually not that hot? What the hell was going on?

She heard someone clear their throat and she turned to see one of the guys standing by the foot of her chair. Up close she realized these guys were much younger than she originally thought. She assumed now that they were still in High School.

"Can I help rub some lotion on your back?" The taller boy brave enough to ask said as he cautiously stepped forward.

Lacey was furious, frustrated, and a little embarrassed. Lacey looked at him for a minute and stood up. "No thanks, but help yourself if you need some." She stood up and went back to her apartment.

On one hand she hated Trevor and wanted nothing to do with him, but on the other she wanted some validation. She stared at herself in the mirror and critiqued herself. She knew she wasn't fat, but wasn't exactly skinny either. With that thought, she decided to go workout.

Lacey ran on the treadmill hard for nearly an hour. Trevor never came in and it only pushed her to run harder. She was drenched in sweat and exhausted when she finally stopped. She headed home and took a shower. It was Saturday night and she had nothing to do and no-one to do it with. She considered calling Brian as she showered, but decided that was a bad idea. She needed to break things off with him, but didn't want to do that right now.

She was drying off in the bathroom when she heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was someone selling something, she ignored it, but heard the knock again. This time louder. As she walked to the door, she wrapped the white towel around her body tucking it in under her arm. With her cleavage pushing out at the top, the bottom just barely covered her ass.

Pulling the blinds open just enough to see who it was, saw that it was Trevor. She groaned in frustration. What the hell did he want? Trevor was looking back at her through the window. "What do you want?" She said not opening the door.

"You're boyfriend left some stuff at my place. I keep meaning to give it to you. I would leave it outside, but it looks like a pretty nice watch."

Lacey knew of the watch. It had been given to Brian by his Grandfather. She unlocked the door and opened it slightly. Trevor was dressed nicely, with slacks and a dress shirt.

"Big date?" The words just came out of Lacey's mouth. Why did she say that?

Trevor laughed, "No. I'm just going out with some friends."

The towel around Lacey was starting to feel loose. She was afraid that if she tried to hold Brian's stuff that it could fall. She looked outside and didn't see anyone else. She opened the door to let him in. As soon as he was inside, she watched his eyes scan up and down her body.

"Nice outfit."

Lacey immediately regretted letting him in.

"You caught me just getting out of the shower."

"Good timing if you ask me." He walked directly towards Lacey. Feeling nervous, she backed up until her ass hit the small dining room table.

Here he was, giving her attention, but now she couldn't find the words she had been wanting to say to him. To make him feel like the loser. He stood so close, she could feel his body heat. He towered over her as they stood motionless for several moments. He started to lean down and she thought he was going to kiss her. Her heart was pounding and she almost felt light-headed. She wasn't sure what to do and closed her eyes.

Trevor set the watch and some sunglasses on the table right next to Lacey. He stood back up. She opened her eyes feeling defenseless. They were as close as they could be without actually touching. Her head was spinning.

He took a step back and examined Lacey again. His eyes caressed every curve. She wanted to tell him off, but instead stood still in front of him only wearing a towel. Like a deer stuck in headlights.

"I've seen you watching me." Trevor said breaking the silence. He moved his hand up and used the tip of his index finger to touch the skin of her breast where it met the towel.

"I ... I" Lacey studdered.

"Shut up." He said. He ran his finger along the outline of her towel across the top of her chest. She felt goosebumps over her body and her nipples turn hard.

"It's my turn to watch you. Take your towel off."

Lacey stood motionless. Her heart pounded. She wasn't sure if it was fear or excitement. Her nipples felt so hard they might push the towel off themselves. This was her opportunity to shut him down. All she had to do was say the words.

"Don't make me ask twice."

Lacey let the towel drop to the floor. She was completely naked with a towel at her feet. Her dark hair was still wet and lay past her shoulders. Her large breasts heaved with each intense breath. Her pink nipples stood hard and sensitive. Her trim waist curved at her shapely hips leading down her smooth, toned legs.

"Open my pants."

Her hands trembled as they reached his belt. What are you doing? Lacey thought to herself. The belt hung free and her hands went to his slacks. She unhooked them and pulled the zipper down. The slacks fell around his ankles. Leaving silk boxers.

Trevor kicked his shoes and pants off, then he moved to the couch and sat down. Lacey only watched him still frozen in place.

"Come here."

Lacey moved around to the front of the couch. One arm instinctively covered her breasts, but it didn't cover much.

"Pull it out."

She paused. Feeling conflicted. Nothing has really happened yet. She could still tell him to leave. Lacey noticed the shape of his cock in his boxers. It wasn't hard, but it looked amazingly big in his boxers. She took a step closer and was about to sit next to him on the couch.

"No. Bend over standing in front of me."

She moved to where she was in front of him and bent over at her waist reaching to his boxers. Lacey's tits hung down as she put her hand on the large shape and gasped. It really was his cock. She reached in through the fly and felt the soft skin of his big cock. Lacey pulled it out through the fly and immediately felt it grow in her hands. Sliding her hands up and down the shaft, it continued to grow. She had to use both hands to reach all the way around it. It was something she had only seen in porn.

Lacey couldn't believe this was happening. Here she was bent over naked in front of the man she despised, but right now she could only think about amazing cock in her hands. Maybe she could tease him then kick him out.

Trevor said, "Put it in your mouth."

Leaning further over his lap, she slid her mouth over the head. Lacey tried putting as much as she could fit in her mouth, but didn't feel like she was getting much. She bobbed her head up and down trying to go further and further with each try. She could hear the slurping noises, but didn't care. Trevor grabbed her bouncing breasts roughly as Lacey worked his cock. Her hands stroked the shaft in rhythm with her mouth. Trevor tweaked her nipples sending shivers up Lacey's spine. Her mouth was open as wide as it could go and started thinking about how it would feel in her pussy. Would it even fit? Would it feel good or would it hurt?

Trevor used his long muscular arms to reach around her tiny body and slip a finger into her wet pussy. "Damn you're wet, girl. I think you want to sit on this cock."

That was all the encouragement she needed. Lacey looked up letting the cock slip out of her mouth. She moved forward to climb up on his lap, but he grabbed her arms and stopped her.

"I want to hear you say it"

She didn't want to say it though. she didn't want to say anything. She just wanted to fuck him and get it over with. She tried to use her hands to tease his dick, thinking thinking she might not actually have to say anything. But when she moved to climb up on his lap, he stopped her again and said firmly, "Say it."

She needed this. "I want you." Lacey said quietly.

"Tell me WHAT do you want."

She hesitated, but Trevor wasn't going to budge.

Lacey gave into her lust. "I want your cock." She said angrily.

He released his grip and she straddled his lap. She felt the cock rub against her stomach. She needed more room to slide it in than kneeling could give her so she stood up on the couch with one leg on each side of Trevor. Lacey squatted down over his lap until she could reach this amazing dick. Grabbing it with one hand, she aimed it towards her tight hole.

Rubbing the tip of Trevor's cock over her pussy lips, Lacey could not recall a time she had ever felt this horny. She slid the head in and felt herself filling up. She grabbed onto Trevor's shoulders to steady herself. She worked her pussy up and down filling herself deeper and deeper. Her pussy stretching to accommodate the girth.

Lacey adjusted herself to be on her knees putting her breasts in Trevor's face. He took advantage of the position and grabbed them. Squeezing them roughly, he began licking and biting them while Lacey bounced harder and harder on his lap. She was being touched in places no one had ever reached. She bounced so hard she could feel the couch moving. She cried out in pleasure while Trevor continued to attack her breasts. Lacey could feel the pressure building up inside her like a volcano waiting to erupt. Her body started to tremble, in anticipation of a monumental release.

Trevor suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her back forcing her to arch her back. Stretching her chest out in front of him she groaned again. It wasn't so rough that it was painful, but it forced her to stop riding him. Trevor continued to devour her ample breasts while holding her head back. Lacey wiggled her hips to try to get some more friction.

The pressure of the approaching orgasm held steady, feeling like she was ready to explode. Lacey wanted to keep riding him. She was so close! Why wouldn't he let her go?

Trevor released her hair and picked her up easily. She could feel the cock slipping out of her pussy leaving a giant vacancy. He stood up in front of the couch and sat her down on the floor in front of him. Thinking that he wanted to switch positions, she waited for his next move.

Standing in front of Lacey on her knees, Trevor grabbed his cock and started pumping it himself. Lacey was thrown off for a moment trying to figure out what he was doing when cum shot out over her face. She flinched and had to close her eyes feeling the hot cum all over her face and in her hair.

In shock, Lacey was furious as another stream hit her tits. She could feel one big glob running over her right tit.

She wasn't just some whore he could use like this! Her rage built up.

Wiping the cum out of her eyes, she was just about to scream at him when another blast hit her in the mouth. The salty taste wasn't as bad as she remembered, but that was her that gets to decide where she wanted it.

Shaking with fury and ready to spit it at Trevor, she realized he already had his pants up and was walking away. Only focused on him walking away from her, Lacey swallowed the cum. Damn it! She thought to herself as it went down her throat.

Furious, Lacey screamed, "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Trevor was putting his shirt on now and admired the cum drenched woman in front of him. He gave her that arrogant smile she hated. Lacey wasn't sure if she was more mad at herself for letting this happen or him.

"I'm running late to meet up with my friends. I'll catch you later." With a little wink, Trevor left through the front door not even bothering to close it behind him.

"Don't you just walk away from me!" Lacey yelled. She followed him to the door. "I'm talking to you!" As she felt a drop of cum running down her stomach, she realized the old man Tom, was standing at the curb looking at Lacey with his mouth hanging open. His dog suddenly jumped from the noise of Lacey slamming the door shut.

Heading straight to the bathroom to take a shower, Lacey was still shaking with frustration. She looked at her naked body in the mirror. Her hair was matted and sticky around her face. Drops of cum all over her chest. She had seen plenty of porn where guys did this to the women and didn't like it then either. She needed to find a way to make him pay.

He had to pay.

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