Men Strike Back: the Right to Rape
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Sterling

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Feminism continues its gains and goes too far -- a third of men are stripped of the right to vote because they are guilty of sexual harassment. A coup d'etat with moderate aims deposes President Chelsea Clinton, but it turns out that nothing satisfies angry men but the right to rape any woman they want.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Post Apocalypse   Gang Bang   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy  

Manifesto of the Men's Equity Party

Through most of history, women have been unfairly oppressed. But in the 20th century in the US and other western countries, many wrongs were righted. Women were given the right to vote. Official discrimination was outlawed, and unofficial discrimination dropped dramatically. Most careers became open to women in practice as well as in theory. Women began to outnumber men in college enrollment and in many professions. The gender gap in pay steadily narrowed.

Then came the 21st century. Women have continued their gains. Now, in the year 2040, we say to you: Things have gone too far!

Women earn more than men.

A man can be convicted of rape based solely on the woman's word. Women can retroactively withdraw their consent. Cases where women might be lying or mistaken are dismissed as lies contrived by misogynists. In fact, women can easily blackmail men and many do.

In divorce proceedings, women are always granted custody if they want it. Men are liable for child support if they had sex with the women during the relevant time frame or at any time displayed a parental interest. Men are also liable for child support labor levies, as in cleaning the house and doing the children's laundry when no one is home. Women are given a $100,000 credit per child in asset distribution based on the pain and suffering they endured during pregnancy and childbirth. Some women don't want child custody -- indeed, they want to give birth and then give the father the sole responsibility for raising the child -- in both labor and finances -- while they return to their high-powered careers. Women are never liable for child support.

Women's magazines now cavalierly recommend that women arrange to be impregnated by artificial insemination from genetically desirable donors. Women can have it all by not telling their husbands about the artificial insemination. It brings to mind the cowbird who lays her egg in the nest of another bird, duping her into doing all the work.

While sometimes required against their will to take custody of children who may not even be theirs, men are forbidden to be alone with children who are not their responsibility. Failing to take adequate measures to ensure another adult is present at all times is a criminal offense. If a child or woman alleges that a man has sexually abused the child, the man is automatically guilty.

The campaign against sexual harassment has gone too far. In public places, video surveillance is used to issue citations. Consider a woman who has walked by a man and is thus unable to see where he is looking. Even if there is no other human around, if the man is observed on a surveillance camera looking at the woman's rear end, he is liable for a fine of up to $400 for sexual harassment. A citation for sexual harassment means a man is barred from voting. With more than 30% of adult males having received such citations, the electorate is predominantly female. Elected officials -- now themselves 70% women -- are answerable to women alone. A second citation earns a man a place in the category of dangerous criminals and requires him to wear an ankle monitor if he wishes to stay out of prison.

All pornography is outlawed -- a man with a collection of images of women is guilty of a crime if the pattern of images suggests that he was using them for sexual arousal -- even if the images are from ordinary clothing catalogs.

We implore womankind to see the present situation as the injustice that it is. We are your sons and brothers, flesh of your flesh. We deserve equal rights! Restore the vote to all, regardless of convictions for minor crimes that should not be criminal matters. Let us return to an era when everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and the word of a man is of equal weight to that of a woman.

There is also a fertility crisis in the land.

It has been observed for some time that when women have complete control of their fertility, they choose small families. As of a decade ago, they were choosing very small families -- an average of 1.7 children per woman. Bearing children also has come more and more to have stigma among women -- talented women don't take time for the tedious animal duty of bearing new life. Five years ago scientists identified a further decrease in fertility. It appears that many pairings of individual men and women are infertile, for reasons as yet unknown. But this has caused a further decline in the birthrate. Many women will not become pregnant unless they take active steps beyond having regular intercourse with a partner. For those who are honest with their partners, they hesitate to seek other sperm because he will not be the father. Because of such fears and simple inertia, many never do have children. Surveys show that the unease over fertility has in turn led women to be even more hesitant about bringing children into an uncertain world, and the birthrate is due to decline further.

Our society faces a downward population spiral, with no end in sight. The women who rule society cannot agree on a plan of action. The Men's Equity Party favors lavish incentives to encourage women to bear children. The situation is dire enough that we would even recommend mandatory career leave for women who do not make a good-faith effort to become mothers, to counteract the advantages they otherwise accrue over women who do bear children.

For millenia, women were oppressed, but society flourished. We righted a wrong, achieved equality between the sexes and society continued to flourish. But now women have come to dominate men, you have created a new wrong and this has led to a society in crisis and decline. We must act! Join the Men's Equity Party!

Admiral Burdick let the paper flier drop onto his desk and looked at Lieutenant Chen.

"And this is what President Chelsea Clinton, our fearless commander-in-chief, has banned?"

"Yes, sir."

"And her reasons?"

"Creating a climate hostile to women."

"Really..." He tapped his fingers on the desk. "I am looking at a piece of quaint old paper because no one dares to send this electronically?"

"Yes, sir. Hundreds of men have been arrested who had been accessing copies online."

"And I suppose you could be arrested for having this copy and giving it to me."

The younger officer hesitated briefly. "Yes, sir, I could. But I figure we have to take a stand some time!" He realized he had raised his voice and finished with a respectful "Sir."

"Have you shown this to others?"

"A few others -- no one above the rank of Lieutenant Commander."

"I see. And what are you asking of me?"

"Why, nothing, sir! I just thought I'd point out the situation. Women really are something like 65% of the electorate. I don't know how we could possibly change it. And we officers are all sworn to obey our commander-in-chief."

"Indeed we are, lieutenant, indeed we are." After a moment, he went on. "I can keep this, can I?"

The lieutenant suppressed a smile. "Yes, sir, you may keep it, sir."

"Good. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Dismissed."

The Admiral thought long and hard. The United States really was in a sorry condition. He had followed the developments as they happened -- the humiliations of men, one by one. Many of the changes had annoyed him, others outraged him. But it all seemed inevitable, unstoppable. And as an active-duty military officer, he was bound by a very strong tradition to stay out of politics, to make it clear that civilians ruled and the military did their bidding.

He saw the changes in his own family. His wife's interest in sex had dropped dramatically after their kids were born. There were years of begging and trying to do every last thing to make her happy, in the hopes of a sexual union every month or two. More recently he'd given up. She'd surprised him one day as he was looking at online ads for women's underwear. She'd playfully told him that if he was having sexual thoughts while looking at those ads, he was committing a crime. She'd laughed, but it hadn't been entirely a friendly laugh. And it had bothered him a great deal. He had also seen the change in his sons and his daughter. Elizabeth was the youngest, and for years she suffered the indignities of younger siblings everywhere. But when his sons reached puberty, their self-assurance faltered. They could tell they were in increasing danger. One spiteful female classmate could ruin their lives with an accusation. Best not to annoy any girls. And when Elizabeth had become oriented to the world outside the home, where women ruled, she had become far more confident. She had had some revenge on her older brothers. She joked to them in his hearing of how she could say they had abused her. Just a joke. But there was a reality. Her big brothers deferred to her now, made sure not to annoy her. And she did what she wanted. Fortunately she was a decent human being. But it was all so wrong.

The military was one institution which was still predominantly composed of men. The enlisted ranks were still overwhelmingly men. There were more women among the officers, but just not that many talented women wanted that career path. Some advanced on merit. A few could advance for a while by blackmailing men, a source of private anger when male officers congregated.

Everyone assumed that all electronic communication was recorded and monitored by machines if not people. But the officers were a tight group. The large collections at the Pentagon met face to face a lot, both officially and socially. They could exchange ideas, sound each other out, make plans, form networks.

So the Admiral set to work. You don't get to the rank of Vice Admiral without a lot of people skills -- political skills. He was one of the best. He started building his network.

His hand was forced before he was entirely ready. A woman officer found out, and a female-only military police operation was assembled to arrest the conspirators. But moles alerted them to the plan. Military police are helpless if soldiers are brave enough to point their weapons at them. There was a crisis within the military about who would align with who. In theory, they all owed their loyalty to President Chelsea Clinton. But winning over the men, even those who had never heard of the conspiracy, was remarkably easy. You could just say, "Equal rights for men. It can never happen at the ballot box."

At Fort Benning, loyalist soldiers had holed up in a training fortification, a sprawling bunker.

Captain Aaron Cox had three hundred men in his revolutionary unit. His best intelligence suggested a hundred soldiers in the bunkers -- more than three-quarters of them women.

It was 4pm. He spoke into the megaphone. "In the name of the Revolutionary Council, surrender! We have the heavy weapons to breach the bunker. Surrender now and you will be unharmed."

After many seconds an amplified woman's voice countered from inside. "You are traitors, guilty of treason. Our loyalty is to the constitutionally elected government of President Chelsea Clinton. She is our commander-in-chief, and she is yours. The penalty for treason is death. Put down your weapons now, and you may be shown leniency."

Through the sound system they could hear raised voices and arguing in the background. Then another woman's voice bellowed, "Or you may get your dicks sliced off and your balls hammered flat!"

The captain could hear grumbling and cursing from his men.

A heavy door in the fortification swung open and two men came out, the door shutting behind them. They were unarmed and walked slowly towards the rebel lines.

"Halt!" came a woman's voice from within.

"That's not the army I signed up with," shouted one of them.

After several more steps, a brief burst of automatic weapons fire issued from the fortification, and both men crumpled to the dirt.

Screams of rage sounded among the captain's men, and they arose as one body and raced towards the fortification. They had acted without authorization, but the captain could hardly blame them.

More shots rang out from inside, and here and there a man among the charging rebels fell.

The captain's aide relayed his instructions through the megaphone, "Revolutionary soldiers, drop in preparation for bombardment." They did. Their initial rage was running up against the fact that they faced impenetrable walls. Orders were given to the tanks behind, already loaded with bunker-busting munitions -- or ones good enough for this training bunker.

They then fired rounds into the predesignated spot in the wall of the bunker. After six rounds the wall gave way and a wide gap appeared.

"Infantry prepare to advance on my signal. Three, two, one ... Now!"

The soldiers rose from the ground and surged forward. There was no return fire any more, and in groups of twos and threes they surged through the gap in the wall. Medics attended to the men who were down.

The word came back minutes later that the fortification was secured.

Captain Cox advanced to inspect the situation. The few men who had been inside with the women had apologized and were readily accepted by the rebel men. This military was now divided by gender.

"This is the men's revolution!" shouted an excited soldier. "And you cunts aren't in charge any more!"

A dozen men surrounded four women who were standing facing the wall, arms outstretched.

"Yeah, show us those cunts!" yelled another, who stepped up behind a woman and pulled down her camouflage pants.

The other men laughed. Encouraged, the first one pulled down her panties too.

The captain could understand their anger, but now he spoke. "The prisoners are to remain unharmed."

"They shot two unarmed men in the back!" screamed a soldier.

Angry murmurs and nods.

"I don't have in mind to kill 'em," drawled another guy. "I don't even want to harm 'em. I just wanna fuck 'em!"

The soldiers laughed and cheered, and as the Captain watched, the women got shoved into position. One was forced down onto a ledge on her back, another got bent over a table on her front. A third was just pushed down on her back on the dirt floor.

Another soldier shouted, "You guys all sick of that 'sexual harassment' shit? Let's show 'em what real sexual harassment is!"

Cheers of enthusiastic assent filled the rooms.

The men's trousers then came down, hard penises appeared, and the fucking began.

"They're fucking the bitches!" echoed through the other areas of the occupied fortification. And throughout, the mass fucking began.

A couple sergeants snuck glances at the captain, and after a moment, he just shrugged. They smiled and pulled their own pants down. He went through a couple passages to the command center and found the ranking officer among the loyalists, a woman with the rank of major.

"Captain, this is an outrage! Control your soldiers!"

"And what about shooting men in the back? What about threatening to hammer our balls flat?"

"Those were unauthorized actions," said the major.

"An officer is responsible for the actions of everyone under his or her command," said the captain.

She had no answer for that. He smirked, then turned her around, slammed her down on the table, yanked her pants down roughly. His cock rose strongly in his anger, and he took her from the rear.

"The captain's doing it too!" went the word through the fortification, followed by laughter, and renewed fucking by all who felt like it.

Most of the women endured their fate in dazed silence, but the major kept up a string of invective and threats.

A passing soldier said to her, "You ain't major of nothing now except maybe the whore corps!" to general amusement, and that shut her up.

The quip cheered the captain and delighted his loins. He fucked deeper and harder, with more enthusiasm, and creamed the deep innards of his theoretically superior officer's pussy.

So, was the Revolutionary Council going to court-martial him? Damned unlikely, he thought. This was a men's revolution!

Admiral Burdick was the leader of the coup, and he was now Acting President. He was prepared to help implement the Men's Equity Party's agenda, but events had overtaken the sensible plans in the party's platform.

It was a tense meeting of the Revolutionary Council, composed of the Admiral and two of the former Joint Chiefs of Staff who served as his top advisers. Two top officials from the Men's Equity Party were close advisers but not official members.

"There's no serious organized resistance -- it's all at the levels of a town here or a valley there," said Army General Christopher Sanchez, leader of the military ground units.

"Congratulations," said Admiral Burdick.

"But what about these reports of rape?" asked General Max Green of the Air Force. "There's a breakdown in discipline among the soldiers."

"It is an unfortunate development," said General Sanchez. "But it's even worse among the civilians. Men are coming forward in droves identifying themselves as part of this Men's Equity Party. The slogan is, 'We can fuck whoever we want. It's a Party plank!' Playing off 'plank' as slang for penis."

"We need to put a stop to this!" said General Green.

"It's an awfully widespread problem."

"We have martial law. We're in charge. Some highly publicized arrests -- even execute a few guys if we need to."

"I think that could be very dangerous," said General Sanchez. "We'd have some soldiers arresting others. Men arresting men. I think it might introduce a split in the army. It's one thing to tell guys not to rape, but to get them to arrest the other guys, knowing they might be executed -- that's hard."

Admiral Burdick said, "And there's an awful lot of them. I don't know where we'd put them all." He paused. "What have we unleashed here?"

George Cutler, Vice Chairman of the Men's Equity Party, cleared his throat. He was the only intellectual in the group, Professor of History at Yale. "I don't think you can control it. Men have been down for so long. There is an ancient pattern in human warfare -- the victorious soldiers scour the countryside, looking for the young women and raping them all."

"But these aren't enemy women," said General Green. "These are our own daughters and wives!"

"True, it's different in that way. But women themselves have been in power. Women themselves have been the enemy. And even if the situation is a little different, it's tapped into that deep-rooted pattern. I don't think you have any choice. You have to let this phase run its course."

"That's insane!" said General Green. "And talk about a split in the army -- what about other guys raping their wives and daughters?"

"You can protect your own wives and daughters," said the professor. "Protect them with other soldiers. The men don't have to be able to rape all the women -- they just have to have a lot to rape. Enough to keep them satisfied. If you keep your own women out of sight they should be safe."

"You sound like you've thought about this before."

"I had, of course," said the professor. "I've thought about a great many contingencies."

"What about the Men's Equity Party members? Do your wives and daughters get protected too?"

The Chairman of the Men's Equity Party, Leo Chang, spoke. "Perhaps we can reach an understanding regarding our top cadres -- about sixty, would you say?"

"Reasonable," said the professor.

"And the others will just smile and not complaint?"

Leo Chang said, "To be a member of the Men's Equity Party, in the old days when it faced serious harassment, you'd have to be pretty hardcore. And you wouldn't be so madly in love with your wife or so fiercely protective of your daughters. Party membership wasn't usually formal, so we do have the problem of everyone now claiming he was a member."

The Admiral said, "The military has bases, and a tradition of discipline, even if it is wavering in this one respect just now. We can assemble women there to protect them. I think soldiers will leave the wives and daughters of other soldiers alone."

The others nodded agreement.

General Sanchez said, "As I said, we're facing no serious military obstacles, but the casualties are higher than we'd expect. Lots of small units take initiative when faced with resistance instead of waiting for reinforcements."

The professor said, "That's just what I'd expect. You got some guys defending a ranch, but the soldiers know there are women in there. They can wait for reinforcements, but then they've got to share the pussy with the reinforcements. Better to risk your life and have fewer guys to share it with."

The military men looked thoughtful.

General Green said, "Have we descended to savagery?"

The professor said, "No, this is a well known development within civilized societies -- if you take the longer view of 'civilization'."

The meeting adjourned shortly after.

They implemented the plan to protect the military's women. When enough details had been worked out, 24 hours later, the word got passed through the chain of command. Women were formally expelled from the military. Any active-duty male soldier could invite his mother and all his sisters and daughters to live on a military base, guaranteeing them protection from sexual advances by men. In addition, he could specify one other woman to protect, a slot primarily intended for a girlfriend or wife. However, he was under no obligation to protect anyone, and he could revoke their protection and residency on a military base at any time.

The regime identified 1400 women with particularly important expertise and skills, and made them a deal -- they too could live in protection on a military base, if they continued to serve the regime loyally. The number grew over time.

Mike and Lisa lay on her bed, kissing, naked bodies intertwined. The late afternoon sun shone through the windows onto her desk. They were both seniors in high school and had been involved for four months.

His erection pressed firmly against her thigh, his hand between her widely spread legs. They had been kissing, but now her lips drew away as her pleasure started to blot out all other awareness. His fingers caressed her centerline in the way he had learned that she liked best. He could see her pleasure intensifying, feel her getting tense, her little exclamations showed she was getting close. He lowered his head and sucked hard on her right nipple, speeding up his finger motion a little. She gave a big gasp as she thrust her hips upward. Mike smiled, glad he could satisfy his lover. After a few more deep breaths, her eyes opened and she kissed him.

She nudged him onto his back and reached down to wet her hand with her lubrication, then fondled his cock and started rubbing. A hand job.

"I'd sure like to slide this into you instead," he said.

"I know you would ... but I'm not ready for that yet."

"Yeah, I know. But it's natural. We've got condoms. I've had my fingers up there ... Why not?" He was annoyed.

"I'll be ready soon," she said. "That guy raped me, remember? It takes time to get over that."

"Yeah, I know ... Or your lips at least? Kiss it? Suck it? I promise I won't come in your mouth.?"

"No, not ready for that either."

Mike was deeply disappointed, but his girlfriend was rubbing his cock and nibbling his ear, and it felt pretty nice. He slid his hand between her legs again and shoved his middle finger into her vagina, pressing it in and out, his finger a surrogate for what he so desperately wished his cock was doing. His pleasure grew, he jammed his finger just as far into her as he could, and then he was coming. As always, she took her hand away the instant he started spurting.

After a few seconds of lying intertwined, he reached over and cleaned himself up with tissues.

"There's been this revolution, right?" he said. "Men should be getting more rights."

"I don't think it's going to affect us very much," Lisa said with a confident smile. They got up and dressed.

"OK, bye ... See you this weekend?" he said.

"Sounds good," she said, giving him a goodbye kiss and showing him out of her bedroom. He let himself out of the house and walked home.

They never met again as boyfriend and girlfriend. On three later occasions he took what he wanted, sliding his cock into her pussy and fucking away until he delivered his load, but it was in an entirely different world.

In the early evening light, Mr. Clarence Jones walked the few blocks to Lisa's house. He knocked on the side door, the one the family used.

"Oh," said Lisa's mother. "You raped my daughter! "How dare you come to our house!" She tried to slam the door, but Clarence's foot blocked it. "Go away. Or I'll call the police."

"Go ahead. Is Lisa here?" He pushed the door open and stepped inside.


Just then the young woman appeared behind her mother's shoulder. "Oh, it's you," she said.

"Let's go into the living room," said Clarence. When the mother hesitated, he grabbed her arm and pushed her in that direction. Lisa followed.

"Lisa, do you want to tell your mother what really happened?"

"What do you mean? I've told what happened many times."

"No, you haven't. I'll tell your mother what happened. You were babysitting for our family. We paid you $15 an hour. You asked for a raise, so we gave you $20. But a couple weeks later, you told me you'd need $100 an hour or you'd accuse me of raping you. And I never touched you once!"

Lisa's confidence seemed to waver.

"And I refused, because if I gave you $100, then you'd be asking for $200 next, or $1,000. And you -- you made your accusation! You followed through, you made it, and I took the plea bargain and only served three years. Though I've got to wear this thing," he said, kicking his foot forward to show his ankle monitor.

"Mr. Jones, if you don't leave now, you're going back to prison for life. Just leave now and we can forget this whole thing," said the mother.

"No, sorry," he said. "Maybe you heard there was a coup? That we now are under the rule of Admiral Burdick?" His right to take Lisa hadn't exactly been spelled out, but the message was clear to Clarence.

"I ... I'm sorry," said Lisa.

"You did that?" said her mother. "Well, girls will be girls!" she said breezily.

"Sorry, 'Girls will be girls' does not make up for three years in prison. I don't know what you deserve for that, but I know where it starts. I'm going to fuck you. Right now."

Lisa gulped.

"You were always hot. You're an evil little bitch, but you're still hot. So, into your bedroom."

He rose, and Lisa rose uncertainly. So did the mother, but Clarence roughly pushed her back down onto the sofa. "You stay here."

Lisa started up the stairs, slowly.

"Move it!" said Clarence, pinching her ass through her jeans.

Lisa went faster, and Clarence followed her.

Lisa flipped the light on in her room, and Clarence locked the door behind him.

"I ... I'm sorry," she said, "Can you, please ... Is there anything else... ?"

"No! Strip! Naked! Now!"

Lisa did as she was told, and soon stood before him, miserable, naked, fighting back tears.

"Nice tits," said Clarence, grabbing the left one in his right hand and squeezing hard.

Lisa jerked briefly and mouthed "Ow!" silently.

"Maybe I should bite the other nipple off completely," he said. "As a down payment on what you owe me ... Nah, forget that. Go lie on the bed so I can fuck you."

Lisa lay back, legs spread partway. Clarence took off his shoes, pants, and underpants, revealing a fairly engorged but soft organ.

"I think I have a condom," said Lisa meekly.

"Condom? Condom? We're trying to make babies! The world is running out of babies. There's no more condoms!" he said. "Actually, see my cock here? Tell me you want so much for it to fuck you and make you pregnant. And while you're at it, rub yourself down below so you'll be nice and wet and ready for a smooth fuck. Actually, skip the speech for now. Suck it."

Lisa sat up, stealing a glance at Clarence, and took the organ into her mouth. How he'd dreamed of her doing that when she was 13! He was very angry at her, but he wasn't really there to punish her. He was there because he wanted to fuck her.

He felt his erection strengthening, and while the blood pulsed into it, he used his hands to caress the girl's hair and shoulders. She really was beautiful. Looking down he saw light brown shoulder-length hair, big brown eyes, a button nose, red lips pursed around his cock. Below that were symmetrical B-cup breasts, tight and high, below that a narrow waist which flared out to respectable hips. She was sitting cross-legged, and at the junction of her thin, smooth thighs her fingers poked deftly into her modest thatch of brown pubic hair, gently rubbing.

His erection was full now, and Lisa began working her tongue over it more energetically -- maybe trying to get him to come in her mouth as a form of contraception?

"Enough," he said. "Now say it!"

She hesitated, and he grabbed her right tit.

"Please fuck this thing into me and make me pregnant," she said. "Stuff me with gobs of sperm."

She lay back and spread her legs wide, then spread her pussy lips with her fingers, biting her lip. This was his dream. He lowered himself into position, preparing for the fuck. None of this gentle, hesitant stuff like he'd done all his life, with his wife and the girlfriends before her.

"Say it again," he said.

"Please fuck that thing in me and make me pregnant! Ejaculate way up inside me!" She was acting well enough that she sounded kind of like she meant it.

"Say, 'I'm a miserable cunt and I deserve to get fucked'."

"I'm a miserable cunt, and I ... deserve to get fucked ... and worse ... I can't believe I blackmailed you."

"Oh, shut up about that! Time to make your lie into the truth!" He gave a sarcastic laugh.

His tip nuzzled into her vestibule, the hot, moist feminine part that promises so much more. Then he shoved in hard. Her tube opened to receive him. She was slick and hot, just like a girl should be. Soon he found his depth and began a vigorous fucking motion.

"I'm a miserable cunt and I deserve to get fucked," she said, and then she started crying softly. "I deserve anything you do to me."

No need to hold off. He didn't give a shit about her pleasure, and if he wanted more, he'd do it to her again. Every level of his being, from moral righteousness right down to the skin of his glans, agreed he was doing the right thing. So he fucked her harder and faster and his body did its thing, feeding his pleasure deliciously. Those multiple levels of his being agreed that his cock was in a perfect place for him to ejaculate, and that this was the perfect time. Stabbing in and out brought fantastic pleasure, building more and more -- then he made his final lunge and felt ecstatic relief, his manly twitches dousing the deep end of her pussy with gobs of sperm, just like she asked for.

He pulled out. Lust satisfied, his anger came back weakly. "I ought to beat you to a pulp for what you did to me," he said.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I'm so sorry..."

"All you've got so far is a pussy full of sperm, delivered just the way we've been making babies for thousands of years. Hardly a punishment."

He heard a buzzer below and Lisa's mother rushing to open the door.

He faintly heard, "Oh, thank goodness you've come. He's still upstairs -- with her." She must have called the cops, and he realized he'd known she might.

Clarence had a momentary pang of fear. His lust satisfied and his anger mellowed, it struck him that he had done a rather foolish thing. There had been the coup, but still...

Lisa hesitantly started to get dressed, and he saw her looking at him to see if he'd object.

"Fine, go ahead," he said wearily, dressing himself.

Lisa bolted out the door and tripped down the stairs. When Clarence came down a few moments later, he saw the police officer in the kitchen, with mother and daughter behind him hugging each other.

"So, tell me what happened here."

The mother started babbling, but the policeman held up his hand to stop her. "I want your side of it," said the officer, looking at Clarence.

Something in the back of his mind told him he should ask for a lawyer. But he was tired. He started with a simple version. "Four years ago, she accused me of raping her, back when she babysat for us. It was actually extortion. I never touched her, but I knew the lay of the land. I pleaded and served three years and still wear this thing on my ankle," he said.

"Oh, you can get rid of that any time. So what happened tonight?"

"I heard about the coup, I've been mad as hell about this, so I came over and raped her properly. Like she deserves. Just the beginning of what she deserves," he said.

"He even admits it!" said the mother.

"Hmmm," said the cop, then motioned to Lisa. "Any broken bones, big bruises?"

"No," she said quietly.

"Well," he said, facing the two women. "Things are different around here now, and he's got a lot better handle on it than you two do. Shame on you, sweetie-pie," he said, looking at Lisa. "Doing extortion like that. Come here," he said, seating himself in a solid kitchen chair. "Pull down your pants and bend over my lap."

"What?" said the girl.

The mother laughed.

"Um, no, it's not a good time to laugh," said the officer sternly. "I am the policeman, and I've ordered your daughter to do something. I'd suggest she do it!" he said with rising threat.

Lisa pulled down her pants to her ankles and awkwardly started to lie across his lap.

Clarence couldn't help smiling.

The officer grabbed her torso and pushed it down. She used her hands to keep her head from crashing into the floor. He roughly pulled her panties midway down her thighs. "You are a very, very, bad girl!" he shouted, and began whacking her bare rear end with his hand, hard, over and over.

"Ow!" screamed the girl.

The mother and Clarence looked on, transfixed. The red marks on her ass cheeks were pronounced.

After 30 sound whacks, the policeman dumped the girl off his lap and she tumbled to the floor, one hand reaching back to check out the damage to her tush.

"That's probably all you'll have to suffer for your extortion," he said, "times being what they are. But the new rules are pretty simple and clear. A man wants to fuck a woman, he goes ahead and fucks her. Her say's got nothing to do with it. So even if Mr., um"...


"Even if Mr. Jones hadn't been mad at you, he's got the right to come into your house and fuck you if that's what he feels like doing."

"Whu? Huh?" whimpered the mother.

The policeman looked down. "And now you'd better get up off the floor, because you're a hot number and I want to fuck you too."

Lisa turned her head towards him with a questioning look.

He kicked her. "Get up, I said."

Lisa scrambled to her feet, stumbling on the jeans around her ankles. She quickly took them off.

The officer walked into the living room, and the others followed. "I think that sofa over there will be just fine. And you, Mr. Jones, this woman here is something of a witch, but if you felt like nailing her pussy, that's entirely your prerogative too. Might shut her up a bit."

"No..." said the mother.

"Yes," said the officer.

"Not even in private?" murmured the mother.

"Oh, it's up to him," said the officer. "As for this luscious little thing, I'd find it really hot if you were all watching. She looks like she's a prime one to get pregnant. The regime's all in favor of making as many women pregnant as possible ... Yeah, you ... strip and get on the sofa there -- like you want to make it real easy for me to fuck you. Unless you want another spanking."

Lisa quickly finished stripping and presented herself, butt on the edge of the sofa, legs spread wide apart.

The policeman pulled his uniform trousers down to his ankles and displayed a stiff organ, ready to go. He deftly moved into position.

"Oh, yeah," he murmured, then pressed forward and slid his meat smoothly into Lisa's cunt.

"Mmmm," he said. "Real easy fit. Sloppy seconds, I bet. I assume you gave her your load?" he asked Clarence.

"Yeah, I sure did."

"You got the better chance of being the daddy on this one," said the policeman, humping away. "I already fucked girls on two other calls tonight, so I'm a bit short on juice. But I'll give it a try," he said. "Mostly, just feels damned good. You're a good fuck, you little felon, you. Nice pussy, nice boobs."

"Aren't they? I thought so too," said Clarence.

Seeing the officer shafting Lisa turned Clarence on. He considered the mother. "So, mamma bitch, free up that pussy and bend over that chair so I can see what you've got." Clarence squeezed her arm -- very hard.

That was enough to get the mother into position quickly, dress pulled up over the small of her back, panties around her ankles.

"Um, does it have to be fucking, or can we do other stuff with them too?" asked Clarence.

The policeman looked over without stopping his rhythmic humping and said, "Main thing is don't kill 'em -- or maim 'em. We need 'em to make babies. Of course, one her age won't, but still, want to keep them alive and in working order."

Clarence dug his hand into the hairy spot between momma's legs.


He found a pussy -- the big kind that had squeezed out a baby or two a long time ago. Kind of like his wife's. He stuck his middle finger up inside. It went but was kind of dry, so he fucked it in and out for a while. It started going a little easier, so then he stuck three fingers up there and fucked them in and out.

Under the influence of his rough in and out, the mother's pussy had gotten kind of slick and his own cock was hard in his pants. Why not fuck her? He was inspired by the sight of the policeman's shaft humping in and out of Lisa. He freed his organ and considered the naked rear end in front of him. His wife had let him do her from the rear like twice, way back before they got married. Bitchy momma's pinched face and thick middle didn't show from this angle. This was a womanly ass with a wet and ready womanly cunt right there in the middle of everything. Why the hell had this never been possible in his marriage? He wanted to spear that cunt like male mammals have been spearing their females for millions of years. And without thoughts any more profound than all of those animal males, that's what he did. He grabbed the butt, aimed his prong, and shoved. The angle wasn't quite right, so he twisted her hips, the word "lordosis" zipping through his human mind. She didn't resist, and then his cock surged just as deep as a cock can go, and he began fucking like the animal he was -- none of this wondering if she minded or would like it a little different. To hell with that.

The two men humped in silence for a couple minutes. "Well, not much chance of planting anything in this old cow, but worth a shot," said Clarence, fucking faster.

"This one's got nice fresh eggs," said the policeman, humping faster.

"Nnnh, nnnh," said Clarence quietly.

"Mmmmph, mmmmph!" said the policeman.

They gave each other a quick smile and each then tried to outdo the other with loud grunting, pounding away faster and faster in their respective cum dumps.

Clarence got their first. "Oh, yeahhhh!" he said, jammed in deep, pulsing away.

Just then he heard a shriek, and looked over to see the policeman's hand clenched on Lisa's nipple while he held male pelvis against female, thrusting urgently and obscenely.

"Oh, cunt, cunt, cunt, CUNT!" he yelled, pounding in and out with extreme intensity. Then his rhythm slowed and he pulled out.

He sat on the other sofa, and Clarence sat beside him. The two men were breathing heavily, cocks shrinking.

Lisa started to get up.

"Nah," said the policeman, "Stay where you are 'til I say it's time. And hold your knees up so my cum doesn't run out." She did.

Clarence looked at the mother, who had started to straighten up. "You, keep that ass up in the air like it was. Nice strong arch to your back."

The officer looked at Clarence. "Yeah, it's been quite a time down at the station. We have a bunch of women officers, naturally. And there was, um, 'tension', you could say. One tried to go out with a guy on patrol, but couldn't hack it the first time they got to a 'rape' scene. She didn't put up a fight, though. They all gave in their weapons. The others went home, but we kept Sarah."

When he didn't continue right away, Clarence took the bait. "And why did you keep Sarah?"

"She's hot, and she was a word-class cock tease. We keep her in the lounge and take turns fucking her round the clock. Yeah, cock teases are going to have a hard time for a while. It's payback time."

Just then they heard footsteps approaching the house.

The policeman reached for his weapon.

"It's Bill," said the mother softly. "Oh, please don't shoot him, sir," she said.

"Doubtful it'll be necessary," said the cop.

They heard the kitchen door open.

"Careful, Bill," said his wife.

"Huh?" said the man. He walked into the living room and stopped. His wife was bent over a chair, bare butt exposed. His daughter sat naked on the sofa, hands holding her knees up in the air. Now she came to a sitting position, legs crossed and arms across her breasts.

"This is the police," said the cop. "Don't try any heroics."

"Oh!" said the man. "Oh!"

"Please, Bill," said the mother. "Don't do anything stupid."

"Have you two been ... like ... um..."

"Fucking your wife and daughter? That's right," said the policeman.

"So the rumors are true?" said Bill. "About women having no choice?"

"Yep, basically."

"It's going to be OK," said the mother soothingly.

"I remember you, you're the one who went to prison for raping my daughter."

Clarence nodded.

"He didn't, actually," said Lisa softly. "Not back then."

Bill took a deep breath, looked at his wife and said, "Yeah, I'd say things are going to be OK. You haven't let me into your pussy in ten years, so I'm glad this gentleman got a chance. I lost interest. And as for you, Lisa, well ... I knew you'd framed Mr. Jones all along. Couldn't say anything then, of course. But you've got it coming to you. Some good fuckings will fix your attitude, I hope. However many it takes."

Mother and daughter began crying softly.

"And maybe I'll get a grandkid too, that would be nice," he said. "Did you both do her?"

Clarence nodded.

"Good. Put all different kinds of sperm up there, maybe one kind'll catch."

"Any pussy you've been especially pining for?" said the cop.

"Yeah, I was just thinking that. Four or five pieces, actually. Lisa's friends Anne and Tracy -- they were so hot and I bet they still are."

Lisa cried harder.

"The Mays' girl Carly -- Carly May -- she's old enough now."

"But first ... first is Jill."

"Not Jill!" said the mother.

"Who's Jill?" asked Clarence.

Bill said, "Girl two doors down. Graduates high school this year. Sweet girl."

"She, she's always been nice to you, right?" said the mother.

"Yep, no complaints. She's a lovely girl. But she's hot, and I want to fuck her."

"But if she hasn't done anything wrong..."

Bill chuckled. Clarence gave a smirk. The policeman laughed and the 3 men exchanged glances. "You tell them," he said to Clarence.

"It's nothing to do with right and wrong. We men have been holding back, being polite, always following the rules, always scared of what could happen for so long now. We want to fuck girls and women. And now we've won..." The other two men clapped. "Now that we've won, we're going to fuck them."

"Whichever ones we want!" said Bill.

"Over and over and over again!" said Clarence.

The policeman said, "No condoms. A quick fuck. Wham, bam, splat!"

The other two men laughed.

The epidemic of rape kept growing. Professor Cutler convinced the Revolutionary Council that this force was so strong it could not be stopped. So 72 hours after the edict of protection for the military dependents, the official word went out -- the word that would cement male loyalty to the new regime for years to come.

All the women who were not specifically protected were fair game. They were all available for sexual intercourse. If they didn't make themselves available, men could break down doors and search for them wherever they thought they were lurking. If the women were cooperative, they were not to be harmed beyond the fucking itself. If they didn't, well, reasonable steps to enforce compliance were permitted. It soon became clear that the regime would investigate killings and maimings, but not lesser degrees of force.

What the professor could have added to his history lesson was that when men can subdue women enough to fuck them, the men have little desire to hurt them. Their ancient brain's hope for a future offspring rests on the woman staying alive and healthy to raise the baby.

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