What a Neighborhood
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Jack Spratt

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Don rents an apartment in a less then desirable neighborhood. He meets two young attractive sisters, the daughters of his next-door neighbor and a surprising bond develops. An enjoyable read

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Interracial   First   Oral Sex  

Many of my fellow employees have asked me why I chose to live in such a rundown neighborhood. It's an easy answer. Nobody visits me. Actually, the truth is the rent was very cheap for the size of apartment. It's a long story how it happened. My ex had moved out of our prior apartment taking everything that wasn't nailed down, including a number of items actually owned by the landlord, leaving me with the bills and the mess to clean up. Once I was at peace with the landlord I gave my notice.

Apartment hunting will never be my favorite pastime. When I read the newspaper ad for this unit, the rundown neighborhood didn't click. Driving to view the apartment, I was shocked at the squalor of the area. It looked like nobody cared. But since I was there it wouldn't hurt to take a look. The shock on the landlord face was comical; he was surprised to see me. Nobody single and working for good wages lives here. With some reluctance, he finally showed me the apartment. It's huge, rundown but huge. There are five large rooms. All the floors are maple hardwood. They'd seen better days but they could be refinished. All the lighting is old fashioned but with a little TLC they too could be brought back to its original luster. The landlord had one figure for the rent. I had another. I mentioned all the renovation I wanted for his rent. He went into shock. No one stayed in the apartments long enough to need any changes or repairs. I told him if I rented the unit, I'd be staying. He finally agreed to my figure. I could do anything to the unit as long as it didn't compromise the structure. I also had him throw in a garage in the basement of the unit as part of the rent. He quickly agreed and left laughing. Later I found out why. There are no doors for any of the garages. Someone had removed those years ago. The area was full of trash, old furniture, a large quantity of used drug paraphernalia and a few used condoms that alone had me wondering who'd venture here for sex, but all could be remedied.

I did manage to locate a good carpenter/handyman named Abe. He actually lives in a complex down the street from the building. His ad was on a bulletin board at the local grocery store. When I called him and told him I had some work for him he was reluctant to come and see me when I gave him my address. His comment was nobody living in that dump could afford a carpenter. I had to convince him he had nothing to lose by coming and talking to me. When he did show up, it took more time to convince him I could pay. He liked cash. His first assignment was to secure the garage. My wheels are a new Yukon XL that I want to keep in one piece. I didn't bring it home for three weeks, leaving it in the company's secure parking lot and took public transit. That was a real eye opener. I got to see the whole new spectrum of inbreeding while riding those buses. It made me wonder what planet I was on.

Today Abe is waiting for me when I returned home.

"The garage area is cleaned and the door was installed today. You had better come and see it. It cost three hundred dollars for a used door."

My first thought is where would he dig up a used garage door costing three hundred dollars? Maybe, it is better I didn't know the history. Following Abe to the lower garage level, I couldn't believe what I was looking at. The door is solid molded rolled steel with a massive locking devise. The lock was embedded in the side molding so it couldn't be struck with a sledge hammer, apparently the favored lock opener for the local thieves. There were a few indentations on the door surface that appeared have been made by bullets. I was tempted to ask. Abe flicks a switch and a motor whirls slowly rolling up the door on its rails. The inner garage is also lined with steel sheets. I can see the fresh welds that held the sheets in place. Again I had to hold my tongue from asking where all this metal came from for three hundred dollars.

"Abe I don't know how you did it, but to me it is well worth three hundred dollars. Did I see you with a remote opener?"

"Yes. Here it is. It has a seven-digit combination making it nearly impossible for the thieves to break the code. I would suggest you change the code every month."

I nod my understanding. There is no reason to ask why. It is likely something I really didn't want to know.

"I'll be sanding the apartment floors tomorrow. I hope to have all the work completed by the weekend. I really can't understand why you are putting so much money into this dump. You don't even own the building."

"Just think of me as an eccentric with some money to waste. I like your work. I can post your name on our bulletin board at work. It could result in some jobs."

"Thank you. Just tell them I only work for cash."

True to his word, the apartment is completed by the weekend. I couldn't believe the transformation. All the floors shone. The walls had been patched, corners squared and repainted. All windows had been replaced with new low maintenance types and all the light fixtures have been refinished, my wallet took one helluva hit. There was a complete new bathroom with a shower. Abe replaced the apartment door and frame with a new reinforced one of solid steel plate. It had a peephole with a bulletproof lens. Abe thinks of everything. It had me wondering just what kind of crooks roamed this neighborhood.

Next week my furniture will be delivered from storage. Within the week I have a new home. So now you know now I ended up in this neighborhood.

My name is Don Parsons. I'm fifty-one years old. I live alone as I mention. What little family I have lives in different parts of the country.

Most of my neighbors are single parent families; I'm led to believe all are women with children. Every morning when I leave my apartment, there are two young ebony girls playing in the hall. They are always in clean school uniforms, well groomed and very polite. I always say hello, to which they greet me with a smile. Lately I've looked for them.

Although they are young, their fledgling bodies are developing noticeably. Both have long well shaped legs and beautiful tight bottoms. As they play their short school skirts flip up and showing their tight panties hugging heaven. For some reason I find myself looking at them sexually. This is something new to me; young girls have never been of interest to me in the past. Both have small, definable breasts. Their tight white blouses accents the fact that neither wore bras. Their small hard nipples are very noticeable. They are a refreshing view each morning, a great way to start my day. I'm a subject for study for the two as well; they appear to watch my every move. Mind you, it could have been my overactive imagination.

Returning home in the evening, both are usually playing in the hall. Again, we exchange pleasantries. I have to keep reminding myself they are young girls. As the weeks pass, they appear to make a point of exposing their panty-covered bottoms; the thin material is embedded between their bum cheeks showing lots of their soft dark beautiful skin. I didn't want to believe these two angels are actually teasing me.

Finally, we start having short conversations before I go into my apartment. Their mom works long hours in a big box store three blocks away. They never knew their dad. Nia, the bolder of the two, is fourteen. Mia is fifteen and very cautious about everything she does.

Our daily banter went on for weeks. At night when I finally got to bed, for whatever reason, my thoughts were of those two young dark-skinned beauties. I'm glad no-one can read my mind because in my dreams, they always end up joining me in bed.

When my workload is finally caught up, my employer allows me to go home early. The arrangement with my immediate manager is that I'll work long hours till the jobs are done and when we have a slack period I go home early. It's nice to get home at three in the afternoon instead of my usual seven. The girls are playing as usual. They have a small table and two chairs. Both are sitting facing me. Their legs are spread enough for me to see their tight panties hugging heaven. My woody gets excited. For the life of me I cannot understand how these two young girls are getting to me. After saying hello I enter my apartment. As I prepare my lunch, I wonder if the girls may be hungry.

"Would you two young ladies like to join an old man for lunch?"

"Oh yes. We'd love too."

It is Nia the bolder of the two, she is heading for my door. Mia follows reluctantly. They are in awe of the apartment improvements.

"Our apartment doesn't look like this. The paint is peeling off the walls and our windows are different. Ours don't even open. They are stuck with all the old paint. How come you get an apartment like this?"

"When I rented the apartment it was just like yours. I had the renovations done, not the landlord."

"It's so nice. You have nice furniture."

"Come to the kitchen. I've lunch prepared. You girls are my first guests."

They ask directions to the washroom and leave to clean up. When they return they have a surprise look on their faces.

"Everything works in your bathroom. Ours is old and it takes forever to drain the sink and tub. Our shower has never worked. It must be nice to have a shower like yours."

"Well if you like you can use my shower anytime you like. If your mom agrees just call to make sure I'm home."

"Oh goody, I'd like that."

Again, it's Nia talking. I watch Mia. Her eyes also show interest when I offered to let them use the shower. The lunch goes well. I had to replace the platters twice as they ate everything. I wonder why they are so hungry. Nia provides the answer.

"I'm sorry we made such pigs of ourselves. Mom works long hours to keep a roof over our heads. Sometimes, close to the end of the month, we don't have enough food. Our dad has never sent our mom any money. She cries when she can't get enough for us."

That really hit me in the stomach. My job is unique. My expertise is sought after and I'm very well paid. With no family I have been able to sock away a small fortune. Here is a small family with very limited resources. The least I can do is feed them when I'm home early. I make a mental note to buy more wholesome food to make a dinner. I usually eat at restaurants. One of my joys in the past was cooking. Now I have someone to cook for.

After lunch, I learn more about the family. They go to a school three blocks up the street. Both are doing well. Sometimes they are embarrassed because they have to wear hand-me-downs and clothes from Value City. But they love their mom and realize she is doing the best for them, it surprises me how mature both girls are. This may be an area I can help, but how do I approach the subject.

They both enjoy the apartment and the furnishings. When they sit across from me both have their legs spread and I can see up their short skirts. It's a wonderful view. It has me dreaming about what is actually hidden under their panties. I get the impression that both of them know the effect the view is having on me. Or is it my imagination again? I'm actually sorry to see them leave. Both know how to sway their hips for effect.

From that day forward every time I'm home early we have lunch together. Each time I get to know more about my two young friends. They are very pleasant company. One of the things I like about the arrangement is neither asks for anything. They are very proud, considering how young they are and the family's circumstances. I still want to help but an opportunity hasn't come up.

One evening there is a knock on my door. Whoever it is doesn't realize the doorbell actually works. It's a young woman.

"Hello. I'm Janet Raven, Nia and Mia's mom. May I come in?"

"Certainly: Come in. I was just having a coffee would you join me?"

"Yes thank you."

Janet follows me to the kitchen. She, like her daughters, is fascinated by the condition of the unit.

"The girls said your apartment was really different from ours. I just can't believe how different."

"I had all the work done. I like it."

I pour the coffee and sit down across from Janet.

"What can I do for you?"

"I came to thank you for looking out for my girls. You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you are feeding them lunches. I find it very hard sometimes to make all the ends meet. I just wanted to do something for you."

Janet Raven is a very attractive young woman, her ebony skin glows. She shows signs of concern. Her face is drawn like a person who worries constantly. What can a woman with her resources do for me? She has only one asset, her body. As much as I'd love to have someone as beautiful as she is, I don't need to take advantage of anyone.

"Janet you don't have to do anything for me, you owe me nothing. I enjoy the company of your daughters; they are a joy to be with. As for the cost, I can easily afford it. So please don't feel you need to do anything for me."

She starts to cry. Her face is in her hands.

"I work very hard. All my efforts are for my daughters. I really wish I could do more."

"Do you have an opportunity to advance at your job?"

"Yes. But I'd have to take special courses on the weekends. If I complete them successfully and get the next grade position my salary would nearly triple. They pay for everything except a babysitter. It would cost me nearly two hundred dollars every weekend. There is no way I can afford it."

This may be a way I can help. There is plenty of room in this apartment, and the one bedroom is still empty. It can easily hold two single beds and a couple of bureaus.

"Janet I may have the solution to your problem."


"Well I'm home nearly every weekend. If you're agreeable I would love to have Mia and Nia for the weekends, freeing you to take the courses. I'm sure we could find a lot to do."

"Why would you do something like that? You don't know me."

"Well I know your daughters. Secondly, I will enjoy it; it will give me a challenge, besides we get along fine. You can think about it. I won't mention it to your daughters. It'll be your decision only."

"That's a very generous offer. I don't know what to say. You're a very kind man."

"You don't have to say anything. It gives you an option to help you get ahead and if needed I'm able to help."

Janet moves towards me and gives me a soft kiss on my cheek.

"Now I know why my daughters enjoy your company. Thank you for the coffee. I'll think about your offer."

A month passes with no further visits from Janet. I continue to see the girls regularly. Usually every time I come home early they are waiting for me. I've given them my phone number at work, my cell and apartment. I asked them to call if they ever need anything. They have never called.

One day at lunch Nia comments.

"Mom is going to school on the weekend. She says if she passes we can leave this neighborhood and get a better apartment. I don't know if I'd like that."

I assume Janet has made other arrangements with someone to take care of the girls. I'll be sorry to see them leave. It's surprising how they have become a part of my life. Later that night I get a call from Janet.

"Hello Don, this is Janet. Does your offer to baby-sit the girls still stand? I took your advice and applied to go to school. I just got accepted. Now I really need a babysitter."

The mystery is solved, why I didn't hear from Janet. She had to apply and get accepted for the school and that took time. It made me feel better.

"Of course it still stands. The girls mentioned you were going to school. I thought you had made arrangements with someone else. I'll be glad to help."

"I didn't tell them you offered. I wanted to make sure I was accepted. Thank you so much."

"Glad to help, when do you start?"

"This weekend, I leave Friday afternoon and am back late Sunday evening. It's a five-month course. It'll mean so much for me and the girls. I'll be able to get a better apartment. I don't know how to thank you."

"There is no need. I'm glad to help. I'll expect the girls this Friday afternoon."

"They will be so excited; I haven't told them about our arrangement. Thank you again."

I've a lot to do in the next three days. First job is to get the furniture for the bedroom and all the accessories that go with it. Then to make sure there is plenty to eat, a good variety of wholesome foods. It should be an interesting weekend.

A call to the furniture store confirms they have what is required in stock. I made arrangements for delivery. The accessories will all come from a big box store. My housekeeper will put the room in order with curtains and fancy girlish accents.

Something has been bothering me since my last conversation with Janet; I don't want to lose the girls' friendship. It has me wondering if the landlord would consider repairing their apartment. He wasn't too receptive to my request to say the least. He suggests if I'm so interested in repairing the unit why don't I buy the building. Apparently he has been trying to sell it for three years. He and his wife want to move south. That is an interesting consideration. He gives me his permission to view all the unrented units. He is more than willing to let me snoop around once he realizes I am interested. My first call is to Abe advising him I want to know all about the building, the approximate costs of remodeling the twelve apartments to make them liveable. He couldn't believe anyone would be interested in buying this rundown apartment building.

The next day I call my accountant and tell him what I had in mind. I want to know all the implications tax-wise. Could I use the building losses as a tax write-off? The wheels are set in motion. Two days later, Abe calls me to arrange a meeting.

"I did what you asked Mr. Parsons. Do you realize there are only five apartments that are rented? The other seven are so bad that even the rats have left."

"But is the building sound? Are there any construction faults? Can the problems be fixed?"

"Yep the building is sound. Whoever built this place years ago, built it to last. All problems can be fixed; it's all a matter of money."

"Thanks Abe. I'll let you know what I decide. Would you be interested in the job as janitor and custodian if I do purchase the building?"

"You'd trust me to take care of your building? Nobody has ever done anything for me. I'd like that Mr. Parson. I wouldn't cheat you."

My accountant did call the next day. His advice is it would be a good move if I can get the building at the right price. Apparently, there are a number of forgivable subsidies and grants for refurbishing buildings in this area that would actually reduce my financial outlay. The purchase would give me a tax shelter for at least fifteen years. I call the landlord and tell him I'm interested in making him an offer. Thirteen minutes later he's at my door. To say he wasn't overjoyed at my offer is a gross understatement. When I told him the total cost of repairs to make the building liveable and up to code he just stood there in shock. He left shortly thereafter saying he had to talk things over with his wife.

I arranged to leave my job early Friday. The girls will be home from school at three. Shortly after three they are at my door. Both had small suitcases.

"Come on in. You'll be my first overnight guests. I hope you like the bedroom I had prepared for you."

Watching as they inspect the room, Mia tests her mattress. Then she bounces on it. Nia just throws her suitcase on the bed.

"It's a nice room. The beds look new. Not like ours at home. Whose room was this?"

"It was a spare bedroom. I just purchased the beds and furniture this week. You had to have some place to sleep."

"You bought all this furniture just because we were coming over."

"Yes. You have to sleep somewhere."

"This will be the first time we have ever slept on anything new."

"Tonight you can have a shower then put on your nighties and we can watch television before you go to bed. I've a lot of munchies just for you girls. I did some shopping today."

They both give me an odd look. Something's bothering them.

"What is the problem?"

"We don't have nighties. We sleep in a tee shirt and panties."

I feel a stirring envisioning that sight. I'd have loved to see both of them in their tight panties and t-shirt. But I've another suggestion.

"Would you like to have nighties?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well we could go to the mall and do some shopping."

"We don't have any money for nighties. That is why we don't have them now."

"I'll buy. It'll be my treat."

Both of them look surprised and maybe speechless. It would be interesting to know what they are thinking. Maybe it's the first time anyone offered to do something for them. Nia's the first one to speak.

"You would do that for us. Why?"

"Because I can, it will be fun shopping for you two."

Once it sinks in there are no strings attached both wanted to leave now. They are skeptical about going to the basement for my vehicle.

"No-one goes to the basement. It's a trash heap. Mom told us never to go there because there may be druggies. They could hurt us."

"Well you can come with me. I keep my truck there."

"You're kidding. I bet it's gone by now."

They follow me to the back of the building. They are surprised to see the steel doors. They're shocked when the steel door slowly opens noisily revealing my Yukon XL. I unlock the doors and tell them to climb in. They are impressed with the monster vehicle.

"Is this your car?"

"Yes. I like the size of it. You can haul lots of cargo with it. Do you like it?"

"Oh yes. It's the first time we have ridden something so big and nice."

I feel sorry for the life they have led. What I take for granted they see as luxury. I'm glad I can do something for them. As we drive down the expressway, Nia spoke

"You passed Value Village, that's where mom shops for us."

"We are going to the mall. We can find some nighties there and whatever else you may need."

"You want to buy us more than just the nighties?"

"If you need anything more we can get it at the mall. Can you think of anything else you might need?"

Both are smiling shaking their heads. It'll be like Christmas to them. Soon we are at the mall. I find a place to park. The first place we hit is Wal-Mart. I give both of them a cart and tell them to pick up what they need. After that, we will go to a speciality shop to get their nighties and maybe some lingerie. I pick a bench close to the cashiers and tell them to call me when they are done. They are gone for nearly two hours. I wonder what they are actually buying. The good thing about this bench is the traffic. Many a lovely young lady passes by. Then I see both of them wheeling full carts. Their faces are beaming. I walk over to them.

"Are you sure you have everything you need? Did you leave anything in the store?"

Both are laughing. Their smiles are worth the cost. The clerk gasps when they start loading the belt.

"Are you paying for this?"

"Yes. Is there a problem?"

"No. I see the two young girls with the full carts. I am concerned that I would have ring up this sale then would have to reverse it. It has happened to me before."

"Well I can assure you I can pay for it. Would you like cash or debit card?"

"Thank you sir, you can pay any method you like."

Soon we are heading to the speciality shop for a nightie. I picked out a lingerie store I pass often in the mall. I hope they have the young girl's sizes.

"Ok girls go and tell the clerk you want a couple of nighties each. Maybe you should look at some bras as well with matching panties. The sky is the limit."

Both are blushing. I think it is the comment about the bras. Both disappear but reappear shortly with a clerk. She makes signs that they are with me and I will be paying. I nod my head yes. She gives me a big smile. She must be on commission. Again, I wait this time for an hour. How long does it take to pick out a nightie? Soon I see the clerk waving for me to come over. The total due could have paid the public debt. The girls load me with more packages. Yukon XLs are large but they managed to fill the empty spaces. When we reach the apartment I stop in front to unload. It takes seven trips to empty the van. After putting the unit in the garage I return to the apartment. The girls have taken all the packages to their room. I have no idea how they got all the packages in. Nia comes out.

"Don. We are going to shower now. We have some nighties. I think you will like them."

"Well it isn't for me to like. I hope you like them."

"We do. We can't thank you enough for taking us shopping. No-one has ever done anything like that for us."

"I'm happy I could help. I'll be in the kitchen. A fresh cup of coffee will hit the spot."

Water is flowing for their shower. By my calculations, it'll take them an hour at least. I use the time to prepare supper. Dinner tonight is soup and three salads. Tomorrow I will cook a full meal. I plan to ask them what they like. Hopefully it will be something I can prepare.

"Don. We are ready. We want you to come and see our new nighties."

I'm stunned to silence at the view. Both are wearing sheer baby doll nighties with no panties. Their perky titties and nipples get my attention but the beauty is their dark puffy pussies. Both sets of luv lips are full and well-shaped, the sight makes me tingle.

"Girls you're beautiful. But don't those nighties come with panties?"

Both girls giggle. They swirled their nighties. The motion of the action lifts them exposing their shapely bums and full pussy lips. I'm mesmerized at the beauty. My woody loves the view.

"We didn't get the panties. Don't you like this?"

"Oh I like. I like very much. You should be movie stars."

"I'm glad you like our nighties. Tomorrow we will show you the rest of the things we bought. We have never had so many new things."

"I can't wait to see you two modeling. But now it's time to eat."

Both young girls walk by me. I can see their titties and nipples. Nia, the youngest, has very long nipples for her size and age. They push out against the sheer material like bullets. Then it hits me. They are both wearing a haunting scent and both have lip gloss. They had to have purchased perfume at the specialty store. Now my cock is tenting, giving me an uncomfortable feeling. Nia is staring at it and her face breaks out with a smile.

The meal goes well. It's hard for me to concentrate on eating when I'm exposed to so much young dark flesh. Their lip gloss is like a magnet to me. Both have well-formed mouths with so kissable lips. I can only imagine kissing them. Both vixens are smiling at me realizing my interest. They have to know what they are doing to me. I'm so happy this meal is over. It is nine o'clock.

"Time for bed for you two. It has been a long exciting day for you. We can talk about what we are going to do tomorrow at breakfast."

I watch as the two bare bottoms disappear, and breathe a sigh of relief. It has been a long day for me as well. I can't believe the beauty of those two young girls and what it is doing to me. The view of their puffy luv lips is burned in my mind. What it would be like to taste both of them. I'm so hard, it hurts.

The shower is a welcome relief, thinking I really should turn on the cold water. The thought of the two angels has me aching. I did something about it, taking the edge off. Before retiring I made sure all the locks were engaged. Once in bed, the vision of my two charges is vivid. My hand is rubbing my shaft. With my eyes closed as I enjoy the images of the two puffy pussies that were on display tonight. Suddenly there is a whiff of perfume. It is the scent the two girls wore tonight. My mind is trying to figure out how it is so strong in my room when I feel a weight on my bed. My blankets are lifted on both sides of me. Two young nude bodies are hugging me.

Both Nia and Mia are in bed with me. My hand on my cock is replaced by one of theirs. I'm in shock. When I try to say something Nia puts one of her nipples in my mouth. What is a man to do? I gently suck. Mia is working my cock. I can't tell you what I am feeling at this moment. Nia switches nipples. I'm surprised that she knows what to do. Then I feel a warm mouth on my cock. Mia is sucking slowly. Her small hands are cupping my balls. Nia is moaning softly. I feel her shift her weight. She is kneeling with my head between her legs. When she lowers her body I am kissing her puffy pussy lips. There's no wine on earth that could taste as wonderful as her young pussy. Her pussy elixir seeps into my mouth. Now she is really moaning. Her clitoris is just a small protrusion on the top of her pussy but long enough to nibble with my lips. I try to suck it as well. She surprises me when her body stiffens as she cums. My explosion is building up in my shaft. Mia must have felt something different as well because she is now sucking in earnest, strings of cum pump into her throat. All the stress of the day drains down Mia's throat.

I'm in a glow of the best feeling I've had for years when the thought of what just happened hits me, a fantastic blowjob by a fifteen year old while I was eating out her fourteen-year-old sister. What the hell have I done? Now there is a feeling of guilt and shame, why I didn't stop this. What will their mother think?

"Mom told us to be good to you. Were we good Don?"

"Oh Nia and Mia you're the best. Where did you learn that?"

"Mom has videos that we aren't supposed to know about. We've watched them many times. Mia wanted to suck your cock and I wanted to feel what it was like to have a tongue in my pussy. It really feels great."

"Thank you Mia, I haven't felt this good in months and Nia you taste divine. Seeing you two in those nighties didn't help me tonight."

"They did what we wanted them to do, get you excited. We wanted to show how much we appreciate what you did for us and for our mom for babysitting us. Mom is so happy about going to school."

I hug them both. We all snuggle up in my king-size bed. Sleep finally overtook us all.

The next morning I woke to Nia sucking my cock. She looked so beautiful, naked with my cock in her mouth, a contrast of colors. I lie back and enjoy the sensation. Mia is just waking up. Her body is beautiful. Her nipples are not as long as Nia's but they are bigger. Her breasts are perky cones. But the view of her puffy pussy lips makes me think I'm in heaven. Nia's persistent sucking is coaxing cum to the tip of my cock. Strings of hot sperm shoot in her mouth; she caresses my shaft for every drop. What a way to start a day!

"You girls are wonderful. Let's get up and have breakfast."

We are naked. Both girls rush to their bedroom and return with the nighties but no panties. Their lovely pussies are on display. Both sets of puffy luv lips are a disturbing influence. We manage to get through breakfast.

"What would you like to do today?"

"Mia wants you to lick her pussy like you did mine. She wants to feel what I did."

"Ok. Then what are we going to do?"

"Would you take us to a movie?"

"It would be my pleasure."

Mia came to me, took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom. Nia follows. She lies down and spread her legs. Her pussy lips are swollen and moist. There is slight scent of sex emulating from her. I can see her rose bud as well. Her tight little asshole certainly looks promising for future exploration. She has a few hairs just above her clitoris, which is larger than her sister's and is peeking out of its hood. Mia is excited. Licking her pussy from the bottom to the top, her body trembles in anticipation. As I attempt to shove my tongue deep in her pussy, she actually helps by spreading her legs to the max and her pussy lips open like a flower. Her elixir is as heady as her sister's. Their taste is something I could really get used too. Mia's hand grabs a handful of hair and she pulls me into her pussy. She stiffens, her breathing is labored and then she cums. My face is now covered with a tasty milky coating. She's actually squirted.

"Thank you Don. That was wonderful. Do you think you can fuck me and Nia? We watched it being done in mom's videos."

Now that thought has crossed my mind many times but are their openings large enough.

"I don't know. I may be too big for something like that. Maybe we should wait. I certainly don't want to hurt you."

"Well we both want you to try tonight. We have watched a video where a young girl was able to fuck four men, one after the other. We thought we could do at least one."

"Well let's worry about that tonight. Let's get dressed and go for a walk."

Getting dressed isn't as simple as it sounds. I cleaned the apartment and was still waiting for my two young beauties. They finally make an entrance from their bedroom wearing bras and matching bikini panties. The effect is stunning. I can't tell you which is more exotic, seeing them naked or modeling sexy lingerie. The lingerie is a soft mauve with lace trim. I never realized such sexy lingerie came in small sizes. This is a learning experience in more ways than one.

"That isn't fair. You knew what those outfits would do to me. You are both so beautiful. The clothing is well worth every penny. But go and get dressed."

Both ran back to the bedroom, giggling. Soon they reappeared in their school clothes. Maybe we should go shopping again and purchase some new school clothes. I am thinking how they would look in short shorts and tight tops. The effect should be devastating.

As we are leaving the building my landlord asks to speak to me.

"I talked your offer over with my wife. It is not what we hoped for but we realize it will take a small fortune to repair the building. We don't have the resources. We will accept your offer."

I gave him my lawyer's name and suggested he have his lawyer contact him. I made a mental note to call Monday morning. The girls are waiting impatiently for me.

"Where are we going?"

"Would you like to go to the park?"

"Oh yes."

It is a pleasant trip to the park. They are sitting beside me, with their skirts up, exposing their panty-covered pussies.

"Girls you have to stop doing that. I can't keep my eyes off you."

"That is why we are doing it. Mom told us to be good for you. We don't want you to forget what we look like."

"I can assure you I will never forget what you look like. You are both walking dreams. Did your mother know what you had planned for me?"

"Well I don't think she meant for us to attack you. I think she meant be good girls. Were we good Don?"

"The best, I couldn't imagine anyone better. I feel very fortunate to be your friend."

We actually did go to the park. The fresh air is was good for all of us. It is a pleasure being with the girls. They are so full of life. Hopefully I can assist both girls to make it a better life. I mean more than making love to them.

My mind is bouncing from the girls to the landlord and the actual purchase. I'll have to check with my lawyer on Monday to inquire if my landlord's solicitor called him. I want to get started on the renovations as soon as possible. The building has potential.

"Would you girls like an ice cream cone? There is a vendor."

"Oh yes. Thank you Don. We both love ice cream."

We enjoyed our treats. The two looks looked so innocent. They are, but recalling Mia's request they plan to change that as soon as possible. I'm envisioning my cock buried in their tight pussies and hopefully in time, their rosebuds. I can feel my pants tenting.

"How would you girls like to do some more shopping? I think you could use some new school clothes. Since you both wear uniforms, do you know which store sells them for your school?"

"Oh yes. It's at the mall. We walked by it yesterday. You want to buy us new uniforms? It will be the first new ones we have. Mom had always got us used ones. They are always in good shape but it isn't the same as new."

"Well today you will have a new uniform. Let's buy two each. That way you will have a change. Do you need new shoes as well?"

"New shoes too, oh Don you shouldn't. Mom will have a bird when she finds out the money you spent on us."

"Well we won't tell her. You can leave your sexy lingerie in the apartment. I don't think your mom would understand."

Both of the girls giggle at my last comment. It didn't take us long to get to the mall. The first store they visit is for uniforms. They found what they were looking for in record time. The shoe store is another story. It must have been close to an hour before they returned loaded with boxes. The last store they visited was a teen clothing store. They have all the current fashion designer jeans and tops.

"I'd like you to get matching set of clothing, body fitting jeans, short and matching tops and any accessories you may need."

They both squeal and enter the store. I feel sorry for the clerk. I sat outside the store loaded with their purchases waiting for them to motion for me to come and pay for the last time today. Both young ladies motion for me. They are dressed in new jeans and tops. The jeans are like second skins. If they gain an ounce the jeans will have to be replaced. I have to admit I like the effect. Their young bodies are highlighted by the new apparel. Their tight bums are accentuated. I love looking at them.

We have so many boxes and bags two carts are necessary to move the purchases to the Yukon. It's a zoo at the apartment. Once all the new purchases were in both girls wanted to model.

"Girls. Please, you have to give me a break. You have tired me out. It has been a long day. Let me rest a moment. Let's eat and then get comfortable."

"Ok. We can model our sexy stuff later."

We had a quick meal. Both girls hit for the shower as I clean up. Then I can hear them giggling in the bedroom. Once I'm done in the kitchen I quickly shower. When I return to the living room they are still in their bedroom. The news does nothing to relax me. The hockey game caught my interest.

I heard a sound that made me look up. Two very beautiful young girls are walking towards me. They have their hair in ponytails. Their lips are red with a moist lip-gloss. It's the sexy lingerie that gets my blood boiling. Both have lacy black bras and matching black thongs. I am learning new things daily about young girls' clothing, what a learning curve. They are walking wet dreams.

"Don. We can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. We both want to make you as happy as possible."

They are in my arms. They feel so soft and their perfume really sets off my mood. Mia puts her arms around my neck then kisses me. It's a stunning kiss, soft and passionate. I can taste her lipstick. Her bum is so soft. I must be in heaven. Nia is rubbing my shaft. As I watch she lowers her head and engulfs my raging hard-on. The feeling is exotic. She looks up smiles, grabs my hand and we head for my bedroom.

Now we are all on the bed, Mia slides her bra off her lovely breasts and fed me a hard nipple. Mia sighs with pleasure. The nipples may be small but they are super sensitive. Nia is sucking and pumping my cock slowly. Nothing could have prepared me for this. I suck Mia as Nia sucks me.

"Don. We want to see if you can fuck us. I want to be first. What do I do?"

That's Mia. She removes her thong exposing her puffy luv lips accentuated with just a trace of pubic hair. Nia is now sitting across from us with her finger rubbing her clitoris. That view makes me like an iron pipe.

"Well you can lay down with our legs spread and I could try and enter you or I can lie on my back and let you try to put my cock into your pussy. I think that me lying down would be best. That way you have control, you can stop at any time."

Lying on my back, my raging hard-on is at attention. I'm not the biggest in the world but my six-and-a half inches might be too much for their small, beautiful, pussies. Watching Mia spread her legs, she lowers her open pussy towards my battering ram. It's like an electric shock when we make contact. The mushroom head is against her. She has a determined look. Her body is moving down slowly. I can feel the pressure and resistance. Mia wiggles her body trying to get the right angle for penetration. I can feel the weight of her body. Then, like magic, my cock head disappears into her, stopping at her hymen. I can see the look of concentration on Mia's face. The feelings I am experiencing are indescribable. The sight of a naked young girl attempting to bury my cock deeper in her pussy only contributed to the feeling.

Nia watches every move. Her finger is still at her clitoris. Like her nipples, it is large for her size.

Mia continues to move her body up and down. Each time my head hits her hymen. My eyes are closed as it battles with my cock. As her pussy channel stretches to accommodate the intruder she hammers her cherry with more force. It's just a matter of time before the defenses fail. Then, without warning, my shaft disappears into her small body. The warm moist vise feels wonderful. There is a total look of shock on Mia's face.

"Oh. That hurt Don. Is it supposed to hurt?"

"Only a little the first time, you just lost your cherry, and your pussy opening had to stretch to accommodate my shaft. Don't move for a while to let your body get used to the feeling."

"I feel bloated and can still feel a bit of pain."

Nia continues to watch every movement. She is behind Mia. I can feel her hand on my balls massaging.

"Mia it looks so good from behind. Don's cock is inside you. How does it feel now?"

"It is starting to feel better. The soreness is disappearing. I want to feel Don's cum. The girl in mom video said she loved the feeling."

Slowly, Mia's confidence returns. She moves her body up and down gingerly. It's a wonderful feeling. She's so tight. My woody is just tingling. I won't be able to hold off my climax for any length of time. It is my hope Mia will experience a climax or at least really starts to enjoy the feeling.

"Don. It's starting to feel better. I surprised myself. I didn't think I could handle you. But I did."

As she moves her body up and down, I met each thrust. I use a bit more energy each time. Mia eyes are closed. Then she starts slamming her body against me. She is feeling the sexual stimulation of intercourse. For one so young she certainly is a quick study. I can feel her body tensing. She is going to cum. That's what I've been waiting for. She slams her body down and just freezes. I thrust up as far as I can and start pumping hot cum. The feeling is indescribable. Mia collapses on my chest. Her young body is totally limp.

"Don. That was fantastic. Can we do it again? I actually felt you squirt, it's a warm feeling. I still feel full. I don't want to stop."

"Sorry Mia. I'll have to recharge. We need to clean up the mess, and then relax a bit. What do you want to do Nia?"

"I don't think I want to try what Mia did. I just want to feel you naked beside me. I'm tired. It was exciting watching you and Mia. I made myself cum twice."

"That's fine Nia, there is no rush. After we clean up, let's just go to bed. It's late and I'm bushed. We had another full day."

We all snuggle up in my big bed. I must have slept like the dead. I am the only one in bed when I awoke. The girls are in the kitchen.

"We thought we would let you sleep. You looked so peaceful."

"Well you two wore me out."

There are big grins on their faces.

"I mean dragging me to the parks and shopping malls. What were you thinking?"

They both come running and leap on me. They are in their nighties. The two soft bums are a delight. Oh, what a feeling!

"What are we going to do today? Your mom will be home tonight. I will be able to get some rest tonight. I have to go to work tomorrow."

They both stick their tongues out at me. Then I am kissed and mauled.

"If you girls are finished with breakfast why don't you clean your rooms and get all your new clothes ready to move to your apartment. If you want to use the closet in your room, you can. You can always get anything you need when I get home."

Both girls disappear into their bedroom. I sit down and enjoy another cup of coffee. What a weekend now that I am thinking about it I am still in awe. Both young girls proved to be surprisingly very good lovers considering their age. The fact that Mia enjoyed losing her cherry is something I'll never forget. Then it hits me. What if they tell them mom? In the heat of sex you never think of the consequences. Now I'm envisioning the police coming to my employer and hauling me away.

Then there's a commotion as both the girls come running out of the bedroom. Both are dressed in their new clothing.

"Let's go for a walk in the park. We can't wait to show off some of our new clothes. Mom will be shocked. She wanted to buy us new clothing but we knew there wasn't any money for clothing after mom paid the rent."

"The park it is. The sun is out. We will have fun. What are you going to do about your clothing?"

"Nia and I will leave most of it here. Your apartment doesn't have any leaks and we don't want to ruin anything."

"That fine with me. Now let me get ready and we will go to the park."

The day flew by. The park turns out to be very exhausting for me. Both girls had me push them on the swing numerous times. I think I must be getting old. It's four o'clock when I finally stagger into my apartment. Janet is expected home at six thirty. All I want to do is collapse.

"Why don't you girls go and have a bath."

"Ok, but we want you to wash us."

That thought gave me a shot of adrenalin. If I am going to hang tomorrow, I might as well enjoy my last supper of beauty.

"Ok. Give me a holler when you are ready."

I remove all my clothing expect my shorts. I have a feeling I'll be soaked before the bathes are over.

"Don we're ready."

They are both in the tub. Mia hands me the shampoo. I lather their hair then rinse. Nia stands up for her bath. Her beautiful slit is at eye level. She's watching me. She spreads her legs to open her lips. Slowly my hand runs over her young soft body. Her virgin opening is so appealing. I had her turn around and lean over so I can wash her bum. Her anal opening is a smooth brown aperture. After rinsing the soapsuds from her I kiss both cheeks then the opening. Nia shudders.

"Oh Don, that feels so good. But you better hurry. Mia and I want to thank you for the wonderful weekend."

Mia's next. I bathe her and carefully inspect her pussy. It's still a bit puffy from our sexual encounter. I spread her luv lips and gave her a big kiss. Mia hands are cupping my head guiding me.

"Thank you Don. What happened between us will be our secret. Nobody will ever know. Nia and I want to be your close friends for as long as possible. No one has ever been as kind as you were to us."

"I should thank you young ladies for putting up with an old man. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to enjoy your company. And you Mia, there is nothing I can say about you giving me your virginity, I will remember last night forever."

"Well by next weekend maybe I'll have the courage to give you mine as well," Nia added. But hurry up; we want to thank you for the weekend. Mom will be home soon."

After both of them are dry they pull my shorts off and have me get into the tub. Both wash me with vigor that causes water to fly all over. Soon I'm out, dried and being led to the bedroom.

I'm instructed to lie down and both of my nude guests climb in beside me. Mia kisses me. Nia is caressing my cock. Her soft hands feel good. Mia feeds me a nipple. I gently suck one then the other. Nia's mouth engulfs my mushroom head. Closing my eyes, I just enjoy the feeling. Mia arranged her pussy over my face and began rubbing it against my mouth and nose. The taste and scent will be embedded in my memory for life. My tongue ran from her tight asshole to her clitoris. It didn't take long for her to experience a climax. At one point I thought she was going to smoother me or drown me. Nia keeps sucking. I'm so close.

"Nia I'm going to cum."

"That is what I want. Mia it's your turn."

Mia removes her pussy from my face and is now sucking. Nia crawls up and places her pussy in my face.

"Don, please make me cum. We won't be able to do anything until next weekend. I like what you do to me. Your tongue has a magic touch."

Nia, like her sister, provides a wonderful scent and unforgettable taste. I lick from one opening to the next. I watch as her bum hole tightens as she approaches her climax. Her body goes rigid and it ends with a great sigh, she gives me a shot of her elixir.

Cum begins to erupt into Mia throat. She sucks me dry.

"Thank you, Don for the wonderful weekend, thank you for all the clothes."

"Thank you as well."

Both girls cuddle up to me and rubbed their bodies against me. The feeling of being sandwiched between two pre-teens is breathtaking. We are really comfortable when the phone rings. It's Janet.

"Hello Don. I'm home. Where are the girls?"

"They're in the tub. I'll send them home shortly."

"Ok. I really missed them. Where they any trouble?"

"No Janet. They were angels. I couldn't ask for more wonderful companions for the weekend. They really tired me out."

"I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for me and the girls."

"Expect them shortly."

Both girls are laughing. After hanging up they both kiss me.

"OK girls get dressed. Your mom is expecting you. Mia, brush your teeth. I don't want your mom to smell cum on your breath."

That makes both of them start laughing; they ran to their bedroom to get dressed. A short time later both stand before me, ready to go home.

"We'll miss having breakfast with you Don. See you tomorrow when you come home from work."

I grab a robe and see them to the door. Both carry their suitcases and a bag of their new clothing. I feel a pang of remorse as they leave. I'll miss them.

The next day goes well. The police didn't come. The landlord's solicitor had already contacted my lawyer and the sale was in progress. Papers are to be signed on Wednesday. There are a number of grants available for anyone dumb enough to refurbish properties in this area. Close to ninety-five percent of the renovations are covered by forgivable grants if I retain ownership for five years. The value of the property will triple once everything is completed. I called Abe and asked him to meet me in the evening.

When I arrive home I went to the landlord and asked for and received all the keys to the unoccupied apartments. There are two on my floor. When Abe arrives we inspect the two.

"These places are dumps. Nothing works, all the windows need replacing, and the floors are a disaster. You seem like a smart man Mr. Parsons. Why would you want to buy this dump?"

"Well if I fix up this building maybe others will do the same and start to make it a good neighborhood. At one time this area of town was the Ritz."

"I've lived here all my life and I can't remember that."

"Well you can be part of the renewal. The building will be mine on Wednesday. I want you to be here Wednesday morning and start upgrading these two apartments."

"Well that is going to be a lot of work. How do you expect me to do this by myself?"

"Do you have someone that could help you?"

"Yes. My brother Adam, he is good with his hands and he needs the work."

"Well you can hire your brother but you're responsible for all the work. I want the same type of workmanship as you did in my apartment. Can you do that?"

"Yes I can, and my brother won't cheat you. He knows better."

"Good, let's make a list of the things you will need to get started. Can you get receipts for the items you buy?"

"Receipts? You're kidding. I pay cash for the things I get and don't ask questions."

"I'll need receipts. I have to run the building as a business and everything I do to it is a write-off. So I need something in writing telling my accountant what you paid."

"Just a paper saying what I paid for the supplies?"

"Yes, as long as my accountant accepts it."

"Ok. I'll get something."

"What building supply company will you use for items you can't find?"

"There is one on Oxford Street."

"Good. I'll arrange a line of credit there. You'll be able to charge everything you need."

"They won't believe me."

"They will when I'm finished with them. I'll call you when it is arranged. In the meantime contact your brother and get what you need to start Wednesday morning."

We left the apartments. Abe is right, they really are dumps. My apartment was a wreck, but there was potential and Abe brought it back to life. The two vacant ones haven't seen tenants for years. Abe has a lot of work on his hands. We went to the main floor. All four apartments are vacant. Windows have been boarded up and the majority of the fixtures are smashed. They have been used by drug addicts; all kinds of drug paraphernalia litter the floors of every unit.

"Abe, the first thing I want is this floor to be secure. If you have to bar the windows, so be it. Can you find some wrought iron frames for all the windows?"

"Just leave it to me. I will measure every window tomorrow and see what I can dig up."

It was late when Abe left. After seeing the mess on the first floor I wondered if my accountant had actually given me good advice. The next day I arranged a line of credit at the lumber supply. Abe was right they were a little cautious when I told them he was my contractor. However when I dropped off a cashier's check for a large sum they were more than co-operative. I called my accountant and reviewed the finances with him. He assured me that everything was moving forward. He had already applied for all the grants currently available. My lawyer had everything in under control. He advised me my bank had approved the mortgage.

That night when I got home both Nia and Mia are waiting for me. Janet has to work late so they ask me if they could stay at my apartment until their mom came home. I am happy to have them. They are my islands of tranquillity. My mind drops all its worries. I just concentrate on them. Both are in my arms as soon as the door closed.

"We missed you Don. In two more days we will be back for the weekend. Nia wants to do it."

"Do it?"

"Yes. She wants to do what we did."

Nia is nodding her head yes. My woody is rising to the challenge with a strong thrust in my pants. I grab Nia and hug her. I cup her bum cheeks and massage her back. She feels so soft.

"What do you want to do?"

"Can we bathe? You can help."

"Ok. You know the routine you can call me when you are ready."

I'm down to my skivvies when they call. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing these two young girls naked. My mouth waters as I bath them. Soon I'm in the tub. The girls bath me. After drying, we retire to the bedroom where we snuggle. The two warm bodies feel good. I can feel the troubles of the day drain from me. Their small hands massage and glide over my body.

"We missed sleeping with you. Both Nia and I have snuggled but it isn't the same as being with you. Did you miss us?"

"Oh yes. I think of you every day. I do enjoy your company. We will be together again this weekend. I can hardly wait."

My hand wanders over their bodies. They are so soft. Both spread their legs giving access to heaven. Mia's swelling has gone and her pussy is normal. I have a strong desire to kiss both girls between their legs, to show them how much I appreciate what they have done. I move to position myself to enjoy both of them. I kiss and lick. Both spread their legs giving me better access. I just lost myself and enjoyed the feelings. Soon, both of them are climaxing. Then we just cuddle. They feel so good. Thinking of the coming weekend has me very mellow.

"Don, we have to get dressed. Mom will be looking for us."

We all get dressed. There's a knock on the door. It's Janet.

"I figured the girls would be here. Thank you. By the way did you see the bars on the windows on the first floor?"

"No. What bars?"

"The landlord must have spent some money. The windows are all barred with that fancy wrought iron. Two men are putting new locks on all the doors."

"Well I'll have to check."

"Come on girls you have bothered Mr. Parsons enough for today. They'll see you on Friday. Good night Mr. Parsons."

I watch the trio leave. I leave the apartment and check the two empty units on this floor. Both show evidence that cleaning has started. All the junk is in a large pile in the middle of the living rooms. The damaged drywall has been removed and all the electrical boxes have been opened. I walk down to the main floor. The doors are still in rough shape but new deadlocks have been installed. I knocked on all doors but Abe and his brother must have quit for the day.

It was late the following day when Abe knocked on my door.

"You noticed the new grills on the windows and locks on the apartments on the first floor?"

"Yes. You did a good job."

"We'll have the two apartments cleaned today. The new drywall and the electrical work should be finished as well. Tomorrow we hope to tape and prime. We will work all weekend. The new bathrooms will be delivered. I don't know what you said to the folks at the supply store, but I have never been called Mister so many times. They were more than helpful."

"When do you estimate one of the apartments will be ready on this floor?"

"Tuesday of next week, the floors have to be sanded and sealed but I don't do that until everything else has been done. I don't like paint on my new floors. The dustless sander does a very clean job."

"That sounds good. I'll talk to you Tuesday after work."

I left work early Friday. Knowing Nia wants to have sex has me excited to the point I couldn't concentrate. Her young body kept coming into mind. Both girls are waiting at the apartment door.

"Hi. Mom's left. We were hoping you would get home early. Nia has been driving me crazy with her questions. I told her she would find out soon enough how it feels to be full. I want more too."

Once we're inside they head to the bathroom. I go to the kitchen for a drink. I hear the bathwater running. Boy they are in a hurry. Nia appears in her sexy bra and thong. My reaction is instantaneous. My cock just stood out from my body pushing my slacks. She looks like an angel.

"Don I'm ready. I want to do it now. Mia says she needs it again. I don't want to wait."

She won't have long to wait. Just thinking about it has me horny. Then Mia comes out dressed in a sheer negligee with no panties. Her slit was damp and so appealing.

"You two go to the bedroom and let me have a shower. I won't be long."

After the shortest shower on record, I join my two wonders in bed. Both climb over me. We kiss and grope, I still have a hard time believing this is happening. They both have applied makeup as well as perfume. My head was spinning. Nia's all over me. Mia's caressing my cock.

"Let's do it."

Nia removes her bra and then her thong. She spreads her legs for my examination. I beckon her closer and kiss her virgin luv lips, likely for the last time. Her juice is already evident on her luv lips. I use my tongue, taste for me, and lubrication for Nia. Spreading her lips her hymen was very evident. She motions me to the center of the bed and moves herself just above my erection. Nia guides my willing tool to her opening.

"Are you sure Nia?

"Yes. I thought about it all week."

I watch as she lowers her small body, putting pressure on my cock. I'm concerned it may be too much for her. She has a look of determination. Nia moves her body wiggling to find the best approach to reach her goal. I watch as my penis head disappears, lodges against her hymen. Nia slowly moves in a pumping motion as my cock bounced against her cherry, it reminds me of Mia last weekend. There is a look of surprise and pain as she forces her body to accept the intruder.

"Just let your body get used to it Nia. Then slowly move up and down. I know it must hurt but it will feel better as you stretch to accommodate me."

"Oh it really hurt, but it's starting to feel better."

Her face didn't support that statement. She still has a very painful look on her face. Her eyes close as she raises her body. The feeling for me is fantastic. Two young girls in two weeks, my head is spinning. I feel her move again. Just short strokes. Then she seems to pick up the pace. The painful look has disappeared, replaced with a look of lust. She is getting the sexual feeling rather than the pain. I start to move my body to meet her thrusts. I'm very careful not to slam my body into hers. The last thing I want is to spoil this event for her.

"Oh, oh, oh."

Nia is getting into the swing of things. I'm so close fighting to delay climaxing. Nia is now bouncing up and down. The outline of my cock is very evident moving up and down in her tummy.

"This feels much better than my fingers. My whole body is tingling. Are we making love Don?"

"Yes Nia. I hope you are close to cumming. I don't know how much longer I can hold off."

"Oh Don I'm close I've never felt anything like this before. Oh, I'm cumming."

Nia collapses as the surge of the wonderful feeling of a vaginal climax overtakes her. A week's worth of sperm enters her with force. We lay connected. Nia snuggles into me as my hero loses its rigidity. Mia has a knowing smile on her face as her fingers are massaging her clitoris. She is beautiful as she cums. She snuggles beside me. I lean over and kiss her.

"Thank you both for being here. You have no idea what meeting you two girls mean to me. I hope we are friends for a long time."

Mia put her finger under my nose, then at my mouth. The scent of her elixir fills my nostrils, her taste is addictive. Mia's juice should be very plentiful; she masturbated while watching Nia lost her cherry.

Nia is still out of it. My cock had fallen out of her tight pussy. Her breathing is regular. Her pussy, still open, has reddish cum slowly seeping down her thigh.

"Mia, would you please get a damp face cloth to clean up your sister."

Mia heads for the bathroom, returning with a warm damp cloth. I gently wiped Nia's puffy, very red and swollen pussy lips. Tomorrow we can purchase some pads and tampons. If sexual play continues, both will need fresh pads often. Mia and I enjoy a hug.

"Both of you have surprised me, you are great lovers. Mia it's your turn, I'm going to make sure you are satisfied."

Spreading her legs I'm overwhelmed with the beauty of her pussy and rosebud. Her masturbating has produced a surplus of juice, which I enjoy with relish. Mia slowly moves trying to direct my tongue to her clitoris. She serenades me with soft moans. The juice flows profusely. As I ingest her liquid offering, she stiffens and climaxes. Her hands are on the back of my head holding tightly against her clitoris, and then she relaxes with a sigh.

"Thank you Don. Are you ready to fuck me?"

My woody has risen to the challenge.

"Don I want to be on the bottom."

Mia moves to the head of the bed, beside her sister, lies back and spreads her legs, a sight I will always enjoy. Mia guides my cock. Entering her is smooth compared to last week. Her tight pussy gently squeezes me.

"That feels good Don. I can feel you in my tummy. I can see you stretch my skin."

I don't know if I can cum quickly after Nia, but I'll make Mia have a vaginal climax. She is meeting my every thrust. Her body tenses as she cums. Rolling over, holding her close, she ends up on top. Still joined at the hips her vaginal muscles continue to contract on my shrinking stub.

The balance of the weekend is an extension of Friday. I need to go to work on Monday just to get some rest. Actually, on Sunday, we mainly relaxed, lying together in the big bed. Their young nude bodies are close to me all day. We didn't dress until late in the afternoon. It is a joy just watching them move throughout the apartment, mostly nude. Janet again thanks me for taking care of them.

Abe was waiting for me on Tuesday evening.

"Well we have one of the apartments ready. There are only a few small things left to do. The other one will be ready by Friday."

Abe and his brother have done a great job. New windows have been installed. The kitchen and bathroom have all new fixtures and counters. It is quite a transition. The hard wood floors glowed with the new sealer.

"Abe you do good work. I hope the Ravens like it. If they move, you will redo their old apartment. Now I have to get some paying tenants."

"Good luck in this neighborhood. Nobody with money lives here but you."

"Oh you will be surprised."

When I left Abe, I knocked on Janet's door.

"Well hello Don. What can I do for you?"

"Well it's what I can do for you. Come with me."

We stopped in front of the renovated apartment.

"I noticed the new door. Did the landlord find a new tenant with money?"

"No. Come in and take a look."

"Well what do you think? Quite a change?"

"Don it is nice. I wish ours was like this but we can't afford to repair ours."

"Well would you like to move here?"

"Don't be silly the landlord wouldn't allow it. We couldn't afford it."

"Well you can move in this weekend. Everything will be done."

"How can you say that? What will the landlord say?"

"I am the landlord. I purchased the building last week. I plan on renovating all the apartments."

"I can't afford to pay any more rent."

"Not now but if you get your new job you will. I am willing to take the chance that you will get that job. This way you won't have to move."

"Oh Don I don't know how to thank you."

"Oh you have Janet."

We arranged to move her belongings on the weekend while she's at school. Mia, Nia and I, with the help of Abe and his brother will take care of it. This will ensure that the girls will be close for the foreseeable future. I really feel good about that. Now I need new tenants, preferably with young daughters.

On Thursday evening I'm disturbed at dinner by the door bell. There is a distinguished mature Indian man standing there.

"Sorry for disturbing you. However I was informed you might have an apartment to rent."

"Yes I do. How did you learn about it?"

"I was at the lumber store when your contractor was ordering the bathroom fixtures. I asked him where he was working."

"Well I do have one apartment nearly ready. Would you like to see it?"

"Yes. Do you mind if I get my wife and daughters?"

"No. I will be in the apartment across the hall."

He disappeared down the stairs. I opened the apartment and was looking out the window.

"Mr. Parsons, this is my wife and my daughters Latha and Rabina."

I'm looking at two beautiful young girls. Both look me in the eye and smile.

Life is good.

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