The Dirty Doctors
Chapter 1: Dr. Harris

Copyright© 2015 by Linda Jean

Sex Story: Chapter 1: Dr. Harris - This story is about a very naive young virgin girl who just turned eighteen. She asked for help from her neighbor who is a Psychiatrist who has a sister that is a OBGYN. She and her husband get hypnotized. She gets turned into a whore, her husband become the equivalent who ends up sucking cock and gets butt fucked. This is a nasty story and if gay men stuff turns you off, you should pass on this story!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   BiSexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Double Penetration  

Linda got out of Peter's car as he was dropping her off from Church. She saw Doctor Harris outside, wiping down his Porsche. Linda waved and said, "Hi Doctor Harris!"

He waved back and said, "Hi Linda, just getting back from Church?"

Linda said, "Yep, Peter just dropped me off." Just as she was going to go in the front door she stopped and wondered if maybe Dr. Harris had time to talk with her a minute or two. Over the years he has always given her great advice. She turned and walked over to Dr. Harris as he was putting all his cleaning stuff back in his little trunk.

"Dr. Harris, do you have time to talk with me for a few minutes? I need your advice." she said.

Dr, Harris closed the trunk and said, "Sure I do Linda, I always have time to speak with you, come on in, I'll get you some fresh Iced Tea."

Linda followed the doctor into his house and they went into his home office where she sat down in front of his desk. Dr. Harris said, "How can I help you Linda?"

Linda began, "Hmm Doctor Harris, you are coming to my wedding in two weeks aren't you?"

Dr. Harris smiled and said, "Of course I am dear, is that all you wanted to know?'

Linda said, "Well not really, Peter and I have talked about our future and well ... us, you know doing "it" after we get married. I am not sure that I can, well I mean, I ahh. Look, can we keep this just between us doc? I don't want my mom to know what I am thinking, ok?"

Dr. Harris said, "Dear, anything you say here is kept under strict Doctor-Patient privilege. You are safe here; and only you and I will ever know what is said here. So what is the problem, don't you want to marry Peter?"

Linda said, "Oh no, not that, I do want to marry Peter very much. It's just, well that first night I am worried about it all. We don't want to have babies right now; so I need to, you know get on the pill."

Dr. Harris said, "That is easy, just ask your family doctor, honey. He can prescribe them, I cannot as I am not a medical doctor, only he can do that. Now I can prescribe thousands of pills, just not the pill you want."

Linda then said, "Well Doc, I don't want to use Dr. Jackson because he is so close to my family and Mom. I need to see an OBGYN that my mother doesn't know. She wants grandbabies and well, we are not ready for kids yet. Do you know of any OB doctor that I can go to whom my mother doesn't know of, here in town?"

Dr. Harris said, "It just so happens that my sister is an OB across town and I doubt very much that your mother knows Ruth. Would you like me to call her for you and see if she can get you into see her tomorrow?"

Linda said, "Oh would you please, that would be great if you could."

Dr. Harris pulled out his cell and called his sister, they spoke for some time, Linda heard him explain everything to her and finely he asked Linda, "Can you stop by her office tomorrow at 5:30? Her last appointment canceled on her yesterday and she can see you then."

Linda said, "Yes I will be there, all I need is the address."

Dr. Harris gave it to her and asked, "Is that all Linda? It looks like you want to ask me something else besides just birth control."

Linda said, "Well I, ahh yes I do, but I don't know, it really is personnel, way personnel. I want to, but maybe I should just forget it."

Dr. Harris said, "Linda I am a Psychiatrist. I know that I can help you if anything is bothering you. Tell you what, to make this easier for you, go lie-down on that sofa and I will sit in that chair. You can relax while looking up at the ceiling and that should be easier to talk."

Both Linda and the doctor moved to the respective chair and sofa. Linda laid down looking up at the ceiling.

Dr. Harris said, "Linda look up at the ceiling, do you see the sparkling dot there?"

Linda said, "Yes, I see it."

Dr. Harris said, "Good. Now, focus only on that dot and breathe in with your mouth and exhale with your nose. Yes, just like that. Again, in and out; good and again. Now keep looking at that dot and keep breathing in and out. Your eyelids are getting heavy and they want to close as you fall into a deep, deep, sleep. Breathe in and out, listen to my voice and block out everything else. Your eyelids are so heavy; let them close as you go deeper and deeper into your sleep. Listen to my voice and know that I am here to help you. Do you hear me Linda?"

Linda said in a normal voice, "Yes I hear you."

Dr. Harris said, "Good girl, now tell me dear what is on your mind so I may help you."

Linda said, "I am afraid that Peter will not like sex with me after we are married."

Dr. Harris said, "What makes you think that Linda?"

Linda said, "Oh I do not know, I just do not care for sex, that's all."

Dr. Harris asked, "Did you have sex education in school Linda?"

Linda said, "They had it, I just never went as it was optional. I saw no need that I should go learn about something that I did not like. Because I have no interest in sex at all, I am afraid that the sex that Peter wants, I can't give him."

Dr. Harris said, "Why do you say that Linda, is your sex life with Peter bad now?"

Linda said, "We do not have sex, I am a virgin and I am afraid of the pain when we do it on our wedding night. I want that night to be special for him, but I don't think it will be. Peter and I have talked about asking a doctor to get rid of my hymen before our wedding night and I will ask your sister Dr. Ruth if she can help us."

Dr. Harris said, "You are what, seventeen?"

Linda said, "I am eighteen. I turned eighteen two weeks ago."

Dr. Harris asked, "What else makes you think that you will not like sex with Peter, Linda?"

Linda said, "Because when he touches me I do not feel anything. The most enjoyment I get is when he sucks on my nipples; and even then it just feels good, nothing more than that at all."

Dr. Harris asked, "Has Peter touched your pussy or used fingers inside of you?"

Linda said, "Yes, but I never feel any pleasure, most of the time nothing at all. Well unless he gets too far up inside and he hits my hymen. I want to enjoy sex for my husband, but I don't know how or even if I can enjoy it since I have no desire for it."

Dr. Harris said, "Well lets take a look at the problem area, undo your shorts and slide them down along with your panties to your ankles and then open your legs nice and wide. As your Doctor I will see what I can do to help Peter and you."

Laying on the sofa, Linda undid the front of her shorts and, lifting her ass up, she slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles and opened her legs real wide. Dr. Harris got up, moved to the edge of the sofa and looked at her bare pussy. He asked, "Why have you taken all your pubic hair off Linda?"

Linda said, "Peter likes me without hair, so I use hair removal."

Dr. Harris said as he reached for her bald slit, "Nice, real nice Linda, nice and smooth. I have to agree with Peter, a cunt as lovely as yours looks perfect, bare like this."

He began rubbing her clit under her hood and he saw no reaction whatsoever. He asked, "Do you feel any pleasure where I am touching you Linda?"

Linda said, "No. I feel you rubbing me there just like Peter does, but there is no pleasure. Not the kind of pleasure like Peter gets when I rub his penis. He has climaxed almost every time that I play with him. But when he does what you are doing, I never feel anything at all except the pressure."

Dr. Harris said, "Sit up Linda; turn and face me."

Dr. Harris stood up, dropped his pants, and moved right in front of her face. He stood inches from her face, stroking his stiffening cock and said, "Linda what kind of pudding do you like to eat, what is your favorite pudding?"

Linda said, "Chocolate pudding is my favorite, I love chocolate."

Dr. Harris said, "Good, I just so happen to have a special tube with a black pump attached. When you pump it, out of it comes lots and lots of chocolate. Linda I am putting my special black tube pump in front of your mouth. It is filled with chocolate pudding. Do you see it, the black tube that I am pumping to get the pudding for you Linda?"

Linda said, "Yes I see it."

Dr. Harris said, "Can you see how I am pumping the tube with my hand, I want you to take over pumping that tube. When the chocolate pudding comes out of it, it will come out fast; so the reach up and take hold of the tube. Go ahead and use both hands, dear. Now, as you pump that tube, open your mouth and get ready to catch all the pudding that will come out of it."

Linda looked at his cock and only saw a black tube with a pump around it that slid up and down. She put both of her hands on the black pump that she saw and began pumping it up and down, as she waited for the pudding that the Doctor said was going to come out of it.

This tube is magical, when it shoots out the chocolate pudding, two things will happen, first you will swallow it down and as you get the first taste of the pudding you will have a very hard climax. It is important that when I say let go of the pump that you take your hands off the pump and let it go. To make sure that you get all the pudding, I will shove it into your mouth. You will feel the tube against the back of your throat. You will want to gag, and that will not happen because you will relax your gag muscle reflex and receive all of the tube that can get into your mouth and throat. Your whole body will feel your climax, every fiber of your being.

Dr, Harris said, "Good girl, I think it is working, the pudding will be coming out pretty soon, you better put your mouth over the end of the tube and get ready to catch the pudding before it sprays all over the furniture. That's it, perfect dear, a little more, a little more, yea good. Now wrap your lips tight around the end of tube. We don't want any pudding on the carpet. Yea, faster Linda, faster. Oh yea, baby, here comes the pudding. Let go of the tube.

Linda dropped both of her hands, and Dr. Harris shoved his cock deep into her mouth and into her throat.

Dr. Harris said as he came, "Oh yea baby, eat that pudding, get it all, get it all."

Linda's body shook in her very first climax as his big hard cock came in her mouth and throat. Linda could not get enough of his pudding in her mouth. She loved the taste and when he finished coming he pulled back to allow her to breathe. As he pulled back Linda reached up with her hands and went right back to pumping and sucking whatever came out of him until Dr. Harris told her, "You did it Linda, you pumped all the pudding out of the tube. Why don't you just lick the end of the tube and make sure you got all the pudding off of it. Good girl, now let go of that big tube, I will pump it for a while. Now lay back down and listen closely to me dear.

You do love your Fiancé, Peter, don't you dear?"

Linda said, "Yes, I love Peter very much."

Dr. Harris said, "When your new husband wants you to put his penis into your mouth, how will you feel about that Linda?"

Linda said, "He already has asked me to do that. But I wont, that it is just nasty. He pees through his penis, I don't want that in my mouth."

Dr. Harris said, "Hmmm, I thought as much. I have some homework for you Linda. We are going to make sure that you and Peter will have a marriage that stands the winds of time. You and I will work to making you the best wife that is possible. Do you trust me Linda?"

Linda said, "Yes, I trust you Dr. Harris."

Dr. Harris said, "Good girl, now do exactly as I tell you, and your new husband will love sex with you. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is that you will love sex with him just as much. I want you to do some research for me Linda. You are out of school and not working, correct dear?"

Linda said, "Yes, I stay at home planning our wedding."

Dr. Harris said, "Good, because the research that you will be doing is part of your wedding day enjoyment for both you and your new husband. In fact it is the most important thing that you need to do, more important than all the other things combined.

What you need to really understand is, what place in your marriage you hold; and you need to learn so many new things to make your wedding night enjoyable to both you and Peter, and of course every night after that.

This has to be your main concern right now. If you are not good in the area of sex with Peter, your marriage will fail and fall apart. You asked me for help, so you will get to enjoy sex as all women do. So wouldn't you agree that to be good in bed with Peter, you have lots to learn dear?"

Linda said, "Yes I agree."

Dr. Harris said, "The first thing you need to know about married men is, they want a whore for a wife. Women who are whores and sluts in the bedroom do not end up in divorce courts. Their marriages hold up and last forever. So, the first thing we need to work on is to teach you how to be the very best whore and slut that your husband could ever want. Would you agree with that as well Linda?"

Linda said, "Yes I agree."

Dr. Harris said, "I know at your age you know all about how to use computers. Well with my help, and your research, you will be an expert on what a whore is and how to make sure that your marriage never falls or falls apart. Tonight, before you go to sleep, you will go to a website titled When you go there you are to type in the search box, "Whore wife". You will read as many stories that you can before going to sleep. When you read the stories, in the back of your mind you will have a desire to be like the wife that you are reading about. When you have read every one of those great stories, then you will type in "Slut wife" and read those stories.

Before going to sleep if you have time, or starting tomorrow morning, you will type in "". At that site, you will search for stories of "Whore wife" and when you finish those stories search for "Slut Wife". Doing this will help you immensely to get a perfect understanding of how a loving wife like you should be with and for her husband.

I believe that you desire to be the perfect wife for Peter. Am I correct dear"

Linda said, "Oh yes I want to be the perfect wife for Peter."

Dr. Harris said, "Reading all those stories, it will create a deep desire of yours to be like those other wives; and you will learn exactly how a loving wife shows her husband her love. Being the perfect wife, Peter will never want to be with another woman. Peter would never have any desire to go be with a whore or slut if he is married to you and you are the whore and slut that he wants. That makes complete sense to you does it not Linda?"

Linda said, "yes it does make sense to me."

Dr. Harris said, "When you wake up in the morning, you will have a deep desire to go to back to doing your research and read as many stories as you can before lunch. After lunch you will have a desire to go back to, do another search on the same story lines and read as many as you can, until two-thirty in the afternoon. At two-thirty you will have a desire to watch sex video's, so you will type in You will find it is a website with free videos of happy housewives that love their husbands and love great nasty hot sex. Type in the search box "Gang-bang housewives" and "Married gang-bang sluts."

You will have a deep desire to pay close attention to all the men fucking those housewives. What you see, will be seared into your brain, knowing that a true loving wife is a real great whore and loves to fuck. You will see that a true loving wife, wants to be a whore for her husband. That a true loving wife, wants to be a big slut for her husband.

You will have a deep desire to learn as much as you can about being a married whore who can take cock after cock and love every moment of it. You will see that those wives love their husbands and wish to please their husbands. Watch five "wife gangbang videos", then type in "wive's masturbating and using dildo's". These wives know that all men love to watch a woman who loves to fuck herself. You will desire to do that as well.

Now Linda, it is extremely important that you picture yourself in each story that you read. Picture in your mind that you are the whore wife fucking men and making your husband happy. When you watch the videos, make sure that you picture yourself in the middle of all the men, sucking all their cocks. Picture that you, being the one being fucked in your asshole, your cunt, and your mouth. All the women who are in those stories and videos are pure whores and sluts. Once Peter is your husband, you know that he will want his wife to be that just like those married women.

Now I will be home at four-thirty tomorrow. You will come to my house and you will have a desire to suck my cock. After reading those great stories and watching those great videos, you will learn how to be the perfect whore and slut for your new husband. Now repeat back to me the three websites I told you to go to."

Linda said, ", and"

Dr. Harris said, "Good girl. You have much to learn in such a short period of time. Now I was going to wait a few days before I taught you about anal sex, but I think right now would be a perfect time to discuss it and learn all about it. Now that my cock is hard and it is ready, if you would like, I can show and teach you how a perfect wife loves being fucked in her asshole. A real whore makes the perfect wife, do you want to learn how to be the perfect whore for Peter, dear?"

Linda said, "Yes, but my friends told me it is painful and I should not ever let a boy do me in my butt."

Dr. Harris said, "Your friends truly do not know how to have the perfect marriage. If you would like, I can teach you how wonderful being fucked in your asshole feels and how hard that you can climax when a man with a cock fucks you. If you ask me, I will show you just how great it is and how wonderful it feels to a woman who gets fucked in her asshole. It does not hurt. My sister can fix your cunt I know, but I think you will love being fucked in your asshole and I know you will climax. Would you like to learn, so you can keep your beloved Peter happy and make sure he never leaves you for any other woman Linda?"

Linda said, "Yes, I would like that."

Dr. Harris said, "Good, now stand up and bend over the armrest of the sofa, leave your shorts on the floor. Good, just like that. Now, with both hands grab an ass cheek and pull them apart so I can see your asshole. Good girl, now hold it just like that while I put some anal lube in and on your asshole.

Now, when you feel my finger touching you, it will feel extremely good, you will feel no pain at all. I will put one in first, then two, then three fingers, slowly opening up your asshole. I will then put two fingers from each hand in and I will work your asshole open and relax your sphincter muscle. When you are ready, I will put the head of my cock in your asshole and press forward into your ass.

You will not feel any pain what so ever, all you will feel is a deep desire to be fucked in your asshole and a desire to climax in pure sexual bliss. I will fuck your asshole and you will have four climaxes' before I finish teaching you. The pleasure you will feel from my cock fucking you will make you want to be fucked over and over in your asshole.

Now remember this Linda: Men have cocks and men have dicks. Peter has a penis. So when you read about or watch a woman wanting to be fucked, by a cock or dick, they want a man inside their bodies. A true whore knows the difference and a true whore only wants cocks and dicks fucking her; because cocks and dicks bring on the strongest climaxes. A penis is ok, but just not the same. When a whore or a slut wants to be fucked, she really wants to get fucked by a cock or dick.

As Peter's wife, you will enjoy your husband fucking you with his penis; but nothing will ever give you more pleasure that being fucked by a man with a hard cock. Now, as I push my cock into your asshole, take a breath and hold it. That's it. Now, you push back slowly, so your asshole wraps around my cock. You can feel the pressure, but no pain. You will feel like your asshole is being filled to the brink. Once inside, I will stand still and you will move your ass back and fourth on my big cock.

Yea, Linda, good girl. Perfect, just like that. Now, push further back, more, more, good girl, more, a little more. Now, when you have me deep in your asshole, I will begin fucking you nice and slow. The pleasure you will feel will be like nothing that you have ever felt before in your life. Your body will explode in a real strong climax; so big and strong that you will want more and more climaxes when you are fucked in your asshole, honey. Ok, I am all the way inside of you. Now tell me if it feels good or if it hurts when I begin to fuck you in and out."

Dr. Harris began very slowly fucking Linda in and out with long steady strokes. All that Linda could muster in an answer was, "Ahhhh, Ohhhh, Hmmm." Right at his fourth time pushing all the way inside Linda said, "Oh this feels so good, oh, oh. Oh my. Oh my, it feels good. Oh faster, faster, oh it feels good, oh Dr. Harris, it feels real good. Real good."

Dr. Harris said, "A true whore loves talking dirty during sex, a true whore begs for more cock and expresses her pleasure telling the man fucking her what she is feeling. When I come, you will feel my cock swelling and pulsing. When you feel that Linda, you will climax; and it will be a very strong climax. You will enjoy pleasure like you have never felt. Play with your nipples, touch them the way it makes it all feel stronger."

Linda brought both hands to work her nipples while bent over and Dr. Harris picked up speed as he saw just how much enjoyment that Linda was having. He even pulled his cock all the way out, paused, and slid it all the way back inside of her. He saw that "long-dicking" brought her so much more pleasure.

While fucking her he said, "Remember Linda only a cock or dick can make you feel this good, a penis will feel good, but nothing like a hard cock or hard dick. You will always get the most pleasure when a man who has a hard cock fucks your asshole like this. Do you like it Linda? Do you want to come Linda?"


Dr. Harris said as he began really slamming in and out of her asshole, "Come, my sweet fucking whore, come. Here it comes you sweet slut, fuckkkkkkkkkkk."

He crammed himself as far up inside of her that he could get, and he emptied his balls into her. Linda's whole body shook and she came for the very first time in her life. The way she screamed out her pleasure Dr. Harris thought for a moment that she might wake herself from her hypnotic state. He began talking to her in a soft, gentle voice as he began sliding his cock in and out again.

"Linda dear, now you know just how great a cock can make a whore feel, don't you dear?"

Linda said in a low breath catching voice, "Yes, oh yes, I love a cock fucking my asshole, I love it, I love it!"

Dr. Harris said, "Good, because whenever a man fucks you with his cock, you will always get that kind of pleasure. I can keep fucking you if you want, and doing so will get me hard again. Would you like to feel that feeling again before going home dear?"

Linda said, "Ohhh yes, please doctor, please fuck me again. I want your cock again. I want to feel that feeling again, make me climax again, please, Oh please doctor, please keep fucking me, I want to come again and again."

Dr. Harris said, "Yes I will keep fucking you with my big cock. Remember, a boy with a penis will feel good fucking you in your asshole; but never like a man with a hard cock. If you want to help Peter and you, make it to the wedding a virgin; maybe you should have him fuck you in your ass so you remain a virgin for you're wedding night.

I think it would be a great idea to ask Peter to fuck you in your asshole with his penis, and it will feel good to you, but it will never feel as good as it will as a man with a hard cock who fucks you like this. As a whore and as a slut, you really want to feel hard cocks fucking you, don't you Linda?" (Not waiting for a response he continued.) "You know your husband wants a slut whore for a wife, all husbands want a slut whore for a wife. You must think of ways to be a big success as a whore and slut for Peter, who you love with all your heart. Understand Linda?"

Linda was moaning with the pleasure that Dr. Harris cock gave her. He was half hard and just hard enough to keep sliding his cock in and out of her asshole. Linda finely said between moans, "Oh yes, yes, I understand."

As she moaned, she became louder and she began moving her ass back to meet Dr. Harris' cock as it slid inside of her. With her doing that, and her response, this brought life back into Dr. Harris half hard cock and it began to become stiff again. As Linda's pleasure increased so did his. In only a few minutes they were slamming back and forth together.

Dr. Harris said, "Come, come, Linda, come real hard. Never forget this feeling sweetheart, this kind of climax, that is always hard and long. It is the best way to remain a virgin for your wedding night. Come baby, come hard."

Linda came, and it was extremely hard and forceful. Her body seemed to convulse as she came.

Dr. Harris then said, "A boy or young man with a penis will feel good fucking you in your asshole like this. However, you will never feel that kind, or as hard of a climax, like you just did. A man with a cock will always give you that kind of feeling. Since you desire to be Peters perfect wife, that means you really need to be a perfect whore. So now you know that fucking a man with a cock in your asshole will do two things, it will always give you the hardest climax and you will be the perfect whore and perfect slut wife for Peter.

Now, since you love being fucked in your asshole the way you do, you need to prepare yourself by giving yourself daily enemas, because you never know when you will bump into a man with a hard cock. In fact, from now on, make sure you have an enema one half hour before coming over here to my house, I don't like getting shit on my cock or have it come out and land on the floor.

I am going to wake you up in a moment just before you have you another climax. When you wake up, you will remember that you pleaded with me to teach you about oral and anal sex. You will remember climaxing hard as you sucked my cock and had your first taste of Chocolate pudding and you climaxed very hard when I came in your throat. You will also remember that you came just as hard when you pleaded with me to teach you anal sex. While I did not want to do it, you persuaded me to help you and to teach you how a wife should be a whore and slut for her husband.

You will wake up with no bottoms on and you breast will be out in the open with your blouse undone. That is natural for a Patient to be naked in front of her Doctor. You will not feel any shame or give it any thought. Just remember, that as your Psychiatrist, I am your Doctor. What is abnormal is for a patient to see her Doctor naked.

Because I am teaching you how to be the perfect wife and whore for your husband to be, you will not give it a second thought seeing me naked after fucking you, only because I am your sex teacher. You will also learn that sluts and whores love being with naked men. They love looking at a mans cock and dick, just as much as men love looking at a pretty young whore or slut like you that is ready to fuck.

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