Sea Kitten
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Becca's a college student who loves the beach. While swimming in the lagoon near her apartment, she finds a little friend who has a strange obsession with her lady bits... and her pee. Contains f/creature, desperation, bladder expansion, wetting, unbirth, birth.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Body Modification  

Becca had always loved the beach. She had wonderful memories of coming to the shore with her family and friends every summer. After high school, she saved up her money and enrolled at a university a few hours from her parents' house in a seaside town. She lived in a tiny, spare one-bedroom apartment, but it was so close to her beloved sun and sand that she didn't mind.

Becca awoke one summer morning. It had been an exhausting first year of school, classes were tough, but she relaxed by going swimming as often as she could.

This morning was a hot one. The sun was barely up and it was already boiling. Becca kicked off her soaked sheets and lay there, sticky with sweat. Her un-airconditioned apartment felt like an oven. She checked her phone. It was Sunday, her day off. According to the weather report, it was 87 degrees and climbing.

"Definitely a good day for a swim," Becca said to herself.

She headed to the bathroom to clean up and take a quick shower. She looked at herself in the mirror and ran a hand through her wavy dark hair. She pulled her shirt off over her head and stared at her little boobies. They were pale and plump with wide brown areolas and fat nipples. Her high school boyfriend had called them "suckable".

Becca jumped in the shower and turned on the faucet. Her puffy nipples crinkled from the cool water. She soaped up her generous, round ass, rubbing the sponge in circles over her soft skin. She dipped the sponge between her cheeks, gently rubbing it up and down her crack.

I love having my own apartment, Becca thought. I can take a shower as long as I want and nobody will yell at me! She ran a hand down her curving belly, running her fingers through the stubble above her brown pussy lips.

When I get back, I'm going to take off my clothes and walk around nude, Becca thought, Just because I can!

Becca rinsed off, put on her favorite bikini (a stripey, green number that made her cleavage look amazing), grabbed a towel and a bag and headed for the water.

Two blocks from Becca's house was a small lagoon. It was connected to the ocean by a little inlet on the far end, and surrounded by a ring of trees. It was always less crowded than the beach, and the warm, shallow water was the perfect place for a dip.

Becca made the ten minute walk. It was still early and almost no one was out. A few of the shops were just opening up. She walked past the coffee shop where she worked and waved to Johnny, the assistant manager. Johnny was six or seven years older than her, tan and handsome. Occasionally, alone in her small apartment, she imagined his strong aquiline nose and big hands as she diddled her young overheated pussy.

By the time Becca arrived at the lagoon, she was already sweating again.

"God, it's hot!" she sighed, wiping her brow with her towel. She set her bag down on the rocky beach. There was no one else around.

Becca spread out her towel, kicked off her shoes and waded in. She sighed happily as the cool, clear water enveloped her. She dug her toes into the soft sand at the bottom. She waded out to the middle, where the water came up to her neck. She laid back and floated on the surface of the water, gazing dreamily at the line of trees and the blue ocean beyond.

Becca had been swimming for about 25 minutes when she felt a twinge in her bladder.

"Damn," she said to herself. "I forgot to pee before I left the house!" She leaned forward and put her feet on the bottom of the lagoon.

"Okay, I can hold it," she thought. She twirled in slow circles for a bit, but the pressure on her bladder only increased. She clenched her thighs together and thrust her hand into the water, pressing it to her crotch.

"Shit!" Becca said softly. The nearest bathroom was at the coffee shop or the convenience store next door. The thought of mincing into the shop in front of Johnny, legs crossed like a little girl, made her burn with embarrassment.

She looked around. The shore was still empty; it was early enough that no one else had come for a swim.

I'll just pee in the water, she thought. It's perfectly natural. Fishes do it.

Becca spread her legs. Her face flushed with embarrassment at the thought of peeing in a public place. She bore down with her vaginal muscles. At first, nothing happened, then she felt a squirt of warm pee trickle through her bikini bottoms. She shivered with pleasure and relief.

"Mmm, that feels so much better," Becca moaned. She relaxed and more pee came out. She felt a warm cloud spreading around her legs, gradually drifting and mingling with the water of the lagoon.

The last squirts of pee drifted away from her. She heard faraway voices of people shouting on the beach. She did a slow turn and scanned the line of trees, hoping that no one could tell she'd just pissed her bikini bottoms in the little lagoon.

I might as well head home, Becca thought. She started to walk towards the shore, when something brushed her leg.

Becca shrieked and looked into the water. She couldn't see anything. She waited a minute, then continued wading in. She reached the shore and hauled herself out of the water. As she did, she felt an unfamiliar heavy weight on her butt and ran her hand across her bottom.

Something wet and smooth went was clinging to her bikini bottoms! As she slapped it with her hand, she saw a small, dark shape go flying. It landed with a thud in a pile of sand and lay squirming.

"Oh my god!" Becca cried in surprise. "It's alive!"

She bent down and examined the small form. It looked like a small, dark, hairless chipmunk with two big, soft eyes, pointy little ears, and a bulbous snout. It was lying on its back, kicking its tiny flipper legs desperately as it tried to roll over.

The tiny creatured started to mewl like a sad kitten. Becca leaned down and pushed it over with her finger.

"You poor little thing!" she cried. "I'm so sorry! You just scared me!"

The litle animal shook the sand off its fur and turned around in a slow circle. Its plaintive mewling turned to happy little chirps.

"You're cute," Becca said. She stroked the little animal with one finger and it purred. She held out her hand and it waddled onto her palm. It barely weighed anything, it was so small. Becca stroked it softly until she heard voices coming up the path.

"Come on," she said. She dropped the little animal into her beach bag. It nestled up in her wet towel. Becca hoisted the bag over her shoulder and walked home.

The apartment was still stifling hot. When Becca got home, she closed all the shades, took off her bikini, and hung it over the shower rail to dry.

She walked naked back to her bedroom and lifted the little animal out of her bag. She put it on the bed and inspected it.

"What are you?" she asked the tiny animal. It chirped happily at her and curled up in a little ball on the bed. Before long it was snoring softly.

Becca tried for hours to identify the creature, but Google was no help. It seemed she had discovered something completely new.

"I don't know how to keep you, or what to feed you?" she said to the tiny thing. She found a shoebox and filled it with a bit of beach sand, a bowl of water, and some old washcloths. The little animal jumped excitedly into the water, swam around for a few minutes, and then laid down in the fabric. It fluffed the cloths with its stumpy little legs and formed a little nest.

"Aww, you're so damn cute," Becca cooed. "You're like a tiny kitten." She stroked its soft back. "My little sea kitten..."

As afternoon turned to evening, the creature began to cry softly.

"What's wrong?" Becca asked, stroking its smooth little back. "Are you hungry?"

Becca ransacked her fridge for to find something to feed her new pet. She tried small pieces of fish, lettuce, carrots, and sugar, but the little animal wasn't interested.

Eventually, exhausted and discouraged, Becca laid back on the bed, legs apart and her arms wide. It was still 90 degrees in her apartment. She felt beads of sweat forming on her skin. She closed her eyes and soon was asleep.

Between Becca's legs, the little creature in the shoebox began plotting its escape. It stood on the bowl of water and leapt over the edge, landing on the bed with a soft "plop". Its trumpet-shaped snout twitched as it sniffed the air. It proceeded up the bedspread and between Becca's pale, spread thighs.

Becca hovered on the edge of a very good dream. She was on the back table at the coffee shop, Johnny was between her legs. His big nose tickled her clit as he nibbled her pussy. His movements were slow, tiny, teasing.

"Johnny, don't tease me like that!" she mumbled. "It makes me feel like I need to pee!"

Becca's eyes sprang open. She was back in her bedroom. She glanced down at the empty shoebox, and then sat up. The little black animal was between her thighs. It had its head in her crotch, its front legs spreading her outer folds. Its snout was buried between her lips. She could feel its tiny mouth bumping against her clit as it suckled her pink inner walls.

"Oh my god!" she shouted. She reached her finger down and pushed it away from her. The creature fell over and immediately began to mewl pitifully.

"No!" Becca shouted. "That's so naughty!"

As soon as she moved her hand, the little thing lunged for her pussy again. She reached out a hand to stop it, but it wriggled around and stuck its snout into her again.

"Oh god!" Becca moaned. She wanted to pick the creature up and put it back in its box, but she felt sorry for it. It seemed hungry and utterly desperate. For the first time, Becca realized how wet she was. Honey was oozing from her vagina, making the creature's body slick. There was a sizeable wet spot on the sheets.

The creature spread her with its front legs again and stuck its nose into her smooth wet flower. It rooted around and began to suckle a raised nub just under her clit.

Becca jumped as her bladder convulsed. The little creature was sucking her peehole, and she had a sudden, overwhelming urge to urinate.

"Don't do that, kitten!" she shouted. "You're going to make me pee!"

Sensing her spasming bladder, the creature only sucked harder. It squeezed its head deeper into Becca until her outer lips closed around its head. It licked and tickled while Becca bucked her hips and clenched her thighs, but it was too late. Her bladder twinged and she felt urine spurting from her tight hole.

"Oh nooooo, I'm peeing!" she cried. Her bladder let loose a jet of urine that lasted several seconds. She looked down between her thighs. The wet spot was no larger than it had been. The little creature's head detached from her peehole and slid from her drenched lips. The urge returned, stronger now, and she hurried to the bathroom.

Becca was peeing again before her round ass touched the seat. Pee sprayed from her hole, tinkling into the toilet as she sighed with relief. She leaned back heavily and took a deep breath. Her brown nipples were hard as diamonds. She felt embarrassed, confused, and strangely aroused.

Becca wiped and came back to the bedroom. The little sea kitten was trying to scramble back into the shoebox. Becca scooped it up and set it down inside. It curled up on the washcloths and settled in to sleep.

She looked at the little animal. Its eyes were closed and it made happy little snoring noises. Its little belly was swollen with Becca's piss.

"Is that what you eat?" Becca asked the sleeping creature. She thought about the thing that had brushed her leg in the lagoon. "Did I attract you with my piss?"

She lay in bed awake for a long time, wondering what to do. The whole situation made her uneasy, but the animal was so cute and helpless, and who knew, maybe it was a big scientific discovery? She decided to keep it for the time being.

In the morning, Becca woke up to the same odd sensation between her legs. She looked down and the kitten was wedged between her sweaty thighs, frantically suckling her nub. She looked down in disbelief.

"Hungry again?" she said. She relaxed and spread her thighs. She ran her fingers across her lower belly, feeling the tiny bulge of her bladder. She relaxed, and after a minute she felt the pee ready to flow.

"Okay, here comes!" Becca said. She squeezed her inner muscles and a trickle of pee flowed into the creature's mouth. After she stopped, the kitten stayed latched on to her, so she peed a second time, then a third. Finally its snout released her and she ran to the toilet to finish up.

As she came back into the room, Becca went to her drawer and rummaged around. She pulled out a pair of cotton panties and stepped into them, sliding them up her bare legs.

Becca stared at the contented little creature. Its sleek body was plump and glossy and it chirped happily at her. "I guess I can't sleep naked anymore," she told the kitten. "I'm not an all-you-can-eat buffet, you know."

Over the next few days, the kitten continued to drink Becca's golden nectar. She would wake up in the morning to find its snout pressed against her sodden panties.

In the evening, she came home from work, sat down on the bed and spread her legs so the kitten could feed.

"Such a thirsty kitten," she cooed, stroking the little animal's head as it drained her bladder. It especially loved the dark, strong urine that accumulated in her after a busy shift.

Once or twice Becca forgot and peed before she came home. She had to chug a bottle of water and sit guiltily on the bed until enough liquid passed through her to feed. The kitten mewled hungrily over this meager meal, lapping at her tingling peehole until she was completely dry.

Becca began to ration her pee. She held her bladder as long as possible, to make sure she had enough for the kitten's next feeding. To the little animal, Becca's waste was as precious as mother's milk.

The longer Becca held her pee, the more her bladder stretched. Eventually she grew so full that she couldn't stand it. She ran for the bathroom, yanked down her cotton panties and squirted out just enough so she wouldn't wet herself behind the bar.

She sat on the toilet and stroked the hard bulge in her lower abdomen.

Can't waste too much, she thought. The kitten needs me! The thought of something so utterly dependent on her body for survival made Becca feel warm and maternal.

In the evening when Becca ran home and hiked up her skirt, her tummy was so distended she looked slightly pregnant.

Becca's bladder wasn't the only thing growing. With a steady diet of Becca's urine, the kitten grew to the size of a large gerbil. Whe it suckled, its belly filled up so big and round that it waddled.

One Monday morning, Becca overslept. She kicked off the covers, scrambled to find clean clothes, and ran for the bathroom. She was about to sit on the toilet and pee when she remembered her pet.

"Shit shit shit," Becca murmured. She ran back to the bedroom and plucked the kitten from its shoebox. She lay down on the bed and spread her thick thighs.

"You need to eat quickly," Becca said, "or I'm going to be late!"

The little animal scampered up to Becca's sex and and pushed open her folds with its stubby legs. Normally it went straight for her peehole, but this time it seemed more interested in her vagina. It rooted around the entrance to her tunnel with its snout, tickling her.

"Oh, come on!" Becca moaned. "I don't have time for this today..."

The kitten rubbed against her vaginal canal and stuck its snout inside. Becca felt a tingle of pleasure as it stretched her walls. She put her finger on its head and guided it back up to her urethra. Finally it cupped her peehole and latched on.

"There you go," Becca said. She relaxed her bladder and golden liquid sprayed into the kitten's hungry mouth. It drank her warm nectar with happy little slurping noises.

Becca felt its back legs scrambling up her pubic mound. In one quick movement, the kitten released Becca's peehole and dove head-first into her dripping vaginal canal. Becca gasped and clenched her muscles, trying to stop the flow of pee. She felt its slippery body part her inner lips and reached between her legs, trying to grasp its tail, but it was already fully inside her.

"Oh no, no no no!" Becca cried. "Get out of there!"

The little creature wiggled and turned a circle inside Becca's tight vagina. She moaned as it rubbed against the walls of her pussy. With a start, she looked up at the clock. 8:15.

"Shit!" Becca cried. "I'm going to be so late..." She sprinted for the shower with the kitten still wedged up inside her. She hoped it would come out while she was in the shower, but it stayed firmly in place. She dressed, grabbed her purse, and ran to the shop, cringing every time the kitten squirmed or stretched inside her pussy.

The coffee shop bell dinged and Becca burst inside.

"Sorry I'm late!" Becca cried. Johnny looked up from the espresso machine. Becca's face was flushed and her hair was askew. She hurried to the back where she combed her hair and fixed herself up a little.

"I'm really sorry," Becca said again, tying her apron. "I overslept, it won't happen again!"

Johnny peered at Becca. She wouldn't meet his gaze. Every time he looked at her face, her eyes flicked away from his. She shifted nervously from foot to foot as if something was making her uncomfortable.

"What's the matter with you?" Johnny said. "You're acting weird."

Becca stared at her feet. "It's nothing," she said. "Just girl troubles."

Johnny stared at her for a moment. "Fine," he said. "Can you wipe down the counter and get some extra cups from the back?"

Becca moved mechanically through her day at the shop. She found it impossible to concentrate with the kitten inside her. The potato-sized animal twisted and squirmed inside her, rubbing against her soft inner walls. Whenever it moved a lot her knees went weak and she had to grab the counter until it went still again.

As the day wore on, Becca's bladder swelled with piss. She put a hand to her apron and felt the gentle curve of her distended abdomen. She was waiting on a customer when the kitten started to move inside her.

"Welcome to City Coffee," Becca said to the man. "How can I help-yaaah!" Becca yelped as the kitten spread its legs and began inching its way down her tight vagina.

The customer gave her a funny look. "I'll have a medium soy latte," he said.

"Right awaaaayah!" Becca said, turning away from him. She minced over to the espresso machine, thighs clenched together. The kitten wormed its way towards her pantied crotch. Under her skirt, she felt its head protruding from her moist lower lips.

The hiss of steam covered Becca's moan as the kitten suckled her peehole. She clenched as tight as she could. Her bladder was at bursting point and she knew should couldn't hold out long.

"That'll be four dollars here you go!" Becca mumbled, handing the man his drink. He shot her another annoyed look, paid up, and left.

Becca walked briskly towards the employee restroom, but Johnny stepped in front of her.

"What was that?" Johnny said, indicating the customer. "What is going on with you today?"

Becca gritted her teeth. Between her legs, the kitten was suckling her peehole with all its might. Her full bladder ached.

"I ... I..." Becca's face went beet red as she lost control. Her bladder convulsed and a jet of pee spurted from her. Johnny stared at her as piss streamed uncontrollably into the kitten's mouth. The animal slurped hungrily, swallowing every drop.

"I'm not myself today," Becca said, on the verge of tears. She moved in a slow half circle around Johnny, trying to get past him and bolt for the open bathroom door. Urine was still streaming freely from her overstretched bladder.

Without warning, the kitten released her peehole. It's sleek body plunged back up into her and pee streamed into her panties. She heard it trickling onto the floor beneath her skirt.

"Oh my god!" Becca whimpered. She squeezed her eyes shut and balled her fists at her side.

Johnny jumped backwards, alarmed by the splashing noise coming from between Becca's legs.

"I'm sorry, I don't feel well!" Becca said. She ran for the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. She sat on the toilet, not even bothering to remove her panties, and sobbed as urine trickled out of her.

Ten minutes later, Becca quietly opened the bathroom door. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. Johnny was just putting away the mop. He looked up at her silently.

"I'm going to go home," Becca said meekly.

Johnny stared at her, noticing a wet spot near the bottom of her skirt. "Okay," he said.

Becca grabbed her purse and ran for the door. She stopped in the doorway and looked back at Johnny. He leaned on the counter and looked at her, confusion in his eyes. "Get some rest," he told her. "Feel better soon."

Becca lowered her eyes. "Thanks," she said, and walked out the door.

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