The Virgin Bride of Doctor Hyde
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Scarlett Griffin

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young Andrea is "over the hill" at 21 which has become the cutting off year for eligible young females to gather in a spouse in normal circumstances. The Doctor has arrived on the scene to save her from impending spinsterhood and she is grateful beyond belief.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Historical   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting  

Andrea McAllister was one of those nubile females that seemed to vibrate with fresh pink skin even in the faded light of cheap candles. She was not the prettiest of her family of five young female siblings all out at the same time to the dire predictions of their caustic tongued Aunt Matilda. Andrea was reluctant to answer questions about her age directly because of the instant condemnation of older female offspring slightly above the ideal age for marriage making it difficult for properly aged girls to present their credentials.

It seemed that lately most of the weddings about the region involved young ladies in the fifteen and sixteen bracket. It was a situation that was intolerable to those girls with unopened cunts in the seventeen to twenty-one categories. Of course, beyond twenty-one, everyone considered the unfortunate young lady in the limelight to be a lost cause and a certain spinster-to-be and relegated to the children's table at all family gatherings.

It was a fact that Miss Andrea was just turned twenty-one and the thought of age vexed her quite thoroughly. She knew her sisters all between sixteen and twenty were afraid to speak her age out loud for fear of her boxing their ears with her skillful fingers. In honest truth she could have passed for a young lady of sixteen without any difficulty because the lack of worries failed to crease her classic features.

Her eighteen year old sister Millicent was dancing a waltz with a young officer from their father's old regiment and she was laughing so loud that even the Duchess raised her glasses to her face to see what was causing the commotion. Andrea was instantly mortified even though she was at the opposite end of the room. Her dance card was a virgin just like her and she was trying to hide it so it would not arouse comment from the other old spinsters surrounding her in the "wallflower" holding area.

She reached down to scratch a terrible itch right on her ankle making her wonder if some small insect had attacked her without giving any warning at all. When she straightened up her vision was obscured by the odd features of a strange man standing scant inches from her person.

"My dear Miss Andrea, I fear you do not remember me but I was called upon on occasion to tend to you when you were quite young and still sleeping in your parent's bedroom. My name is Oliver Hyde, Doctor Oliver Hyde of King's Cross Hospital and I am at your service."

It was strange that she should be talking to a stranger even though he professed a certain connection to the family. Still, he had an agreeable demeanor and she was without other distractions and after all, it was a party.

"How do you do, Sir. I have no recollection of our prior consort but I have no doubt it is as you say. How do you find the music provided by the friends of the Regiment? Were you connected to the Regiment in your physician capacity?"

He knew she was filling in with "small talk". A process so antiquated that it was almost meaningless to the younger generation.

"I assure you, young lady, I was quite familiar with your posterior in its natural form and even did minor surgery on your poor toe which was bitten by that nasty beast of a cat that acted like it owned the entire estate. I was the Regimental surgeon for a while in the Indies but mostly for benign problems and not related to the terrible happenings of war and chaos."

The older man laughed gently and sat on a low stool directly in front of Andrea. It was faintly suggestive because his chin now was dangerously close to her heaving bosom which was still angry at being confined inside the corset proscribed by her Aunt and society in general. She used her fan strenuously because the proximity of his lips in that region was disconcerting to say the least.

"I say, Doctor Hyde, these parties are so much alike. I think there is a set arrangement of the dance tunes and that the conductors have the entire affair timed to end precisely at a set time convenient to their musicians. Do you agree with that premise or do you have a different opinion?"

The middle-aged man shifted slightly and she became aware of the fact that his trousers were extraordinarily filled to capacity in the area when his genitals would be present. It set her pulse to racing and she knew her blasted slit was leaking just like those other times when she started thinking such nasty thoughts.

"I would defer to your opinion on that subject, my dear, because I must admit I have little knowledge of them. Ever since my wife passed these two years recent, I have not been much of a social creature and I have been accused by friend and foe of having a dour attitude on life. I must confess that a similar thought has passed my mind and I think it is more a result of music by the hour rather than any ulterior motive."

Andrea found the Doctor an easy person to talk to and in point of fact it never occurred to her that she was a female and he was a male. They were just two people conversing in the midst of a group of dull and uninteresting people with no concept of serious conversation. It came as a surprise that when the next waltz came up on the program, he asked her point blank with a studied look direct into her startled eyes,

"May I have the pleasure of this dance, Miss Andrea? I have not danced for quite some time, so forgive me if I err with my feet. I will strive to be as cautious as possible."

She nodded her head and dropped her eyes so he could not see the confusion in her mind. She took his hand and followed him out to the dance floor. Andrea was certain everyone in the large room was focused on them and looked for some fault. Actually, their move to the dance floor was little noticed and only one of her sister wondered what in the world her sister was doing with that old man out on the dance floor.

The fact was that Doctor Hyde was not particularly old for dancing with eligible young ladies. He was only in his late thirties and his marriage of almost ten years had kept him out of dance halls and out of trouble.

He had a bit of a problem with the erection that seemed to plague him as he walked. Andrea saw he was embarrassed and made a quick move to cover his tented trousers with her billowing dress. She unfortunately also came into constant contact with the terrible hard thing that bounced on her legs and her waist and even pushed between her legs when they did a twirl at the corners. She didn't find it demeaning and she certainly did not find it distasteful. In fact, if the truth be known, she found the constant rubbing of Doctor Hyde's large tool to be comforting in a strange way like she had found some prize in an unexpected place and it would be a shame to lose it and never be able to find another one just as nice.

The Doctor's reddened face attested to the fact that he was well aware of his hard cock betraying his attraction to the young girl in his arms. He knew it would be good form to take her immediately to her seat and retire to allow her to regain her composure. For some strange reason he did just the opposite and pulled her closer into his arms and allowed his inquisitive member to become well acquainted with her inner leg geography. For her part, the sex-starved Andrea was none too anxious to have the attractive mature man pull away from his enjoyment of her shapely figure.

"I find it necessary to comment on the stiffness of your manly equipment, Dear Doctor. I am as you well know a well-behaved young lady and not inclined to any foolishness of a debauched nature. However, I am compelled to compliment you on its unusual hardness and that I find your extension to be well-fitted to my feminine needs."

The good Doctor lowered his hand on her back which was facing the wall and unobserved by other dancers. He commenced a short expedition of her bum that left her quite breathless and leaning precariously on his manly chest.

"That is most disturbing my dear Doctor Hyde. I find your liberties to be of a nature that compels me to reveal I find it most stimulating to say the least and I would be most gratified if you would visit our estate to continue your travels under my dreadful corset which is utterly confining and prevents us from deeper consultation."

The Doctor laughed as he guided her back to the "Wallflower" section.

"My dear Andrea, I will be certain to discover I have business with your commerce-minded father this Friday next at the calling hour and we can continue our path to mutual satisfaction."

It was no doubt shameless of the well-raised young debutante with meager prospects but she was determined to escape the ranks of the "over 21 and not married" crowd no matter how desperate the male candidate turned out to be. It was true that Doctor Hyde was not a handsome fellow. It was also true that he was also of an age that most young girls would consider as in their father's generation. However, she found his manly assets to be most interesting and wanted to check out his equipment visually and inside her happy hands to make certain he would be able to satisfy her ever more demanding urges for copulation that plagued her so. She could not even excuse her behavior by laying it at the door of a natural desire to motherhood because the thought of having young children seemed like a fate worse than death right at this juncture of her young nubile life. She had to admit her primary concern was that the Doctor's equipment fit properly and that he had the sufficient virility to find her happy place with rapid dispatch and a degree of amiable comfort.

When he showed at the front door at the time proscribed, she instructed her disinterested parents that she would be treating with the Doctor in the rear study to discuss some matters of a medical nature and that she would appreciate a modicum of privacy whilst so doing.

Shortly after the door of the study closed, Andrea was on her knees inspecting the Doctor's equipment just like a housewife at the market testing the fruit for firmness and ripened state of readiness for consumption. The hand at the back of her nicely coiffed head guided her mouth to his tiny slit and she found that she was tasting the male essence and rolled his sticky residue on the tip of her probing tongue with a tentative movement that confirmed her total lack of experience in such affairs.

Andrea was still on her knees attending to the Doctor's throbbing needs when he blurted out his declaration of undying adoration and asked her to be his wife. She was so shocked that she scarcely had the time to respond in the affirmative before she took him deep inside her wet oral opening and accepted his first load of cum straight down her gullet and into her virginal tummy which had never tasted such a creamy load before.

She knew that her private parts had gotten quite damp during her oral ministrations and when she ventured an inquisitive finger into her lower regions she discovered her feminine juices were flowing in a way she had never experienced and that she was quite out of breath from her oral efforts to pleasure her husband-to-be.

It was admittedly a strange way to conduct a normal courtship, but at the ripe old age of twenty-one, a young lady is forced to make certain concessions.

The wedding was scheduled for June on the first Sunday and she hoped that Doctor Hyde would find time in his busy schedule to attend to her urgent needs periodically until that blessed day.

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