Seasonal Daughters, Book 2
Chapter 1

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I have been remiss about my journaling. The joy in my family has been greater than we expected. I've heard that good news isn't news. I do know that good things happening slow down writing about it because I've been busy enjoying those things so very much.

We returned from our honeymoon physically tired but emotionally still on a high from our time together. The resort was great and we actually left the room a few times! We flew back home on Tuesday afternoon with a little more tan. I drove us home knowing that we still had decisions to make. I pulled into the garage to be met by two daughters and a mother in-law who were all happy to see us. We were happy to see them. All had been well while we were gone.

After supper, Mother Munroe went home with hugs and kisses. To me, she seemed wistfully happy. Laura talked with her a bit extra and called her, "Mom," the whole time. They had a bond that surprised me though I was glad for it.

It was bedtime and we went upstairs with Laura carefully opening and closing the door to the spare bedroom with a happy smile at me as she did it. We went inside our room and changed. Laura got into bed. I opened the door and joined her. I had no more gotten in the bed than both girls joined us.

April said, "The door was open so we came in. Was that okay, Mom?"

Laura smiled. "Yes, that's the signal. Later tonight, I will want it closed while your father and I make love. We love both of you. However, we didn't miss you much while we were at Key West." She grinned.

May said, "We thought you should have some alone time. What did you do?"

I said, "We played tourist. We went to the Hemingway House, walked around, and even enjoyed the beach."

"Dad, we know that. What did you do at night?" April asked.

Laura chuckled. "We were together and, at this time, that's all you need to know other than one thing. Your father made me very happy. I hope I made him happy, too." I smiled and nodded.

"Aw, Mom! You know you can tell us!"

"I know I can but I know I won't. You aren't old enough for some information. There are some things I won't tell you even when you are old enough. Your parents are married and happy in their marriage to each other." Laura snuggled tighter to me and both girls hugged us. We lay together for a while just enjoying our closeness. After a while, the girls went to their own beds. May made a point of closing our door as she went out.

We made love gently and drifted off to sleep holding each other. I'm glad I set my alarm because I might have slept through the morning otherwise. We rose and went to the bathroom to shower. We dressed for the day and came downstairs to see the girls eating their breakfast. I started coffee and Laura prepared simple breakfasts for us. We went about our day.

Laura and I met at the pizza place to pick up supper. We kissed and ordered. While our pizzas were being prepared, we sat side by side holding hands and talked. Laura said, "My day was interesting as I introduced other teachers and my students to my new name. I had more trouble with the teachers than the students."

I looked at her with a question in my eyes. "They wanted to hyphenate me and were slow to pick up on my new title. I used some of your words you used on me such a short time ago about Mary Jones. Paul, I never expected to be as proud of being married as I am. There is something about you and your love that frees me. I want to be Missus Sanderson."

"Laura, I am proud that you want my name and joyous to give it to you. We hadn't talked about it and I was going to let you drive that. I was going to be okay with you maintaining your maiden name for work or hyphenating. You are an intelligent, competent person. I am just glad to be by your side."

"I know that you would support me regardless. I made this decision for so many reasons. When April came into my class, she had heard and rushed to hug me. I told each class and the teachers that I am married to a wonderful man. I want the title, 'Missus, ' and want my new family name for I was proud of my husband and my daughters. Even Doctor Colbert was using it when we talked for a moment at lunch."

Our pizzas were ready. I paid and we drove home in our cars. We pulled in and April and May were there to greet us and help bring our pizzas into the kitchen. Supper was a joyous meal and April was telling of her time in school.

We never did put a movie on but just shared our days. May reported that she aced a test and told all her friends that she had a new mother and that they loved each other. April had people congratulating her all day about her new mother. She also reported that Tommy held her hand and walked her to her classes. They had talked during the two vacation days and even this afternoon. Laura told us about telling people of her new title and last name. She said her teacher friends think I'm hunky. She said she told them that they were right!

I had the picture that my mother took of the four of us and that I had showed it off to anyone who would look. Everyone agreed that Laura and the kids were great looking and I looked very happy.

The four of us ate and enjoyed being together. Finally, we were on the sofa together with me on one end and Laura next to me and April next to her. May was in my lap. It was very comfortable and we all felt good. We went to bed and slept quietly.

Sunday came and we went to Sunday school and church. Many people were congratulating us. Our class gave us an ovation. Between Sunday school and church, Tommy's father, Robert, came to us and said, "On behalf of Momma Rosa and I and our entire family, you are asked to the restaurant for lunch. April and Tommy were standing next to him with happy faces. May was less inhibited. She looked at Laura and said, "Tell him to say 'yes, ' Mommy."

Laura looked at me and smiled, nodding. I said, "Robert, we will be happy to accept your kind invitation.

His wife came up to Laura. Jeanette gave her a hug and kiss. "Thank you for talking him into it. I think he likes you. She grinned and Laura grinned back.

She said, "He's a smart man."

Robert was grinning. "If you don't mind, Jeanette, Tommy and I will join you."

I didn't need to look at Laura to feel her smile. "It will be our pleasure. The real question is, will Tommy ride with us or April ride with you?" Robert and I chuckled watching the two blush delightfully.

April said, "Tommy will sit with me in church and then I will ride with him to Rosa's." Tommy just smiled.

May looked at them and said, "That's the way, Tommy. If you're happy, keep your mouth shut and smile." She grinned. April and Tommy grinned back.

Laura said, "Let's get into church." She grinned happily.

Holding hands, we went into church. Pastor George recognized us as the newest married couple in our church. He asked us to stand and we pulled our daughters up to stand with us. The church applauded. The rest of the service went by while I enjoyed my wife and daughters being close to me. It was a Sunday that kept me filled with a sense of God's presence throughout the service.

After the service and talking to many people, we headed to Rosa's. I found that I missed April being in the car. May was talkative with Laura so the ride was pleasant and short. We pulled into the lot with Robert next to us. I handed my wife and daughter out while noticing that Robert handed Jeanette out. Tommy did a fine job of handing April out. They seemed to have a real liking for each other. We all walked to the entrance where we were met by Momma Rosa.

She hugged everyone. When she came to Laura, she said, "The beautiful bride! You look happy. Marriage to Paul agrees with you! The daughters look happy, too."

"I think they are. I know I am. My husband is a wondrous man." More hugging occurred as we were seated. It was a very pleasant meal with my wife and younger daughter on each side of me. April sat next to Tommy with his parents across from them.

We all talked and enjoyed our meal. April and Tommy asked the blessing together. They had planned it. April asked God to bless Tommy's parents while Tommy asked God to bless Laura and me. Together they prayed for May. Then, together they prayed for our food and Momma Rosa! We all said, "Amen." I peeked. Neither one of them had anything written down! Momma Rosa hovered over the table and sat at the other end talking and telling stories.

We had a grand time. Jeanette and Laura got along well and I found Robert an interesting dinner partner. By the end of the meal, he was still getting over the shock of talking to May who was definitely involved in our conversation. She showed a firm grasp of current events including finance and could quote from the Bible and Lewis's books to help make her points. Robert was sometimes at a loss for words. He grinned at Laura and me. "How does it feel to raise prodigies?"

Laura gave her delightful laugh. "Paul said it best. 'We're like ducks raising swans.' It's always entertaining."

May smiled. "I just try to do what my three parents taught me. Think before you speak and, when you have something to say, say it clearly." Everyone laughed. After an excellent desert that was brought out without any order or menu, we were finishing up with great coffee.

Three of us rode home in my car. April was going home with Tommy. His father would bring her home by bedtime. Laura and I went over May's lessons with her. Laura said, "Paul, Missus Marshal said that she was waiting for May to miss a question on a test. She said that she keeps thinking it will happen but she gets them all." May smiled.

I said, "Merry Month, sooner or later, the odds will catch up with you. Know, though, that it doesn't matter if you received an "F" if you had tried. That's all I will ever ask."

"I know, Daddy. It will happen. Missus Marshal teaches English and Social Sciences. Those are more subjective and can be tricky. It's hard to read her mind and answer the questions without compromising my beliefs, particularly in Social Sciences."

Laura said, "That's how she does it!" She looked at May who nodded.

Laura squirmed into my lap and pulled her shirt tail from her pants with May's help. Laura then took my inside hand and pushed it up to her breasts under her blouse. We kissed and May kissed each of us on the cheek. May said, "Mommy, it's fun to help you tantalize Daddy. He likes it even though he's confused about my part."

I looked at both of them sharply. They grinned at me. May said, "I like for you and Mommy to be happy. When you touch her, you both are happy. I like to feel that feeling. It makes my heart warm when I feel your love."

She listened a moment. "April's home. She is kissing Tommy right now. She likes how he kisses. He can touch her feelings with his mind. It helps him do what she wants."

I was now curious, very curious. "May, can you really read peoples' emotions?"

"Yes, Daddy. Some people are harder to 'hear' than others. I started to be able to understand what I was hearing about six months ago. It's much easier when I know the person. Tommy knows more about it than I do. I can 'hear' people I don't know but, unless it's a strong emotion, it's more static than anything. I don't get thoughts just emotions. You're surprised and a little shocked."

I cleared my throat. "May, you and your sister constantly amaze me, us. This is even off that chart." I had removed my hand from under Laura's blouse but still held her comfortably.

April walked into the room then. She looked at us and said, "May, you told them."

"Yes, Sis. They are handling it pretty well. I did admit that Tommy can do it, too."

"Oh! Mom, Dad, has she told you that she can't control people? Tommy can't either. He admitted it to me and then told me that May could also hear emotions. It worried me at first when he told me but I have come to trust that he can't control a person though, when he feels you like something, he can continue to do it or help you to like it even more. We have talked about limits and he has similar values. We stay within those limits. We have also agreed that we're too young to contemplate anything further even if we disregarded our moral values."

Laura said, "You can't do it?"

"No, Mom. I have a little affinity to peoples' emotions but I don't pick emotions like May or Tommy." She looked worried. "You aren't going to stop loving us, are you?"

Laura looked at them. She smiled gently. "Of course not! You two are our children. Our love for you will never go away. Your father and I are here and love you. That's how it works."

I said, "I am curious about this. I have questions. I always love you both. May, can you turn it off and not hear someone's emotions?"

"I can ignore it but I haven't found that I can turn it on and off. It's just 'on.' When I'm busy, it's easier to ignore but I feel it always. I feel the two of you and I am warmed because you care for each other so much. I can also feel how much you love April and me." I still had an arm available and hugged her to my side. Laura had an arm around April. I felt good with all three of my girls.

After a bit, I said, "It's getting late. I do want know more about this. I'm not mad or even troubled. I am curious." May nodded. April grinned.

Laura stood up and offered me a hand up. She smiled, "Let's go upstairs and produce some more of those emotions that May likes to feel."

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