Johnny Waxx
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I really don't know what direction I may take this story in, stand back... it may just be a bumpy ride. Johnny's sister is hot, so is his mother and he hates his step dad. Not only that, he wrote a song, using a different alias called, "I Want You Horny For Christmas!"

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Hello ... My name is, well my professional name is Johnny Waxx. I write music for a living, at least while I'm in my house. Part of the reason for my professional name is because my music is a little out there ... And I spend all day naked coming up with all kinds of ideas for songs and even complete musicals. Except for my hair of my head and in my pits ... I am hairless, another reason I call myself Johnny Waxx, get it?

I started by writing new lyrics to old melodies, such as 'Ain't That A Kick In The Groin?' And 'Hairless Pussy In The USA!' before I grew up and decided subtle it was better.

My family didn't understand me very much. My sister comes over the most often sometimes bringing mom. My stepdad walked in once, saw my nakedness and walked right out telling mom and April, "I'll be in the car!"

Every time mom comes to visit she ends up saying something like, "At least you keep the place clean, Jack!" She tries to avoid eye contact or maybe it better would be to call it 'cock contact.'

She insists on calling me by my real first name, but April calls me Johnny Waxx in front of mom just to hear her freak out a little.

I even tried to make a rule that if you came and stayed inside the house, you would have to get naked yourself! Mom would have none of that while April seemed quite willing to get naked with me.

Long before this urge to be naked and write music occurred, my birth father died, leaving mom, April and me a nice bit of money. Not millions of dollars, but enough to live on.

I live in the house I was born in, while April moved in with 'Bill' and Emily, my mom. She often tells the story that she was named after Emily Bronte, some chick from the 1800s, who wrote something important.

I do all my around the house stuff myself, only putting on clothes to work outside to fix something, and cut the lawn. Dad left a riding mower behind, and I keep it in perfect shape so I can put on my ear buds and listen while I'm cutting the lawn. I listen to music all the time to inspire me. I like all kinds of music, with 60s Rock and Roll my favorite.

The only song I've written that sold was called, "Falling Out," with people thinking it was about falling out of love. I wrote it after making love with my girlfriend, named Olivia. I had shrunk right after filling her with my cum, so "Falling Out," was literally what happened. When I told April this she laughed so hard it made her cry, which generated my next song, "Sister's Aren't Supposed To Cry." It sold, but it didn't get past 500 hundred copies while "Falling Out" had sold 14,355 copies to date. April and I would often word on melodies together, actually singing the demo for "Falling Out." It took too many takes, because she started giggling because I was getting hard while I sang. She thought that was funny.

I never said anything to her when her nipples would get hard, but she was willing to follow my rules, so I didn't mind. She was pretty, but nothing like my girlfriend, Olivia. She had a really nice pair of tits, while April was maybe a small B-Cup. Mom was bigger, which 'Bill' probably appreciated.

She wanted no more kids, but that caused Bill to be upset a lot, at least every time I saw him. In reality, I don't think he was very good for mom, but I didn't want to cause any trouble, so I kept my feelings internalized.

Oh ... I'm 23, and April is 22. Our dad died when I was 15, and she was 14. After I was through high school, I was through with all school. 'Bill' got on my case, but my constant, "You aren't my father," kept him at bay. April wasn't allowed to stay at my place until she was 18, then she would even stay over from time to time In her own room. We actually got used to seeing each other naked without too much 'trouble' typically meaning me getting an erection in her presence.

"Doesn't Olivia put out enough to keep you from getting hard around your little sister?" she would say to me.

"You're not ugly, Sis," was my usual retort to her.

Using my computer, she began an in-home business as a professional proofreader making a more regular paycheck than I did. Any other guy might be troubled by something like that, but she would cook sometimes and I was great cleaner upper after a meal.

Eventually, one night while watching a movie together at my place, April said, "Johnny, I'm here more often than I am at the house with 'Bill' and Mom. Why don't I just move back into the house in my old room ... would you have any trouble with that?"

"Wouldn't mom go all apeshit if you did that? She knows you strip naked like I do. She might think we are doing some freaky stuff if you officially moved in, wouldn't she?"

"Is that how you feel about it? Do you not want me ... to move in?" she said leaning back into me.

"I want what you want. I know I would never move in with you guys, but I wouldn't kick you out to the curb if you really wanted. As long as you don't mind that I may have Olivia stay over from time to time?"

"No, she and I get along just fine. She once told me that she was jealous of me."

"For what?" I said.

"Getting to be naked around you all the time. She's even wondered if we've, you know ... fooled around or not?"

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah, she sounded very jealous that I might be getting 'Big John' when I stayed over."

"That's her name for him, not mine?" I said.

Things got quiet again as I put my arms around her resting my hands on her tummy.

The movie we were watching was romantic as she took my hands in hers. I heard her crying a little.

"Is it the movie, or is it something else, April?"

"The movie," she was quick to say.

A change of tack, "Are you staying over tonight, Pril?"

"You haven't called me that in so many years, Johnny. I always liked that nickname because it was from you, and you alone."

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