Tempting Tabitha
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Paranormal, Were animal,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is finished. Tabitha grew up with a father who didn't think she was an idiot like most of the younger girls. She is stubborn to a fault. This is her story.

Chapter 1

The growl startled her, making the small hair on the back of her neck stand up and sending shivers down her spine. It sounded like an animal, wild and untamed, a deep rumble meant to warn her away.

Lady Tabitha Hynds had no problem with staying away from the animal, turning with a swish of her skirts to head back to the huge manor house of her father's. She would tell the gardener about the animal and perhaps they could remove it from the gardens before someone was injured.

She'd only moved a few steps when the growl came again, followed by a whimper. It was the whimper that stayed her feet, causing her to turn once more to follow the sound. It sounded as if the animal, whatever it was, might possibly be hurt.

Reaching out with just the tips of her fingers, she gently pushed the verdant green foliage to the side. The whimper came again, a little louder and she bent closer to the greenery, squinting her eyes to see in the shadows.

"What are you doing, Tabby?"

Tabitha shrieked, backing away from the bushes and spinning quickly. She put her hand to her heart, pressing against the rapid beating in her chest as she stared at the man who'd frightened her.

He was tall, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, his dark brown hair just starting to turn gray above his ears, leaving him looking distinguished. Looking into his eyes was like staring into a mirror for she had the same golden amber eyes surrounded by long, thick lashes. He was trying not to laugh at her, his lips twisting as he sought to keep his expression neutral.

"Father, you did that on purpose," she scolded. "Were you trying to scare years off my life?"

"Of course not, Tabby. I'd called your name but you must not have heard me. What on Earth are you doing batting around the bushes for?" He reached out, taking her hand and pulling it through his to rest it on his forearm.

"I heard a growl. I thought there might have been an injured animal but I didn't see anything when I looked." She turned her head, looking towards that area of the garden as if she would have any more luck now.

"I'll tell the gardener and make sure he finds the animal and puts it out of its misery. Meanwhile, you have a visitor." Lord Edward Hynds, fourth Earl of Pentington, smiled as if he held the most wonderful of secrets from his daughter, urging her along the groomed pathway to the house. "Come along, we don't want to keep him waiting."

"Him who, father?" Tabitha asked suspiciously, slowing her step deliberately to impede her father's progress. "Not another suitor whom you feel will make me the most perfect of husbands?" she grouched. "Please, I thought we'd decided that you would give up on match making and leave me to find my own husband."

"You decided," Lord Edward muttered. "I did nothing of the kind. Besides, daughter, he's titled and handsome. What more could you want?"

"Perhaps a man who wants me for me and not for the dowry and your estates that will fall to me since you've made me your heir." She pulled her hand from his arm, throwing both of hers up in the air in a fit of pique before kicking at a loose stone in the path. "You've put me in a quandary once more, you know," she said, her eyes narrowing as she glared at her beloved father.

"No quandary, my dear, you have only to meet Lord Jared. There is no pressure being put upon you to make this match." He reached out and grabbed her hand once more, pulling her along again, all the while stroking her ruffled feathers with apologies.

Tabitha went along with her father, mostly because she knew he was doing this out of love for her. At times, she even found his match making humorous, some of the lords and gentlemen he'd lined up for her to meet had been so far off the mark of what she'd be willing to consider as to be laughable. He was an old dear, though, and he tried so hard to be caring, she couldn't stay angry with him for long.

They walked together along the path and up the wide marble steps that led to the balcony that looked out over the garden, a most wonderful view and one she was very fond of. The wide double doors leading to his study were open, white sheer draperies blowing in the slight wind.

Lord Edward tugged her along, going into the study and holding out his hand to the man who rose from one of the burgundy colored satin covered chairs. Tabitha's eyed the man warily even as her father greeted him warmly.

"Lord Jared, it's such a pleasure to see you."

"It was wonderful of you to invite me, sir. There is something about the country air in the spring that's hard to resist." Jared turned, his deep blue eyes landing upon Tabitha's slender form. "This must be your lovely daughter. I've been eager to make your acquaintance." He reached out even as Jared made the introductions, taking her hand warmly in both of his.

"Lord Jared, my father just informed me of your visit. I must seem like the most terrible hostess." Tabitha flushed at the look in the man's eyes as he didn't disguise his admiration of what he was seeing.

"Nothing of the kind, my dear." He bent over her hand, his lips touching her knuckles with an eagerness that seemed inappropriate. It was all Tabitha could do not to pull her hand from his.

When he lifted his head, his eyes seemed to focus upon her breasts and she felt the urge to pull on her gown, to try to cover more than the low cut décolleté was able. She resisted, taking a step closer to her father.

"Your father was modest on his assessment of your beauty, Lady Tabitha."

"Thank you," she replied, bowing her head.

Jared's smile grew wider. "You don't believe you're beautiful?" he asked at the tone of her voice.

"My father and I believe that the worth of a woman doesn't really have anything to do with her looks, sir."

"My daughter is more proud of her mental acuity, Lord Jared, than her looks." Edward smiled down at his daughter, taking her hand and holding it in his.

"A blue stocking?"

Tabitha's smile disappeared at the question. "That's not a term I would use."

"I didn't mean to offend you, Lady Tabitha. It was just curiosity." He reached for her hand again, flinching when she pulled away. "I truly am sorry."

"No, Lord Jared. There is nothing to be sorry about. My daughter understands, don't you, Tabitha?"

"Yes, Father. I understand. Lord Jared, might I offer you tea?"

"Or something stronger?" Edward added.

"Tea would be wonderful."

Tabitha went to the corner where a satin pull hung. She tugged on it, hearing a bell ring deeper in the mansion. It wasn't long before the door opened and an older woman in a black gown walked in.

"Mrs. Somner, we'd like tea prepared if you would?"

"Certainly, Lady. I believe cook has been busy baking this morning. I'm sure she has some fresh scones ready."

"That sounds wonderful. Thank you."

Mrs. Somner bobbed a quick curtsey and left the room. Tabitha wished she could follow her out but knew her father expected her to help him with his guest. So, being the dutiful daughter, she smoothed the front of her gown and turned to the twin sofas that sat across from her father's desk. Sitting down, she looked up expectantly at the two men. "Gentlemen? Shouldn't we be a bit more comfortable?"

Tabitha had to force herself to repress a shiver of distaste as Lord Jared sank down next to her. Her father smiled at the couple, sinking down on the other sofa. "Do you hunt, Lord Jared?"

"Yes. I find the exercise quite stimulating."

"Then you'll enjoy the hunt Father has planned for the weekend, sir."

"Jared, please."

"J-Jared," she stuttered. With a sigh of relief, she watched as Mrs. Somner brought in a tray with the tea. A maid followed her, holding a silver tray filled with luscious looking small cakes and tarts.

"Tea?" she asked, holding the small pot over the fragile china cups.


She poured the tea, offering cream and sugar as well as lemon. Handing him his cup, she fixed her father's tea the way he liked it. Then she offered the cakes.

A sudden thump startled her and she jumped, some of the cakes falling to the floor. "What..."

"Well, there's your beast, Tabitha."

She stared at the glass doors they'd closed after them, seeing the dog like animal staring back at her. "It's a wolf."

She rose to go to the door, only stopping at her father's command. "It's a wild animal, Tabitha. You can't let it in here."

He's injured, Father. We can't just leave him out there like that."

"No, I'll call the games keeper. He can put the animal down humanely."

"No!" she cried, stopping her father's retreat from the room.

"We can't just leave him like this, Tabby. I know you want to help him, but he's a wild animal."

Tabitha stared into the silvery color of the beast's eyes. They were pleading as if begging her to open the door for him, to let him into the room, to take care of his injuries. "He won't hurt me." Her words were calmly stated, her tone determined.

"Tabby," Edward began, only to stop as she reached the door into the garden. "Stop! Tabby you can't..."

Her hand landed upon the door and she heard the quiet whine of the huge beast. For a wolf, he was one of the largest she'd ever laid eyes upon. His coat was a mixture of gray and black, standing stiffly along his spine. He panted in pain, blood dripping down his front paw to puddle at his feet.

Tabitha slowly opened the door, dropping to her knees. The wolf was a head taller than her in that position and she prayed he wouldn't find her threatening. He took two steps into the room, dropping to his haunches at her side, his huge head turning to sniff quietly at her.

"Tabitha!" Her father reached for her, stopping only when the wolf growled, snarling at him with huge white teeth.

"No, Papa. Don't come any closer." Tabitha reached out, touching the wolf's lower jaw and gently turning his head so that he faced her. "It's okay," she crooned softly, stroking the mighty beast's chest. "He won't hurt you."

"I won't hurt him," Edward said, astonished. Tabby gave him a small smile, still holding the wolf's attention.

"Father, he's hurt. I need bandages and water."

"You cannot be serious, Lady Tabitha," Jared exclaimed. "It's a wild animal."

Tabitha glanced his way, seeing the man cowering back. She gave him a silencing glare, still stroking the animal. "He's injured, he needs help and I'm going to help him.

Jared turned to Edward. "Don't you have any control over your daughter? You can't seriously allow her to take care of that beast. He'll kill her."

The wolf turned as if knowing what Jared was saying. His huge tongue lolled out of his mouth and he swiped it across Tabitha's cheek.

"Yes, he looks like he's going to hurt her, doesn't he?"

"Maybe not now, but you cannot mean to trust her with him."

"My father doesn't dictate to me, Lord Jared." She rose slowly, reaching down and tangling her hands against the wolf's fur. "He trusts me. If he'll come, I'll take him to the kitchen."

"Are you sure that's wise?"

Tabby smiled at her father. "Yes. I can feed him there too."

"You be careful." She nodded. Her father was a man unlike any of this age. He treated her as an equal and listened to what she said. It was one reason she was so resistant to his trying to marry her off. None of them came close to his ideals. They treated her like Jared was, as if she had no intelligence and had to ask a man for permission. Tugging gently on the wolf's fur, she guided him to the door of the study, enjoying the look on the servant's faces as she passed them.

"Lady Tabitha..."

She shook her head, hearing the wolf's growl and his whimper as his wound pained him. "Shhh. It's fine."

Cook's eyes were wide as she stared at the massive animal that trotted obediently next to her mistress. "Miss..." she began.

"I need some hot water and rags, Cook. Then we'll need some scraps for him. He's going to need to replenish the blood he's lost." Tabitha smiled reassuringly at the startled woman. She sank down to the hearth next to the roaring kitchen fire, gently parting the thick fur. The wound was long and angry looking, blood caking his fur and making it more difficult to see. "Shh," she said softly to the beast as he whimpered, flinching back from her fingers. "I know it hurts but you've got to be still." She stroked his wide face, calming him.

"Here, Miss."

Tabitha took the bowl and the rags, settling them at her side. Dousing one of the rags, she pressed it gently against the tangled fur, wiping away the blood and gore before rinsing it out.

The wolf flinched back, whining at the pain. Tabitha crooned to the beast, slowly continuing to clean the animal's wound. Even though what she was doing was obviously hurting him, the wolf didn't snap or snarl at her, trembling with reaction. It took a while to clean, but she finally finished, using some of the rags to bandage the wound tightly enough to keep it clean.

"Good boy," she crooned. "Cook, do you have those scraps?"

Cook slowly brought over a wooden bowl full of meat scraps, setting it down next to the wolf and hurrying back. The wolf sank down to his stomach carefully, his nose going to the bowl. He gulped the food down, meat juice coloring the fur at his mouth.

While he ate, Tabitha picked up the bloodied rags and the bowl of water. Handing it to the cook, she went back to the wolf and sat down again.

"Miss ... what are you going to do with him?"

Tabitha shrugged. "I'm going to make sure he's all right." She waited until he was finished eating, his huge tongue cleaning out the bowl before he let her take it. She handed it to the cook, smiling when the wolf rose, limping to her side. "I guess he's coming with me."

She went out of the kitchen, slowing her step for the huge animal as he limped gamely next to her. She bypassed her father's study, heading for the stairs and her chamber. Night had fallen while she cared for the wolf and she picked up a candle from a small table next to the stairs.

Chapter 2

Getting the wolf to follow her up the stairs and into her room was fairly easy though Tabitha cringed at each whimper he made. She reached into the closet where Mrs. Somner kept the extra linen and grabbed an old quilt. Then she spread it on the floor next to her bed and patted the material.

The wolf gave her one look and then glanced at the small ball of quilt. Then he turned his back, easily climbing onto her bed and curling into a ball at the foot, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as he glanced back at Tabitha.

Tabitha let a little giggle of amusement loose. "Ah, you'd better hope Mrs. Somner doesn't find you on the bed," she warned, but her voice was caring and soft. She rose, setting down at the foot of the bed and stroking his soft hair. Then she pulled the bell, calling for her maid.

Myrtle knocked quietly on the door of the room than popped her head inside. She smiled at her mistress and began to walk in. The sound of a deep growl scared Myrtle and she froze, staring at the bed. "My lady, there's a beast upon your bed."

Tabitha reached out, carefully scratching the wolf's chest while watching for his wound. "He won't hurt you, Myrtle. Just walk slowly over here and I'll introduce you."

Myrtle's eyes grew wide. "You'll introduce me?"

"Yes, he needs to know you are a friend." Tabitha reached out, taking her maid's hand and pulling her closer. She let the wolf sniff at Myrtle's hand then she told Myrtle to pet him. "But watch for his wound."

Myrtle's eyes just grew wider, carefully stroking the wolf's back. The wolf just seemed to preen under the attention and then finally, turned away from Myrtle, dropping his head in Tabitha's lap.

"My lady, where did he come from?"

"He was in the garden, Myrtle. He'd been hurt somehow and he could barely walk. He came right up to me." She stroked the animal's face, smiling as he snuggled against her.

"Should I call for the gardener, Miss?"

Tabitha looked over at Myrtle and shook her head, smiling gently. "No, he seems most happy to be here with me. I'm willing to keep him here. Help me get ready for bed." She rose from the side of the bed, her fingers twining in the thickness of his ruff. She seemed to have as hard a time leaving the wolf as he had leaving her.

Myrtle reached for the buttons on the back of her gown, quickly unbuttoning them and helping her step out of the gown. She took it to the wardrobe, hanging it carefully inside and then went to a drawer in a large dresser and pulled out a thin silk shift that Tabitha favored wearing to bed.

She took it to her mistress and then unlaced her corset taking it and the petticoats and setting them to the side. Finally, she lifted the chemise that Tabitha had worn that day, leaving her mistress nude as she put away the garments.

Tabitha heard the wolf whine and she reached over, scratching the poor animal's ears. "It's all right," she cooed. "You'll be fine."

She jerked back when she felt the cold nose of the wolf nuzzling against her side. She scratched the wolf's nose, laughing at him when he whined and moved closer to her. But Tabitha stood up, holding her arms over her head so that Myrtle could lift her gown over her head and help her pull it down.

She went and sat back down on the bed and let the wolf scoot closer, his head falling into her lap. Myrtle stared at them. "Miss, there's something strange about that animal. He's not acting like a wild wolf, not at all."

"Do you think he belongs to someone?" Tabitha laughed as the wolf reached out and licked her chin.

"Well, from the way it looks, I'd say he belongs to you, Miss."

"Really?" Tabitha asked the question eagerly. "He does seem to like me."

Tabitha scooted a little further down on the bed, helping Myrtle turn down the covers. Then she slid under them, smiling as the wolf moved to lie next to her, letting his head rest against her shoulder.

"Goodnight Miss."

"Goodnight Myrtle." Tabitha yawned, covering her mouth with her hand. She watched as Myrtle added wood into the fire and stoked it for the night. Then she took one candle with her, blowing out the others so that the only light in the room was from the fireplace. She glanced at Tabitha once more before leaving, closing the door quietly behind her.

Tabitha turned her head, burying her face in the wolf's fur, hoping that she wasn't hurting him. When she tried to pull back a bit, the wolf whimpered and moved closer, as if he didn't want Tabitha to move.

"Shh, sweetheart," she smiled, rubbing the wolf gently. "I don't know your name or if you even have a name." She yawned and let her eyes close, feeling safer than she'd ever felt before.

The wolf moved closer to the beautiful woman, enjoying the warmth of her body and the sweetness of her scent. Even asleep, she cuddled close to him, her body pressed against his.

He lifted his head, sniffing carefully at her. His eyes seemed to stare straight into her head and he thought one word ... Sleep.

He watched as she snuggled deeper into the bed, turning onto her side. He stood, sliding carefully from the bed. Going to the big mirror on the side of her dresser, he glanced in at himself, seeing the careful bandaging she'd done. He sighed, regretting what he was about to do.

A shimmer of gold stole over him, his body changing almost magically. When the gold had evaporated, a tall, very naked man stood in front of the mirror. He was well built, his muscles long and corded, his chest wide. His thighs were strong, his legs well developed. He had a gash across his shoulder and the top of his chest, a gash that was only partly healed. He grabbed hold of the dresser as the weakness from his wound had him stumbling.

It looked better than it had earlier and he had to thank the beautiful Tabitha for her care and concern. He glanced over at her now; seeing how she curled into the coverlet he'd been laying on, her hand smoothing the warm material where his head had been. He flipped his hair back, the black locks easily touching his shoulders, long bangs that he pushed behind his ears. His green eyes looked like emeralds in the light of the fire, glinting as they pondered the pretty miss.

He moved cautiously, favoring the wounded side of his body, cradling his arm with the other. But he couldn't stop himself, he couldn't move away from her if it meant his life. He hadn't been able to believe in his luck when he'd seen her earlier in the day, standing just feet from where he lay, injured. The gash in his side needed cleaning before it turned septic. One look at the lovely mistress of the house had made up his mind.

When she'd pushed aside some of the foliage, he'd moved, a whimper and whine leaving his mouth. He limped closer, almost attacking when the older man had stepped up to her. He listened in, breathing a sigh of relief when he'd hear her call the man father.

His fingers trailed over the lovely skin of her cheek, sinking down next to her. "Tabitha," he whispered softly, watching as her eyes fluttered beneath the thickness of her eyelashes. She moaned softly and her hand reached out, as if searching for him. "Sleep," he whispered again. He couldn't afford for her to wake yet.

Not yet, not until he was strong enough to face the man who'd done this to him. There was still too much damage to heal, time to regain his strength and maybe ... maybe let her fall in love with him as well.

He tried to ignore the desire that he was feeling. His cock was hard and heavy with the passion that had started when she began stripping in front of him. It was an incredibly erotic sight, watching as the maid easily and quickly exposed her mistress. He'd barely been able to stay as the wolf when his body was demanding that he touch her.

So he'd allowed his muzzle to slip against her skin, sniffing the sweet smell of her and the way it sent a frisson of chaotic desire through him. He'd let her move closer, cuddle against his warmth. And tonight, well, he'd let her sleep all night in his arms if he could be sure that no other human would open that door.

He glanced at the door, noting the bit of gold that shone against the panel. He smiled when he realized it was the key to Tabitha's bedroom. He rose again, ignoring the weakness that seemed to pull at him. Locking the door, he took the key with him, letting it rest against the small stand that held a candelabra full of candles. It clinked on the wood and then settled under the candles.

He sighed before carefully sliding under the covers, letting her come to rest against his uninjured side. She almost seemed to be holding her breath and he wondered if his magic was that affected by his wound. With another soft breath, he commanded her to sleep once more, his hand sliding under the silky fabric of her shift, enjoying the satin of her skin.

She moaned and cuddled against him, her hand moving over his chest, sliding up to his shoulder to curl at his neck. The heat of her breath slid over his skin and he barely stifled the moan of desire. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to slip into bed with her but now that he was, there was no way he'd turn back. Not now, not when he could hold her until morning light.

"Mikel," he whispered. "My name is Mikel." His lips moved to her hair and he breathed in the sweet honeysuckle of her hair. "Mikel," he whispered once again before cuddling her closer and moaning as her soft leg moved over his, resting just below the heaviness of his cock.

Tabitha moaned softly as her eyes opened at the rays of sun came through her wide door that led out to the patio. She could feel the soft, furry body of her new bedmate, the heat of him and then felt the cool pressure of his nose as he nuzzled it into her neck. "Mikel," she whispered. "That's your name, isn't it?"

Mikel let his tongue loll out of his mouth. Then he carefully got down from the bed and went to the door, whining softly.

"Okay, sweet boy. I'll let you out." She got out of bed pushing down the silk shift as it was riding up around her waist. Mikel got a single glimpse of the soft sable hair at the juncture of her thighs before she was at the door, unlocking it and letting him outside.

The air outside was ripe with the smell of Spring, the sweet scent of the flowers, the rabbits that the gardener was trying so hard to dissuade from eating the bulbs and vines that they'd planted. He ran, limping, down the stairs and out past the men working in the garden.

When he was far enough from the manor, he lifted his leg, letting his stream pour over other animal's scent. There was a small river and he quickly drank his fill. He stretched, grimacing as the wounds pulled, reminding him of how he'd been injured.

Ramos, his litter mate, had caused his injury. His own littermate, he thought with a growl. He'd have moved mountains if Ramos had asked. But instead, he'd been ambushed by Ramos and a couple of his lackeys. Ramos had gotten in a lucky swipe of his paw, ripping into Mikel's chest and arm, almost cutting right through the bone.

Mikel had fought back but there'd been too many and he was growing weaker with blood loss. So he ran, snarling at Ramos even as blood dripped down his arm and chest. He'd ran past the other wolves, finding his own way through the brush and woods.

He heard Ramos's howl, calling together the pack, his pack. He'd run the pack since his father's death. He'd taken care of them, putting his own wishes second to the good of the pack. Now his brother was in charge. He cringed at the thought, knowing that the females still nursing young were going to be the first to be left by the pack now. If they wouldn't leave their children, Ramos would order them out.

That thought sent a chill and a shudder of revulsion through him. Those young were the future of the pack, the one day leaders and, as important, the betas and the further line of command. Without them, the pack would fall. But injured as he was, there was no way he could regain command of his pack. His brother would do everything, fair and not, to keep the role he thought should have gone to him.

He knew that two of the three females that had children would refuse to go without their little ones. They would be alone, without the help of the pack to feed themselves and those children. He shook his head, his fur ruffling against his neck. He had to get better, he had to.

He took another deep breath of the outside air before he turned again, racing back through the gardens and up the marble steps that led to the patio outside of Tabitha's room. He scratched at the door, whining as he waited for Tabitha to open the door.

She came to the door, a towel held in front of her. Myrtle was filling a tub for her, the water steaming against the cool of the outside air. He'd gotten back just in time, he thought, feeling desire flood him. He'd never felt like this for any of the females that had thrown themselves at him.

"Did you have a good run?" she whispered, rubbing his head as she let her towel drop. His tongue lapped at her and she squeaked, laughing at him. "Your nose is cold."

"I can't believe that you let that wild animal spend the night in your room, Miss."

"And I slept wonderfully." She lifted her foot, her toes touching the water before she trusted the temperature. Then she slid in, moaning as the hot water covered her body, enjoying its heat. "It was like having my very own fire with him there, Myrtle."

Mikel moved closer to the tub, sniffing cautiously at the water she sat in. It smelled of honeysuckle and a hint of spice, a pleasing scent and one provoked a response from deep inside of him.

"He looks better," Tabitha said, laughing as the wolf came close and licked at the drops of water that covered her breasts.

"He acts like a male," Myrtle grumped, not happy at all with having the wild beast, as she'd taken to calling Mikel, close to her mistress. Tabitha grinned, reaching out and rubbing at his ears.

"He's a wonderful pet."

Myrtle just scoffed. "Sit forward, Miss. Let me wash your back."

Mikel watched as Tabitha sat forward in the tub, her breasts barely submersed. He wanted to growl as he saw the maid reach out and grab a sponge from the small stool that sat next to the tub. Tabitha dropped her head against her knees, moaning just a bit when Myrtle soaped the sponge and then started slowly doing circles on Tabitha's beautiful back.

His tongue lolled out and he could barely suppress the urge to change, to touch her with his human hands and his human lips. He felt the pink of his cock pushing out of its furry sheath and glisten wetly. He heard his whine and felt a spurt of surprise at the sound.

Tabitha looked over at him, concern shining in her beautiful golden eyes. "Are you okay, Mikel?"

Myrtle glanced at the wolf and saw the pink cock hanging beneath the furry body. She gasped at the sight but didn't say a word, her cheeks pink. "Are you sure he's just a wolf?"

"What else would he be, Myrtle?"

"Well, my momma told me a story once, when I was little. She told of a group of people that could change, a wolf to man, a man to wolf at will."

Tabitha grinned. "Your momma did like a good story, Myrtle."

"No, Miss. My momma warned us when we were little. She said that if you weren't careful, they could find you and then you'd never want to leave them."

Tabitha tipped her head to the side. Then she gave Myrtle a small smile. "My back, Myrtle."

"Yes Miss." Myrtle didn't look at the wolf again, she missed the curl of his thin black lips and the shine of his white teeth. His eyes shone like emeralds, beautiful against the gray of his face. He forced himself to lie on the soft carpet, trying to deflate his erection away by thought. If Myrtle hadn't been in the room, he'd have been hard pressed not to change and take Tabitha, showing her how hot he actually could be.

The rug was hard against his cock and he forced himself to stay still. He watched as Myrtle moved from Tabitha's back, reaching into the water to lift one of her slender legs and wash the soft skin with her sponge.

Tabitha leaned back, enjoying her bath even as she let her hand hang off the side of the tub. Her fingers played against Mikel's fur. She sighed as Myrtle finished her legs and held out her hand for the sponge so that she might finish her bath. Then, she reached up and pulled out the pins that held her hair out of the water.

"My hair, Myrtle?"

Tabitha ducked her head back and felt the first of the warm water pouring over her head. She closed her eyes, enjoying the way it felt. Then she felt Myrtle's strong fingers and the soap she worked through her hair.

She moaned, pushing her head into Myrtle's hands. Then she leaned further back, keeping her eyes tightly closed as Myrtle poured the first of three buckets of warm water over her hair. When it was free of soap, Myrtle took one of the towels she'd brought with her and covered Tabitha's hair squeezing the excess water out.

"Are you ready, Miss Tabitha?" Myrtle held out another of the thick, long towels, waiting for her mistress to rise from the tub so that she might wrap her warmly before sliding her robe over her shoulders.

Tabitha let her hands fall to the sides of the tub and rose, the water sheeting from her body, her curves pink and flushed from the warmth of the water. It dripped off of her body, glistening like tiny diamonds against her flesh. She took Myrtle's hand to step out of the tub, standing on the small rug that had been left there to soak up the water. She put her arms out so that Myrtle could wrap her in the towel and then tucked it securely in the valley of her breasts.

Myrtle led her over to the small stool that stood in front of her dressing table. Tabitha sat down and took the next soft towel from her maid. While she was finishing patting herself dry, Tabitha cocked her head to the side and stared into her open wardrobe to decide upon a day gown.

"The pink, my lady, or would you prefer the blue?"

"The pink, Myrtle, it has a more becoming décolleté, unless Lord Jared is to be present today."

Myrtle laughed but pulled the pink gown from the wardrobe and then found the petticoats and stays as well as her chemise.

"So, has my father found a way to push another eligible lord at me, Myrtle?"

"Yes, my lady. They were all agog at your new pet and how you seemed to tame him instantly."

"Ha, and I expect that Lord Jared is most likely complaining to my father how I ignored him." Tabitha closed her eyes against the thought and then took the silk stockings that Myrtle handed her. It took little time to roll them onto her legs, and then she rose again, letting the towels fall to the floor at her feet.

Mikel felt his tongue fall from his mouth. She was soft, sleek and warm, her body naked but for the silky stockings. He got to his feet, moving even closer to her, smelling the scent from her bath upon her skin. She was more beautiful then he'd even realized and he wanted to growl at Myrtle for helping her pull a chemise over her head.

The satin clung to her still damp body, her hard nipples pushing against the fabric, the wet material turning more transparent. He groaned, whimpering as he sat in front of her. If the wounds that Ramos had given him weren't going to kill him, then watching the hypnotic siren just might.

No woman had ever affected him this way, not even his first. He couldn't understand it but he wasn't willing to fight it. Maybe he was owed a little pleasure after the last couple of days; maybe he should enjoy watching her, even though he dared not touch her, not as a human male until night.

He stared at her nipples, wishing he could curl his tongue around them, listen to her pant as he tormented her with tiny nibbles. Then he'd sit back and blow against the tempting treats, enjoying the way they hardened, the way they would almost beg for him to caress again.

She was beautiful, so incredibly, mesmerizing exquisite.

Tabitha stood, smoothing the material over her body and then stepping into the petticoats that would hold her skirt out from her waist. The stays were next, the corset tightened but not too tightly. She really didn't need one at all but she could just imagine the shock it would do to her father if he found out.

Myrtle tied a bow on her petticoats before holding her stays against her waist and letting Myrtle tie it. The dress was next, the pink looking delicate against her skin. He could imagine it with her sable curls bouncing against the shoulders, holding her arms out to him to catch and swing in a circle.

God, I'm going to go insane. She's going to drive me insane.

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