Mail Order
Chapter 1: The Clean Bit

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Over the years, I've become quite computer savvy and I'm often called on by friends to sort their problems. One particular lady who often makes use of my expertise is my neighbour, Hazel. I've lost count of the times she's called me to fix some problem or another. Mostly it's just mundane things, her computer running slow, a malicious virus and occasionally problems with her browser. It was one problem with her browser that got me thinking about Hazel more than just a friend.

Now Hazel and I live in a small block of retirement flats in Bangor. We're both in our mid sixties and divorced. I'm sixty five, fairly tall at six feet, with red hair and reasonably fit. Hazel is a bit older than me, around five feet four, shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty good body for her age.

One morning I was checking my e-mails when a message popped on my yahoo. It was from Hazel. It just said. "Can you pop round Mike, I've got a problem." I replied that I'd be straight round and when I'd done with my mail, I went round to her flat. I knocked on the door and Hazel called out that it was open and to come in. I knew her computer was in the lounge, so I headed straight there. Hazel was sat at her computer shaking her head.

She turned and smiled when I entered the room and I walked over and stood behind her. I could see she had some sort of a form on her screen and was trying to fill it in. "What's the the problem Hazel?" I asked. She spun her chair round and shook her head again. "I'm trying to set up an account on here but I can't seem to get it to work, it keeps going back to this page and I have to start all over again. "I'm getting pissed off with it," she laughed. "Here," I said, "let me try." I don't know what she'd been doing wrong but ten minutes later her account was set up. "Oh thanks Mike," she said, "you're a God send. I don't know what I'd do without you." "No problem," I said, "now I've got some shopping to do, I'll catch you later." With that I left, leaving her to do whatever she was doing.

When I got back from the supermarket I went back on the computer. I'd noticed that the account Hazel was trying to set up was on Pabo, a site I wasn't familiar with so I logged on and put the site name in search. I was surprised when the home page came up and found it was an adult supply site. Lingerie, sex toys that sort of thing.

I was surprised because I'd never thought of Hazel as someone who'd used that sort of site, she didn't seem the type. As I clicked through the pages, I felt my manhood start to harden in my jeans as page after page of sexy bra, panties, sleep wear popped up onto the screen. It wasn't just the pictures of the models wearing them that was getting me hard but also mental images of Hazel buying and wearing the same thing. Suddenly I had an idea, I'd set up Hazel's account so knew her sign in details so could soon find out what she'd been buying. For about ten minutes, I wrestled with my conscience, going into her account would be an invasion of her privacy and I wasn't even sure if it was legal. I continued to click through the pages and the hardness in my jeans got even worse and in the end I just had to know what she'd bought.

I entered her log in details and her account page popped up on the screen. In the top right hand corner was box that read, 'view orders', I clicked on it and a short list of items, three, popped up on the screen. It gave item numbers and a brief description of what it was. The top item was a pair of panties. The description read. "Turn you man on with these red satin panties. The black lace trim will drive him wild." Below that was a bra and from it's description it was a match to the panties. It was the third item that really caught my attention though. Next to the number the description read. "Rechargeable battery operated vibrator, perfect for those nights alone. Our most popular ever ready latex friend."

Intrigued I clicked on the 'view item' icon and the image of the vibrator popped onto the screen. It was made of semi clear latex, with a collar of beads around the base and a rabbit ear that I knew was for stimulating a lady's clit. Of course by now, my cock was painfully erect and I went on to view the bra and panties. The description of them wasn't lying. I wasn't Hazel's man, but the thought of her wearing them was certainly turning me on.

I went back to the home page to check out more of the lingerie and, like a kid with a porn mag, soon had my cock out, stroking to the pictures on the screen, seeing Hazel in each one and it wasn't long before I was shooting my load into the tissue I'd grabbed. As I sat there a wicked idea came into my head and scanned through the images again. I'd spotted something that really turned me on, a red, lace baby doll nightie with matching panties. As soon as I'd seen it I imagined how great Hazel would look in it. At the side of the picture was the 'Add to basket' icon. I moved the cursor to it and let hover there for a couple of minutes, trying to convince myself I wasn't doing anything wrong. Eventually, I threw caution to the wind and clicked on it. Scrolling down I found the 'close and pay' icon and clicked that and was returned to Hazel's account page. I checked the contents of the basket and clicked on the 'pay' button. When I'd set the account up for her, Hazel had told me to tick the 'use existing payment information' button, which meant she could pay without entering her bank details again, but that meant if she could, I could do the same. I clicked the icon and seconds later the 'order accepted' came up. That was it, the red baby doll was on it's way to her.

One morning a couple of days later I got another message from Hazel asking me to pop round. I knew the post man had been so I had a good idea what she wanted to see me about and I was at her front door in seconds. After she'd let me in, she explained the problem, not that it needed explaining. "You know that account you set up for me Mike?" she said, "well I think there's something wrong with it. It's sent me something I haven't ordered." "Oh," I said, "trying my best to sound surprised, "what was that then?" I could see she was a bit uncomfortable so I said. "Well just send it back, there should be instructions how to do that on the web page."

She thought for a moment then said. "Yes there is but the thing is I quite like it and I don't know whether they've charged me for it. Keeping it might be stealing." Hazel was so sweet, I couldn't think of anyone else I knew that would worry about getting a freebie. I had to put her out of her misery though so took the bull by the horns. "I'm glad you liked it Hazel and yes you have been charged for it." As I spoke, I took my wallet out of my back pocket and handed her the £20 the nightie had cost.

Hazel just stood there looking more than a little shocked as she stared at the £20 note in my hand. "You ordered it Mike?" she finally said, "why?" "Because I thought you'd look great in it. Think of it as an early birthday present," I laughed, then added, "oh and by the way, I love the stuff you bought yourself, very sexy."

Now she did look shocked and her face was definitely red. "T-t-the stuff I bought," she stuttered. "Yes, the bra and pantie set. It really turned me on," I said, remembering the product description. "D-d-did you see the other thing?" she stammered again. "The other thing?" I said, "oh you mean the vibrator. Yes, it looks like fun. Have you tried it yet?" Hazel blushed even more and shook her head. "No, I haven't opened it yet. Anyway I don't think that's any of your business Mike. I think you'd better leave." "Ah well," I thought, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." My plan hadn't worked but it was worth the £20 to picture Hazel wearing the nightie I'd bought her.

I went back to my flat and logged onto the Pabo site and found the picture of the nightie I'd bought her and sat stroking my cock to it. I'd been home less than half an hour when a message popped up on yahoo. "Mike could you pop round again. I need to speak to you." Stuffing my still erect cock back into my jeans I went round to her flat, this time though not knowing what to expect.

When Hazel opened the door I was surprised to see that unlike when I'd left her she wasn't wearing her street clothes, instead she had on a leopard skin pattern dressing gown. She still seemed slightly miffed and nervous as she led me into the lounge. "Did you mean it Mike?" she said once we were there. "Mean what?" I asked. "That I'd look great in it. I'd look great in the nightie?" I laughed. "Yes, I meant it. You do look great in it. I've imagined you in it." Hazel then took a deep breath. "Well," she said, "do I look as good as you imagined?" With that, she tugged at the tie belt around her waist and let the dressing gown fall open. I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw, that underneath it she was wearing the nightdress plus the panties and she didn't just look great, she looked amazing. The nightdress, which was open all down the front, did nothing to hide her mature, full breasts which showed clearly through the thin lace and I could see that her nipples were already hard under it. The matching panties were pulled up tightly between her legs, giving a clear indication of the slit between her pussy lips.

She was blushing profusely as she stood there under my gaze. Don't ask me how I managed to keep my hands off her that day but I did and nothing untoward happened between us. She closed her dressing gown, re-tied the belt then made coffee and we sat and chatted like any normal visit.

I didn't hear anything from Hazel for the next couple of days and began to think I'd upset her and things had gone as far as they were going to. Then one day, later that week the postman knocked on my door with a parcel. There was no indication of the sender and I hadn't ordered anything so I was intrigued as I took it into the lounge and sat down and opened it. When I removed the outer wrapping and saw the logo inside I smiled. Pabo!!! Hazel was getting her own back!!!

As I opened it fully my smile got even broader as I pulled out a pair of boxer shorts, not the sort of boxers you'd get in M & S though. In the main they were a made of a semi see through fabric with strips of PVC running round them which were set with shiny eyelets but the front, where it would cover my manhood was something else. It was the same PVC but with a zip that ran from the waist band to below where my balls would be. They were really easy access boxers. I guessed they'd be a bit uncomfortable for normal wear so I took them off and dropped them in my underwear drawer and went back to the lounge.

About half an later I got a message from Hazel. "Hope you like them Mike. Call them an early birthday present." I laughed at her use of the phrase that I'd used. I went into the bedroom to see what they looked like on, they were something I'd never have dreamt of buying for myself. They were a bit on the tight side but all that did was to accentuate my semi erect cock under the PVC pouch. I went back to the computer and messaged Hazel back. "They're great," I typed, "a bit tight but great. Thanks." Ten minutes after I'd sent the message there was a knock on the door and, on opening it, I found Hazel standing there, a broad grin on her face.

I invited her in and we made our way to the lounge and sat down. I could see that Hazel kept looking at my groin and smiling. "Well," she said, "aren't you going to show me?" "Show you?" I questioned. "Yes," she said, "show me the pressie I bought you." I explained that I had tried them on but they were in the bedroom but added that if she really wanted, I'd go and put them on for her. She smiled again. "Well what are you waiting for?" She was really getting her own back.

I left her sitting there and went into the bedroom and took the boxers out of the drawer and put them on. Of course by now, my cock was fully erect and was straining against the inside of the PVC pouch. I smiled as I did as Hazel had, and put my dressing gown on over them and returned to the lounge. She was still sitting on the couch when I walked in and she smiled when she saw the dressing gown. I crossed the room and stood infront of her with my hand on the belt of the dressing gown. "Are you ready for this?" I asked, looking her straight in the eyes.

"Go for it," she laughed, "the grand unveiling." I pulled at the belt and, like hers, my dressing gown fell open revealing her present under it. Unlike Hazel though, I slid the dressing gown off my shoulders and stood there in just the boxers.

Hazel gasped audibly as I did a twirl for her. I'm not sure whether it was the sight of me in the boxers, or what was obviously hidden inside them but she just sat there and stared. "Well," I asked, "how do I look?" For a moment she seemed speechless but finally managed a reply. "They look great from here, but I think I need a closer look." In a single pace I was standing infront of her, my knees almost brushing hers. "You know the part that really got me excited?" she said. I shook my head. "No what?" "This," she replied, as she reached out and took hold of the tab on the zip. "It was the zip that really got me going, she said. I wonder if it works?" Before I could reply I looked down to see her pulling the tab down. Now any man will tell you that a naked cock and a zip don't go together and if they do come together there's a lot of pain involved. Luckily there was a protective strip between the zip and my manhood so a catastrophe was averted and soon she had half of my straining erection exposed. "Mmm," she said, "it doesn't seem you need what I bought for myself to turn you on, these seem to have done the trick nicely." I guessed she was referring to the bra and pantie set she'd bought and an image of her in it flashed into my mind again, causing my manhood to twitch.

I couldn't believe I was standing in my own lounge, letting my neighbour run her eyes over my semi naked manhood. "Mmm, I wonder if they would make a difference though," Hazel said, as she began to unbutton her blouse. I was still standing there as she exposed her new bra, and I'd been right, her breasts looked fantastic in it. The lace trimmed cups pushing them together, forming an almost perfect cleavage. After she'd slipped the blouse off her shoulders, she stood up just inches from me, my erection almost touch her naked midriff. "Give me some room then," she laughed and pushed me back slightly. Then she reached down to her waist and unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips. Before it even reached her knees, I could see that my mental images of her weren't a patch on the real thing. Unlike the panties that went with the baby doll, which were very brief, these reached up almost to her waist and I guessed, fully covered her bum cheeks. But like the baby doll panties they still showed of the slit between her pussy lips and I was surprised to see that there signs of dampness on the red satin.

Hazel did a twirl for me and almost toppled over and I had to reach and grab her to prevent her falling. As I did, our semi naked bodies touched for the first time and I knew that neither of us regretted it and we would be taking our relationship to the next level!!!

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