Half Sisters
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I needed change in my life, but to what?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Group Sex   Interracial  

I'm Caroline and was raised to be the best in everything I do. My mother and father were complete opposites and divorced when I was eight years old. Mom, was a District Attorney and my father was a free lance writer. How they got together I'll never know. My mother just said that they were opposites and she must have had a lapse in judgment.

My father was one of those people that did things on the spur of the moment. I spent every other weekend with him when I was young and up until he got remarried when I was ten. After that I was lucky to see him once a month. His new wife really didn't care for me all that much.

Once she got pregnant it was all about her daughter. I excelled in everything I did which made my mother really proud of me. My father often complimented me in private but not in front of his wife.

My step-mother was Asian so my half sister and I didn't look anything alike. The older I got the less we looked like sisters. We were eleven years apart so we didn't have anything in common. I will say I really did love her and took her to the park and babysat for her many times throughout the years.

She liked me but from a very young age I could tell we were opposites. I was an all 'A' student and received a number of scholarships for college. Even in college I studied hard and did the best I could. I majored in pre-law and wanted to be a lawyer like my mother. I took accounting as a minor and received a CPA (certified public accountant). I spent most of my time studying but a few times I broke down and went out. I had friends but they were mostly geeks.

I didn't see much of my father after starting college. It would mainly be during the holidays. He was the only person to call me Carrie. Sasha started calling me 'Cawie' when she first started talking. It sounded so cute and I never corrected her. They were the only two people that called me something other than Caroline. My mother said that using your full name sounded more professional so I let people know to call me Caroline.

I remember telling Sasha, my half sister about studying hard and having a career. She told me that if she went to college it would be to enjoy herself and party on down. She dated at a young age and was somewhat of a wild child, but I loved her; she was my sister. I didn't approve of her lifestyle but we did keep some contact with each other.

I did excellent in law school and was accepted at a prestigious law firm upon graduation. When I turned twenty-eight I met my husband Charles who was also a lawyer and a partner in the firm.

My father died shortly after I started at the firm. It hit me pretty hard even though I didn't see him that much; after all he was really the only man in my life. At the funeral Sasha said she needed to talk to me. She told me that she'd had an abortion because she didn't love the guy and wasn't ready to be a mother. She wanted to live a little and not be tied down.

I talked to her and did my best to comfort her. She said she had never told her mother or our father about the pregnancy. After the funeral we said we would try to stay in touch more often but it was mostly words. We were from two different worlds.

I made it to her graduation and asked her if she was going to college. She said that she wasn't and took cosmetology classes in high school and was already accepted at a beauty salon. I wished her the best and tried to encourage her even though I didn't agree with her life choices.

After I returned to the firm I felt alone. The only man in my life at the time was my father and he had died. I began dating Charles who was forty-two at the time. I know he was a lot older than me but I guess I was looking for a father figure.

Charles had two kids who were already teenagers. I got along with them fine when I told them I wasn't there to replace their mother who had died of cancer the year before. I wondered what it would be like to be a real mom with a baby. I remembered how I used to like taking care of Sasha. I would not get the chance to know since Charles had a vasectomy after his son was born. He said he already went through the child rearing years.

My mother approved of Charles since he was probably woven from the same cloth as she was. He was strict and to the point, with me and his kids. He would only be called Charles and was set in his ways. I guess we had a marriage of convenience.

Our sex life was nothing to write home about. It was usually missionary position and I was lucky if it was once a month. One time I had drank to much at a party we went to and I went to go down on him and he stopped me. He said only sluts do that and asked me if I was a slut.

I apologized for my actions and never tried again. Needless to say he would never consider going down on me. I should tell you a little about my past sexual experience; it won't take long.

I never had sex until my second year of college. I lost my virginity to a man named Matt whom I really didn't care for very much. He was a vulgar person who acted like he was some kind of God's gift to women.

In my first year of college I studied and spent all my free time at the library or reading books. In my second year I joined a sorority of the smartest girls at the college. Some were somewhat geeky but they were my friends. It was at one of the parties we went to that I had my first drink.

After three drinks I was out of it. The guys at the party also had some marijuana. I had never smoked it in my life but being three sheets to the wind I tried it. Before long Matt was on a couch with me and before I knew it his hands were in my panties.

I couldn't think straight and it felt so good. Before long he was having sex with me on the couch. He put his thing next to my mouth and told me to suck it. I did and I actually felt powerful. He kept telling me how good it felt as he kept feeding me more of his cock. He said he didn't want to come in my mouth and that's when he pulled off my panties and fucked me. It hurt a little but not for long. He said he never had a pussy that was so wet. I took that as a compliment and he fucked me and I had my first orgasm ever.

The next day I felt guilty. Matt asked me out but I always told him "No". The only times I had sex after that was if I got drunk or smoked a little weed. In the next five years I was lucky if I had sex twice a year. I did get on the pill after the first time with Matt, I was so afraid of getting pregnant. It was purely a precautionary measure.

There was a big party when my friends and I graduated from law school. There was this huge party; Matt was there and I danced with him after having a few drinks. He and his friend, Jerry had some weed and I tried it and really let myself go.

I gave both men oral sex and they both fucked me. I was really turned on with one man sucking my breasts while the other one fucked me. They kept taking turns with one in my mouth and the other in my pussy. I don't remember how many times I climaxed.

The next day my friend Sylvia told me that I had had sex with at least seven different guys. I was so out of it that I said anyone can fuck me if they wanted to. I was horrified at losing control like that and vowed never do it again.

I graduated and started at the law firm leaving my past behind me. I went over a year not having sex till I met Charles. Sex was ok but I could take it or leave it other than when I drank too much. Sex was not a big part of my life and I was happy with that. I spent more time on my clients and making a name for myself.

Charles did not like my sister, Sasha. He said she didn't have enough moral fiber. When he met her she had a half dozen tattoos and a diamond stud in her nose. Her hair was up high on her head and was multiple colors but predominately pink. I have to admit that I didn't like her look either but she was old enough to make her own decisions regardless of how I felt. I did stay in communication with her. She was my sister after all.

Charles and I have been married for ten years and his kids were off to college and living a life of their own, leaving just Charles and me in our home. Our marriage was more of a partnership than a loving marriage. Charles would fly down to Florida twice a year with one of the partners and play golf for a week. That was what he did for his pleasure and vacation.

I usually went to see my mother while Charles was away since we had moved to a different state and I rarely saw her. Charles usually went with Ben, a partner in our office. Ben was kind of a whore hound. He would hit on most women but he knew when to stop as not to get charged with harassment.

This year I decided to stay home for a couple of days and then see my mother for a few days, then go see my sister for two days. I was home relaxing, just out of the shower and had my robe on over just my panties. I was having a glass of wine when there was a knock at the door. I answered it and was surprised to see Ben.

He stepped inside and said he didn't go with Charles this year. He would be taking his wife Grace on a cruise the next day. When I asked him why he stopped by if he knew Charles wasn't home and he grinned at me. He reached out and pulled the soft belt of my robe. It fell open and my breasts were in full view.

He reached to touch them and I quickly pushed him back and closed my robe. I asked him to please leave and I wouldn't say anything to Charles. He said that Charles was probably already fucking one of his sluts.

I was a bit shocked. "What do you mean? Charles isn't like that!" I quickly responded.

"How fucking dumb are you? He's goes golfing twice a year and his nights are spent fucking whores. Hell! He's been doing it as long as I can remember."

"No, you're lying, Charles isn't like that. He's a man of honor."

"Ha-ha, I've watched your man of honor ass fuck one woman while he ate the pussy of another. Damn, you never knew did you? Hell, I thought I'd come by and give you a little cock. I have to say you have one of the nicest bodies I've ever seen. If I was Charles I'd be home taking care of you."

"Please leave, I don't believe you. Charles wouldn't do that!"

Ben stepped forward and kissed me hard on the lips. I tried to push him away but he was too strong. He reached in my robe and squeezed my tits. It hurt as he squeezed my nipples. I finally got an arm free and slapped him across the face.

He laughed and grabbed my arms and held them against the wall above my head. With his other hand he slid inside my panties and squeezed my mound and pussy. "Nice, I love a woman with a full bush."

I know I closed my eyes when he squeezed my mound. I felt him take his hand out of my panties as he backed up and laughed at me. "Nice tits and pussy! If you want that pussy taken care of, just call me." He walked out the door without saying another word.

I wasn't sure what to do or think; my legs felt shaky as I walked over and sat back in my chair and gulped down my wine. He was one of Charles's best friends. What if he was telling the truth? I drank enough wine that I fell asleep on the couch. The next morning I decide to go ahead and see my mother and then my sister. I would have a talk with Charles when he comes home.

I visited my mother and she was the same as always. Not really loving but was more of a business woman. She was still the District Attorney and was preparing to run again. We ate out at extravagant restaurants each night. She introduced me to her friends and acquaintances. I got the feeling that one man in particular was her lover. She wouldn't admit it but she did seem to act differently with him.

I don't think she wanted me to know about her lover and I didn't push the issue. I think she was happy that I left after three days. I headed down to see my sister who lived in an apartment building that was close to her work. It wasn't a bad place and even had a pool for those that lived there and they could invite their friends to swim.

She was so happy to see me and said she took the next three days off of work so we could spend time together. Her hair was a bright red and she had a couple of new tattoos. I kind of shook my head when I saw them but I had to smile at her. She was just a free wheeling type of woman. Sometimes I wished I was more free like her.

Sasha was a tiny woman, maybe five feet tall and a hundred and ten pounds. Her boobs were small enough that she often went without a bra. I was somewhat of a full bodied woman. I stood five feet eight and a hundred and forty pounds. I worked out and had a muscled torso. No matter how much I worked out I couldn't lose any more weight. I did have a nice figure if I may say so.

I was rather white seeing I didn't get out in the sun much. I thought about getting a tanning bed but who was going to see my body anyway? Charles said he didn't believe in tanning beds since his wife died of cancer.

Sasha said she thought we could party but would be playing it by ear. We headed out to lunch at one of Sasha's favorite restaurants. It was a restaurant and lounge. And the food was quite good. Sasha ordered us a bottle of wine. I did tell her that it was a bit early to start drinking but she said we never got together much.

After my second glass of wine Sasha asked me how Charles was; she knew he didn't much care for her and she liked him even less. Drinking leaves me less inhibited and I began telling Sasha about Ben and what he told me about Charles. It wasn't in my nature to talk like this but I guess I just wanted to tell someone.

"Did you have sex with this Ben fellow?" asked Sasha.

"God No! After he grabbed my boob I slapped him across the face and told him to leave."

"Do you believe him? Do you think Charles has been cheating on you? Have you ever cheated on him?"

"I have never cheated on Charles. Our sex life sucks but I just learned to accept it." I told her how Charles never wanted oral sex or ever gave it to me. I explained how I had tried years ago and he told me only sluts and whores act like that.

"I believe Ben," said Sasha. "He sounds like an asshole and probably only wanted in your panties but I never met a man that only wants missionary sex. I listen to a lot of women in the salon and I think Charles wants you prim and proper while he does the nasty with other women."

I knew she was right but didn't want to admit it to myself. I told her that sex had never been a top priority in my life but I did tell her about a couple times at college when I was inebriated.

"You didn't? My big sister did the nasty with a group of guys. How come you never told me about it? I've always took you for a prude," said Sasha as she was laughing.

"I'm not proud of it. I let myself go and let men use me. I don't drink a lot because I don't want that to happen again. Not my best side," I said.

"Be honest, did you at least enjoy it; at least a little? Come-on, tell me the truth, I'm a big girl now."

"Yes, I enjoyed it while it was happening but felt bad afterwards. I didn't want to be known as a slut. Anyway that was twelve years ago, before I met Charles. He doesn't know anything about it and I want to keep it that way. Please never mention it to him."

"You're my big sister. All your secrets are safe with me. You and my mom are all the family I have or at least talk with. Mom has some relatives overseas but I've never met them."

"So, tell me a little about your life; any boyfriends or someone special in your life?" I asked.

"Believe it or not I was engaged to a guy named John. I liked him a lot and he did ask me to marry him and I said yes. He took me to meet his mother and she seemed to like me, tattoos and all. On our next date John said his mother couldn't wait to have grandchildren. John was her only child and she wanted us to have lots of babies.

"I told John about the abortion I had years ago and that I was unable to have kids. I wanted to be honest with him. He told his mother; after that his mother brought up my tattoos and hair color and anything else she could think of. I told him to go fuck himself and that was it."

"I'm sorry, I want you to be happy, you're my little sister and I hate to see you get hurt." I had drunk to much and was getting emotional.

"It's ok, I date a lot and have been seeing a guy named Tony. I don't love him or anything but the sex is great." She was smiling and it made me smile. "You'll meet him tomorrow. He is coming over with a few friends and we'll have a party for you."

"I don't know about a party Sasha. I am married to Charles you know."

"You're my big sister and I want you to enjoy our time together. We'll see how it goes. It's time to go shopping, let's go."

I was a bit inebriated but had control. We took a taxi to different stores that Sasha liked to shop at. I have to admit that they weren't the type of stores I shopped at but I was having fun. Sasha asked me if I had brought my swimsuit so we could go in the pool. I told her I didn't and she said we had to go buy one unless I wanted to go skinny dipping.

I went over to the one piece bathing suits and Sasha told me I was going to get a two piece. "With a body like yours, you need to show it off a little. Maybe even get a tattoo," she laughed.

"No tattoos, if you want them that's fine but I don't want any," I was laughing while saying it. I did agree to a two piece bathing suit but knew Charles would totally disagree. This would probably be the only time I wear it.

After we shopped for a couple of hours we took in a movie. I couldn't remember the last time Charles and I went to the movies. The more time I spent with Sasha the more I realized what I had missed in life. I was the prim and proper spouse and junior partner in my husband's law firm. Our marriage was more of a contract then it was a loving marriage.

Charles and I never did much in the line of fun things other than company or client parties. I enjoyed them but always kept my drinking down to a minimum. The few times I drank a little to much Charles would get pissed and tell me I was acting more like a slut than a respectable housewife.

I can't ever remember us doing anything spontaneous. Charles was always a planner and I pretty much went along with his decisions. I am happy with my life but I do think I missed a lot, oh well, that's life.

After the movies we went to a local hangout and ate bar food and drank wine. The last time I ate bar food like this was when I was in college. As we talked a lot of Sasha's friends came over and she introduced them to me. There was some flirting going on but mostly kidding around.

I was surprised when Tony came over and gave Sasha a light kiss. "Tony, this is my big sister Carrie. She's staying with me for a couple of days. Are you and your friends still planning on coming over tomorrow?"

Tony looked at me and said, "We'll be happy to come and party with you. We'll even bring the wine, any kind in particular?" he asked.

Sasha laughed and told him to put his tongue back in his mouth. "Surprise us with the wine but don't bring any of that rot gut stuff you drink. My sister's a lawyer and only drinks the best."

We stayed at the bar for a while but I was getting tired. She said goodbye to Tony and told him to stop by around seven the next evening unless he wanted to go in the pool. I was a bit shocked because all I had was that new two piece bathing suit.

I mentioned it to Sasha as we headed back to her apartment and she told me that her friends were pretty cool and most women wore two piece bathing suits. I kind of left it at that. When we got back to the apartment I got ready for bed. I put on a silky red negligee that Sasha told me to buy.

I was lying in bed thinking about the day we had together when Sasha asked if she could come in. She jumped on the bed and we talked like two teenagers.

"You never mentioned that Tony was black," I mentioned.

"You're not racist are you?" she replied.

"No, not at all. I have attorney friends that are black and a lot of clients are also. I guess I was a bit surprised. What does he do for a living? He looked in pretty good shape." I know I was smiling when I said it.

"He and Kevin own a physical fitness center. Do you want to go there tomorrow and work off our greasy food from today?"

"I don't know, let's see what tomorrow brings."

"Carrie, have you ever been with a black man?"

"What? No, I'm married to Charles. I would never cheat on him."

"I didn't ask you to cheat on him. I just asked if you have ever been with a black man. You know, the stigma about white women and black men."

I knew I was thinking about Tony when she asked me the question and just mis-answered. "I'm sorry, no I have never been with a black man. Is the stigma true? Are they bigger than white men. Charles is pretty big; larger than the guys I remember in college."

"To be honest Kevin is bigger than Tony. He's probably the biggest man I've been with. Tony is a good size but I've been with a lot of white men larger than him." She seemed so serious telling me this that after she finished saying it we both burst out laughing.

"So you had sex with Kevin, Tony's friend?"

"Tony and I are just good friends. I was with Kevin before Tony. I'm not a one man woman and my friends know it," she laughed. "I date white men too. Eric and Bob are coming by tomorrow along with my girlfriend Ashley. She works at the salon with me."

"What do Eric and Bob do or a living?"

"They're both salesmen. Eric sells cars and Bob owns a hardware store. They're both divorced and in their thirties. Neither talks about their spouses or kids; they each have two kids. Before you ask they're both hung pretty good, Eric is bigger than Tony but Bob is the smallest of the group but still a mouthful."

I laughed again before saying, "I wasn't going to ask how big they were. I don't plan on having sex with anyone." I realized after I said it that I said 'plan'. I knew Sasha caught it by the look on her face. She hugged me and said she'd let me get some sleep since we were going to have a big day tomorrow.

The last thing she said to me was, "I love you Carrie and I'm happy you came to see me."

"I love you too Sasha." I knew I had tears in my eyes when I said it. I really loved my little sister even though we never spent that much time together and were so different.

She let me sleep in the next morning which is something I rarely do. I knew it must have been the drinking. I took a shower and Sasha said we were going to the fitness center and then out for lunch. I ate a bagel and had a cup of coffee to hold me over.

When we got to the fitness center we were greeted by Tony and then I saw another black man. "This is Kevin, Kevin, this is my big sister Carrie." The first thing I thought of was how big Sasha said he was. I did my best to not stare at his gym shorts.

He said hello to me and said he would be happy to show me around. Sasha had told him that I go to a gym where I live. When I looked at her she was smiling. I knew she saw me glance at his gym shorts and what she must be thinking.

We exercised for about a half hour and Kevin and Tony said they would be by and see us that night. Sasha and I left and went out for lunch. We went to the Olive Garden. Sasha said to me, "See I eat out at fancy places too." We both laughed, I loved being with her.

We both ordered salads since we would be hogging down on pizza that evening. I paid for the lunch over the objections of Sasha. We drove by the hardware store and she introduced me to Bob. She wanted to make sure that he and Eric were coming by that evening.

Bob and Eric were friends and both of them got their hair cut at the Salon where Sasha worked. We then stopped at the salon and I met Ashley. She seemed like a happy woman. She was a couple of years younger than Sasha and was a little on the chubby side with big boobs.

She said she was happy to meet me and would be over to Sasha's around six. Sasha did tell me that her friends all knew each other and got along fine. The only man I didn't meet was Erik.

Sasha and I got back to the apartment and straightened it up for her company. She told me they probably wouldn't even notice. It was after five when I put on my swim suit. I had to trim my mound so hair wouldn't be sticking out but it put a slight puffiness against my suit. I looked in the mirror and told Sasha I couldn't wear this in front of strangers.

She laughed and gave me a hug. "You met them, they're not strangers anymore." I slipped on a long t-shirt to help cover my body. Sasha put on her suit and it didn't leave much to the imagination. I could tell she shaved her bush completely off. She had the body of a young woman, maybe even a teenybopper. No wonder she was so popular.

There was a knock on the door and it was Kevin and Tony. Tony looked at me and said, "Damn, you have one sexy body." I guess the t-shirt didn't cover much. I didn't know whether to thank him or tell him off, so I just smiled. I have to admit I was a little leery of Tony. It was just my instincts telling me not to totally trust him. He really hadn't done anything wrong so I let it go.

They put six bottles of booze on the counter. There were three bottles of wine and a bottle each of rum, vodka and gin. Kevin said he wasn't much of a wine drinker but he did buy me the good stuff. He wasn't kidding; we needed a cork popper which he brought along.

Tony looked over at Sasha, and told her she looked fine, he and Kevin went in the bathroom and changed into their swimsuits. I couldn't help but look at Kevin's bulge. I was a bit embarrassed when he caught me looking and just smiled at me.

Tony grabbed a bottle of wine and the rum and Kevin picked up some plastic glasses and a bottle of coke. We headed down to the pool. There were a few people there and they greeted Sasha. I went to get in the water when Kevin said I should remove the t-shirt. It would just get wet and stick to my body. I knew he was right and felt a bit embarrassed as I slipped off my shirt and quickly got in the pool.

After the other people left the pool Tony handed Sasha and me a glass of wine. It was pretty good stuff and I told Tony it was a nice choice. He smiled and said it was Kevin who picked it out. I looked over at Kevin and he said, "Always the best for my friends," and smiled.

It wasn't long before Ashley showed up. Her bathing suit wasn't much more than a couple of strings and three patches of cloth. On her somewhat chubby body it really didn't hide much. The guys greeted her with a hug and then she jumped into the pool.

Sasha looked over at me and smiled. After seeing Ashley in her bathing suit I didn't feel quite as self-conscious; of course it might have been that I was on my third glass of wine.

I asked about Erik and Bob, and Ashley told me that they would be there around seven thirty with the pizzas. Later, when we all got out of the pool and I could see Kevin was quite large and his cock was still soft tucked in his swim suit. My suit clung to me and made my breasts look even bigger then they are. You could also tell that I had a bush. With Sasha and Ashley, there wasn't any doubt about being shaved.

I quickly slipped on a t-shirt and so did the other girls. As we headed up to the apartment I knew there were eyes on my behind. I decided to walk with a little swagger. It made Sasha who was walking next to me laugh.

Before we left to go down to the pool we had thrown blankets on the furniture so we would have somewhere to sit when we got back to the room. I sat down and Kevin handed me another glass of wine. I knew I was beginning to feel it because of the way I was acting.

Sasha put on some music. I was surprised it wasn't rap but more of romance and slow dancing music. There was a knock on the door and Ashley let in Erik and Bob. They had three pizzas and said we should eat them while they were hot. As Sasha got out some paper plates and napkins Erik came up to me and introduced himself. I stood up and he gave me a hug.

I was a bit taken back but I tried to act normal. I wasn't used to guys just hugging me. When he hugged Ashley I saw him squeeze her ass cheeks. I could tell it wasn't the first time he had been with her.

We all got some pizza and I sat on the couch and Kevin sat next to me after refilling my wine glass. I had to get up and pee from all the wine. I felt I had a little buzz on as I walked to the bathroom. I walked back to the couch and sat next to Kevin.

Bob asked if anyone objected to him lighting up a couple of joints. I looked over at Sasha and she asked me if I minded seeing this party was for me. I didn't want to be the party pooper so I said I didn't mind.

They passed the joint around and asked me to take a hit. I took a light hit and Kevin said to take a bigger one, that I probably didn't get anything the first time. It's been since college since I had smoked a joint and it made me a bit dizzy.

I looked up and Sasha and Tony were dancing and Bob was dancing with Ashley groping her tits and ass. Erik was just laying back in a chair watching me and Kevin.

"Let me show you the best way to get something out of a joint," said Kevin. He took a huge puff from the joint and held it in his mouth. He put his mouth over mine. I was a bit shocked and started to say something and when I opened my mouth he slowly blew the smoke into my mouth.

He took another puff and did it again. I just laid back and felt the buzz. When I looked up the other couples were gone into the bedrooms. Kevin was rubbing my belly and telling me how beautiful I was. He leaned over and kissed me over and over.

I forgot all about being married and wanted to have sex. Erik came over and I watched as he slid my bathing suit bottom off ... Kevin stopped kissing me long enough to take off my t-shirt. The next thing I knew Erik was sucking on my pussy and telling me how good it tasted.

Kevin had pulled me over to his lap and his huge black cock was standing straight up. "Suck it Baby, show me how good you can suck a big black cock."

I knew that I should be appalled but I wasn't. I put my hands around his cock and lowered my mouth over it and took as much as I could without gagging. It was at that time that I felt Erik entering my pussy. I heard myself saying, "Fuck me, I need it so bad."

Erik continued to fuck me as I kept slobbering on Kevin's cock. I felt Erik getting ready to come as he pushed hard into me. I felt his warm come splattering inside me. I pulled away from Kevin's cock to breath hard while I had an orgasm.

Erik pulled out and told me how good I was. Kevin told me to get up and lower myself on his cock, which I did. Sasha was right, he had the biggest cock but with a totally wet pussy filled with cum, I had no problem lowering myself on it. I was riding his cock and Erik was squeezing my tits. I felt myself coming again and Kevin was shooting his hot load deep into my pussy.

I lowered myself all the way down on his cock and took it all. I was actually quite proud of myself. After Kevin came I remembered asking for another glass of wine. Erik handed me a rum and coke and I drank it. His cock was still in me.

After that I lost track of the number of times I was fucked. At some point I was on the bed and sucking on Bob's cock while Tony fucked me. I remember Sasha laying next to me being fucked by Kevin. She looked over at me and smiled, "It's ok I don't mind if you fuck Tony." Why I remember that I don't know.

Another thing I remember was looking at the foot of the bed and watching Ashley between my legs sucking cum out of my pussy. I have never been with another woman but I have to admit it felt good.

The next morning I got up and told Sasha that I had a headache. She gave me a couple of aspirin and a bloody Mary drink. I asked her how many times I had sex the night before and she said she wasn't even sure but her friends have never been worn out before.

It was then that it hit me. "Sasha, I'm not on the pill! I could get pregnant. I never even thought about it since Charles was fixed and I haven't been with anyone else ... until last night." I was a bit worried and wondered if I could get a morning after pill.

Sasha called Tony and he said he had a morning after pill and would be over to give it to me. Sasha mentioned that she had to go over to her work place and get her check and would be back in a little while. As soon as she walked out the door Tony was there.

He said he had the morning after pill for me but I would have to suck his cock first. I objected and he said he was going to leave. I couldn't take that chance and got on my knees and he made me unzip his pants and pull out his cock.

I started to suck it and after a few minutes he said he wanted to fuck me. I was pissed and wanted to tell him to go to hell but I needed the pill. He sat on the couch and told me to ride him. I pulled up my nightgown and pulled down my panties and rode his hard cock.

He came within a couple of minutes. I got off of him and he gave me the pill. He told me I was now a lover of black cock and I told him that I wasn't and that my husband was bigger than him. I wanted to try and humiliate him by telling him it wasn't the cock but the person behind it.

"I had four men and a woman last night. The two white men and Kevin were all better than you. Hell, even Ashley eating my pussy felt better than you. As I said, it's not the cock but the person using it."

Tony stormed out of the apartment. When Sasha returned home I told her what had happened and that guys like Tony she didn't need as friends. She was pissed and called Kevin and told him how Tony treated me. I asked her what good that would do and she said Kevin had a way of taking care of things.

Sasha and I went out for lunch and then I was heading for home. She thanked me for coming to see her and hoped I'd be back soon. She was sorry for the way Tony acted and she wasn't going to see him again. No one was going to treat her sister that way.

As I headed for home I knew everything I did was wrong. Did I do it because of Charles or did I just want to be free for a day. I knew I could not tell Charles about Ben after all the things I did. I would just have to store it for future information.

I got home a day before Charles. It gave me time to wash my clothes and any signs of wrongdoing on my part. I put the nightgown and swimsuit in the bottom of my drawer; who knows maybe I'll go back and see Sasha again.

Charles came home and acted like he always did after a trip. I honestly wondered if Ben was telling the truth. I looked for signs that Charles was unfaithful. I never checked anything out before.

I did find a matchbook cover in his suit pocket along with a receipt from a strip club. It was from the lounge of the hotel where he stayed. He didn't smoke, why would he need matches? He always took his own suits to the cleaners after he got back from a trip. I never questioned it before.

I remembered him telling me that some of his clients smoked cigars and would often give him one but he never smoked them. I began to question things he told me in the past. He had some strange charges on the credit cards in the past but I never questioned his answers.

Usually he would wash some of his own clothes and always his underwear. He usually sent his dress shirts to the cleaners. He left to go to the store and I quickly looked through his hamper. Two of his sport shirts smelled like a mixture of perfume and his heavy smelling cologne. It made me wonder if he put on extra cologne to cover the other smell.

His underwear did have some staining on them. I figured it was always just his own cum and piss stains but now I'm not sure. Why would he have some stiff stains on every pair of underwear he wore while he was gone. Surely he wasn't have wet dreams every night. Hell, we were lucky to have sex once a month.

My time with my younger sister had opened my eyes to how naïve I had been. I always trusted Charles and figured he was just set in his ways but now I knew better. He liked to present a façade to the public and to me and did his thing on the side.

When he got back from the store he asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. He wanted me to dress up as the good and proper wife. I did take a shower and dressed up for him or should I say for myself. From now on I was going to think of myself first.

I did have two glasses of wine with dinner because I wanted to approach him on having sex and he wouldn't question it if I had a couple of drinks. When we went to bed I asked him if he wanted to make love. I was surprise that he agreed but it was back to me laying on my back and him on top. He came and I pretended to come also. I didn't have enough time to get into the swing of things.

The next day at the office Ben approached me and asked if I told Charles that he stopped by. I told him I didn't but if it happened again I would. I told him I didn't believe Charles ever cheated on me. He sort of grinned and told me he would show me proof of Charles's unfaithfulness.

I was a bit stunned and asked him what kind of proof and why would he rat on a friend and partner even if it was true.

"He fucked Grace and she told me about it last month. It happened at the company New Years party last year. Grace and I had a big argument and she told me I wasn't the only one getting sex on the side. It was then that she told me the whole sordid story about Charles and what he did."

"Grace! Your wife? Charles wouldn't do such a thing. I don't believe you."

"Ask her, she might even tell you all about it. After the party Charles dropped you off at your house and then took Grace and me home. I had drunk to much and so did Grace. I went straight in and lay on the bed. Charles walked in behind me helping Grace out of the car."

I was thinking back about the New Years party and Grace and Ben did have too much to drink and Charles did offer to take them home. I remember him dropping me off and I went up and went to bed. I don't remember when Charles got home, I must have been asleep.

"Even if it is true, why are you telling me now? I'm not saying I even believe you."

"Charles and I had an agreement. We would go to Florida for our extra curricular activities but under no circumstances would we ever do the other's wife. He crossed that line and I decided to get even. I know we flirted at times but I always have wanted you but I honored our agreement. Charles changed that when he crossed the line."

"Why don't you just tell him if what you say is true instead of approaching me. Why include me in your sexual games?"

"I told you I've always wanted you. You are one sexy woman who is unappreciated by your husband. Since I saw you the other day nearly naked I haven't been able to get you out of my mind."

I didn't know whether to be mad at being approached or inwardly happy that I was wanted my someone else. "Ben, I'm not having sex with you so just get it out of your head. Go home and give Grace some great sex." I thought that was a great line. I wished Charles would do the same with me.

"If you ever want to test the waters please call me. Grace and I have somewhat of an open marriage; by that I mean we both have cheated on each other. She told me about Charles because I've always talked about you and how nice you always look. She said if you were that good in bed that Charles wouldn't have had sex with her. That's how the conversation about her and Charles started. She did tell me that it has happened more than once when neither one of them had been drinking."

Ben left my office and I honestly believed what he said. He had too many details about the situation and knew a lot about Charles and his trips to Florida seeing he was with him and didn't deny cheating on his wife, Grace. What does a person in my situation do? I cheated on my husband and was pretty sure he had cheated on me; for years he had been making the trip to Florida.

We've always had a marriage of convenience and not love but now with my eyes wide open and knowing how much I've missed out on, I want more in life than just my profession, but what do I want, I don't even know. I must be going through my change of life with all these heightened feelings. I should probably see a doctor and get some pills to help me out.

I had just gotten back from lunch when my phone rang; it was Sasha. I wondered what she wanted, she has never called me at work. It was one of Charles's rules about personal phone calls. He had told her never to call me at work. I remember getting pissed at him when he said it to her.

"Sasha, what is it? Is everything all right?" I asked.

"Carrie," she said to me. It was odd hearing the name Carrie. Before my visit with Sasha only she and my deceased father called me that, now Sasha and all her friends called me Carrie. "Carrie the pill Tony gave you was not the morning after pill. He told Kevin that is was some kind of diabetic pill that his mother took. I thought you should know. He just wanted to use you one more time. He told Kevin that it would be funny if the uppity white married lawyer got pregnant by a black guy. I'm sorry Carrie, I just wanted you to be happy and enjoy yourself." I could hear her sniffles over the phone.

"That son of a bitch! Everything should be all right. I just wanted to take the pill to be safe. I actually thought Kevin and Tony liked me. I guess I'm not that good of a judge of people as I thought I was."

"No, Kevin is crazy about you, that's part of the reason I'm calling. Kevin got really pissed at Tony and told him he never wanted to see him again. He didn't want his friends treated like that. I went by the gym this morning and Tony is gone. I didn't know it for sure but I heard that Kevin is kind of a king pin in this area and they weren't really partners; Tony managed the gym for him."

"So where's Tony now?" I asked. "Where did he go?"

"I don't know. There is no sign of him ever being at the gym; all his things are gone and Kevin wanted me to call you and say how sorry he was for what happened. He smiled at me and promised me it will never happen again. He even said if you ever move here that he would make you his business lawyer."

"Is he really that powerful? Does he have that kind of connections? It even sounds a bit dramatic like it's from a TV show."

"Kevin is for real, seriously. I talked to both Bob and Erik and they told me that Kevin is connected. He even has an interest in both of their businesses. When I asked them where they think Kevin sent Tony they told me I wouldn't want to know, and just be glad that Kevin likes you and me."

"That's scary, how come you didn't know any of this before?"

"I heard rumors when I went out with Kevin but he would never talk business around me. He seemed to secretive and that's why we stopped dating but remained friends. Well, I better go before Charles finds out I called you. I love you Carrie."

"Fuck Charles, call me anytime you want and I love you too, bye for now."

I was a bit shocked with everything Carrie told me. I do have to admit that looking back that Kevin did carry himself differently, more secure and he spoke like he was more educated. It was like he let himself go for the night but yet he was more loving than the other men and didn't talk as much. As for Tony, I had to wonder if he got what he deserved.

Over the next month I kept quiet about what I did at my sister's. I talked to her every couple of weeks and things with her were back to normal; her normal that is. She did say she hasn't seen or heard anymore about Tony and knew better than talk about him.

I knew I changed and felt it inside but Charles was so wound up in his business and himself that he never noticed, or at least never mentioned it. I constantly received smiles from Ben whenever he walked by. Nothing more was said about a relationship.

I saw Grace at a couple of company gatherings and she was always nice to me but at times I could see her looking at me and probably thinking, 'I fucked your husband.' One thing I did notice is that she and Charles didn't talk to each other as much as they used to, but did look at each other more often. I had to believe that they were still involved. It's funny how I see more clearly now. I don't see life through rose covered glasses anymore.

Going through this change of life I didn't feel the best. I went to my doctor and told her how I had been feeling and could she give me something for it? I felt sick to my stomach and bloated.

She examined me and that's when she said it. "Caroline you're pregnant."

Thank you for reading my story.

I working on the second and final chapter.

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