Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Lactation, Cream Pie, Slow,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Lorcan wakes up on his 14th birthday he discovers major changes have happened overnight. He has to make a journey that few of his people ever have to make in order to learn what he is to become.

Lorcan came slowly awake, as his mind cleared of sleep, the significance of the day brought a building excitement. Today he turned 14 summers. Today, he entered adulthood in the custom of his people. As his thoughts became clearer he began to sense a peculiar difference in his mind. Opening his eyes brought another difference. He could see within the dark room as if it were daylight, despite sunrise being more than an hour away and neither of the moons shining. Startled, he sprang from his sleeping mat only to be nearly overwhelmed by the sensations coursing through him. The startled shout he meant to make sounded more like the roar of a manticore than a young mans surprise, confusing him even more. The new ... something ... within him mistook his surprise as an approaching threat and instantly sought to eliminate it. Only the discipline gained through the Arts of Battle, taught to every child from the time they take their first steps, kept his mind from being overwhelmed by the animalistic response.

As his mind settled more, he became aware of sounds he should not be hearing. Many in the village had been jolted awake by the startled roar he had made and he could hear their frantic preparations all over the village. His father and mothers, at the other end of their lodge, hurrying to his room to check on him, sounded like a herd of oxen to his, now, over-sensitive hearing. He could smell fear from many in the village as they sought safe haven until the threat passed, and could smell the adrenalin on those who were preparing to protect the village.

As the door to his room slammed open and his family rushed into his room, Lorcan sprang back into the corner farthest from the door and crouched into a defensive pose. As his father brought up the fey lights in his room, Lorcan, expecting to feel the pain from the, suddenly, too bright light, was surprised when his eyes adjusted before the light could become a problem. Wondering if he could do the same for his senses of hearing and smell, he was surprised when they settled back to normal. As his father scanned the room, crossbow aimed and ready, his mothers had already located him. The look of confused shock on their faces let him know that the changes he felt within, also showed without.

"Lorcan?" They asked together. At his mothers shocked voices his father spun to check on him, only to stop with the same look of confused shock. "What in the name of all the Gods?" Was his fathers shocked exclamation. Lorcan, knowing something needed to be said, could only think of, "Good morning Father, Mothers. Sleep well?"

His father, Solon, slowly lowered his crossbow and stared as the import of what he was seeing sank in. His son, the boy he had raised from birth and been so proud of, had not only become a young man, but, also a Berserker.

Berserkers among the enkidu were rare. Maybe one in every billion males born on Arawn were born with the Berserkergang gene. It was a random occurrence and the reason all children were taught self discipline from a very young age. Any male that turned without the training became a danger to everyone around him as the beast overwhelmed the man and rampaged. Being extremely difficult to kill made them even more dangerous.

Seeing his son standing calmly after the change brought both a sense of relief and wonder. Yesterday Lorcan had been a boy on the cusp of manhood, taking his deep brown eyes from his mother and his own sandy blonde hair. Before them now stood a young man whose hair was now a black so deep as to reflect blue when struck by light and eyes that looked like liquid gold. A striking combination that made him look every bit the predatory berserker.

The oldest memory of the enkidu tells of how the gods came from the sky and settled in the Holy Mountain, the only access being the Cave of Ancients. The legend tells of how they brought knowledge to the people, how the gods spoke directly to the peoples hearts with images and how they had fathered children with some of the enkidu women. From these matings berserkers were born. Still enkidu, but also vastly more. They became faster, stronger, and more agile than the next ten closest men. Extremely difficult to kill, a lifetime measured in millennia, and the ability of telepathy learned from the gods, made berserkers natural leaders of the enkidu.

All of this flashed through Solons mind in seconds as he got his first look at the changes in Lorcan. Sadness also flashed through his mind as he realised that, although Lorcan would always be his son, he belonged as much or more to the people now than to his village or clan.

Briana, Lorcans' birth mother, and Cassandra, his second mother, stood in shock as they took in the changes in their son. They took note of the physical changes in Lorcan. Already tall for his age at 2.2 meters, he seemed to have grown overnight. He looked taller, wider, and heavier than when he went to bed the night before. His eyes also appeared more intense, as if they saw more ... or maybe ... deeper, than others. But, they could also see the Lorcan they had raised when he grinned and asked, "When's first meal? I'm starved!"

That seemed to break the tension in the room as Solon left, chuckling, to let the village know that there was not a threat within the walls.

"First meal will be on the table once we get calmed down enough to make it" laughed Briana. "Your new roar was quite a startling way to wake up" she continued.

"Sorry about that. I didn't expect it either. It scared me more than a little also" Lorcan said.

Briana could see the apprehension in Lorcans eyes as the extent of his changes finally began to sink in. She hugged him in an attempt to comfort him, but, she was also apprehensive. And now Lorcan could sense it like never before. She knew he would have to leave today in order to present himself to Beorn, the ruling berserker in the capital city. The party she had planned for this evening was no longer possible, because, after he presented himself to Beorn, he would have to travel to the Cave of Ancients to be instructed by the Gods. No one could help him do this, only berserkers could enter the cave and then only once. He would spend several months in the cave being instructed and, when he emerged, he would scarce resemble the young man she now held. He would be Awakened. A leader with abilities far beyond normal men.

As all these thoughts rushed through her mind, tears began to flow down her cheeks. Cassandra joined the hug as she, too, realised what had been lost.

Lorcan could feel their sadness and fear. Feel it as if it were his own. He was nearly overwhelmed with the feeling until, in a distant part of his mind, he could hear a soothing female voice instructing him how to project calm and assurance to his mothers. The voice also told him that, despite tradition, he would not need to present himself to Beorn. She wanted him to travel directly to the Cave and she would inform Beorn of the change in routine. She seemed almost glad to be speaking to him and he could feel her anticipation, which confused him. He knew he would have to leave as soon as first-meal was over to travel the 603 km to the Cave.

As his mothers began to calm, he could feel their wonder at the extent of his changes and his speed in learning how to use them. "Thank you Lorcan" Briana said. "That was a sweet thing to do. We're glad that so much of you remains despite the change. Please don't lose those things as the change progresses."

Cassandra also hoped that some of the boy remained. She had been there when he was born. Been as much his mother as Briana and her heart ached as she steeled herself for the inevitable goodbye that would come much too soon for them.

They knew they needed to prepare first meal soon, but, they felt almost ... compelled to stay near Lorcan. Lorcan, sensing their feelings, wondered why his mothers were suddenly so attracted to him. His mind was suddenly flooded with images, he was standing surrounded by women, his body surrounded by a mist, the woman's arousal level rising and falling as the mist thickened and thinned, and last a part of his mind to focus on to adjust the output. All these images in less than a second left him awed at the speed of his new understanding, even as he stopped what he now understood to be pheromone production. As his awareness expanded he was able to converse with the voice.

{What's happening to me?}he asked

{You are becoming what you were meant to be}she replied. {I have been waiting for you for many millennia My Prime}

Confused, Lorcan asked {What is a prime? How did I become one? What do I do now? What is this ... THING ... that I feel inside fighting to get out? It's unlike anything I expected a berserkergang to be.}He could feel himself becoming panicked and forced himself calm.

{Please Prime, all of your questions will be answered when you arrive. I look forward to seeing in person Prime.}Came the reply.

Later, the mood around the eating table was subdued yet anxious. For Lorcan it was anxiousness, he could feel the anticipation of The Lady, as he had come to think of the voice, and knew he would have to leave soon. His parents were subdued, dreading the end of first meal and Lorcans departure.

"Will you need a group of warriors to travel with you son?" Asked Solon

"No Father, they could only travel with me to the Minatok border and, besides, I will be traveling faster than they will be comfortable with," replied Lorcan. "I feel like I need to let the berserker out so I can ... see what I've become? Test his abilities? I don't really know how to say it, but, I know what I want to accomplish."

His father nodded understanding as his mothers looked at him apprehensively. "Are you sure Lorcan?" asked Briana. "Outside the walls, into the wild lands, is extremely dangerous alone" she said.

"Briana" cautioned Solon, "Lorcan needs to do this. As a newly turned berserker he needs some time to himself to test his new limits." Looking at his son and seeing the berserker just below the surface, he could see but not understand the struggle Lorcan was going through. He had been tense since he woke, and, Solon realized the berserker was just barely contained. Seeing the inner struggle made him want to rush his son through the gate. The thought of a berserker raging through the village was not a pleasant one.

Lorcan could feel the pressure building and knew he had to leave soon. History said the newly turned berserkers, even those that had the self discipline to control it at first, needed to let it rage until it burned off the initial surge of energy.

A short time later, after a tearful goodbye from his mothers and a "manly" goodbye from his father, Lorcan stood at the gate looking out into a world that seemed somehow less to him now. Turning for one last look at his village he realized that most of the clan had come to see him off. Having a berserker come from the clan was a source of pride for them, but, having a newly turned berserker inside the walls made them all nervous.

Stepping through the gate with one last wave, Lorcan began to relax his restraints on the berserker. As the gate closed and he moved further from his childhood, he let the berserker completely free and felt his world expand.

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