A New Drug
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Alan C. Zumwalt

Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pharmaceutical engineer finds out there is such a thing as a drug working too well. She also finds that her new drug has some other uses besides its original purpose.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Niece   Aunt   Orgy   Oral Sex   Sex Toys  

My name is Madison Monroe, but everyone calls me Maddie. I am 25 years old and a pharmaceutical engineer. I have a PhD, which makes me a doctor, though I only use my title when I'm submitting a research paper. It is also on the entrance to my lab.

In case you don't know, a pharmaceutical engineer designs new drugs. I graduated from the university a year ago, and was immediately hired by Moore Pharmaceuticals in San Antonio, TX, where I am being paid an obscene amount of money, most of which is going to pay off my student loans.

In college, I became a lesbian. My dorm roommate in my freshman year, named Thelma, made me realize how much better sex with a girl was, compared to a guy. Girl sex can go on for hours, escalating to ever increasing levels of ecstasy. With a guy, sex lasts a few minutes, followed by waiting for him to get it up again.

Thelma made me face my true nature, not what my parents wanted me to be. When I started college, I was so uptight, wanting to be the perfect girl. Thelma said that I had a stick up my ass that went all the way up my spine. With more than a little trickery and coercion on her part, she removed that stick, and turned me into my true self.

My parents, I still haven't told. They have so many hopes and expectations, including me getting married and having children. I am their only daughter. I know when I "come out" to them I will break their hearts, so I keep putting it off. When they ask when I will start dating, I use the excuse of being so busy at work. Soon I will have to tell them.

Anyway, I was hired by Moore to work on a new approach on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD for short. If you've seen the movie "As Good As It Gets," starring Jack Nicholson, you've seen someone with OCD. In the movie, he was shackled by ritual. He would lock and unlock his front door three times before locking it. He wouldn't step on cracks on the sidewalk (I guess he didn't want to break his mother's back). That, and some of his other personality disorders, made him very hard to live with.

Believe it or not, that character had a mild case. Some people are so afraid of doing the wrong thing or not performing the right ritual, they have trouble getting out of bed, let alone holding down a job. Almost all the victims of this disease are people who have discovered that there are some things in life that are beyond their control. They have built up rituals or superstitions that help mitigate their fears. That old rhyme of "step on a crack, break you mother's back" is a fairly common one. Some otherwise normal people have that one.

Anyway, I had come up with a novel approach for treating OCD in my doctoral thesis. It is very technical, and Moore now owns the patent for the process, so I can't really talk about it. But the upshot is I think I may have found a cure for OCD, not just a treatment that has to be taken daily.

Doing testing on the drug was tricky. Other animals don't have OCD, but I did test the drug on mice and then monkeys. There were no ill side effects. When I dissected them, there were no signs of tumors or any other biologic abnormalities.

When I ran trials on actual OCD sufferers, the results were better than I could have possibly dreamed. They took the pill, which is called Tribopine, or TBP for short, after a half hour, they tried to do whatever their OCD is preventing them from doing. Every time, the compulsion was gone. They could walk down a sidewalk without worrying about stepping on a crack; they could sit down without circling the chair three times; etc. The gratitude on their face was the best reward I could imagine. Checking back a few days later, none of the compulsions had returned.

Some of them begged for another dose. There were some symptoms they had forgotten about. I had to refuse. There were strict rules set up by the FDA when you are running trials. You break the rules and it could derail approval. I told them that I'd get them more when the drug was approved.

My superior, owner of the company, Martin Moore, called me into his office. I was only a few weeks away from getting FDA approval. Everything was going so well. No adverse side effects or allergic reactions could be found to Tribopine. As far as FDA approvals went, this was a cake walk.

My boss was in his 60's. He has graying brown hair and was a nice guy. When the secretary let me in, I knew something was wrong, by the pained look on his face. "Maddie, come in," he said.

I decided to cut to the chase. "Is there a problem, sir?"

"I'm afraid that we're going to have to suspend your work on Tribopine."

I was flabbergasted. "What? Why?"

He patted me on my arm. "It's nothing you've done. Your research and discovery of this compound has been exemplary. It's the nature of the drug."

I decided that yelling at my boss would do no good, not until he'd finished his explanation.

"I think I have all the facts. Correct me if I have anything wrong. TBP is a one dose drug."

I nodded. "That's right. When the OCD sufferer takes it, a 'switch', so to speak, is thrown in his brain. This makes the behaviors he obsesses over, go away. As long as he tries his behaviors while the drug is active, approximately eight hours, he will be cured."

"Is there any way you could dilute the pill, so it would require multiple dosages?"

This confused me. "No. Like I said, TBP sets off a chemical reaction that eliminates the compulsions. Either you have enough of the drug in you to set off the reaction or you don't. There's no half ways about it."

My boss raised his finger. "And there's the rub. The process to make Tribopine is quite involved, am I right?"

"That's right."

"So we have an expensive drug that will be of use to about five hundred chronic sufferers in the United States..."

"And another ten thousand that are marginally functional."

"Still, what are we going to charge for this drug?"

This aspect had not occurred to me. If I had a couple more of years of experience, it probably would have. "I don't know."

"To cover the costs of research and production, and make a two percent profit, we would need to charge over $5,000 per pill."

"But insurance..."

"Some may cover such a specialized drug, but most won't, for such a rare disorder."

"That price will exclude at least half of the potential customers. That drives the price even higher."

A knot formed in my stomach. "I understand."

"It is better for our books if we say TBP as a failed drug. Our budget covers that. It doesn't cover drugs that work too well."

I turned to leave the office, but he stopped me by grabbing my arm. "This is the first time anything like this has ever happened, at any company I've heard of. I want you to know, that regardless of what our ledger says, your work here is not a failure. The chemical reaction in the brain, that you discovered, will no doubt be used in future psychotropic drugs. As a matter of fact, that's what I want you to work on next. Find other applications of this process. Maybe it can be used on bipolars or other psychotics.""

Still numb from the shock, I just nodded and left. I needed to talk to Beth.

Dr. Elizabeth "Beth" Brooks is my best friend at work. Her lab is next to mine. She has been at Moore for only a year longer than me, but her advice on handling company politics was always helpful.

She was technically a chemical engineer, but that's just because the university she went to didn't have the separate title. All her graduate work involved pharmaceuticals. She was as much a PE as I was.

She was only an inch taller than me, had brown hair and hazel eyes; as opposed to my brown hair and brown eyes. Some people say we look like sisters, but I don't see it. We have similar hair, but her nose is longer than mine, and her face is oval in shape, as opposed to my heart-shaped one.

She had a fantastic body; large breasts, a narrow waist, and wide hips. If she weren't so arrow-straight, I'd be all over her. But she was a Mormon, with a fiancé that is on a yearlong missionary trip to somewhere in Africa. Why are all the good ones straight?

I have never told her about my orientation. It would just create awkwardness between us.

Beth was exiting her office, as I was walking down the hall. She could see that I was not happy. "Maddie, what's wrong?"

"Dr. Moore just canceled my project."

"On TBP? How can he? It works so well."

"It's involved. The thing that really stinks is, I totally understand the reasoning behind it."

She hugged me. "Let me take you out to lunch. That was where I was headed. We can talk it over there."

We went over to Wendy's, which was across the street from our building. We both got a salad. We ate, as I told Beth my tale of woe.

When I got to the part where Dr. Moore gave me a new assignment, Beth said, "I don't think you have to make a new drug, just find another use the one you have."

This perked me up. "What do you mean?"

"Well, take Viagra; it was originally designed as a blood thinner for people with high blood pressure. It turned out to not work as well as other medicines that were already on the market. But when they discovered an unusual side effect mentioned by several men, that was when a new use was discovered, one that ended up making the company a lot of money."

"So you're saying that I should check the test subjects for side effects."


"But that was one of the great things about Tribopine. There were no side effects."

"Go over them again. There may be something you missed."

So I did. Going over the list of trial subjects I didn't see anything, until I reached subject "G". He was a young man who was compelled to wash himself for a half hour anytime someone touched him. Against all odds, he had a girlfriend, with which he had been working with to get over his OCD, with limited results. When he we took TBP, he not only intentionally touched his girlfriend for the first time, he also lost his virginity.

When I checked his background, it said that he was a devout Roman Catholic. This was different. Subject "G" not only lost his OCD, he also lost a major part of his morals. When we asked how he felt afterwards, he started to tear up. He said that he was grateful and felt a whole new world had been opened up to him. No sign of remorse, or guilt over breaking one of God's commandments.

Could TBP not only get rid of compulsions but also lower inhibitions? When you think about it, people with OCD are probably the most inhibited people in the world. Everything they do is thought out and judged by themselves, as to whether a certain action is allowed.

Looking back at the normal test subjects, none of the questions we asked them had to do with their sex life while on the drug. That may have been a mistake.

Now, how to test my hypotheses? Well, since there were virtually no side effects, I could use them on anyone.

Beth immediately came to mind. How I'd love to get into her pants! And I remembered, when I read my contract, from when I was hired, all Moore employees could be used as test subjects in testing, as long as there was no risk of bodily harm. I am sure they meant as control subjects using a placebo, but the stipulation also worked for me in my case.

The question was when and where to dose Beth. She was busy with her own projects, and we really didn't see much of each other after we left work.

My opportunity came about a week later. The IT guys came in and told me that my computer would be down for the rest of the day. They were installing new security software and updating the OS. They were doing the same to Beth's lab too. This happened from time to time, and was not that unusual. That left us with nothing to do for the rest of the day. All records and our microscopes were all computer driven. It was only a little after noon.

I got a tablet of TBP, crushed it with a mortar and pestle, put it in a stoppered vial, and then left my lab to the computer nerds. I put the vial in my lab coat pocket.

Beth had just left her lab as well. "What do you want to do for the rest of the day?" she asked me.

"Let's go use the gym. We should have all the equipment to ourselves."

She nodded, "As long as the IT guys are not working on anyone else's computers."

"They told me that they were only doing the systems in this hall. They are doing updates section by section."

The only other lab in this hall was on the other side of Beth's. It belonged to Jerry Faldon. He was a big guy. I doubt he had ever worked out in his life.

One of the perks of working for Moore Pharmaceuticals is unlimited access to the gym. They had a basketball and a handball court, a half-size Olympic swimming pool, along with a full array of exercise equipment. Beth and I worked out three times a week, usually, after work. Many other employees were there as well. You usually had to wait for a turn on the equipment, so having the gym to ourselves would be a treat.

Though I liked working out, doing it with Beth was an added perk. I got a chance to ogle her gorgeous naked body in the shower, without being too obvious. Watching her sweaty body flex while I was spotting her on the weights was a treat too.

We headed down to the locker room to change into our swimsuits. We swam some laps, then got out, showered and put on our workout clothes.

One of the nice things about the company gym was the cooler full of energy drinks and bottled water available for free. We both grabbed a bottle of Power Ade as we headed for the weight room. Beth took a couple of swigs before she started doing leg presses on the Nautilus weight machine.

While she was busy doing the leg crunches I slipped the ground TBP into her bottle. A couple of shakes and it was dissolved.

When she had finished, I took her place. As I was working out I heard the sounds of my friend taking several gulps of her tainted drink.

Continuing in the weight room, we spotted each other on the free weights. By the time we left, Beth had finished her bottle.

We then ran a mile on the track, and then played a game of racquetball, which I won. By that time, a half hour had passed since she had been dosed.

Beth and I stripped off our sweaty clothes and went into the shower.

I decided that it was now or never. Either my hypothesis was right, or I am about to lose a friend. After we had both gotten wet and soapy, I walked up to her, getting so close our bodies were almost touching. I said to her, "You know, Beth, I've never told you this; but I think you have a beautiful body."

She blushed. "Thank you. Your body is very nice as well."

I lunged forward, and kissed her full on her mouth. My mouth opened, and my tongue darted into her mouth.

Instead of pulling back, Beth welcomed my advances. Her tongue was soon intertwined with mine.

I brought my hands up, and started groping her breasts.

She let out a muffled moan. She wrapped her arms around me, grabbing my ass.

I pulled my right hand down and pushed my middle finger between her pussy lips. I felt moisture.

It was at this point that Beth's knees gave way. She sat down roughly on the shower floor. Our lip lock was broken.

"My God!" she gasped. "What just happened?"

"I think you just came," I replied.

"Really? Let's go back to my place, where we can be alone together."

I smiled. "I have a better idea. Let's go to the sleep lab. It's a lot closer."

"That's a great idea!" Beth exclaimed.

= = =

The sleep lab was used for testing drugs that involved sleep disorders; sleep apnea, night terrors, and the like. At that point, no such research was going on, so the rooms were vacant. The lab had five small rooms, each with a twin bed in it. Sometimes, someone working late would crash on a bed. But no one used the sleep lab in the middle of the day.

Beth was so eager, she wanted to run down to the sleep lab stark naked. I had to stop her and tell her to dress first. She blushed and thanked me for keeping up appearances.

This break had me worried. During our move up two floors, my test subject might realize that she's not acting normally, and pull back.

But I needn't have worried. Beth kept running ahead of me, like a child wanting to get to an amusement park as quick as possible, ahead of her parent.

When we got up to the lab, my new lover ran into the first sleep chamber and threw off her clothes.

I locked the main door and put up the "Closed for Testing" sign. As an impulse, I turned on the video camera for the room we'd be using. I may want to document this for future use.

When I entered, the naked Beth sprang up and started to undress me. I joined her, which got me naked in mere seconds.

We stood in front of each other, nude. "What do you want?" I asked her.

That stymied her a second. "I ... want to do anything, everything! I want to touch your body. I want to have another orgasm. Show me what to do. I'll do anything!"

I cut off her little rant by kissing her again. She returned my passion by shoving her tongue into my mouth. I pushed her back onto the bed. She sat down then laid back, as I crawled on top her. Our lips never broke connection.

I finally moved my kisses down her body; starting at her chin, to neck, then her breasts. I licked, sucked, and chewed on her hard points. She moaned in appreciation.

"Go lower," she whispered.

I happily obliged. I tongued her naval for a few minutes, then moved down to her clit. One touch there, and she came hard. I licked her slit, tasting for the first time the sweet nectar that was her juices. I flicked her little love button again, and again she cried out in ecstasy.

Looking up from between her legs, I smiled. "Now, it's your turn."

A look of concern crossed her face.

"Don't worry. I'll show you just what to do."

We switched positions, with me lying on the bed. Beth tried her best to copy my moves, licking her way down my body. For a first-timer, she did a great job. Of course, I gave her a lot of prompts and suggestions as she went.

When she flicked her tongue rapidly on my clit, I came hard. I had been so aroused for quite a while, so my orgasm was especially intense.

My new lover smiled in pride. "I really made you come."

I put a hand on her rumpled brown hair. "You sure did. It was fantastic!"

"Let's see how many more I can get you to have," she said, as she lowered her mouth back on my pussy.

"Try sucking on my clit, as you flick it with your tongue," I advised.

Six more orgasms later, I pushed her head away from my twat. "Lover, you were fantastic! Let's try something else."

The neophyte looked astonished. "There's more?!"

"Lots more and I'm going to show you it all.

"Do you know what a sixty-nine is?"

She shook her head.

So I showed her. I lay down beside her, so my face was in her crotch and hers was in mine. She quickly got the idea, and we were licking each other to orgasms, in short order.

"What's next?" asked Beth breathlessly. "I want more!"

"I guess the next thing is tribbing, but this bed is too small."

"Let's find someplace with more room," she said breathlessly.

It turned out the monitoring room had enough room, barely. We lay with our crotches pressed together, our clits rubbing together. I was pressed up against a wall, my shoulders up halfway off the floor. Beth's was lying on the floor with her neck turned at an awkward angle. None of this dissuaded us. We both exuberantly ground our clits together, driving both of us to even more intense orgasms.

After coming ten times, I couldn't take anymore. I scampered away from my new lover.

I stood up and regained my breath. "Well, I guess I've definitely found a new use."

It took Beth a few seconds to catch onto what I was talking about. "You mean, you dosed me with TBP?"

I nodded.

"How did you think of giving it to me?"

I spelled out my reasoning step by step.

Beth nodded. "That makes sense."

"You're still under its influence. How do you feel?"

She paused. "I don't feel drugged. I feel ... free. Suddenly all the rules that guided my behavior seems unimportant."

"I need you to stay here until the TBP runs its course. I'll need to interview you after."

"Of course."

For the next four hours we laid in the monitoring rooms, stroking and touching each other's bodies, bringing both us to gently building climaxes. We luxuriated in laying next to each other, feeling our smooth skins touching. We moaned at the sensation as our nipples rubbed.

After nine hours had passed since she had been dosed, we got dressed and returned to my office. By this time, it was around nine pm, and most of the people had left. A few fellow pharmacologists were still working late, and the janitorial staff was at work.

I picked up my computer tablet, and brought up my questionnaire, that I had customized from the original.

Trying to keep it professional, I sat up straight. "Now that the drug has left your system, how do you feel about what has just happened?"

"It was incredible! I never realized that sex with another woman could be so hot!"

"So, you don't feel like you were coerced or used?"

Beth scratched her head. "Not really; there are just some times in your life when your inhibitions are down, and you do things that you normally wouldn't. This is one of those times."

"Do you still plan to marry John?" I asked.

"Oh yes! I still love him. Now I like lesbian sex as well. It will be tricky, but I can do both."

It seemed that her sexual orientation had been permanently changed, but to bisexual.

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