Family Reunion
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was just 19 years old and had started the evening dating 18 year old Lisa but finished up in bed with her 30 year old aunt Mia. Mia took him home to her place where he met Lori (one of a set of triplets). Lori introduced him to her sisters Mona and Nora, and to her 60 year old mother Grace. They were all surprised when they learnt where such a young man had learnt his polished bedroom skills.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Size  

It was the summer break after my first year at university. I had met 18 year old Lisa in my English class and we had been dating on and off for the last six months. It was only on the last date that she had allowed me to undress her, and play with her slim sexy body, including sliding my tongue between her wet pussy lips and teasing her clit.

She had loved the oral attentions and I sensed that her defences were on the point of crumbling.

I had high hopes that tonight would be the night that she surrendered and allowed me to have sex with her. She had invited me to a family gathering at her home where I got to meet her aunts and uncles. She turned me on, so I was prepared to be patient.

Her family welcomed me and I was soon immersed in conversations with many of the family members.

Her aunt Mia interested me greatly, and I would have flirted more with her but I had hopes for Mia that night. Mia was a beautiful petite blonde with an ample bust line. I found out that she was thirty years old and unmarried and not dating at the moment. She was very outgoing, and had cornered me for a dance during the evening when I got to smell her very alluring perfume, and feel her tits brush against my chest.

When I got to dance with Lisa, I whispered in her ear "I want you tonight". I licked, kissed and nibbled her ear and that had her squirming in my arms. "My tongue wants to taste you again".

"You have to be patient" she cautioned me.

"I'm sleeping in the bungalow in the backyard tonight" she told me to help placate my needs.

"When you leave tonight by the front door, I want you to go down the back alley and come back into the yard. I'll join you in there later".

"Yes ... yes!!!" I thought to myself "Tonight will be the night".

I left about midnight and doubled back around. Once inside the bungalow I undressed and slipped into the comfy bed to wait for her. I was being bold and hoping that she would not argue with me.

I must have been very tired because I fell asleep ... only to woken a little later when I felt a warm naked body pressing against mine. A soft hand was wrapped around my long fat cock squeezing it gently.

Then it hit me ... something was wrong. The first sign was the firm rounded tits that were pressing into my back ... and the perfume.

Lisa had small tits ... and these were quite large. And the perfume wasn't hers ... it was her aunt Mia's perfume. She knew that I was awake by my movements.

"Who's a naughty boy?" she teased.

"Who's a BIG boy?" she added whilst stroking me.

I responded by pushing my ass back against her front and slipping my hand back over her hip to try to cup her ass.

"Who's very interested?" she teased as she kissed and licked at my neck.

I moved slightly so that I was now on my back and could see her face. Our lips came together with my hand grabbing at her firm rounded tit and hard nipple. I tweaked it causing her to moan into my lips and to hold my cock even firmer.

She pulled my face down to her tits, directing me to lick and suck on them.

"Oh yes ... that's good baby" she moaned as I switched back and forth between them.

Finally she pushed my face away from her tits, pushing the top sheet off both of us before straddling my hips. My cock was under her very wet pussy - it was dripping her juices into my shaft. She lifted up and directed the head of my cock between her wet lips and into the entrance to her pussy canal.

She eased down slowly.

"Fuck you're big" she moaned when progress was slow.

Just the head was inside her when she stopped for a moment.

"Wow ... wow ... wow..." she gasped as she rocked about on my cock until bit by bit it slowly disappeared inside her tight hot canal.

My hands slipped up under her tits, lifting their substantial weight before my fingers snaked out across their surface. I tweaked her nipples - she groaned in response.

About half my cock was inside her now, and she was slowly humping up and down.

"Fuck me ... fuck me ... I love your fucking big cock" she whispered with her hands on my shoulders to balance herself.

"Ahhhhh ... fuck" she groaned as her body twitched violently announcing the arrival of her first cum. Her pussy grabbed my cock firmly, preventing any further movement until her orgasm waned. When it finally relaxed I pushed firmly upwards into her depths, burying the rest of my cock.

"Oh fuuuuuccccckkkk!!!!" Mia gasped as another cum hit soon after the last one. Her body convulsed on top of mine for another thirty seconds before I was able to start thrusting in and out.

"I love it ... love it" she chanted as our bodies slapped together with her juices flying in every direction.

"I'm getting close" I warned her.

"Don't you dare pull out ... I want to feel your cum shooting inside me".

I pulled her down so I could kiss her whilst I pumped into her spasming pussy. The kisses were passionate and bruising on the lips.

"Yes ... fuck yes" I grunted when I erupted inside her, pumping long and hard into her depths.

"I can feel it ... feel you squirting inside me"

She collapsed on top of me with her hips still convulsing about on mine. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. I could feel our juices trickling out around my embedded cock.

After a few minutes she asked me "Was that better than what you expected to get from Lisa?"

"Oh my god yes ... she's still a virgin".

"Oh ... I didn't know that ... I though that she had lost it long ago" explained Mia.

She thought for a moment then she commented "Your cock is just a little on the big side for a virgin don't you think?"

"You need an experienced woman who knows how to appreciate your ... hmmmm attributes".

"Ummm OK" I responded sheepishly.

Mia then added "Let's get some rest before we explore some more positions".

It was 5 AM when we woke from a short nap.

"We need to get out of here" Mia explained "It would not be good for either of us to be caught here".

She gave me a passionate kiss and slipped out of the bed. Holding out her hand she said 'Get dressed and we will head back to my place to continue this".

We dressed quickly, remade the bed and snuck out the back garden gate.

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