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An old woman. She is somewhat key to our tale. She has been known by many names, the most recognized being Naamah.

A young man working on Wall Street as an investment banker. His role will be to manage one part of the organization's funds.

James Peters. Ex military, selected to provide security to the endeavor.

Maria Therese Campo, her Mother, Angelica, my Father, Vitoria and Brother, Paulo, all central characters and as a family are very important to the organization.

Sam Perkins injured ex military selected to receive the serum Kat has developed. Later, his role will become to manage a supposed charitable function around the world's seas.

Kat. Overseas Eastern Europe for the organization.

The Sultan. One of the main investors in the organization of which there are 40. Each has committed one billion dollars a year to it.

Neptune, the cover name for the intelligence and fishing operations.

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