Dan Adams
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man continues to do what he did at work after taking an early retirement and along the way meets some liberated women.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

Dan Adams was not a fan of trans-Atlantic flights that he boards in Kansas City go to Chicago where he changes planes and then goes to Frankfurt Germany. The only reason he was taking this flight, a flight he takes every two months was that Conrad Schiller the CEO of the company Dan works for requires that Dan come to Frankfurt to give a status report on how Dan’s department is progressing. Dan’s title was that of a Vice-President but in actuality he was the head of the property investment division of the company. His department or division bought, sold, converted or managed large apartment complexes and other commercial property.

Generally because of the profitability of Dan’s department these meetings went well. Dan had tried to convince Conrad Schiller that these meetings could be conducted via video conferencing but the CEO said he preferred that they be done face to face. Since he was the boss Dan had no option but to comply.

The only time there was a problem at one of these meetings was when in Dan’s presentation he indicated that he had sold a considerable number of the properties and instead of purchasing other properties Dan had put these funds into long term corporate bonds. Dan explained his reasoning for doing this was that he was of a strong opinion that there was a real estate investing bubble in the United States fueled by low rate adjustable mortgages and low down payments that was going to burst and rock the market. Further he said the interest rate return that the bonds were generating was substantial and guaranteed.

The CEO thought that they were missing out in maximizing their profits because of the rising real estate prices in the United States but he reluctantly agreed to go along with Dan. He however did stipulate that there should be no more of this done and for Dan to hold on to the present properties.

About six months later Dan was proven to be right when the bubble burst because real estate investors came to a realization of what the quality of real estate derivatives were. The ensuing drop in real estate values was a blood bath.

This bursting caused economy to be in trouble which caused the government to drop interest rates. The bonds Dan had purchased rose markedly in value.

Dan waited till he was fairly sure the bottom in the real estate market had been reached or would only go a little lower. He then he jumped back into the property market with both feet. He sold the long term bonds at a considerable profit and used those funds to purchase apartment complexes and commercial properties at a forty percent discount to what the asking price was a year ago. The amount of properties now under management by Dan’s department almost doubled. The CEO no longer questioned Dan’s expertise and was very generous in the stock options and bonus he gave to Dan.

Dan thought this was the last time he would he would be taking this flight. At the meeting he was going to announce he was taking an early retirement. Even though he was only fifty five years of age and enjoyed his job, Dan was jolted into thinking about his mortality. Earlier in the year a lifelong friend of his, Peter Dollan had a heart attack and passed away. Dan had been friends with Pete since first grade and his passing bothered Dan.

Couple that with the news Dan just received yesterday about Fred Rollins passing away told Dan it was time to stop and smell the roses before his time came. Fred was ten years older Dan and they both had gone to the same high school. In Fred’s senior year he had quarterbacked the football team to a State Championship. Fred was doing well in college playing football till a freak tackle blew out both of his knees. That injury ended any chance of Fred having a pro career which resulted in Fred after graduating coming back to town. He capitalized on his popularity by opening up what became a successful insurance agency.

Fred was a member of the same country club as Dan. They golfed together and became friends. Dan along with Fred and four other fellows from the club during the summer had taken fishing trips together. Generally they went to Canada for the fishing and twice had gone up to Great Bear Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. These trips brought Dan and Fred closer together as friends. Fred’s death had solidified Dan decision to retire.

Flying business class enabled Dan to relax a little and check on the power point presentation he would be giving tomorrow. Another added benefit to flying business class on this flight was the attention he received from the flight attendant who was assigned to his section. This flight attendant Dan could describe as “classy and good looking.”

It was like when he was growing up and the flight attendants then were called stewardesses and were only women and every young man’s dream because of their perceived beauty. The height, weight and age restrictions which were in effect then but now were gone reinforced this perception of the beautiful stewardess. Dan had heard some of the Asian airlines still enforced these restrictions.

The flight attendant assigned to him was about five foot six inches tall with shoulder length auburn hair. The just above the knee length skirt she was wearing showed some nice legs and was tight enough to show a nice small butt with a definite curve to it. Her face was cute and if he had to guess he would think that age wise she was somewhere in her late thirties maybe early forties. She gave Dan some looks that he found intriguing. Her name tag said Lynn V.

Lynn was very attentive to Dan and when she was serving him breakfast he had a chance to talk to her.

He asked her, “Where to after we land?”

“It’s a layover for me and tomorrow I will work a flight that goes to Atlanta and that is home for me. I live in a suburb there and I will have a few days off before I am scheduled to work again. Because of my seniority I am able to get assigned to the flights I want to work. I do Atlanta to Chicago to Frankfurt, a layover then the next day Frankfurt to Atlanta. I do this twice a month and throw in an Atlanta to LA and back gives me my flight hours for the month and a considerable amount of time off. I can do some modeling in the time I have off.”

While Lynn was talking Dan noticed that there was no ring on her finger and thought that he was getting good vibes from her. He wondered what kind of sex partner she would be and concluded she would be pretty good.

It was a smooth landing in Frankfurt. Dan decided to take a chance and see if his hunch that he had about Lynn was correct. As he was exiting the plane, Lynn was standing by the exit door thanking the passengers for choosing this airline. In passing by her Dan smiled and handed her his business card and kept on going.

On the back of his business card he had written, “Entitles the bearer to one dinner at Villa Kennedy 6 pm today.”

At the hotel Dan took a short nap to try and reduce the jet lag. When he awoke he showered and shaved and wondered if he would be dining alone or with Lynn tonight.

Fifteen minutes before six he was in the lobby watching the people coming in to the hotel. Precisely at six Lynn walked in and saw Dan sitting there. She looked good as he rose and she walked up to him. Lynn was wearing a four inch above the knee dark green dress which was cut tight enough to emphasize the enticing feminine curves of her body. Her makeup was impeccable and showed her to be a very attractive lady. He could see why she would be wanted to do some modeling.

Lynn greeted Dan with a smile and handing him back his business card said, “I am her to collect.”

“Please keep the card.”

“You handing me the card was surprising. I have never been asked out that way.”

“With your looks I would think you get asked out quite a bit. You are a very attractive lady.”

Dan had long ago learned that women in general have a low confidence level as to their appearance and complimenting them as to their looks was one way to make them feel good and enjoy being with him.

“Not has much as you think nor to a nice place as this for dinner.”

Taking his extended arm she walked with Dan to the restaurant.

Dinner was nice and enjoyable. Lynn was an intelligent lady and could converse on many subjects and not just talk about her travels. She asked Dan about himself and he told her about being divorced, who he worked for and what he did as well as living in a suburb of Kansas City.

During dinner Dan wondered or maybe hoped that Lynn was a sexually liberated woman as he referred to them. By that definition he meant a woman who enjoys having sex and doesn’t need any emotional attachment before she will engage in it. She only needs an attraction to the man before she goes to bed with him. In Dan’s opinion young women wanted some emotional attachment before they engaged in sex which was somewhat of a forerunner to the so called three date rule. Dan thought that as a woman ages she becomes more aware of the enjoyment and pleasure of engaging in sex can give. Her attitude changes on having sex to where an emotional attachment is not always necessary, only that she has an attraction to the man. Boys or men have always been that way and Dan thought that a good percentage of women are evolving into that way of thinking as they mature.

Lingering over their second cup of coffee Dan asked Lynn if she wanted to go the lounge for after dinner drinks.

Her response of, “Why don’t we attack the mini-bar in your room” brought a smile to his face and confirmed to him that Lynn was interested in him.

Once inside Dan’s room there was no attacking of the mini-bar, they attacked each other. Lynn’s open mouth kiss with her probing tongue was highly erotic. Dan’s hands cupping and kneading her buttocks caused her to moan. His hands pulled down the zipper on the back of her dress and unclasped her bra without meeting any objection. She left it up to Dan to unbutton his shirt while she went about undoing his belt and opening his pants. Her cool hand dipped in and clasped his now erect shaft and she gave it a few strokes.

When they both were totally naked she led him to the bed still clasping his shaft.

On the bed they reclined and had sex. They didn’t make love, they had pure and simple sex. Dan having sex with Lynn followed what he thought was what had become a typical pattern in doing that. First he gave her head for a long time for her to have multiple orgasms. When she said she was too sensitive from him doing that he moved up and had intercourse with her in the missionary position. After he and she had climaxed they rested. Lynn in a short time wanted some more sex which had her moved down to give him head. When he was able to perform again she mounted him and rode him with him alternating teasing her nipples or caressing her clit till both she and him had come again.

After some more rest Dan surprised her when he turned on a dual headed vibrator that he had brought this time with him and placed it in her with one head touching her G spot and the other head touching her clit. He nibbled on her ear or her neck while the vibrator was doing its thing.

Lynn had come so many times with him using the vibrator that she was exhausted and asked him to stop. She told him it was great being with him but she was exhausted. In a short time she fell asleep.

Dan in having sex generally followed this same pattern. There were some minor variances in having sex with different ladies as maybe doggie style or cowgirl versus missionary or sixty nine instead of him just giving head. His goal with the addition of certain vibrators he possessed was to give his partner the most enjoyable sexual experience she had ever experienced which in turn would want her to have sex again with Dan. He could honestly say that he didn’t remember the last time he had been refused when he requested a second date from a woman he had made love to.

Lynn leaving the bed in the morning woke Dan. He could see her gathering her clothes and going to the bathroom. The clock on the nightstand indicated it was close to six. Dan had time so he just remained in bed and thought about his time with Lynn.

In a short time Lynn was dressed and came out of the bathroom.

“Leaving so soon?”

Laughing a little she said, “I am lucky I can walk after last night which I will say was intense.” Smiling she continued saying, “I wish I could stay but I need to get my stuff together and get ready for my eleven o’clock flight to Atlanta. Thanks for a very enjoyable time and I will leave my card on the desk here. If you are ever in Atlanta I hope you will look me up as I would like to see you again.”

She bent down and gave Dan a very nice kiss and then was on her way.

Dan thought he would definitely make it a point to look her up if he was ever in the Atlanta area. She was someone he would like to see again. Doing a business trip to Atlanta was a possibility that he would keep in the back of his mind.

The business meeting started precisely at ten. Dan gave his presentation and he could see Conrad Schiller was pleased with the results. As he was concluding his presentation Dan dropped the bomb shell.

“I want to say that I have enjoyed my duties and the fine way I have been treated by the people here and this organization. I have however decided to take advantage of the early retirement program and am announcing my retirement effective at the end of this month. Ken Carrol who has been my right hand man for the past four years is capable of replacing me and doing a fine job. He receives my strongest recommendation and I ask you to consider making Ken my replacement.

Conrad was in shock by Dan’s announcement and he asked Dan if he would reconsider. Conrad asked if there was anything they could do to have Dan reconsider his decision to retire. Dan said there wasn’t, his mind was made up and he thanked Conrad for all the support he has given him in the past. Conrad asked Dan if he would consider doing some consulting work for them and Dan said he would but not for a while. Hands were shaken and well wishes given as Dan left the meeting room.

Dan was booked on the five pm flight to O’Hare. His flight to Kansas City from O’Hare was two hours later. He had time to stop for a nice lunch which he did before heading to the Frankfurt airport.

The flight back was fine. The flight attendant assigned to Dan’s aisle was nice but she couldn’t compare to Lynn. He had time during the flight to think what he was going to do now that he was retiring. Technically he was retiring but in a way he wasn’t, he was just dropping down few less zeros on the end of the cost of the properties he was now planning to purchase.

In his doing his work for the company which was finding to purchase and selling multi-million dollar apartment complexes and commercial properties he also came across some smaller apartment complexes and other properties that were too small for his company but just right for him to purchase. He would purchase these properties after checking them out and if he could negotiate what he thought was a very fair price. He would put down the minimum down payment required for a mortgage to purchase these properties. Dan didn’t want to be a long term landlord and have his funds tied up in rental properties. After he purchased an apartment building he would convert the apartments into condos and would sell all of them in a short time. Generally after paying realtor and attorney fees he would realize a profit of close to four times what his down payment for the mortgage was.

Over time these profits along with his bonuses and stock options were used to purchase and convert a number of properties he purchased which resulted in him amassing considerable wealth. Some of this wealth was invested in stocks and bonds which along with his pension would generate more than sufficient income for him to maintain an affluent life style. The overage of this income would go back into the funds he used for property investing. Dan wasn’t going to turn into a couch potato or a lounge lizard as he planned to continue purchasing and converting apartments into condos but he would be doing this for himself and not for the company. Dan had developed contacts in the real estate industry who were not hesitant to advise him when they came across properties that they thought Dan would be interested in.

In checking his email during the flight he read where the funeral arrangements for Fred Rollins had been made. There was a wake tomorrow and a funeral the following day. Dan thought he would go to the wake and pass on the funeral. He was anxious to see what lay ahead for him now that he had announced his retirement.

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