Velda the Reluctant Vampire
Chapter 1

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Vampire Sex Story: Chapter 1 - All she wanted to do was to research her Genealogy but she discovered a dark secret about her forebears that seemed so terrible that she was changed forever.

Caution: This Vampire Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   BiSexual   Horror   Vampires   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Size   Hairy   Public Sex   Violent  

It had all started out as an innocent attempt to find a suitable hobby to fill in the empty hours after the demise of her dearly departed husband Oscar.

Velda Osipov was truly distraught when the workmen arrived at her front door of her no-elevator fifth floor apartment building with the remains of her beloved in a wicker basket thoughtfully lined with plastic sheeting to keep it from leaking. The bits of unrecognizable flesh and bone sitting in a puddle of unsettling blood strangely made her agitated but not faint of heart.

Mister O'Reilly from the Union hall expressed his condolences and offered to have his men transport the remains to Cavanaugh's Funeral Parlor if she was conducive to using the nearby convenient facility to dispose of her husband's remains. Standing there in the doorway with the light streaming in from the skylight behind her, the little group of male carriers hummed with excitement at her highlighted pussy hairs seen easily through the thin linen summer dress. They were each in their own thoughts, but the consensus seemed to be that the widow Osipov was ripe for consoling and they all had secret plans to offer their services at the first opportunity.

The fact that he had been unfortunately caught in an accident involving a lifting crane and an unforgiving bulkhead made no sense to her because only this morning before heading off to work he had pounded her pussy from behind right at the kitchen window looking out at the quiet and peaceful harbor that looked so serene in the crisp morning air. In fact, her quim was still quivering from that last sweet coupling that would be no more without her darling Oscar.

It was a blessing in disguise that they had no children even after hundreds of attempts in the past two years. She had come from an orphanage and didn't have the experience of many siblings like her husband but she did know the terrible fear that those around her would steal the very bread from her mouth if she was not assertive enough to stand up for her rights. Her delicious hour-glass figure was topped by the face of an absolute angel and all of her friends assumed she would have no problem in finding a suitable replacement for poor Oscar.

The problem was really that all of the younger men were already spoken for and those that remained were a mixed breed of drunken sots and lazy slugs. She decided that the single life was best for her after being treated to a drunken beating from a burly laborer with a tiny dick and a heavy hand.

It was at that juncture that she became friends with Madame Valentina who also lived across the hall on the fifth floor all by herself. The mature woman had recently arrived from Romania and had expected her less-than-enthusiastic relatives who lived out on the Island to take her under their wing. She was bitterly disappointed in that regard but her advertisement for "Readings" and "SĂ©ances" in the local newspaper kept her a steady stream of clients that was actually better paying than a full time job.

Velda had gotten into the habit of drinking countless cups of tea at Madame Valentina's apartment ignoring the rumble of the elevated train as it passed by a few stories below her dining room window. They only ever got to see the top of the train and never the passengers like the residents on the third floor who were on display 24 hours around the clock. After several months of senseless chatter and the formulation of a plan to delve into her genealogy to fill the empty hours, they traced her lineage back to the country of Romania and a particular valley that seemed to bring a spirit of foreboding to Madame Valentina's facial expression.

When she verified for the third time that she was from a particular village in Transylvania of which she had no knowledge and had absolutely no memory of, Madame Valentina insisted on spreading the tea leaves over the saucer despite Velda's laughter that it made no sense at all.

Velda got a bit concerned when her friend brought out a huge silver cross and draped it around her neck like some badge of warning. She had been happy when they had discovered her great grandmother was a woman of some means and had a nice business providing rooms and food to travelers to the region to see the mountain goats running wild like the boars in the valley.

The older woman read her tea leaves not just once, but twice, and then insisted they must do it a third time to be absolutely certain about the identity of her great grandfather. Velda giggled when the woman told her they had to do the reading absolutely stark naked and wrapped in each other's arms like holiday lovers despite the fact they were of the same gender and it felt quite strange to her to hold such a loving embrace with another female.

She followed the attractive older woman's instruction because she was curious about the identity of her forebears and for no other reason. Certainly, she had no particular lusting for same gender flesh or any desire to taste the lips of Madame Valentina although she had to admit they were quite lush and inviting.

Velda was slowly rocking back and forth in Madame Valentina's arms when one of the trains rumbled past below them. They were suddenly cold as if a window had been thrown open to the chill winter air.

Madame Valentina started shouting at her in a strange language but she surprisingly understood every word. She bent the woman backwards and started to lick her delicately featured face like an animal looking for a tender place to sink its teeth. The scent of the woman's femininity was overwhelming and she had a hunger she never suspected she held deep inside her. The sight of the blood coursing through her neck veins was so intoxicating that she kissed Madame Valentina like she was a first love being sacrificed on the altar of her depraved desire. Her fingers explored the fortune-telling woman's secret feminine nooks and crannies with kinky skill. She rubbed her pussy mound hard into her groin allowing her passion to explode with juicy results wetting them both with sticky love cream that lubricated their joining.

The need to bite the neck of her friend was overwhelming but she found the strength to overcome the urge. In the back of her mind, she had already decided to save that for another day. For right now, one of the sweet young things getting off the train would suffice to fill her needs.

She left Madame Valentina lying in a heap in the middle of the floor with a protective circle around her to ward off any errant evil spirits trying to taste her womanly dew. Velda hastily threw on a thin dress and a shawl of some geometric design and scurried down to the emptying platform down on the street below. She spied a young thing lost in a thick book with lots of pictures and saw that the girl was so engrossed in her reading that she could approach her with ease. The other passengers were all disappearing into their respective buildings and cars like ants heading back to the home tunnel. The closed newspaper and magazine stand gave her the opportunity to scoop the girl into her strong embrace and she pinned her against the rough lumber and sank her fangs deep into her neck vein to drink her fill of blood. She could tell right away this was not a virgin but that she was not sullied beyond redemption by devious cocks.

Of course, the virginal blood was the premium grade for her needs but this coarser stuff would suffice nicely. She was careful not to drink too much because she instinctively knew that she did not want to make the stranger her "child" or end her days on earth forever. There were only a few drops spilled to the ground and the girl stirred with that sense of having been "eaten" by a monster. Velda didn't see herself as a monster, only a creature that was the genetic servant of her forebears and her feared master of distant times. He still existed somewhere in the underground region of that strange country and drained the blood of fearful peasants nocturnally in rightful royal exploitation on moonless nights.

None of this had seemed possible to her the day before but now she was willing to accept the fact she was a Vampire doomed to walk the earth forever seeking the blood of human slaves to service her need for the liquid essence of life.

When she withdrew from the station platform, the confused girl was beginning to return to consciousness and would only remember a ghostly figure in the mist and a sore spot on her neck that looked like a hickey. However, she was marked and it was likely that Velda would return to her from time to time providing she made no overt move to ward off her measured draining of her sweet young blood.

Velda was horrified to discover her hidden purpose in life and she gave up all thoughts of becoming a housewife of settling down and having children in the suburbs. She returned to Madame Valentina and took pleasure from her juicy loins like some sex-addicted human. The woman's scent was intoxicating to her and she shamelessly trembled to get her nose in close quarters to inhale the essence of her femininity.

It was not until she got onto the subway train that she came into close proximity to ripe smelling masculinity primed to hump female flesh exposed and in close contact in every direction. For some reason, a few of the aggressive guiltless dicks insisted on rubbing her skin in the front as well as the back and even one panting youth planted his staff on her hip like a clinging vine. The feel of the hard cocks awakened a thirst in her that almost matched her overwhelming thirst for human blood.

The itch started slowly right in the center of her female slit and she knew it would grow until it was satisfied. Since she was in a moving train surrounded by human flesh, the urge to drain some blood was also strong, but the itch was the focus right now and she turned in the direction of the huge black man with the tool that speared her all the way from the front to the back between her legs. It did not seem possible that a simple human being could be so well-endowed with such fine equipment. When she looked down with basic human curiosity she saw that the clever man had released his tool under her skirt and was riding her plain white panties leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum right down the little crease in the middle. She just spread her legs further allowing that he was certain to explode at any moment. Velda held onto his thick muscular arm as the train rocked traveling at high speed to the downtown central center.

The young boy on her hip was lost in a dream-world of his own slowly rubbing her soft fleshy thigh and she looked at him with a sense of longing because she was certain he possessed some "Virgin" blood that would give her a euphoric high for the remainder of the day. Finally, she looked over her shoulder at the kinky well-dressed gentleman who was riding her backside like a passenger familiar with the secrets of nicely rounded female buttocks. The introduction of his inquisitive fingers into her crack pushed her into her first orgasm and she leaned back against the handsome man with some degree of gratitude for his superior skills. The black man in front drained his tool between her legs and she felt the human juice dribble down the insides of her legs like draft beer drawn too high for the glass. It felt a bit sticky but she liked the way it made her feel like she was a depraved bad girl and undeserving of true love reserved for the very young or the very old. The boy on her hip just sighed and let it all go inside his trousers and laid his head on her warm and welcoming shoulder with tender embrace and a hint of good intentions.

Velda was inundated with the scent of human sex musk but she decided to stop the boy when they got off the train and hold him immobile with her mesmerizing powers whilst she sampled some of his premier virginal blood to boost her energy level to the maximum level. She would be certain to mark him with her built-in GPS powers for future sessions in sampling virgin blood.

She had to figure out some way to keep the good-looking young man away from those human females who were certain to rob his blood of that special virginal taste that made him unique in a crowd.

Maybe being a vampire in modern times was not that bad after all.

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