I Abhor All Idiots in Our Country
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This country has lost all the progress that was made toward race since this administration has turned everyone against each other. this is a true story about the south that no one knows. This is the story of salt and pepper love that was real. The names are changed to protect the ones that want us to live in piece. There are ones that write stores that don't care for no one but themselves. The ones in this story have celebrated their 50th this year.

I am Buddy Hackett I grew up in a small town in south Mississippi far from the big cities, that knew all about life. I grew up with a daddy that loved me and taught me how to love my fellow man. He told me that a real man was far better than an idiot.

He taught me that the idiot was a man like Jay Trip. He was the guy who ran around town talking about the niggers, and chinks. He was the one who was responsible for putting the sign under the city limit sign that said Chinks and Niggers don't let sundown catch you here.

I grew up with a quick lesson on what work was all about at the ripe old age of seven. That was when my daddy took me down to the cotton field with the family of black folks that I already knew. Theody Harris was a year older than me. His daddy and mother was Isaac and Anna Belle Harris. They grew up with daddy on the same farm that was handed down to daddy. Isaac worked for my father on a 40% for him and 60% for my daddy bases.

This was because my daddy owned the tractors and animals that they used for the farm and logging. Yes my daddy was also a logger for a sawmill.

Back to the cotton field lesson. Daddy said, "Son this is how I want you to hoe the grass and thin the cotton so it will produce the most cotton."

"Son I want you to keep up with Theody and his family. I am going to start plowing on the tractor over in the other field," said daddy and handed me the hoe.

I watched him get on his horse and leave. It was very humid that morning. The rows of cotton were about ¼ mile long. I said to myself, "Self I am not going to work my ass off in this heat." After about 200 feet I was leaning on my hoe watching Theody and his family get father and father in front of me. That was when the hand grabbed the bib of my overalls and lifted me off my feet. I looked at my daddy, he was undoing his belt.

Now we did not go to the same schools this was when blacks were not good enough to go to school with us white folks. They had their school outside of town off the highway. I was told that was so white women in town did not have to see them. This also meant when they were riding down the highway too I guess.

That changed when I was sixteen when the federal marshals came in and had us all going to the same school. The black school became the school for grades 1-8 and the white school became 9-12.

Now I did not have a brother or sister, But Theody had a sister named, Yolanda. She was two years older than us. Theody and his sister were always bickering. I joined Theody's side of course, that is until I was about thirteen.

I turned fourteen in December when I got the wondering eye syndrome. I would go to school all week and see how many colors of panties I could see in one school day. Then when class was over I would look at the asses wiggling down the hall. Needless to say that was when I started to grow in more ways than one.

I was by then a full pledged worker on the farm. When spring arrived and we started hoeing cotton I found a new ass. It was no less than Yolanda's. I was hard from one end of the row to the next. I made sure I was on the right side of Yolanda so I could get the best view. She began to wear those Ellie May shorts.

After we got the cotton laid by that summer we started with the hay. We usually had around 3,000 bails. This took the whole month of July. When I was 6 I would drive the tractor while they loaded the wagon. This year at 14 I was 5 feet 11 and ¾ inches. Theody was 6 feet. We loaded the hay and Yolanda drove the tractor. Now Yolanda and I never talked, much more than say hi.

Starting in August daddy took, Mr. Harris and Theody to help him haul logs to the sawmill. He made me stay and feed the hogs, and milk the two cows that provided milk for us all. The barn was half way between the houses. I would milk one cow and take the milk over to Mrs. Anna Belle.

Two days into this Mrs. Anna Belle said, "Lands sake child, you don't need to bring that over here every morning. What time do you milk? I will send Yolanda up to pick it up."

"I usually do it about 7 before it gets too hot."

"I will send Yolanda up there to help you. That is the least we can do for the free milk."

Now Yolanda was only 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighted 105 she was 16 and would challenge a double bricked shit house for which had the most solid body.

"I was milking old Molly one of the cows the next morning when I heard, "Good morning Buddy."

Now I never had a real problem talking to girls until that morning. I am not sure if it was her cock hardening sexy voice or her Breast sticking between the planks of the stable. It must have only been a few seconds but it seemed like hours before I was able to get out, "Hi, Yolanda, good to see you."

Now I guess it was the fact that she was 2 years older than me, but she had no problem talking. "That is the first time I ever saw anyone milk a cow."

"Well, I think it was the day after daddy tore up my ass in the field that time I was using the hoe for a fence to lean on like you are. I got the next work lesson."

"Oh, I remember that day. I heard WHOP-WHOP-WHOP and before I looked back I heard you screaming. I felt so bad for you." "Well gee thanks now, but I sure could have used a little sympathy then."

"I was afraid to. You probably don't know it but my daddy and your daddy are like brothers."

"Now I know you are telling the truth. I have worked around them more than you. They even think the same way."

She giggled and I joined her. This is how our relationship began. We talked about school and how we hated it. We talked about the ones around us that were stuck up and predigest. The whites that hated blacks and the blacks that hated whites. This went on for a week. She started to help me feed the hogs.

A week latter I walked her home and asked Mrs. Anna Bella if it was okay for her to ride one of the horses with me to check the fences a couple of tines a week.

"No child if she can be of help to you it is okay with me." The next morning Buddy was milking when she did her normal greeting. She was becoming as attracted to him as he was to her. She had those big full lips. Her face was a prettier Damaris Lewis. Then she said, "Will you teach me how to milk the cow?"

"Come in and I will show you."


"Now stand behind me and lean down where you can see my hands," Buddy said as he reached around the tit with his thumb and fore finger up against the udder. He then squeezed fore finger, middle finger, ring finger, then pinkie finger. It was natural for him. Yolanda put her head down on his shoulder. He was in heaven. He repeated the process several times. Then got up and asked her to try it.

Try as she might she could not get any milk to come out. "stand up again." He turned the bench around and sat down behind her. He reached around and placed her right hand with his left and his right hand over hers and helped her to work her fingers. His head was now on her shoulder.

Their cheeks touched as he worked her hand gently. Milk started to pour into the bucket. "That is it you have it now baby. Now try it by yourself."

He kept his cheek against hers and watched as she got better and faster. He eased his head out and turned his face toward hers and said, "You will be a professional in no time."

She turned toward him and said, "I am learning from the best tit squeezer in the world."

They giggled and then touched lips together. The electricity flew between them. His cock shot against her tight ass. Her areolas bulged out and her nipples became hard.

Both had kissed before but never like this. They could not separate. She pushed back against his cock. He ran his arms around under her arms. She pulled both his hands up on her bra covered tits. He could feel her nipples boring holes in the palm of his hand.

They finally came apart. Yolanda said, Buddy my mother put me on the pill two years ago. She said I was not going to have a baby out of wedlock. She talks to me all the time." Mother said, "Try not to do it just to do it. She said I would know when the right man came along."

They just came together and kissed again. The bucket was full of milk. Buddy took her hand and led her around to the cooler that was in the hallway.

Then he climbed up to the loft with Yolanda right behind him. There was a pile of moving pads in one corner Buddy spread out three of them on some loose hay.

"Have you ever seen a naked man before?"

"No, have you ever seen a naked woman before?"

"No not alive. I have seen pictures."

They stood on each end of the pad and watched each other undress. For the next three hours they took their time and kissed every spot on each other. They spent a hour in a 69.

Buddy could not keep his tongue out of her. She had never sucked a cock before but she drank down the man hood nectar twice. They kissed ad loved each other until both were dripping with juice again.

Buddy crawled between her legs his cock slipped in without any help it was obvious they were meant for each other. He hit her virginity was still intact he popped it and she whined he stopped until she started to push to meet him.

They both passed out from pure ex tasty. This is only the beginning of a life time of pure love.

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