Trip to the Biker Bar
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Boyfriend takes me to a biker bar to be used

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Rape   BDSM   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Exhibitionism   2nd POV  

C'mon lets go you yell as I pull the tiny g-string up my legs. The mesh material hides nothing. You have just finished sliding a well lubricated dildo deep in my butt to get me ready for what I am about to do. God Kevin, it's still light outside - but you are already out the door heading toward your motorcyle parked out front. I didn't really expect this ride in daylight, but I have little choice. I walk out to the motorcyle in just my mesh panties and climb on behind you. The motorcycle roars to life between my legs and we are off through the streets. We had cruised by the bar last night and saw about six bikes parked out front. I had noticed several traffic lights along the route to and from the bar. I didn' t think much about them last night in jeans and t-shirt, but practically naked in the daylight you try to hit every red light. At one, you managed to pull between two cars of guys that immeadiatly noticed. I leaned back in the seat and let my hands squeeze my tits and pinched my nipples. Luckily the light changed or both hands would have been in my panties.

I am shocked as we pull into the parking lot. There has to be at least 40 bikes in the lot along with several cars, not the six we saw last night. You park the bike near a group of guys that have just arrived - and they immeadiatly notice me. I whisper into your ear about the number of bikes in the lot and you ask if i want to go home. I slide off the back of the bike and stand on display for the guys now heading our way.

"Kevin lets go or I'm going to get fucked right here in the parking lot."

You just smile and remind me about my promise of a blow job in the parking lot - letting you be the first to start filling my tummy. I open your pants and begin sucking, knowing that bending over my butt and pussy are on display for my audiance. I hear you tell the guys that they may figer my ass and pussy and immediatly there are hands pulling at my g-string and fingers entering me right there in the parking lot.

"This fucking sluts ass is already greased!" I hear one say.

You explode in my mouth and my first load is deposited in my tummy. One of the guys has his cock out and is stroking it. You tell me to suck him too. When I get my second load, you tell the guys we better go inside.

Inside the bar, you head for a table across the way with me close behind. I have trouble keeping up with all the hands grabbing and groping my bare skin. When I finallly get to the table, you ask me to get you a beer. This means a journey across the room and back. Without you close-by, even more touching goes on. I am so hot by now I'm ready to explode - but you have told me I may only come when you allow it. I'm not sure I can hold out much longer.

Getting over to the bar, I order your beer and the bar tender wants $1.50. God - I don't have any place to have money. I turn to look at you and you give me a little smirk - I know what I have do. I offer a blowjob for a buck-fifty beer. Well we now know what my mouth is worth. He hops on the bar and pulls down his pants and I climb up between his legs and suck him off.

With three cums now in my belly in this young night and I realize that you may get your wish! This is the first I have done in front of everyone and I have established that I'm not just to look at and touch. The bar tender gives me two beers and I head back with both hands full of beer mugs. With no defense and afraid to spill beer on these guys, the touching escallates. A hand slips inside my panties and fingers me mercilessly. I look your way for permission but you shake your head no. I have to get away before I cum. I manage to break away and get back to our table. Just as i sit down and try to get my compsure, you tell me the guys at the next table are thirsty too. I see that there are still two other bartenders at the bar and go knowing that again, with no money I'll have to barter. As I head off - you tell me to have the bartenders hang my panties on the wall - as I won't be needing them any more tonight.

After two more blow jobs at the bar with the crowd watching and cheering, my tummy is filling and there are lots more dicks to service. A huge cheer went up as my panties were nailed to the wall. The walk back with my fists full of beer mugs was even more difficult naked. Now with my bare pussy fully exposed nothing was off-limits and I was fully taken advantage of.

Part way back, the guys meet me and the beers are removed from my hands. I think this gives me some protection, only to be pushed across a table with my butt exposed. I feel the neck of a cold beer bottle enter my unprotected butt. After several deep pumps, it is removed and I groan. As I feel the wide end push against my hole, I look to you for permission to come - and with a smile and single nod I explode as the bottle sinks deep in my butt. Even before the muscles in my stomach stop twitching I am picked up by a group of guys and carried to the pool table, with the neck of the botle still sticking out of my butt. My arms and legs are bound and my butt, pussy and mouth are exposed. As the bottle is pulled from my body, I hear you announce that that everyone should take their time. The slut isn't leaving until everyone is totally satisfied...

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