The Museum
Chapter 1

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Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A group of college friends enter an abandoned wax museum. Unknown to them, there is an evil power behind all what they see there. Warning: story is violent and gruesome.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Magic   Time Travel   Mystery   Paranormal   Were animal   Zombies   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Violent  

"I can't believe this country is full of ghost towns!!" shrieked Sarah.

Sarah enjoyed having the wind blow her long blonde-dyed hair backwards. She was sat on the front seat of the Cadillac, with the roof-top removed.

"You can say that again babe!!" Jeremy said.

Jeremy was behind the steering wheel, with his baby blue eyes focusing on the long lone highway. Jeremy kept his right hand on the wheel, while using his left one to comb down his short natural-blond hair.

"Well what can you expect? More and more people are leaving towns and moving into cities!!" Kelly cried back from the back seat, enjoying the wind also blowing her short brown hair.

Sarah turned around to face Kelly, with her brown eyes staring directly at Kelly's blue eyes.

"Babe everyone wants to come to America, especially to the big cities. Last I heard, even the suburbs of California are full of immigrants who can't speak a word of English," Sarah making her queen-bee tone stronger.

Sarah and Kelly were best friends and both knew that this was Sarah's way of also having some of fun, of how to have equal footing with Kelly.

"Last I heard from Phil, there are a lot of drug dealers operating in these dead towns, it's like they use the empty houses as their base of operations!!" Doug spoke.

"Is that a fact Doug?? This is your friend Phil who's a junkie too!!" Sarah making fun of Doug.

"Hey he wouldn't lie!!" Doug defending his friend.

"Yeah but he is always high!!" Jeremy taking Sarah's side.

Jeremy kissed Sarah very quickly on the lips.

"Didn't he say that he even flew to Mars?!" Jeremy chuckled.

Doug sighed. It was true that his friend was a drug addict and that he often talked nonsense, just because he sincerely believed in something. But sometimes Phil's beliefs were just based on his opinions and theories, not facts.

"Maybe he had an out-of-body experience." David joining in.

Kelly was sat in the middle. Doug was sat to her right. David was sat to her left.

"Did you ever have an out of body experience," Kelly teasing David.

Before David could respond, Doug interrupted.

"I did!!" Doug exclaimed.

"Hey I didn't ask you. Don't you know it's rude to interrupt," Kelly being annoyed with Doug.

"Better shut up Doug, before she knocks your lights out and then you have an out-of-body experience. For real this time!!" chuckled Jeremy.

David could see from Doug's blue eyes that he looked upset, as they all seemed to be picking on him. But, as far as David was concerned, he asked for it. From time to time, Doug often said a lot of things that got on people's nerves. David remembered that with another group of their friends, Doug talked about the bible in a devout tone one minute and then about porn the next.

While driving, they finally reached another ghost town. The run-down placard read WELCOME TO TWILIGHT.

"Are they talking about the movie or the TV series Twilight Zone," Jeremy joked.

"Well the name does have a nice ring to it," Sarah liking the strange name for the town.

The ghost town was like all the other ghost towns they had passed. It was full of empty houses, Empty buildings, empty ranches and decomposing crumbling churches.

"Well that is what you get for calling your town 'Twilight.' It then faces its own demise," David said in his sometimes calmly-coming-sarcastic tone.

Everyone laughed everybody sincerely laughed, but David could tell that Doug did it, just so that he could try and fit in again.

As they drove by the entire ghost town of Twilight, something caught all their eyes. Off the side of the street, they saw a building. It was a one storey building the size of a supermarket. Unlike the other buildings, it still looked a bit more perfectly fine. It was surrounded by white fences, and it had a small front gate.

"Hey you guys wanna come and check this out!!" suggested Jeremy.

Jeremy parked his car by the pavement. They all gout out, and walked through the open gate. They walked all the way to the front entrance. On top of the front entrance was the sign: WELCOME TO WAX MUSEUM.

"Cool a wax museum. Let's check it out," Sarah getting carried away.

"You think they're open?" asked Kelly.

"You know I remembered that a lot of houses around here were barricaded. But not this one. Kinda strange!!" David said.

"Do you think it's locked?" Sarah asking Jeremy.

"One way to find out" Jeremy said.

They could tell that it was an abandoned museum. Jeremy used his hands to feel if the front entrance was locked, but to his surprise, the door just pushed through.

"Hey it's open," David was surprised.

"Let's go inside!!" Doug getting excited.

They walked through the front doorway. They could now see that the windows were closed from behind, and so they tried opening up the windows, so that sunlight could come through and light up the place.

"We need to have some sunlight here!!" Sarah said.

"We sure do because I don't think this place has any functioning lights and I wouldn't want to know what this place is like during the night," David said.

"Ooohhh someone is scared of ghosts," Sarah was joking with David.

The whole museum was now much clearer for them to see, as sunlight was shining through the windows brightening up the place.

David then went to where the light switches were and then tried flipping them. The lamps all over the museum brightened up.

"Hey guys. Lights here still work. I guess they have their own electricity and power source," commented David.

"Maybe this place is like a football or sports stadium!!" commented Kelly.

"Sure but why do the lights still work?" David asked.

"Maybe the owners died before they used it all up!!" suggested Jeremy.

Jeremy was making David think there for a while but something new was now taking his mind away. He had just realized something.

"Wow this place looks fine. No cobwebs," David remarked.

"Maybe this entire building has been contaminated with Agent Orange type pesticides," Kelly making her light sarcastic joke.

"Hey guys don't say that!" pleaded Doug.

"Hey guys don't say that. If you say it one more time, I am gonna cry and pee in my pant!" mimicked Jeremy.

Sarah playfully punched her boyfriend on the arm, saying, "You can be so cruel at times you know that. I guess that is what I love about you!!" Sarah talking with excitement.

"I would find it strange that a waxwork museum would still be operating in a town like this. I mean we haven't seen a single soul here," David said.

"It would be funny that they would be here and just hope that some tourists would drop in from time to time," added Sarah.

"Why was the door unlocked?" Kelly was curious.

"Maybe the waxwork museum people are still here. I don't see what other explanations are there. I mean they had gone for a while and thought of not locking up because they were the only people in town. Maybe this is their last day since they are the last people left in this town and arte about to close up," David sighed.

The four of them stared at David.

"You know I think that kinda makes sense David," Kelly agreed with him.

As to how museum was assembled, directly towards the front entrance was a wall. On either side of the wall, were two separate hallways. It was like on those tours where the guide would lead the group from the beginning of one of the corridors, which would take through all the waxwork exhibitions, and they would finally come out through the other corridor, straight back to were they just came in. On the wall that faced them, was a waxed statue of a scary clown. The clown had a wide wicked smile and its eyes were very evil looking, like something out of a horror movie.

"I guess this is going to be one of those horror waxwork museums," commented David.

"Clown gives me the creeps," Sarah said.

"I'm here to protect you babe!!" Jeremy putting an arm around Sarah.

"Hey how about we split up. Sarah and I will take this route and we'll meet you at the middle end!" suggested Jeremy.

"Hey wait. If the people running this place do come back and they see us, you know, we could get in trouble," David warned.

"Maybe they won't, once we tell them that we appreciate their works. No one would shoot their own fans. Maybe Kelly can even drop on her knees and give them a good time," Sarah making her kinky joke.

"Gosh you're so sick," Kelly laughed at the comment.

"Yeah you both can drop on your knees and give them a good time," added Doug in his own joking way.

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up!! She's already taken," Jeremy annoyed with Doug.

"Maybe Doug here can drop on his knees and let them take turns fucking his mouth!!" Sarah being crude.

"That's disgusting. I'm not gay!" Doug said in a protesting tone.

"I sometimes think you are!!" Jeremy expressing his annoyance.

"Well Sarah, I think you are right. So how about it. We take a tour of this place. Who knows. Maybe we might be gone by the time they arrive," said David.

Jeremy and Sarah went towards the corridor to the right.

"See you guys at the other end," Jeremy cried.

"Fine by us," David speaking for the rest of them.

David was the first to walk towards the left corridor.

"Hey Dave, wait up," Kelly catching up to him.

Doug looked at the clown. It was giving him the creeps. Just looking at it was enough to give goose bumps. He was staring at it for a while, until he heard David shouting.

"Doug you coming? We are not going to be here the whole day," warned David.

"I'm coming," Doug cried back.

Doug ran after them.

As they kept pacing, they realized that the waxwork statues were to their right side. The first statue display they saw was that of a figure crucified on a cross. The figure had thorns on top of his head and painted blood was dripping down from the top of his skull and forehead.

"Hey they have a statue of Jesus here!!" commented Doug.

"Is that really a statue of Jesus?" Kelly asking David.

They looked carefully at the entire display. The crucified figure was surrounded by three figures. But all of them were robed hooded figures.

"Well they don't look like Roman Legionnaires to me," David was not sure.

David could tell that Doug was mesmerized by the whole display.

"I don't know about you guys but I am going to go see the rest!!" David said.

David and Kelly walked ahead, thinking that Doug was just going to catch up with them. Doug continued to look at the statue of the crucified figure.

But before he knew it, Doug blanked out.

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