Fantasy Flight: Book 1
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Joe Johnson is a techie who knows how to sell his company's software, but is ever cursed by bad luck in his travels. Karma gives Joe a little break on a typical, well at least for Joe, crappy, delayed, problem filled flight from hell.

Damn, I must be delirious. That couldn't have happened in this day and age, could it? Those things don't happen to me; I thought as I dropped down onto the king-sized bed.

I was supposed to have been here two days before, but every possible problem we could have on a short two hour connecting flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia happened. Of course this is normal for me. My luck sucks and that's why I force my company to let me fly out days before major presentations that cannot be rescheduled due to me being delayed.

You see, I am nothing special to look at; my eyes are so bad Lasik doctors laugh when I walk in. I have thick glasses, and carry around about thirty extra pounds. My hair is so wiry that I should have invested my first dozen paychecks in companies that made hair gel. Now I am not quite so bad that people walk right past without noticing me all of the time, just most of it. My only real leg up over the regular techies at work is that I can kick into a high energy mode when showing off tech offerings to non techies. Otherwise I would be stuck behind a bank of monitors like the rest of the tech talent.

Luckily for me, I am good at explaining the tech to the suits much better than any of our sales or marketing staff. I never lie to them or push vaporware features. Most times I even manage to convince them that if they make the purchase, our fees to add in the features they want, are better than reasonable. I do it so well that rarely does my company need to send up sales weasels to do the hard sell. Anyone sane would think that the revenue I generate would get the bosses to actually just let me do the whole deal, but the sales team has an exclusive contract that cuts me out of the picture entirely. I don't even get the commissions on the sales I make.

It is well known that my boss was castrated at birth! Everyone knows the sales department is useless and completely incompetent at anything but writing contracts that cover their own asses in perpetuity. How he ever managed to get brave enough to tell them that all of the commissions for my sales were going into an exclusive cost center for me alone is well beyond me. Too bad that was as far as he was willing to take matters. They drew the line at him giving me even a portion of what was left in the account at the end of the year as a bonus.

Just as with almost any sales presentation, the suits could care less when I pulled out my deck of cards sized laser-based Pico projector prototype for the presentation. For that matter, only one in a hundred even noticed that I was not using a pointer or mouse when doing the Power Point presentations. So far, none of them even got the fact that I did not even have a laptop. None of it was required; the Pico projector prototype I had was running Windows in a Linux VM and had dual cameras on the front to track motion. All I needed was to wear a ring on each hand that the Pico projector cameras could track. It allowed me to do the Power Point with a wave of my hand and zoom in on images like I was using a touchscreen. The techs, on the other hand, drooled! Using my toy budget, I built up a 32 core cloud server with 128 GB RAM and just over 7 TB of SSD using Intel NUC boards and Kingston V310 980 GB SSD drives. I started building it bigger, but then it would not fit so nicely in the clear acrylic case I found that was just a bit bigger than a ream of copy paper. I loved this rig! I was able to have all of our products and DBs running on it. More than once bullshit was called on me. No way could anything run that fast on just a little box like that.

When the presentation was done with the suits, I always used the company's dime to take the client's tech staff out for the best sushi in the area. Back at their office we would snag a big conference room to get down into the weeds on whatever product I was presenting that day. I never blew smoke up their asses with canned images and video clips like our normal sales and marketing teams. Out came the NUC cluster, Pico Projector and was hands on with the products and features the techs really wanted to see. Right off the bat I set them up on the embedded Wi-Fi built into the cluster and gave them each their own VM to play with the product. When any of them had a questions, I flipped over to put their VM up on the wall and go through it right there in front of everyone. If it turned out to be something the product could not do, I kicked open an enhancement request window on their VM and let them put in their input.

One critical requirement I put to my boss, as a condition to keep me from wandering, was to have a dedicated sales, marketing and tech resources waiting at the ready when I was doing presentations. They would get the enhancement requests in minutes of the prospective client's techs submitting them. If not by EOB that day, then by the next morning I would have pricing details for every requested enhancement. Each having full details of timelines to code, test, and verify. I was a fellow tech, so the techs got it when I said that they could then pick and choose which features they could not live without. I always used this to sweeten the deal. My boss thought I was crazy when I told him what I was doing the first time. I doubled our normal price of the product when we got down to numbers with the suits and bean counters. Our sales team went ballistic! I told the boss I was going to explain it to them and they were going to like it, or I was going to walk. He called a meeting. I made it really basic for the sales weasels. We bundled in costs for the top five customer requested enhancements into the total price, before discounts. When Sales started into heavy negotiations, they would throw in a two years of free 24x7 support. Then to sweeten the deal just a tiny bit more we would offer the client another free feature request. For the possible customers that were still wavering, we would then offer the client a 25% discount if they signed a five year support contract. Sales really bitched and moaned like a bunch of spoiled brats not getting what they wanted, the way they wanted it if I got involved in the sale.

I just let them rant as I pulled out my trusty Pico Projector and threw up a simple graph. It took the hardest headed of them about ten minutes to finally notice the room had quieted down and everyone else was trying to digest what I was showing them. Right there in a simple line graph, I showed the original list price they always discounted. Then I had my doubled list price, costs to implement the 5 most expensive new features to date for our most expensive product, two years of 24x7 support, the cut for my "commission" toy budget and then the 25% discount. Even the densest of sales weasels saw the fully discounted price was still 125% of our original list. They sold my methods to themselves and I just left never saying a word. Let them fight with the boss and board of directors to figure out what they were going to do with the new found revenue. Even discounting all the way down to our original list price still gave them plenty of profit for bonuses, if they could sell them to the board.

Not a damn one of them even acknowledged I existed when I was in the office. I am sure many of them only know my name because it was on every sales document and proposal to the clients I had visited. Another nasty trick I did when I was at the client. I told each client's acquisitions department that if they did not see my name on the paperwork, I was sure they were not getting the best possible deal. I always insisted that if that happened, they had to walk away because it meant my company was already breaching their trust and we have not gotten their business. No way was I having my name tied to dishonest sales practices. Have a few multimillion dollar deals getting pulled back, because some sales weasel was trying to eke out a bigger commission, quickly solved that problem. I can be ignored, get screwed out of tens of thousands in commissions a month and be sent off to peddle our products in the worst little shitholes of the world, but never mess with my toy budget.

That was just how it is. I was a tech that could sell the hell out of our product to the techs and do pretty well with the suits too.

Women, well forget it. Geeks don't get the good stuff. Sure sometimes I would get a geek chick so hot during a presentation to get a quick fuck in a janitor's closet. None of them looked any better than I did and yet they had a pussy, so they could get all they wanted at any time. My luck was always such that I could go into a room packed the real dumb blondes, that reinforce the stereotype, get them all stone drunk and they would get it on with each other rather than me. More than once, right there in front of me.

So how the hell did I get into the Mile High Club without even knowing I had applied, I continued thinking as I tried to rewind the last two days in my head.

It started out as a normal for a sales trip. I called Uber to come pick me up four hours before my flight. I really hated hanging out in the airport of three hours, but after multiple times of drivers getting lost or deciding I was some cretin they did not want to drive, I had to plan for anything. I just dealt with the added wait versus missing my flight. I knew better than risk missing my flight. My luck sucked so badly that even if I missed a redeye, all other flights on all other airlines would be completely booked up. I could not pay them enough to even get a first class seat. So this trip was on par. The Uber car was there on time and yet it still took us two hours to get to the airport for me to fly on a little puddle jumper prop plane to Atlanta for my connecting flight. It was already looking like today was going to be a bust when our little plane was diverted to Chattanooga to refuel because Atlanta was backed up due to a nasty storm. I planned for these delays as well and had picked a flight out that had to come in from Philly two hours later than when I was supposed to arrive on the puddle jumper. If I was delayed with weather, then they should be too. Surprisingly, it was enough of a delay that I was able to take a piss and grab some food before trying to rush from D concourse to the A concourse in the Atlanta airport.

Right when I got at the gate I heard the all too familiar, "Passenger Joe Jones, please come to the counter. Passenger Joe Jones, you need to please come to the counter."

During the first years I was sent out into the field to sell, I always booked first class, trying to get rid of the normal hassles of the coach section. Nearly every time, I was called to the counter, given the standard fake apology about having overbooked first class. If I wanted to be on this flight, I had to agree to move down to coach and take their bullshit voucher for the price of my ticket. I was dumb enough in the beginning believe them. At least, until I was on the phone with my boss, and could not come up immediately. When I got to the counter, they were giving a number of passengers the spiel about having overbooked coach and were upgrading them to first class. I was pissed and made the dumb mistake of calling them on it. That got me delayed a day as I dealt with the airport cops for making a stink.

One older cop was as pissed as I was about it and pulled me aside to say, "Look kid, these arrogant airline assholes, and the privileged shits can't stand someone that does not fit their damn elitist mold. Why do you think Bill Gates and all the other rich as God people have their own jets? They get the same bullshit treatment they pulled on you. If you can rate a company jet, then don't bother to even try to get in their little world, you will just keep getting screwed over. Complain a bit and they make us arrest you just because. All while abusing the Patriot Act."

So today when I got up to the desk I heard them telling others that they were getting bumped off to a later flight with a free upgrade to first class and some money besides. I was expecting them to tell me if I would get another worthless voucher and then I would get crated so they could put me in the luggage compartment with animals. The agent at the counter was still young enough that her eyes were not smiling as she lied through her teeth to every customer and faked giving a shit about helping anyone.

"Mr. Jones," she said with the fake smile. "I am so sorry to tell you this, but someone has made a huge mistake and overbooked the flight..."

Not even letting her finish I said, "I was expecting such when you called me up here. So how much is the voucher for today, how many days will I have to wait on a new flight to Philly and how many layovers will it be today? Do I even merit a hotel and meal voucher for the overnight stay?"

That seemed to honestly shake her up a little, or she just floated an air biscuit she was going to blame on me. She quickly recovered and was back with the fake smile as she explained, "Mr. Jones, you flight is overbooked and your seat is no longer available."

Yeah honey I got that already. Maybe I need to blow in your ear to fill your head back up so you can move on to the next bullshit line.

"We have changed your seat assignment accordingly. We are adding in the full movie package at no additional cost to apologize for your new section not being able to see the aisle monitors," she told me trying hard to keep smiling. "If you will give me your boarding pass I will make the needed adjustments."

Well, shit on me, I never watch the damn movies anyway. I see them in the theatres on the days they open. I thought as she was playing with my boarding pass.

Looking at the ticket I saw I was in seat ID-3A.

Where the hell is that seat? I was going to find out soon, she told me to go ahead and board.

I should have told them I wanted a big voucher and another flight, I told myself as I got directed to the seat.

If the first class people did not want me up there because I did not have their look, then this section was for those that did not have the look to even ride in coach. I am sure some airline exec decided to take out one of the bathrooms at the back of the plane and put seats in that place to make a bit more money. There was no window, had two rows of three seats each and the section did not actually look like it was even finished yet. The walls were rough, unpainted, the overhead lights were held up with zip ties, and there were no air nozzles to cool it down. The faded first class cabin curtain used to cover the opening made the little banishment to hell complete. I had just gotten seated, next to where there should have been a window, when karma made sure I knew it was here to balance things out. Here came a four belt Bubba who paid for a single seat knowing he needs 3. I knew the drill and quickly moved out to wait by the bathrooms as he tried to wiggle and jiggle himself into his seat in the row behind mine. Seems karma was giving me the slightest of reprieves. Normally he would be pouring himself into the seat next to me. I started to head to my seat when the blubber twins came oozing down the aisle sideways. Every seat that had someone in the aisle seat already got a mass of gut or slab of fat ass rubbed over them as the women squished by.

What the hell did I do to earn luck this bad?

Well that was three of the five seats crammed full of an easy half ton of sweaty, spandex covered blubber squished into a very confined space and without any air conditioning. Where were the other two oversized blobs waiting to test the strength of the arm rests on my row?

Damn I hate having to fight to get their lard asses out of my way so I can pee. If I am going to suffer holding a piss for hours, they will have to deal with fighting with their seats as I try to get into mine, after they have gotten the arm rests molded into their fat, I thought with a big grin on my face.

When I looked down the aisle I saw something worse than walking blubber. Bubblegum smacking, air headed, constantly texting, and giggling teenage girls. The flight was not even long enough to drug myself so I would just fall asleep. I already knew that my top of the line noise cancelling headphones weren't able to drown out their constant chatter and obnoxiously loud phone alerts, even if I put in ear plugs first.

Can I still get off the plane and give up my seat? I have enough vouchers now that I should be able to pay for a flight with just me on it.

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