First Day at High School
Chapter 1

Caution: This Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/mt, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, CrossDressing, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, School,

Desc: Humiliation Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Freshman Victor who had just turned 14 is so happy to finally be attending high school. Some grade 12 girls change his smile to a frown as they give him a most humiliating greeting. His first week at school is definitely Hell Week.

Victor was proud as he entered the parking lot at school. He had just turned fourteen the week before and today was not only the first day of school, it was his first day in High School. Today he was no longer a little boy, he felt himself a man or, at least, a bona fide teenager. But those good feelings were about to disappear.

As Victor paused by the chain link fence bordering the parking lot he was grabbed from behind by several senior class girls who immobilized him while one of the girls stuffed something in his mouth to gag him and slipped a blindfold over his eyes. Victor was tightly held with his hands behind his back; as well he could not see his assailants nor shout for help. He was at their mercy; but mercy was one thing they would not show him.

There were half a dozen girls older, stronger and bigger than Victor who now dragged the poor lad to the fencing facing the street. Three of the girls ran out on to the sidewalk to shield their actions from anyone passing by. On the other side of the fence, three more kept their deeds hidden as well.

It must have been planned in advance for it had taken less than a minute or two to complete. Victor was shoved against the fence, face outward towards the street. Several hands grabbed at his clothing and, pulling his arms up and lifting his legs to remove shirt and footwear, the girls removed his shirt, undershirt, shoes and socks in half a minute.

Barefoot and bare chested, Victor's arms were stretched on high and his wrists were tied to the fence wire with one of his shoelaces. That allowed the girls to quickly remove his pants and underpants. He was buck naked, blindfolded, gagged and bound.

The other shoelace was then used to bind his ankles together and secure them to the bottommost fencing. His humiliation did not end there. No students or school staff could see Victor's dilemma because of the three tall girls hiding him. No one on the street could see what was going on either. So, with total privacy, the girls could take their time as they had their mischievous and naughty way with the hapless freshman.

One of the senior girls on the street side of the fence pulled out a thick rubber band and, pulling Victor's cock and balls through the fence, proceeded to stroke the lad to erection and then double-wrap the rubber band around his balls and cock shaft. On the other side of the fence, a girl looped Victor's leather belt through the fence and was secured tightly around the lad's waist. In this way, Victor was bound to the fence with is cock and balls prominently jutting out and he would be so secured as to not be able to move backwards. His arms up, his legs together, his cock and balls on full display and his bare ass was ready for spanking.

The girls on the street side worked on his cock, stroking it to a frustrating near climax. They also flicked their fingers on his balls to counter his genital pleasure with genital pain. Only muffled screams came from his mouth which was well gagged, it turned out, with the soiled panties of one of the girls.

Inside the fencing the three girls there took turns whacking Victor's butt with paperback books. They chatted loudly as they did this to drown out the sound of Victor's paddling. They took their time and did not stop until his buttock cheeks were shining red.

The bell rang. The girls on the street side stopped their testicular torment, but not without one last ball squeezing, and ran to class. On the inside of the fence, the three girls there also took off but not before pulling the blindfold off Victor's eyes to further his humiliation as now students rushing in as well as those already on the school grounds could see him in all his naked, erect, spanked and bound glory.

It took just a minute to free himself, now that he wasn't being held by those girls and only tied with his laces and belt. But that was more than enough time for everyone to see his predicament and laugh at him as well as plenty of time for his assailants to get away scott-free.

He worked his chaffed wrists free first, then unbuckled the belt at his waist managed to kick his feet free from his lace binding. But he could not manage to undo the cock-ball ring of rubber. He would have to cut that later.

So, naked and with an embarrassing hard-on, Victor finally removed the cloth gag from his mouth. The panties were especially frilly and feminine. They were only the only piece of clothing Victor now had as his assailants had absconded with all his clothes.

He had no choice, really. He put the panties on and went to class.

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