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Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Foreword - Sherlock Holmes' incredible intellect is without limit. There is nothing he does not know about poisons, footprints, criminal behaviour. you name it. His one flaw is women; Holmes just doesn't understand them. Their desires, their bodies. nothing. So when a wealthy lord engages the great detective to discover why he cannot penetrate his bride. well, it's lucky Holmes has a friend like Watson.

Hello readers, sorry to delay the storytelling, this is just a short note about why I wrote this story. If you page down to the Prologue now, you won't miss any of the story.

The creator of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle – is possibly the world's most famous author of short stories, and these days erotica is the literary genre now most commonly presented in small, delicious portions; so the marriage of the two was too enticing for me to resist.

I own (and treasure) a paperback collection of Sherlock Holmes stories that I have read many times over. I love the Victorian style of these bite-sized mysteries and have also read a number of Holmes-homage stories that replicate the language and characters so convincingly that they could have come from A.C. Doyle himself. It was this type of story I wanted to write; one that looked and sounded just like a Sherlock Holmes story, except it would be erotica.

This story is part parody and part homage to the world-famous detective.

All but four of Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories were narrated by his friend and roommate, Doctor John Watson (you know: "Elementary, dear Watson"). In the stories, Holmes is a very arrogant and intolerant man; qualities that Watson readily forgives because he enjoys the excitement of solving crimes. These are the "homage" qualities of my story: I have tried to replicate Watson's narrative style, Holmes's arrogance and the nature of their partnership.

In Doyle's stories, Holmes is always mentally superior and cracks the case long before Watson. In this respect my story is a parody; I wanted Watson to win for a change and I hope I have given it a humorous twist by exploiting Holmes's only earthly weakness: his knowledge of women.

As for the erotica, I have never read any explicit Victorian erotica, so the style may seem a little anachronistic; certainly it doesn't sound like A.C. Doyle, so for that I apologise in advance.

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories, I hope you enjoy this one in the spirit in which it is offered. If you haven't read any of Doyle's stories, I hope you find this to be a short piece of sexy, Victorian fun.

Belinda LaPage, 2014

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