Schoolgirl Games
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm rather short, insecure, and on my fourth wife already. Now she's helping a girl with a school project - in her bikini! Obviously she's beginning to lose interest in me. Well the girl is stunning, to be fair, and so innocent.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Cheating   Group Sex   First   Slow  

I married my first wife at twenty-seven; now I'm still only thirty-nine but I'm on my fourth wife already. I have no idea if I'm hard to live with, have poor judgment, or have just been unlucky, who knows, but anyway Lisa has only been with me for eighteen months and already I'm feeling a bit insecure.

Though feeling insecure isn't terribly unusual for me to be honest, because I'm not really a man cast in the heroic mould. I'm only five foot six, and I'm not especially beefy either, or a terribly confident guy generally. It's not what I'd have chosen for myself, but there we are, I can't do anything about it.

Anyway I suppose it could be worse, because for some reason certain girls have always been attracted to me. Even when I was just twelve or thirteen my French teacher was flirting with me, and as I grew older I had many passes made at me by girls, women and gay men.

Often at the time I didn't even realise what was going on, but looking back they were definitely after me and my cute little body! It was quite routine in my early teens for someone to sit me teasingly on their lap. I had no idea about sex though, and I missed a lot of invitations.

Luckily by the time I was eighteen and at University some of the girls were confident and pushy enough to just grab me, and I had a great time. I was knocked off by girls who were stunningly gorgeous, though I didn't understand why, even when two girls would do it together. I just got used to it.

Gradually I noticed they were quite often confident girls of roughly my own height or occasionally bigger, and as often as not quite strongly built. Some of them were smaller, but even then they tended to be self-sufficient girls who weren't looking for a man to protect them but for other things, whatever they were.

I suppose they liked my face, and perhaps my body which is I guess reasonably well-proportioned and lean. I have an Italian complexion, light greeny-brown eyes and thick wavy brown hair, but how much that has to do with anything I wouldn't like to say. I'd have jumped at the chance to be bigger without the pretty looks (as they've been called too many times) but there we are. You can only make the best of what you're given, and since I've been given what it takes to have Lisa - at least for now - I suppose I shouldn't complain.

She's a very confident twenty-six-year-old; stunning, and predictably a touch taller than me at five feet six and a half. She has lovely broad, very straight shoulders, off which hangs a fabulous athletic woman's body. She is all shape: tapered chest, small waist, proper hips, strokable ass, gorgeous thighs, big calves.

She's blonde, with fantastic naturally curly hair to her shoulders. She has light-blue eyes and an amazing mouth, with cheekbones, eyebrows, eyelashes and all the rest to match. I met her at a conference, where she extricated herself from a crowd of guys to come over and pick me up. She's one of those girls who never to has to wonder if a guy will fancy her - she pretty much just has to decide if she wants him, or which one.

So that day she smiled at me, had a drink with me, invited herself to my room, and away we went. It was cheating on my third wife, but realistically the magic had gone in that marriage; when we split she admitted she'd had a bit on the side as well, so it was all quite amicable and civilised – which is very me.

Like me Lisa is highly sexed. She loves it, and she loves my cock which at just under seven inches by one-and-three-quarters is a bit outsize on me, yet not too big in relation to her. Proportion is the thing, in the same way as her 36A tits are fabulous on her chest because of the shape of the rest of her.

Anyway, I've gone into all this in some detail because I wanted you to appreciate how I felt when one hot summer's day I got home from work a bit early, went straight up to change, and looked out of the bedroom window to see Lisa lying on the back lawn next to a girl. A girl I'd never seen before.

I checked her out in a millisecond; then checked her out some more. She was about the same height as Lisa but more slender – very slender; very pretty too with a lovely face and long, straight light-brown hair. Developed with hips, waist and tits, but young: not quite a 'young woman' yet you might say. Not really a child either though. Too young to be a friend of Lisa's anyway - perhaps fifteen? Sixteen?

Where had she come from?

They weren't touching, in fact they were a good yard apart, with a tablet and an open laptop between them, but my antennae were twitching immediately. I was pretty sure Lisa had never done anything with a girl, but I always felt that she might – it's like she is simply too sensual not to. Lisa loves being touched, touching, arousal, intimacy, orgasms; and also fun and risk. In the early days we had an unbelievable amount of sex.

Her being completely at ease with sex is a mindset that tends to rub off on those around her too. What she projects is that she can handle a rejection no worries, but would quite like some very sweet, fun sex, no strings attached. You feel you can just let go and everything will be wonderful.

Equally it seemed to me that any girl hovering on the brink of experimenting with a bit of girl-on-girl could very easily by tipped into it by Lisa; or even a girl who wasn't dead set against it, if she looked as tempting as this one and Lisa had decided on her.

Lisa can be quite goal-oriented, if you know what I mean: once she sets her sights on something, she can be pretty single-minded about it. It's part of how she's already joint owner of a web design company and works all hours including many at home, while I'm not much more than a web coder and somebody's employee.

So with all this whizzing round in my head I took a step backwards into the room to keep watching. They weren't really facing the house, so as long as I was in the gloom of the room and not right up against the window I didn't think they'd notice me.

Lisa was in her little string bikini, sunbathing, while the girl was in a short summery skirt and lightweight blouse. They were on their sides facing each other, talking casually in a friendly way, smiling a lot. Somehow I sensed they were getting to know each other – some tension in them perhaps and a certain intensity. I wished I could hear what they were saying.

Anyway I could see Lisa encouraging the girl about something, illustrating her points with her free hand, pointing at the laptop occasionally, with the girl nodding and evidently agreeing, then Lisa asking a question and the girl replying.

It was all very nice to see: two attractive people being agreeable. Lisa was being friendly but not obviously flirty, though there was an openness to her that I sensed could become an invitation. Lisa is an expert at fending off, and she definitely wasn't.

I watched for a few minutes, intrigued and not really getting answers to the questions running round in my mind, so with seeing nothing developing I turned away to change into cooler shorts and tee, thinking I'd go down and meet the girl.

But when I looked out onto the lawn again they were standing up and Lisa was slipping on a skirt and top. They disappeared into the house and a minute later I heard Lisa's car start and drive off.

Half an hour later Lisa was back. By this time I was in my speedos sunbathing on the back lawn.

"Oooh," she smiled by way of welcome, "you're back nice and early." She was taking off her top and skirt as she spoke, followed by her bikini top and bottom. Close to the house our back garden is nice and private.

I lifted my ass so she could pull my trunks down and then she was alongside me, kissing me, rubbing up against me making me rock hard. She straddled me and connected us and I felt her need. Her fabulous strong pussy was creamy and demanding as she worked urgently towards a cum. She fucked me hard and we were pretty quickly there, and as always I came with her and it was wonderful.

Then when we'd had our orgasm and we were lying there with an arm round each other, the natural thing to do would have been to ask casually about the girl. I knew that.

But some stupid instinct made me keep quiet about it. I could feel Lisa had been well wound up, and so I already had an answer to one of my questions – Lisa fancied her. The girl had made her hot.

If I were the person I'd like to be I'd have just asked, of course, but a jealous impulse took hold and I couldn't: someone else had aroused Lisa and I felt threatened.

It had always been a problem that I didn't really understand why Lisa was with me, and so I was perpetually expecting her to wake up, smell the coffee, and go with someone else - someone bigger, I imagined; a hard-case entrepreneur or something. Someone six foot three who strode masterfully down corridors with people scattering out of his way.

But that jealousy was still happening with this teenage girl, whoever she was. It was senseless in a way, but I suppose I felt that if Lisa once started to look elsewhere it would spread.

So I stuck my head in the sand, said nothing, and gave Lisa the rest of the fucking she needed, which turned out to be another two big orgasms over three-quarters of an hour.

In the back of my mind I was hoping she'd tell me about the girl of her own accord, but to my dismay she didn't, either when we relaxed and lay back after the fuck, or during the rest of the day.

So of course paranoia took hold. I couldn't think of anything else. Lisa works at home whenever she wants and normally I can't, very easily, so in my mind she could be seducing this girl all day while I was at work; discovering better sex, broadening her horizons, falling in love or whatever. Having other girls over too, who knew. Boys. Tall boys. My wife could be having orgies with whole classes of schoolkids...

It was desperate, and I knew perfectly well a poor way to behave, but at two in the morning I crept out of bed and took Lisa's phone from her bedside table. In the bathroom I looked through her messages.

There were a load from someone called Simone. I looked ... the first was from three weeks ago then more in the last few days ... aha it was a school project placement. The girl was doing some web design project and had a placement at Lisa's company. No photo in the phonebook but it had to be her.

Well, that was quite innocent then, as far as it went.

The only question was whether it would stay innocent. If it were me, it probably wouldn't, because if THAT girl made a play for me I'd definitely find her hard to resist. There are not many girls who look like Simone. And it wasn't just the looks; the whole way she moved, how she carried herself, how she smiled and responded...

I suppose you're thinking that kind of attitude is probably why I'm on my fourth wife, and you might have a point, though I've never had a breakup caused by my wandering eye I didn't think. Not directly, anyway.

But I had an idea Lisa was just as bad as me. Realistically I couldn't see how she was going to be satisfied with just me for the next twenty years, or however long she was going to want sex. Like me she'd been used to having a lot of different partners, in college and afterwards too. And Simone was there; a tempting fruit if ever there was one.

And after all, Lisa hadn't really needed to bring Simone home had she? Normally supporting a school student would all have been done at her office and by email.

Not to mention Lisa flaunting herself in her little bikini - that hadn't been exactly businesslike had it? She was definitely after the girl, surely. Or at least, posing the question.

After a minute or two just enough sanity returned for me to realise that the worst of all possible scenarios would be for Lisa to catch me snooping through her phone. I was feeling bad about it anyway. I snuck it back onto her bedside table and got gently back into bed. I had to work out how to keep an eye on things. What I could do I had no idea, but I HAD to know about Lisa and Simone. I was beyond control.

Wild ideas flitted through my head: installing tracker software on Lisa's phone; spy cameras; following her in a hire car; hiding in the shrubbery...

But by the morning I'd realised I'd better get a grip and just come home early again – it was forecast to be another sunny day and if Lisa was that keen on Simone then there was a fair chance she'd find a pretext to have her over again straight away. Lisa is an action girl and gets on with things, which is how we're together in the first place of course.

I was thinking that since I hadn't mentioned the girl, Lisa would be assuming I knew nothing about it – that I'd missed it all and had arrived home while she was taking Simone home (I walk to work so my car is always in the garage). It's rare for me to be home before 5:45. So ... today Lisa would probably think she was safe up to four o'clock at least. I made my excuses at work accordingly and at just before three I was quietly opening the front door.

I went up and tiptoed to the bedroom window, and was both dismayed and aroused to see Lisa and her 'schoolgirl project' (as Simone had become in my mind) on the lawn again. Lisa was in her provocative little buttercup yellow bikini, and Simone was in a different short skirt and blouse and sandals. They were chatting while Lisa spread sun oil on her legs.

It was frustrating not to be able to hear what they were saying, although to some extent I could guess: knowing Lisa clued me in. She's clever and subtle, and focussed as I said, so I knew that whatever she did was likely to have a purpose. And by now I was pretty sure what that purpose would be.

I could work out that she was saying things that kept Simone looking at her while she spread oil languorously up her thighs, and worked it under edge of her bikini bottoms and under the string ties. When a finger caught in the loop of the tie bow I knew it was no accident. I saw Simone notice, tense up for a moment, then relax as the finger slid out without undoing it. But Lisa had planted the idea. And Simone was still there, as engaged as before.

Lisa was moving her hands so slowly it made it distinctly sensual, while appearing not to be paying attention. She kept smiling and talking and listening to Simone while her hands spread the oil sensually all over her body.

She went up her tummy, onto the tops of her tits, up her neck, along her shoulders and over her face. Then down her arms to her hands; hands which somehow she made more arousing than ever. Simone's eyes had followed the hands all over Lisa; as I knew Lisa had intended.

Up in the bedroom I undressed in place, not talking my eyes off them.

Lisa lay down, luxuriating in the sun. After a minute she looked at her schoolgirl project and said something. Simone visibly wavered. Lisa said something more, looking persuasive. Simone smiled an uncertain smile and Lisa smiled back, spoke again, and looked away.

I watched Simone look around, at the high fence and shrubs that surround the garden. I could see she was checking that no-one could see, as indeed no-one can unless you go far enough down the garden for the neighbours to look across, and since they are some way away there's a good twenty yards where they can't. Lisa said something; something pleasant and accepting, and Simone smiled at her. Then Simone stood up and took off her sandals.

I held my breath.

She pulled her blouse out of her skirt, undid the buttons, and slid it off her shoulders and down her arms. I stopped breathing while I ogled her bra-clad upper body, her tits a good B and looking prominent on her narrow chest.

Lisa I could see deliberately not looking, saying something and waiting for Simone to reply before she did glance across, very casually. Simone was undoing her skirt, then letting it fall down her legs as she looked back at Lisa, seeking Lisa's approval. Which she had of course!

Simone lay down on her front, clearly having just been talked into sunbathing in her bra and panties. Both of which were very sexy – not tiny or lacy, just plain white, but the perfect size and fit for her.

She has curves, but they're shallow ones; her shoulders and pelvis aren't very wide, but her waist is tiny and so her ribcage does have a slight taper to it. Her legs are slender but carry some muscle, so they too had shape. Her ass is a gently curving work of art.

Lisa was still feigning indifference, looking briefly but not gazing like I was. The two of them exchanged a few more sentences, Lisa with her eyes closed.

I was waiting for Lisa to turn over.

But instead she passed the sun oil to Simone, whose skin looked as though it would tan easily, though it was paler than Lisa's right now.

Lisa maintains a tan all year round, which she knows really suits her. Her light-blue eyes are amazing in her tanned-blonde face, so that a lot of people she meets literally do a double-take. Some people can't stop themselves staring, but Lisa doesn't mind. She's someone who likes to be noticed, and since most people care what she thinks about them she uses her facial expression to control people a lot. A smile, a frown, approval, invitation, joke, mockery ... she has the full arsenal and I could see the inexperienced young Simone was susceptible to it all.

Simone put the oil on, doing her legs first, up to her panties but rather quickly, then on to her tummy and arms, chest, neck and face. I was braced for her to ask Lisa to do her back, but disappointingly the lithe girl was so flexible that she did her own quite easily.

I could see Lisa had been keeping an eye out for the opportunity to offer to put the oil on, but with that not working out she had a Plan B, as ever, and switched effortlessly to it. She reached for the oil, rolled over and started putting it on her own back. She said something, which I just knew had to be something about how she wished she were as lovely and flexible as Simone!

Simone smiled at the compliment, then she watched Lisa stretching her hands one at a time over her shoulders and one at a time up her back from underneath. A slight uncertainty came over the girl's expression; I knew she was wondering if she ought to offer, or anticipating that Lisa was going to ask.

Both Simone and I could see that Lisa hadn't covered the area just above her bikini strap; though only I knew that she could have, if she'd wanted to.

Lisa said something, and Simone replied. I guessed it was asking if Lisa had got it all, and Simone saying not quite. Lisa struggled a bit more, then laughed, said something, and lay back down. She'd said 'oh never mind', I was betting.

Of course it was too much for the sweet girl and she said something. Lisa smiled at her and I pretty much lip-read "oh thanks", and then Simone was picking up the oil bottle.

I tried to work out if Simone was doing it more slowly than necessary, as I gazed down with my eyes glued to the spectacle of the delectable slender schoolgirl, so innocently in bra and panties, stroking the oil over Lisa's beautifully shaped back.

The hands were spread, and moving quite slowly. Long, slender fingers. Also they went under the string strap, without being asked I thought, and right round the sides. Spreading the oil over the few square inches could have taken five seconds, but it took more like twenty.

It wasn't long enough for me, of course, but it was electrifying nonetheless. Contact.

Simone lay back down again and I suppose all three of us were taking stock. For myself I was thinking Simone had come here two days in a row, with Lisa flaunting her body pretty brazenly, and this second time the girl had been more adventurous rather than defensive. Oiling someone's back is a cliché of course, but it's a cliché for a reason – it is touching. And the girl had if anything made it last.

Lisa was on.

I reckoned we all knew it. I also reckoned that both Lisa and I knew she had to take it slowly. Simone didn't look like an unconfident person but she was young and on new, taboo territory with an older and senior woman. All the signs were that she was a complete virgin, certainly as far as girls were concerned. She could be frightened off.

So I was a bit disappointed but at the same time proud of my wife's intelligence, and still full of jealousy, when nothing else happened and after some time they got up, dressed, and left. There'd been plenty of smiling, but no more touching.

I thought hastily about what I should do, then got dressed myself and walked back to work. Fortunately I have my own office so I didn't have to do much explaining. Then I went home as usual at 5:30 and as before had to give Lisa a good seeing-to. It was great sex, since I was equally wound up, and for the same reason!

But still Lisa didn't mention the girl. Surely she was worth a mention? I could have understood Lisa not telling me about some school project at work, but sunbathing with her, twice, was something Lisa would be quite sure I'd want to know about. Not to mention the bra and panties and back-oiling! Lisa and I had played around with plenty of schoolgirl fantasies in our time.

This had become a bit cheating on me, I had to accept. It didn't seem as bad as cheating with a guy, but it was secret, wasn't it? A secret affair, it was heading for.

I could think of nothing else. I was helpless to do anything but sneak home again the next afternoon, which was sunny again. I was obviously going to get caught eventually if I kept doing it, but I couldn't not. I had to know. Was I starting to lose Lisa?

While I walked home I tried for the thousandth time to find a common thread among my failed previous marriages. They had all started great, with masses of sex, all of the women completely gorgeous and randy, and then the communication had gradually faded away until one or both of us had started looking elsewhere.

Now here was my lovely Lisa seducing a schoolgirl.

And as I got into the bedroom I saw the third consecutive day's sunbathing was getting under way. Simone was here again.

And in a bikini this time! A more modest one than Lisa's, but still very sexy in electric blue and white. One that she could probably wear in front of her parents – just.

It covered her asscrack – just – and swooped down at the front covering her bush – just. The top was a pair of thin fabric triangles that draped over her tits, almost fully covering them but revealing their jutting, volcanic shape. Simone looked stunning in it.

As I undressed I realised I'd only barely missed running into them as they arrived, because they were only just getting started on the sun oil. The laptop and tablet were nowhere to be seen, so today they'd given up on that pretext and cut straight to the chase – the young girl and her seductress. I realised I'd probably almost run into them the previous day as well. And Lisa would have had to come up to the bedroom to change...

Christ, this couldn't last. If it carried on I was going to get caught perving them and that would be disaster. Lisa would go ape, and I'd look like the weak, jealous loser I was being. Shit. I resolved to make this my last time, anyway. After today I'd ignore it or find some less dangerous way to keep tabs.

Meanwhile I stood half-changed in my shirt and socks, which would at least justify my being in the bedroom.

Anyway if I knew my Lisa she'd be looking for an acceleration today. The fact that her project schoolgirl had come home with her again could only mean the teen was interested: even the most naïve nymphet would realise that sunbathing in bikinis, and putting sun oil on, wasn't a fundamental part of a school web design project! And at fifteen - or whatever she was she could be sixteen perhaps - a girl who looked like Simone would already be well used to the idea that a lot of people were after her nubile young body.

They were lying down, a fraction closer together than before I fancied, and Simone was applying the oil over her legs. I couldn't decide if she really was taking more time today or if it was my fevered imagination, but anyway she did her own back again, to my mild disappointment. But on the upside she ended up looking completely fabulous; slender and glistening in her bikini and looking a bit tanned already.

She passed the oil over to Lisa, who did her legs and arms and her front, slowly, then lay down on her back. I saw Simone watching with a smile and wondered if she was thinking about Lisa and her back.

They lay there for a few minutes, Lisa on her back and Simone on her front, looking amazing and exchanging a few words, more casually than on the previous days I thought.

Then after only about ten minutes Lisa rolled over onto her front. She didn't even start to put oil on. She said something to Simone, with a smile, and it seemed to me the girl was trying not to show she'd been expecting it. She obviously had though, as she reacted so quickly.

Simone knelt up and took the oil. In a second her delicate young hands were stroking it up Lisa's back, and my cock was tingling. She was going to do Lisa's whole back, and it was heading to be a massage.

I was just starting to wonder what Lisa was going to do, apart from lie there which wouldn't be like her, when she did it: she rolled onto her side and asked a question with a smile. Simone hesitated. What was it?

The youngster smiled, a bit anxiously I thought, then nodded, saying something, and lay down on her front. Now Lisa was kneeling, and spreading oil on her hands ... Ah! ... going to demonstrate how it's done!

I watched Lisa start an expert massage up Simone's lean, narrow back. Moving her hands slowly with a fair bit of pressure. She worked her way up to the girl's shoulders, avoiding worrying her young quarry by messing with the bikini strap, and kneaded her shoulders for a few seconds. A brief but spine-tingling stroke of the long, slender neck, and she stopped.

Lisa is so good at not overplaying her hand.

She lay back down and Simone started on her again, this time noticeably copying her tutor. Any pretence of its being about sun protection was out of the window now surely - this was a massage, and a sensual massage at that.

Simone worked up to Lisa's bikini top tie, and Lisa said something. It could only be one thing, and sure enough Simone stopped, looking nervous, until Lisa spoke again, after which the girl gingerly took hold of one end of the strings and pulled. The bow came undone and the schoolgirl timidly moved the strings off Lisa's back to either side. Then she rubbed slowly all the way up Lisa's naked back, to her shoulders.

I could see Lisa smiling and saying something; something encouraging, which was working by the look of it because Simone was stroking more and more confidently. Her sensual-looking young hands ranged over Lisa's lovely tanned back, doing long, firm strokes all the way from the top of Lisa's ass up to her shoulders and neck. Lisa's brief contact with Simone's neck had obviously made an impression because Simone was soon including Lisa's neck with every stroke, going up to the lovely wide shoulders then along and up Lisa's neck just into her hair.

Lisa spoke again, and this time her young masseuse didn't really hesitate before undoing the bikini's neck tie. That was exciting because it really wasn't necessary for anything, it was just a bit of gratuitous undressing; though now Simone's hands could stroke up Lisa's sensitive neck absolutely unimpeded.

In three or four minutes Lisa said something else, and after a moment's pause her schoolgirl shifted from kneeling alongside to straddling her, sitting astride her ass. The effect on me, looking down from Lisa's head end, was electrifying: I was gazing, albeit from a little distance, at the young beauty's wide-spread crotch, with her bikini bottoms stretched across her cameltoe. Wisps of pubic hair were peeking out, I was almost sure...

On top of that the two girls together had a kind of multiplying effect: they're about the same height, and both so feminine, but after that there are differences, and each difference drew attention to their bodies and was something to appreciate and savour ... wide shoulders versus narrow; blonde versus brunette; curly hair versus long and straight; athletic and strong versus slender and elegant; woman versus girl; confident versus tentative. It was surprising in a way that they could be so different and yet both so desirable.

Lisa had her head rotated to one side, and was saying things from time to time, smiling while Simone massaged away seemingly in a bit of a dream, but gradually letting her hands go more down the sides of Lisa's chest I thought. Either she wasn't concentrating or she was getting into the same train of thought as Lisa.

Lisa asked a question, and Simone looked uncertain again, but then nodded. She lifted herself up and Lisa turned over onto her back, leaving her bikini top on the grass of course. The schoolgirl was staring at Lisa's lovely tits, which don't protrude an awful lot but are spread over a good area of her chest and have quite large, pink nipples. They're a classic breast shape and very firm. Tanned. Modest but very beautiful.

Simone settled down again and with a bit of urging started massaging Lisa's front, going up between the breasts to start with, until after a couple of minutes Lisa took the girl's wrists and guided her hands over her tits. I could see Lisa smiling and making 'ooh' sounds, and her young masseuse's smile gradually relaxed from anxious to one of sharing something. Lisa returned her hands to Simone's wrists, but this time to start gently stroking up her thin forearms.

It was only now that I remembered my cock, but I could feel that if I touched it I would cum in a moment, and I didn't want to interrupt the amazing high I was on watching the incredible scene unfolding before me. I stood stock still, recording every detail in my mind.

Simone was swaying forwards and backwards as she stroked to and fro, and each time she came forwards Lisa let her hands work their way up the girl's slender arms a bit more. When they reached her shoulders Lisa gently gripped the girl and stopped her. Lisa stroked very lightly in to the long, slender neck, then started to move down.

We all knew that if Simone kept still, Lisa was about to stroke over her tantalising teen tits.

She kept still. Her smile was a touch anxious again, but I could see she was going to stay with it. Lisa had been so passive, so appreciative, and given Simone so much control, that the girl was feeling more confident the longer it went on. And she'd been enjoying massaging Lisa's gorgeous body.

I watched Lisa's strong, deft hands slide slowly down, then shape themselves so that it was the fingertips that glided over the fabric covering the two pert, conical breasts. Simone's face and body reacted; I could see she loved it. How far would she go? How far would Lisa take her?

But instead of pursuing the schoolgirl's tits Lisa started exploring the whole of Simone with her hands. Very, very gently her fingers roamed over Simone's lithe young body – over her collarbones, down her arms, over her hips and thighs, up the sides of her ribs, across her shoulders – and all the time I could see Simone's face looking more and more caught up in the feelings her mentor was giving her.

It went on for several minutes, then Lisa took hold of Simone's arms and gently drew her forwards. The girl leaned over, Lisa moved the long hair off her face and kissed her. I could see Simone was kissing back.

The two kissed for a minute, savouring each other, until Lisa nudged Simone to tip over so they were lying on their sides.

I watched Lisa ease them apart a few inches, slide a hand slide down between them, over Simone's flat tummy, and push it straight into her bikini bottoms. Simone froze, then as if on autopilot her upper leg lifted. She was rolled onto her back and Lisa's hand followed, the fingers working on the teen's pussy. All I could truly see of course was the front of Simone's bikini bottoms moving around, but I could imagine the fingers inside the young, wet pussy, the thumb or heel of the hand perhaps rubbing over the labia and clit.

I could imagine that, and see Simone's open mouth gasping, her face a picture of sex itself.

Her knees were raised and apart, the teen pussy desperately seeking more of the sensations.

I watched agog, wondering briefly about hymens and blood but seeing none. Who knew, but anyway in only a minute the slender girl's pelvis was jerking, spasming up and down as the orgasm hit. Her body writhed in obvious ecstasy.

It had happened so fast; it was astonishing. It lasted a few seconds, then I could see the peak was past.

Lisa changed the action of her hand and Simone started to relax from the climax that had gripped her so thoroughly. Now Lisa's hand was soothing rather than exciting, and Simone lowered her legs again. She looked stunned.

I watched Lisa's strong, agile body manoeuvre round her prone schoolgirl, unclipping her bikini top and pulling it over her head, then taking hold of the bottoms while Simone obediently lifted her ass to let Lisa slide them down her lissom legs, and off.

There was a slender, naked schoolgirl on my back lawn. Freshly fucked, by my young wife, who was now slipping off her own bikini bottoms too.

Lisa lay down again and pulled Simone to her and kissed and stroked her, gently cuddling and caressing her.

I moved slowly to grab a tissue from the dresser, then dared to touch my cock. I started cumming immediately, grabbing a chair with one hand to stay up while I pumped my pulsing dick with the other. I didn't have to pump it hard, just add a slight touch to allow my desperate release.

I never took my eyes off the girls, of course, as I shuddered through my monster cum.

And with good reason because it wasn't long before I was seeing Lisa stroking the smooth schoolgirl ass more provocatively, and Simone responding, already.

Lisa stroked the long glossy brown hair, fondled the pert tits, caressed the slender neck and delectable legs. Started kissing the lovely face and neck. I could see her teen pupil starting to make little writhing movements, being taken on another arousal.

Now I could make out, though at long range, what Lisa's hand was doing when she returned it to Simone's pussy. Sometimes two fingers were in her; sometimes three fingers were squashing her swollen cameltoe, sideways; other times the three fingers rubbed wetly to and fro over her labia and clit, or pinched her clit between finger and thumb.

After a few minutes of all that two strong fingers slid inside and began rhythmically pulling up. The fingertips had to be curled onto the G spot I realised, as Simone grabbed frantically at Lisa's shoulders and my view of her pussy was blocked. Still, I could see the desperate, ecstatic young face as she was launched into another powerful orgasm by her seductress.

Simone writhed jerkily through her cum, for a number of seconds, then sagged back.

Lisa rolled onto her back pulling the lightweight teen on top of her.

Simone was floppy, her lissom body exhausted for the moment, draped over Lisa while she tried to recover from her second intense orgasm in ten minutes. Quite possibly, it seemed to me, her second orgasm ever.

I wondered if the young girl had expected sex to be one arousal and one orgasm? If so, I knew she was in for some education because Lisa likes to do sex in sessions that involve arousal and orgasms over a period of time, like an hour. Sex with Lisa can be a bit of a workout.

And so it was for Simone. After a few minutes' being stroked and caressed and kissed, she was gently rolled off onto her back and Lisa was kissing her way down to the recently innocent – I assumed - young pussy. Simone opened her legs wide to receive her first oral, and spent the next twenty minutes being eaten – with a bit of fingering too – to yet another huge, spasming cum.

While the schoolgirl recovered from that Lisa gave her a full-body massage with the oil; first her back and then her front, clearly savouring the perfect lithe body, which seemed to me to be becoming more and more sensual as the sex went on.

When she finished Lisa lay down and pulled Simone on top of her again. Lisa was obviously loving the feel of her project schoolgirl's slim, delectable body! Lisa eased a leg between Simone's and nudged it into Simone's clit. Then she put both hands on the firm young ass and pushed her down and onto her thigh. In a second Simone had picked up the idea and was gently rubbing herself into another arousal.

I watched awestruck as Lisa skilfully seduced the delicate teen into this fourth cycle of sex. Lisa combed her fingers through Simone's long hair, kissed her face, stroked fingertips over her back and ass, and finally, after perhaps another twenty minutes of slow burn stimulation, started teasing the girl's rosebud and lifting her own thigh rhythmically up against the teen vulva.

Simone's humping grew harder and harder, another climax visibly on the way. Lisa held the girl's shoulders as her pupil thrust more and more frantically against the firm, muscular thigh under her pussy. The thrusting reached a crescendo, and then the girl froze for a second, obviously gripped by yet another earth-moving cum, before subsiding like a rag doll onto her seductress.

Simone went completely still, while Lisa caressed her gorgeous back and ass. I realised the girl was asleep. And Lisa was looking so happy, and so affectionate.

Jealously surged through me again, suddenly. Also arousal, and frustration. I knew I couldn't have another cum, because Lisa had not cum at all herself - all her satisfaction was from giving sex to her beautiful project schoolgirl. I could understand why: the sight of the girl cumming had been fabulous.

The reward of introducing such a lovely girl to her own latent sexuality must have been fantastic, and I recognised that if Lisa had tried to add her own cum to the equation it could have been just that bit more daunting for the young girl, and perhaps made it less perfect.

As it was I knew - and I was sure Lisa did too - that Simone was on course now to love sex forever. Sex with Lisa especially, of course!

But now Lisa was going run Simone home and then come back needing the mother and father of a fuck session. I had to be ready.

So I left my straining cock alone while I watched for another ten minutes, until Simone woke up from her doze. It was lovely to see her body recover, the energy of youth reviving her. Lisa said something, I guessed about the time, and Simone sat up, then stood up, a little unsteadily.

Lisa helped her into her bikini, skirt and blouse, then got dressed herself. She pulled her schoolgirl into a light embrace, running her hands over her, kissing her face and neck, and then finally offering a full French kiss. It was a deeply affectionate kiss and Simone responded to it fully, putting her hands round Lisa's neck and sinking her long, delicate fingers into Lisa's thick, curly hair. Their mouths were pressed together, tongues obviously working.

Christ. It looked like love, or not far off. Intense. Intimate.

Just in case Lisa came up to change today I hid in my big built-in wardrobe, but she didn't. I heard the front door open and close as they left, and wondered, while I waited for Lisa to return, if I'd find the courage to confront her about her project schoolgirl; whom she was clearly so fond of already!!

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