Letters From Miss M
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Masturbation,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young me received letters from a Miss M, instructing me in my auto-eroticism.

I had just finished my university degree and moved to the city that offered me my first job. In the evenings, I was often alone, chatting with my friends back home or searching in vain on dating sites. I was simply waiting for something to happen. Since I wanted to keep fit, I worked out a few times every week at a nearby gym, where many girls practiced aerobics. Once a week I went to the public library to read some new dissertations in my work field, I often stopped by the arts section on my way out to look at big colorful books full of nude models posing for long dead artists. On my way home from gym and library I was constantly hard, hoping it would not show on the bus back home.

One evening there was a letter "To Mr M" on my door mat. It was written with red ink on fine paper, had no stamp or address, so the sender must have been here herself (I assumed It was a lady since the letter had a vague scent of perfume). I read it in my couch that same evening. It said:

"Dear Mr M. You do not know me but I often see you on the public bus. One time you have looked down my blouse, but how shall you know who I am since you spread your graceful looks all over the crowded public transport? Anyway, I fancy your looks and have chosen you. Now I will instruct you to how you will get rid of that constant bulb in your pants. Do not for a second assume that you know who I am or will ever meet me. I know that you, being a man, will find this idea fairly sexy. So now, follow my instructions closely. You will yearn for my next letter when this is over. Turn the page.

Imagine me with you. Stroke your cock gently with your hand through your pants a couple of times. Imagine the hand is mine for a second. Now push your pants down just a little bit, so that the tip of your penis is barely visible from your angle. Stroke that tip with your index finger gently for a while. Feel it build up inside you. Now open up your pants and stretch your cock out in its full length. Look at it while sucking on your thumb and index finger. Use them to rub your penis, only the top half of it. While you do this – repeat out loud the following words: "Please Miss M, suck my cock, please Miss M suck my cock, please Miss M suck my cock". You may stop saying it but then your fingers have to stop moving as well. If you start stroking with these two fingers, you have to keep repeating the words. Do not disobey this simple rule. After repeating twelve times, you may use your whole hand to stroke. Stroke HARD and FAST with your whole hand while repeating: "Please fuck me Miss M, please fuck me Miss M". Again, you are only allowed to stroke while you say these words. When you are near coming, you have to say it: "I am coming, I am coming, I am coming" three times before you come. You must come on your own belly. Now I want you to smile, taste the cum and say: Thank you Miss M".

If you followed my instructions, all of them, you will wear a red scarf on the bus tomorrow. The red scarf will tell me that you followed my instructions, and I will send you further instructions. That is all for now. Miss M."

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