A Girl Always Has Options
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Arthur Dent

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lost, captured and forced to satisfy the lustful desires of an oversexed couple, what can a young girl do?

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   First   Size  

It was just one small thing that Yasmin’s father had said, back when she was little, but in the end it made such a difference: “Your life is your responsibility: there are always options.”

It wasn’t said with any special prescience, it was just one of those wise phrases that struck a chord, and it stayed with her.

He was always positive like that, anyway. He is Tanzanian, while his wife is Portuguese, though they hadn’t been allowed to live in Portugal so they’d got themselves smuggled into England in a lorry, when their only child had been a baby.

Things had been fine for years and years, living quietly in the Somali community in Leicester, until three weeks ago when the factory where he worked had been raided by the Border Agency, and the family had been put in an immigration removal centre.

Then at the airport, where they were being deported back to Tanzania, her dad told her to escape, and Yasmin just literally ran from her minder going to the loo, and she couldn’t be caught. She is only five feet three, but she has a runner’s body only marginally hindered by her firm C-cup breasts.

So now she was free and still in England, but she had nothing: just a shoulder bag and some cash her dad had given her. She jogged away from the airport, turning into side roads as soon as she could, while she tried to work out how to help her mum and dad. Even though she was only fourteen she was sure they ought to’ve had more like a proper court case, instead of that quick hearing where they’d been represented by the useless lawyer who’d hardly seemed to know who they were.

So when she walked past a smart-looking shop called “Harris Solicitors” Yasmin just went in. Perhaps they could get legal aid? Anyway she had an impulse to be in a building for a bit instead of out on the street, where some men, as usual, were eyeing her up.

“Hello, I wonder if you do Legal Aid?” she asked the perfect brunette receptionist.

“Yes we do.” The receptionist knew enough to ring and show this exotic girl straight through. If Matthew caught her on cctv giving THIS the brush-off she’d be out on her well-fondled ass.

Matthew Harris used all his court experience to mask his reaction as he waved the girl into a chair. He quickly checked out her dark-green eyes, the lower eyelids plump, and flat or even curved down a touch making them such a shape; the glowing brown skin between African and Mediterranean; the cheekbones; her mouth; that mop of fluffy dark-brown hair...

The word ‘stunning’ seemed inadequate. Even before he got to her slender little body with those jutting tits...

“Yes we do legal aid,” he answered the question his hot receptionist had relayed. “What is it you need it for? You don’t look like a criminal.” He smiled, making himself an ally.

“My mum and dad and I are being deported,” Yasmin couldn’t think of anything better than the truth, “so I was wondering ... if we could appeal or something? I don’t have any money though, that’s why I need Legal Aid.”

He was being a bit too friendly, she thought, but that was better than not. And he was probably too busy to really bother with her, what with the gorgeous receptionist who seemed to be under his spell - a handsome, important man as he was, only in his early thirties but already in that immaculate suit and on the other side of this huge desk.

“Where are they now?” Matthew asked. He quickly found out that she’d run from the Border Agency and so the parents were probably back in the immigration removal centre. She was lost.

“Well we can certainly try,” he smiled at the anxious youngster, “and they won’t be deported without you, so the first step is for you to hole up somewhere, out of sight.” He watched the girl wrestle with what to say next.

“My house is locked up,” she confessed eventually.

“I see,” Matthew sympathised.

Yasmin was trying to be brave and not cry. She prided herself on not crying.

“I don’t suppose you have somewhere you can stay? Friends? Relatives?” Matthew probed gently.

Yasmin could only shake her head. Her relatives were all in other countries and her friends’ parents might call the police or something; they didn’t have much space or much money either. She didn’t have anywhere to go, now she had to think about it. Perhaps her dad had made a mistake telling her to run away?

“Let me see if my wife knows anyone,” Matthew picked up the phone and Yasmin couldn’t help starting to hope as she listened to him explain and then make various encouraging responses. His voice was so correct and confident, like everything was under his control.

“Alright,” he told Yasmin at the end of the conversation, “my wife, Sadie, says you can stay in our spare room tonight. She can’t bear the thought of what might happen if I were to boot you out of here with nowhere to go.” He smiled at the relief and gratitude that swept across the lovely young face. “Now, tell me all about your mum and dad.”

Twenty minutes later Yasmin had imparted all the details and was trying not to be intimidated by the confident and very good-looking woman who’d arrived in a BMW that looked brand new and very expensive. Taller than her at about five foot seven, and bigger too with shoulders and hips; mature at perhaps thirty, expensively dressed and scented. In a moment the teen was being whisked out of the city.

“Now don’t you worry about anything my dear,” the older woman reassured her, “you’re welcome to the spare room while Matthew makes a start seeing if he can reopen the case.” Her voice was super correct like Mr Harris’, and conveyed the same confidence that everything in the world was how she wanted it.

Sadie could hardly believe this girl had fallen into their laps like this. Off the grid, and unknown, apart from the brainless receptionist Rona, and Matthew knew how to keep her quiet...

Sadie phoned him, mainly to awe the girl, who as Sadie had suspected didn’t know about Bluetooth and couldn’t understand how the music in the car had been replaced with Matthew’s voice. As usual Matthew picked up straight away and didn’t need any opening pleasantries.

“Are you doing some shopping on the way home?” Sadie asked. It was hard not to snigger. “Some hooks and those rings on mounting plates? And an outfit, and a few metres of that soft pink stuff you know what I mean, and fastenings...”

“Yes yes I know,” her husband was grinning she could hear, “I’m on my way now. I can’t concentrate here anyway.” He hung up.

Yasmin was looking around the stylish, expensive car, searching for how Sadie and Matthew were talking to each other, more than listening to the conversation. She could feel she was a junior person in a very senior world.

She gazed out of the window as she was whisked through the countryside, finally into a village that had no litter and only expensive-looking cars on big immaculate driveways. Sadie swooped into one of them. Yasmin watched the huge garage door glide open, heard it close behind them, and had to be told to get out into the echoing brick garage that had a glinty red sports car already in it as well as an empty space.

“Come through,” Sadie indicated a door which went through into a kitchen. It was as impressive as everything else about Sadie and Matthew.

Sadie showed Yasmin round the house, underplaying the luxury to maximise its effect on the youngster, who seemed to be impressionable in the childish way. She might be developed physically, but it looked like in her mind she still expected grown-ups to be telling her what to do.


“This can be your room.”

Yasmin gaped at the large, plush bedroom while Sadie showed her the built-in wardrobe and en-suite. Yasmin had heard about en-suite shower rooms, but never actually seen one.

“You’re ready for a shower I expect, but come through and we’ll have one in mine,” said Sadie, so confidently that Yasmin just followed her along the corridor and into an even bigger bedroom. She watched uncertainly as Sadie pressed a button, which started water spraying out behind a big glass partition, from lots of different places.

“Come on, you’ve showered with girls before haven’t you?”

Yasmin didn’t want to admit she’d been home-schooled and had never showered with anybody. Obviously she was supposed to have. She didn’t want to say she didn’t really need a shower, either. She meekly took off her trainers, jeans and top, then her socks, bra and panties, following Sadie’s brisk example and trying not to think about being in the nude. Sadie wasn’t looking at her especially, at least, and seemed to think it was just normal...

Sadie held the glass door open and Yasmin edged awkwardly past the nude woman’s lean, athletic body. Her bush was blonde, too. And neatly trimmed unlike her own. Her tits were firm, a bit smaller than her own C’s.

In a second Yasmin was standing in a deluge of warm water that sprayed her from every side. She saw it was a twin shower and watched Sadie, almost but not quite touching her, twirl slowly, savouring it. Yasmin copied her, then Sadie turned the water off and took a bottle of shower gel.

Sadie squirted gel on her hands and reached for the girl, who shied away. “Stand still,” she instructed, in her best kind-but-expectant voice, and the overwhelmed teen did. Sadie turned her by the shoulders and started washing her back, holding one shoulder at a time to steady her. Sadie didn’t say anything.

She was relishing the slender body clad in the gorgeous brown skin, smaller than her own in every way except those luscious breasts. Which she would get to shortly. She washed slowly down, over each pert, lean asscheek, crouching as she moved onto the slender but nicely muscled thighs.

She added more gel, working down, both front and back now, to the feet which she lifted one at a time to do between the toes.

“I ... I...” Yasmin began to protest as the forceful woman started back up her thighs, heading for her private place. Surely this wasn’t quite right?

“Don’t fuss,” Sadie became more businesslike than ever, “we want to make sure you’re clean don’t we? Come on.”

Yasmin obediently opened her legs as they were nudged apart, trying to work out why Sadie was washing her, but not liking to ask. Sadie seemed so sure it was the right thing.

Yasmin kept still even while the strange fingers rubbed over her labia and clitty, lubricated with gel. Expensive, perfumed gel. Sadie was being firm and quick, not trying to have sex with her or anything like that - her attitude was more like a doctor.

At least, that’s how it seemed. Yasmin wasn’t quite sure because she’d never had sex and had only recently started thinking about playing with herself. But this was like the feeling between her legs when she was riding her bike or something: the touches weren’t trying to be sexy, so they weren’t.

Sadie’s deft, purposeful fingers moved up to the teen’s rosebud, and Yasmin couldn’t help squirming a little.

“Assholes have to be washed,” Sadie told her, “you do wash yours don’t you? And right inside your labia like we’ve just done?”

“Yes,” gasped Yasmin, deciding to do so very thoroughly in future.

“Good,” said her mentor, “you’re a good girl. Now I’ll just finish and then we’ll rinse.”

Though Yasmin found first her chest and tits had to be washed, and her hair, then her tits a bit more for some reason, and embarrassingly her nipples came out. She realised Sadie was touching them differently now.

“Your hair is lovely and soft,” Sadie was telling her, “that’s the advantage of being mixed-race - you are aren’t you? - it’s nice and curly but so soft.”

Yasmine tried to ease away from the inappropriate fingertips, but that just seemed to set Sadie off somehow.

“Oooh,” the older woman pursued the erect nipples wherever Yasmin tried to hide them, even in the corner, “they’re sensitive aren’t they? Aren’t they?” She span the small girl round by her narrow shoulders.

“Yes,” Yasmin could only look at the wet tiled floor.

“It’s good to have sensitive tits,” Sadie sounded pleased, cupping them now. Yasmin just stood there, her tits tingling like they never had before but it was so wrong.

Luckily Sadie stopped after a few seconds, washed herself quickly and turned the water back on. Yasmin made sure to rinse her private bits thoroughly with her hands.

Sadie turned the water off and to Yasmin’s relief passed her a towel instead of drying her. The fondling had upset her. Perhaps there was something a bit weird about all this?

She dried and reached for her underwear to start getting dressed again, but Sadie stopped her: “Matthew will be back with your new clothes soon, just stay in your towel. Let’s go down and have some afternoon tea and you can tell me a bit about yourself.”

Yasmin allowed herself to be led downstairs wearing only a towel, trying to persuade herself to ask about the new clothes but not quite being able to. There had to be a reason Sadie wasn’t telling her.

But tomorrow she was going to ask about leaving, she reckoned. When she thought back to how Matthew had looked at her ... and now she couldn’t get dressed and he’d been buying her clothes?

Anyway she sat on the sofa with Sadie, in her towel, legs together, drinking tea. Sadie, also in a towel, was being very friendly.

“So they were going to deport you after your first hearing, when you’ve grown up here? That’s terrible!” Sadie sympathised.

Yasmin found herself telling her all about it.

“Well you can count on Matthew to get it fixed,” Sadie lied gleefully when Yasmin finished, “and till he does you can stay here, don’t worry about that. You certainly don’t want to be out on the street; you wouldn’t last five minutes looking how you do.”

Yasmin smiled gratefully. She couldn’t help thinking Sadie was correct, even while at the same time thinking this situation didn’t feel quite right. That feeling grew when Sadie changed the conversation.

“So you don’t seem to have done too much with boyfriends just yet, I hope you don’t mind my asking?”

“Not really.” Yasmin hadn’t had a boyfriend. She’d only recently started thinking about sex at all.

“Very wise,” the older woman congratulated her. “Tell me about your parents.”

Yasmin told her about her mum and dad.

“And your father is from Tanzania? And your mother from Portugal? That’s so exotic. Let’s go and try a little fragrance. I have all kinds of samplers upstairs, come on, it’s just what you need, with this gorgeous skin.”

So for the next fifteen minutes Yasmin had about ten different scents dabbed and sprayed on her neck then wiped off again. Finally Sadie found one she liked, sprayed some more and left it on.

Yasmin had started to get a bit used to the intimacy, and she did like the fragrance Sadie had settled on. It was classy and expensive, and just a little exotic as Sadie seemed to like.

“Right, now let’s just tidy your bush up a bit. Do you want me to do it for you?”

“No thanks,” gasped Yasmin, “I can do it.”

Somehow she’d agreed to do it, so for the next few minutes she snipped and plucked under the decisive tutelage she was beginning to get used to. At least her bush didn’t go onto the top of her legs like she knew some girls’ did, and the plucking didn’t hurt so much once Sadie had shown her about pulling the skin tight and being really quick with the tweezers.

As she surveyed the neat result she heard the front door open, and she just had time to stand up and rearrange her towel before Matthew came into the bedroom carrying several bags of different sizes. She made herself raise a smile to return his ‘hello’.

“Ah good,” Sadie stood up too and gave Matthew a quick kiss, taking some bags from him, “come along Yasmin we’ll get you dressed in your room. Matthew has some things to fit in here anyway.”

Yasmin followed Sadie down the corridor, glad not to be in a bedroom with a man, wearing nothing but a towel.

Back in the room that she’d said would be Yasmin’s, Sadie tipped the bags out on the bed. She quickly spotted a black dress with white frilly trim and handed it to the girl.

“Put this on,” she commanded, so definitely that Yasmin took her towel off and pulled the dress over her head before thinking about her bra and panties, and without checking the size. With the hem only just below the top of her legs it stuck.

She kept pulling, felt it on her shoulders, taut, then checked in the mirrored wall that made up the wardrobe doors. She gave a little shriek as her mind struggled with the awful truth.

“It’s a costume!” she gasped at Sadie. “A sexy maid costume! Not proper clothes!”

She started to pull it off, only to have her wrists gripped in Sadie’s much stronger hands.

“It’s lovely,” Sadie told her, letting the thin wrists go and doing up the zip. “Anyway it’s what I want you to wear and that’s that. Here, put these on before we go downstairs. It’s time for drinks and we want you to serve them.”

Yasmin knew she was overpowered at every level. She slowly pulled on the small white bikini panties, the white thigh-highs and the black shoes. She was a fantasy maid. In a tiny dress and no bra. She had a bad feeling now.

“Here,” Sadie was standing behind, fitting a black choker with a white frill round her neck, with a buckle.

Yasmin stood haplessly, trying not to glimpse herself in the mirror, while Sadie rummaged on the bed and pulled out a strip of frilly fabric. As she came towards her with it Yasmin saw there was a loop at one end, like a handle, then she had to lift her chin as Sadie’s hand aimed the other end in at her neck ... there was a click.

Sadie grinned at the stunning young girl. So beautiful, and so innocent. Just on the cusp of sexuality. And all theirs. She was so what she and Matthew needed, after four years of marriage.

“Come on,” she gave their new maid a gentle tug on her lead, smiling at the huge eyes which conveyed the sexiest amount of trepidation.

Yasmin followed in a daze, trying to take in what was happening. She was being led around the house on a LEAD, dressed ... dressed up as a servant for bosses to ogle and ... take advantage of, she feared. Her mind refused to think about it in detail.

She trailed after Sadie, watching her lock all the windows and doors, taking the keys out. “Now we don’t want you running off and getting into trouble,” Sadie was saying kindly. “If you get out you’ll be hurt, enslaved, prostituted, gang-raped, who knows; or even if you make it back home and your parents have been released on licence, you’ll all be deported as soon as you’re back with them.

“So we’re just going to help you resist that temptation, while you get used to things. We’re not going to hurt you. You need somewhere to be and we need someone to have fun with. Don’t try and smash a window, it’s six-millimetre security glass, double glazed, so you’ll only make a noise and you might cut yourself very badly.”

Yasmin’s heart sank even lower, till she thought of her dad’s words: there are always options.

That revived the thought that Matthew would be trying to get the deportation stopped. It could even be worth it, this weirdness and humiliation, if that was the result

When they arrived at the main living-room Matthew was just climbing down off a stepladder. Yasmin saw a rope dangling down through one of the chandeliers, in front of a big sofa. The sight made her legs tremble, but there was nothing she could do.

“The hook is screwed into a joist,” Matthew grinned at his wife.

“Drinks first I think?” Sadie grinned back at him. She led Yasmin over to a drinks cabinet in one corner.

“So this is the drinks tray. Here are the glasses. We use these ones for gin and tonic, which is what we’re having now. You get ice from the freezer and a lemon from the fridge...”

Shortly afterwards Matthew was adjusting his dick in his briefs as their new maid bent forwards slightly to hand Sadie her G&T. Her legs were gorgeous. The short lead dangling from her collar was electrifying. Her tits were fantastic and her face was stunning.

“Thank you,” he made to take his drink, but instead took hold of the lead. While the delectable teen was held he reached and stroked her beautiful exposed thigh with the other hand. She tried to pull away but could only teeter on her toes while he gently molested her.

After a few seconds he took his drink and let her go.

Yasmin made to flee - anywhere - but Sadie had hold of the hem of her dress so she just whirled and fell over in front of the sofa.

She leaped up but Sadie had too. Sadie wrapped her strong arms round Yasmin and held her while Matthew disappeared, then reappeared with something in his hand. Yasmin could barely even struggle as her arms were pulled behind her and something was wrapped round her forearms then tightened, holding them together across the middle of her back. Some kind of tube. She was more defenceless than ever. She tried to hold back a tear.

“Now don’t worry,” Sadie was speaking into her ear, “we’re not going to rape you. We just want to enjoy you. Relax and you’ll see it’s not so bad.” She kissed the desperate girl on the cheek.

Once again Yasmin thought of her dad’s words: “There are always options.” Yes: she could cry, or not cry. Think things in her head. Be weak, or proud.

She stood there while Matthew tied her lead to the rope dangling from the chandelier.

“It’s loose,” he smiled at her frightened face, “don’t worry. We just don’t want you to be running off while we’re in the middle of things.”

“You’re an embellishment, that’s all,” Sadie was grinning too. She slipped off her towel and laid it on the sofa. Then she laid her naked body on the towel. She looked athletic and glamorous, and excited.

Matthew quickly shed his clothes. Tying up the teen fantasy maid had made him rock hard. He alternated his gaze between his gorgeous, sexy wife and the bewildered teen beauty as he lined up his cock with Sadie’s wet and ready pussy.

Yasmin gaped at the scene before her: Matthew’s cock was enormous! It was going to reach as far as Sadie’s belly button, at least! And it was so thick, like her wrist. Well, nearly.

The inexperienced teen forgot her plight for a moment, fascinated by the phenomenon of the huge thing disappearing inside the woman’s writhing pelvis. It just kept going in.

She noticed they were both staring at her as they started to have sex, naked, in front of her! Obviously they were using her to arouse themselves.

Matthew feasted his eyes on the slim teen maid, her lovely legs in the thigh-highs with the bare skin at the top, her little white panties just about visible...

Sadie was watching the expression on the girl’s face. Part of Yasmin was caught up in the animal reality of their fucking, evidently, and partly she was looking to see if Sadie really was enjoying it.

“Mmmmm,” Sadie smiled and gasped at the girl, “it’s fantastic. You have no idea what you’ve been missing.”

Missing? Yasmin knew that huge thing would never fit in her. She didn’t want to say anything that might provoke her captors though, like to proving it! The whole thing looked so animal. She just managed to raise a little smile back.

She had to stand there while Matthew and Sadie fucked on and on - the male all lean and muscular, and the female with her thighs wide open and her nipples sticking right up, both groaning and gasping while they mated, seeming to be half in some other world.

After a few minutes they had an orgasm, together, which was even scarier. It was the first one Yasmin had seen but she knew that the wild gasping and groaning and then pressing together meant it was an orgasm.

They started again, and it was more minutes, twenty perhaps, before they had another one. All the time with that huge cock pistoning in and out, and both of them ogling her as though she was some kind of cute animal in a zoo.

“I’m tired,” she told them, after it looked like they were all set to start doing a third one while she stood there on her feet, “and my arms are stiff.”

“Oh that’s not fair, you’re right,” said Matthew, though his expression made Yasmin nervous. “What can we do?”

“Change of outfit?” suggested Sadie. “And we could change position too. Then Yasmin can sit down, or walk around at least, if she’s going to be good. What else did you get?”

“Bikini,” replied Matthew, “and a tennis skirt, and a thin blouse that I thought we could cut down a bit.”

“Bikini,” pronounced Sadie. She eased Matthew off her and stood up, stepped behind Yasmin and undid the arm tube thing, then she untied the rope from the lead. “Now can we trust you to go and change and come straight back Yasmin?”

“Yes,” Yasmin nodded vigorously. Even a minute on her own, not being ordered about and stared at, would be wonderful.

“Alright, three minutes,” said Sadie.

Yasmin ran up the stairs, her mind racing. Did she dare try to escape? The way Matthew looked at her she was afraid perhaps he meant to try and get that huge cock inside her. He’d already bought pervy costumes and tied her up and molested her.

She ran into the bedroom, and saw both a yellow bikini and her jeans and tee. One represented slavery, the other was her own self.

She grabbed the jeans and tee and rushed back into the corridor. Three minutes. Would there be a fire escape? Or a terrace? Or a tree near enough to jump to? Trellis? She ran, away from the stairs, her mind in turmoil. She looked in rooms as she went.

She came to the end of the corridor without finding anything. Two minutes. No trees or trellis that she could see, though she couldn’t open a window to look out. They were all locked. She had to find the best window and then break it, somehow.

“Gorgeous isn’t she?” Downstairs, Matthew was enjoying himself immensely.

“Really, really gorgeous!” Sadie agreed. A third girl was really what they needed. She’d thought she was highly sexed until she met Matthew - she liked an hour a day, kind of thing. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending, and that was more that most guys were up for after the first couple of weeks when it was all new.

But for Matthew you could double or even triple that. Rona helped, but still there was this constant feeling of turning down sex, because Matthew always wanted more even if he wasn’t pushy about it. The term ‘sex maniac’ had been invented for him.

On top of which, Yasmin was so perfect...

They heard running feet above, light but distinct. Down the corridor and into the end bedroom; that wasn’t Yasmin’s. Sadie sighed and stood up.

Yasmin was trying to get her mind to work. Every window she’d looked out of showed no chance of escape, just a long drop onto paving that would probably kill her or break her legs. Shit! Think! There are always options. One minute.

Sadie tiptoed up the staircase with Matthew. They arrived on the landing and looked both ways along the corridor. Where was she? There’d been no sound of breaking glass.

“Sorry I was slow,” Yasmin came out of her room, in the little yellow bikini.

“You’re breathing a bit hard,” Matthew was breathing hard himself, with the apparition before him.

“The dress got stuck,” Yasmin explained.

“We understand,” Sadie smiled. You couldn’t blame the girl, after all. She had more spirit than she’d been letting on - it made her sexier than ever. “Anyway it’s time we made you feel sexy I think.”

Yasmin started to back away from the two naked grown-ups. Their eyes were riveted on her, in this little bikini, indoors where it was so inappropriate. She ought to have put her jeans on and tried to reason with them.

Yasmin turned and fled, along the corridor and into the end bedroom.

But in the corner she realised it was hopeless. Matthew was about five foot ten or eleven, with shoulders, and Sadie was five-seven also with shoulders. Yasmin, five foot three and with not much in the way of shoulders, had as much chance of fighting them off as a kitten.

“Alright,” she walked back towards them. If they started manhandling her things might get even worse.

“Come on,” Sadie smiled and took her little hand.

Back downstairs Yasmin was guided to sit down in the middle of the large sofa, feeling defeated. Naked Sadie sat on her right, and naked Matthew sat on her left. His cock was lying on his tummy, looking soft and sticky, but still huge.

“So you didn’t find it sexy watching us fuck,” Sadie started, “that must be because you don’t know what sex feels like yet. Though you felt a bit sexy when I fondled your tits, earlier.”

“No I didn’t!” Yasmin denied it instantly.

“Okay well, I’ll prove it to you if I have to,” Sadie challenged with a smile, “but you can do it yourself if you prefer. Both hands.” So saying, she slid her right hand down through her own bush and opened her legs a little, and lifted her left hand up to caress her right tit. “You can do it under your bikini if you like.”

Yasmin realised she was being told to play with herself. And that if she refused, Sadie was going to do it to her.

“Go on,” Matthew said. He was ogling her, looking at the top of her tits which the little bikini didn’t cover. Yasmin was scared he was going to touch her. His right hand was by his hip, near his cock but also near the bow tie that held her bikini bottoms on.

She was helpless, but there were always options. In this case, she could either play with herself, or be molested. Molested really ... a lot.

She shuffled down the sofa cushion like the adults were, and slid her right hand into the gap under the waistband of her little bikini bottoms. One option was to remember she’d been thinking about trying this anyway.

“Now copy me,” Sadie instructed her, as though this was quite normal.

Yasmin knew the theory. She’d had Internet, after all. She slid a finger over her clit, opening a her legs a bit to make it easier. It didn’t feel like much. She slid her other hand up to her right tit and fondled it through the bikini fabric.

“Well done,” Sadie congratulated her, “now just keep going. We’ll all do it together.”

Matthew had his hand round his cock now, and it was hard again, looking colossal. Like twice her handspan long, and too big around for even his big hand to reach all the way round. He did a slightly strangled breathe out as he started to rub it up and down, staring at her hand moving under her bikini bottoms.

Yasmin tried to think. They were capturing her, that was pretty obvious. Well, she was captured already. And nobody knew where she was and she couldn’t escape and even if she did then she’d be deported. Perhaps worse than deported, with no home and not much money so bad people might get hold of her like Sadie said.

Though her dad would’ve said it could be worse, wouldn’t he? They weren’t being nasty or sharing her with other people, letting people pay to do things to her like she’d seen in the news. And they hadn’t hit her or even abused her with horrid words. In fact they were smiling and nice to her; it was just that she had to what they said. Her dad wouldn’t want her to be feeling sorry for herself; not just yet anyway.

At the same time, if she didn’t get herself off, Sadie would start on her. And she had to admit, secretly, that when Sadie had touched her breasts like that, in the shower, it had felt tingling. So it had to be possible that Sadie could get her off, even if she didn’t want it. And that would be worse than playing with herself, wouldn’t it? That would be like ... Lesbian rape! Gosh...

So she had an option and she had to use it. Play with herself. It wouldn’t really do any harm, would it?

Yasmin tried to think sexy thoughts and started trying with her fingers. Sadie was obviously having a great time next to her, gasping and writhing a bit, and Sadie was completely glamorous and successful.

So was Matthew, who girls would go nuts for as long as they weren’t too scared of his outsize member. The two of them were rich and classy and Yasmin was sure everyone must look up to them. Their bodies were perfect, too.

She sniffed the aromas coming from either side of her. They must be sex aromas. The sounds were sex sounds too, little grunts and gasps.

Her tit wasn’t feeling too much so Yasmin put her hand in from the side, under her top. That was better. She stroked her fingertips over and twiddled her nipple. It zinged rewardingly.

She opened her legs a bit more and slid a finger inside her private place. The fingers either side ... she squashed her lips. She bent the finger inside up, and felt something! It tingled.

Next thing she knew she was playing with herself! The words she’d read came to her - she was frigging her pussy, squeezing and stroking her clit, and spreading pussy juice around!

She opened her legs wider, not caring that they bumped the legs next to her. She slid a bit further down on the sofa, so she could work her pelvis up and down too, speeding the rubbing up. Her thumb was good on her clit too.

She abandoned her tit so she could work her pussy with her right hand and her clit with her left. Her bikini was in the way so she grabbed the tie on her right side and pulled so it came open.

Her head was swimming with amazing feelings. Suddenly she didn’t care about anything except the sensation in her pussy. It was such ecstasy, making her mind swirl, going up and up so that she was bucking about, but she didn’t care.

Now she could feel an even bigger high coming in reach, and the feelings were building, building...

The orgasm burst over her, thrilling her with euphoria that she’d never dreamed of. It went on and on while she thrust and pumped and squeezed for all she was worth.

Matthew watched with glee as his gorgeous nymphet soared through what was clearly her first ever orgasm. The first of a great many, if he had anything to do with it. And it was a huge one.

He stroked his cock very, very slowly. It was a miracle he hadn’t cum, and he’d have loved to have cum all over the delectable teen next to him, but he knew Sadie would have been pissed.

“Well done Yasmin,” Sadie praised her lovely new slave, “that was very sexy.” She stroked over the girl’s arm, then gave her a kiss on the cheek. The panting teen was too preoccupied to shy away.

“Yes well done,” Matthew agreed, “that was very beautiful, I could see you felt it very intensely. And it was very sexy to be here with you doing it.”

Yasmin, coming back to earth, understood that her captors were pleased that she’d got herself off in front of them. That helped to fend off the guilt, and make it a bit less disgraceful.

She’d done it in front of two grown-ups, as good as naked. She’d been writhing and bouncing around, and now she could tell she’d been gasping and groaning a lot too.

But surely her dad would agree she’d had to? Even her mum would understand she hadn’t had a choice.

She felt Sadie take hold of her right wrist. Sadie started pulling it towards her. But it was all covered in her juice! Yasmin pulled it back, but it wouldn’t come, Sadie was too strong. Next second her fingers were in Sadie’s mouth, being sucked and licked!

Matthew grabbed her left hand, and started doing the same thing. Licking and sucking her sticky fingers!

They were too strong. Yasmin gave up and sagged back on the sofa. They were stronger than her and she was their prisoner - their fantasy maid and bikini girl and masturbation partner and whatever else they wanted her to be. They liked tasting her sex juice. They were going to force her to become sexy, whether she wanted to or not.

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