Fuck Her
Chapter 1

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Revenge Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The title says it all...

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Caramel is an attractive, sexy, young woman with a healthy sexual appetite. Her own body turned her on as she looked in the mirror. Her breast full and round, thirty forty D's, her waist small and her tummy flat. Her hips circular, firm, her thighs shapely, her ass is sexy and inviting, very pleasing to the eye. The girl is a hottie that needs a long hard cock, a throbbing eight inch thick piece of man meat that she could suck, fuck and ride for hours.

But, it was Monday night, late and Caramel was alone and very horny as she tried to calm her self while looking in the mirror. Finally she fell back on her bed and institutionally reached for her B.O.B (bed room buddy). Her sexy thighs fell apart as she sucks the shaft wishing it was a man's dick. She traced it over her nipples, down her flat tummy and parted her pussy lips. Her breathe caught in her throat as she shank the plastic into her hungry twat.

Caramel was wet, very wet as she thought about the jocks that pounded her sugar walls. Then there was Mike with his seven inch cock and large nut sack. That sacks of his pounded her clit a many times as he fucked her from behind. Carlos was her Latin lover who sucked her pussy so good she almost pasted out. Erick was the biggest dick she ever had; he packed a nine and knew how to use it. Mark was thick like a soda can and stretched her pussy walls like no other man could, the cum she left on his cock made her shutter as she pounded her cunt with the plastic she wish was a man.

Caramel's hips lifted as she remembered Jihad and his average prick, but, man, could he work those hips. She couldn't forget about Johnny the only man that oiled up her pucker and fucked it to climax. Caramel could feel the pleasure swelling in her loins, her clit throbbed. But, she had to think about Curtis before she came. He was the freakiest man she knew, she came all over the piece of plastic as she thought how he sucked her clit, fingered her ass all while he fucked her with a vibrato ... dam ... she moaned aloud as her orgasm hit.

She panted as her body quivered and her pussy muscle gripped the plastic that was shoved into her pussy. Her window was open and the cool air helped her calm down. Letting go of the dildo she contracted her pussy muscles and the dildo slipped from her pussy. She always end her masturbation this way, it was very erotic to her and at times she would have to masturbate a second time it turned her on so much. Caramel started to drift off, but, caught herself, she got up and wiped off. Put on a big T-shirt and a fresh pair of boy short panties, she started to close the window, but, decided against it. She returned to her bed and quickly fell asleep.

Her dreams were full of big dick men fucking her non-stop as her pussy tingled. Dreams like this meant her pussy was still very hungry and she needed more than just some piece of plastic. Her clit throbbed so bad she had to get up; she went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Her pussy was in overtime and juice ran down her leg, after quenching her thirst she returned to her room took off her soaked panties. Caramel was so horny she didn't know what to do.

That's when she heard some one at the window, at first fear had a hold of her as she thought about some pervert just watched her take her wet panties off. But, her sexual need took over and she smiles to her self wickedly. If there is a man out he is about to get fucked and he better be packing, but, first a little tease to make him nice and hard. She put on some seductive music and began to gyrate around the room.

She really started to feel the music as it heightened her sexual need, her nipple popped and her clit throbbed as she got into the dance. The T-shirt moved with her as she opened and closed her thighs to the sensual beat. The thought of some perverted man watching her shake her ass, Caramel bent at the waist and spread her legs. The sight drew a hiss from the window and sent a bolt of pleasure to her swollen clit. Teasingly she pulled her shirt down over her sexy ass and pranced around the room some more;

Caramel faced the window bent at the waist once more and allowed her 40 D's to show much cleavage. Her nipples were stiff and were the only things that held her voluptuous breast in the T-shirt. Caramel swayed from side to side causing her titties to shake free of there restraints. She grasped each one in her hands; one by one she sucked her nipples. Another gasp came from the window. The gasp made her kitty tremble and her clit jump as her tongue swirled around her erect nipple.

Her pussy was on fire and her warm nectar ran down her sexy thighs, she could barely stand it as her need for hard pulsating dick grew. Caramel slowly pulled up her shirt to reveal a neatly trimmed cat, she was fully exposed. That's when she heard, dayummmm ... from the window, she could wait any longer and went to the window. When she peered out she was shocked, aroused, surprised and curious.

Outside her window were three guys and a woman, all the guys had there cocks out. Two stoking there's and one buried in the woman's cunt. Come in, come in she urged, her clit throbbed, thinking of all the possibilities. No one hesitated and they all came through her window, one by horny one. Caramel couldn't help but notice the huge cocks as they entered her room. The woman was striking with breast as large as hers and a nice ass. They introduced them sleeves as Janean, Marcus, Byron and Rafel.

Rafel was the last to enter and he is very bold, he didn't waste any time as he latched on to Caramel's hard nipple. The sudden sensation caused her to squeal out loud. She focused on the man which sent pleasure through her aroused body, Rafel, is a large man with thick curly hair, well built and eyes that sparkle with lust. Caramel shook when he latched onto her other nipple, her head began to be flooded with desirer. She didn't know how he knew, but, he was driving her crazy with desire.

Her pussy was already wet, but, his nipple play made her twat drenched with lust and desirer. He was driving her closer and closer to a wonderful orgasm as he applied the right amount of pleasure and pain. All the others were watching, still a little hesitant, Janean was the next to act. She dropped to her knees and ran her tongue along the inside of Caramel sexy thighs. Her tongue was hot and active, yet much different than any man. Caramel had experienced.

Caramel couldn't focus on either pleasure; she had become overwhelmed as he knee's buckled. Rafel eased her down onto Janean's hungry mouth as he continued, pinching twisting and sucking her large nipples. Janean's tongue was all over Caramel's pussy. Then she parted her pussy lips with her hot tongue and at the same time Rafel bit down on her stiff nipple. Caramel burst into harmonic orgasm. She knew all her neighbors heard her, but, she didn't care. The bliss that took her over, she could not contain.

Marcus was the next to join in, he is a short man with a wide cock. The widest prick Caramel had ever seen, her pussy quivered at the thought of that fat cock spreading her tight pussy walls. Her mouth was inches away from his large cock head as he came closer and closer. Caramel felt her lips being pushed open by the massive dick. His taste was pleasingly surprising and soon she found herself trying to suck his penis dry.

Rafel was still working on her erected nipples and Janean was giving her the best head she ever had. Her body was responding to every touch, lick, bite and stroke, the sensations were coming from every direction. Her mouth was being stretched as Marcus tried to ease it down her throat, some of his pre-cumm coated her pallet and she wanted more. Caramel was really big on cock sucking, but Marcus was changing her mind.

Byron was the last to join in, he was the largest of them all. A true foot long and it was thick too, he opened Janean's thighs and shoved his fingers deep into her tight juicy pussy. Finding her very aroused made his long cock jump. Caramel almost came at the erotic sight. She watched intensely as her pussy was being sucked, her nipples pinched, sucked and twisted and as she sucked the sweetest dick she ever sucked.

Byron had a hold of his huge cock, running the head up and down Janean's wet slit. Her clit would disappear when the large cock head would glide over it, her whole body would jerk from the touch. The pleasure was driving her crazy. Caramel could tell because Janean's pussy eating was becoming intense. Which made her suck deeper on Marcus's cock, she heard him grunt for the first time. He reached down and tweaked the nipple that Rafel wasn't on.

At that time Byron shank half of his cock into Janean's soaked and wet cat. The pleasure jolted her and she shoved her tongue dep into Caramel's hole. Caramel couldn't hold back any longer, her pussy walls wrapped around her tongue and she splashed her face with hot cumm. She opened her mouth to scream, but, Marcus's cock slipped into her hot throat. It caught him off guard and the bliss moved him into climax, he shot his hot creamy man juice down her throat. Caramel started to gag, but, the taste stopped the reaction and she suck down every drop.

With her mind racing, her nipples set a blaze, her pussy twitching, her belly full of cum, her clit thumping and her heart pounding. Caramel pulled away from them all as the orgasm engulfed her. Everyone froze to see what would happen next; this was hard for Byron who was just getting his long hard cock all the way in Janean's tight pussy. The room fell silent and all anyone could hear was Caramel's heavy panting.

A few moments went by when she yelled; now that's an orgasm, as soon as she said that. Rafel was between her thighs with his big cock, parting her tight pussy lips. He quickly filled her pussy and with a twist of his body Caramel was on top. She slowly slid down his big dick, as he thrust his hips towards the heavens, driving his long hard cock deep in her hot pussy. Caramel hissed with desire as she told him how good his dick felt.

She slowly began to rotate her hips on his cock; the sweet motion drew a throbbing of his dick deep in her pussy. Caramel was a live with lust and she wanted to fuck everyone in the room. Wanton wasn't the word for her in this state of mind, she was a dirty little freak, she told herself. As she rode strange cock and strange cock juice was still on her breathe. Her pussy juices were on the breathe of some strange woman and all she knew was that she wanted more.

Caramel glanced over to see Janean's legs spread wide open and Byron pounding her pussy like she hope he would do her later. Marcus was squat over Janean's face as she licked his balls, Caramel smiled to her self as she thought about the sweet taste of his dick. She watched Janean"s magic tongue revived his fat cock, at that moment Janean sang out in ecstasy and Byron slammed home his hot nut deep in her hot pussy.

Byron didn't waste any time finding Caramel's hot mouth to put his semi hard pussy juice covered dick in. Caramel opened wide and took his cock in her mouth. Janean found her clit while Caramel rode Rafel's prick and Marcus slipped into Janean's well fucked pussy from the back. It didn't take them long to find a rhythm, slurping sounds and raising desire.

The dick in her pussy was touching all the erogenous zones in her pussy, she could feel her pussy walls milking his rod. Trying to draw his seamen from his jewel sack, while, Janean massaged her clit with her hot active tongue. Byron's dick wasn't as sweet as Marcus. But, the mixture of Janean's pussy nectar and Byron's jism was good enough to make Caramel want to suck his shaft clean. Marcus had his eyes closed as he pumped Janean from the back, he was in his own world.

The pleasure in Caramel pussy was becoming intense, if she didn't know any better she would swear Rafel's dick was growing in her tight pussy. He was stretching her sugar walls and the feeling was very, very good. She could feel the blunt end of his cock forcing open the walls of her pussy. The ridge that separated the head from the shaft felt really good stroking her walls. It drew a low moan from deep down where the pleasure was fierce. The fire was raging, burning, moving her to a fiery climax. It would only be the second one she has experienced in her life.

She couldn't believe the intense pleasure she was receiving as sex filled the room. She got off on watching Janean's suck her clit and watching Marcus fuck her wet sounding pussy from behind. Byron's cock didn't really have a taste, but, the idea of having a strange large cock in her mouth turned her on. Her pussy was in heaven being filled with Rafel's swelling cock, Caramel was in a real live sexipade and it was marvelous.

She rotated her hips right then she made a quick left with Rafel's cock deep in her pussy. This made him groan and she knew it wouldn't be long before he erupted all in her sweet pussy. She looked over at the strain on Marcus's face and she knew he was on his way to climax. She looked up at Byron, although he was enjoying her mouth he was not nearing completion far as she could tell.

With her free hand she reached up and began to caress his nut sack, she squeezed and she thought she squeezed a little to hard. But, instead of him pulling back and saying something. He moaned and shoved his cock deeper into her hot mouth. This intrigued her and she squeezed harder still. His dick jumped in her mouth and some pre-cumm hit the back of her throat. Her clit jumped in Janean's mouth whiles she grinned hard to the left on Rafel's prick.

Caramel knew she found Byron's weakness as she squeezed and sucked as hard as she could. Byron moaned out loud, your a sexy, hot cocksucker. Rafel thrust upwards as she worked her hips to the right, driving him to say, she has the best hot, wet pussy too. Janean lightly raked her teeth over Caramel's love button which triggered bliss for her. The combination of Rafel's man juice and Caramel's sweet nectar, made Janean's pussy muscles contract.

Her pussy clamped down on Marcus's cock and he sent his load deep into Janean's hungry cunt. Caramel never heard this many people satisfied at one time before, The sound stimulated another climax before the first one was finished, it was pure bliss as the feelings rushed through her. She tried to scream out in pleasure, but, Rafel's cock was half way down her throat.

The panting was deep and labored as every one untangled, looking for a place to bask in pleasure. It took a minute for everyone to catch there breathe and express there feelings on how great they felt about what just happened. The men need a few minutes to recoup. But, Janean and Caramel were ready for more. Caramel never been with a woman before, so, she was vary curious.

Lying next to one another they began to explore one another's body. Caramel noticed that Janean's body wasn't much different than her own. Her breast were somewhat larger, her nipples were long and much thicker. They both had flat smooth tummies with six pack abs. Her hips were slimmer, yet they were tight and round. The cheeks of her ass were firm and nice to caress. Caramel wanted to explore further, but, hesitated for a moment. Her heart was beating as she forced herself to inch her hand down between her thighs.

Caramel felt heat at first, then a strip of fine hair as she probed further. Then she felt the softest touch she ever felt, Janean's pussy lips were very soft, plush in fact. Caramel took great satisfaction in pawing at the woman's pussy lips, her clit was just as soft. She jumped and her clit throbbed as Caramel ran her fingers over it. Caramel like the way she responded to her touch, so, she did it a few more times. Each time her jump and throb became more intense.

By the time Caramel slipped a finger into Janean's tight hole, she was very drenched. She slowly and cautiously moved her finger in and out of Janean's pussy. Caramel never knew she would become so turned on fingering another woman's pussy. Her own clit began to throb and she could feel her juices flow down her ass cheeks, this meant Caramel was very turned on. Her sexual awareness was being educated as she slipped a second finger into her very wet pussy.

Janean's pussy began to quiver around her fingers as she pumped them in and out. Her moans sounded different, more erotic and deeply satisfying. Just a bit more pleasing from when the men were fucking her, this was a new sensation for Caramel, a control she never knew. She was the one fucking instead of being fucked and she liked it, not as much as dick. But, this power of fucking was running a close second.

Caramel wanted more power, she pumped Janean's cunt harder and deeper, her moans became more lustful and urgent. Caramel was on a real sexual power trip, her movements became vigorous, almost violent and when Janean came. Caramel exploded in a way she never did before. Her body was overwhelmed with lust and power as her heart raced. Her nipples throbbed and her love button ached while her head spun in the newness of fucking another woman.

As they both regained there senses, Caramel wanted more and the look in Janean's eyes let her know she wasn't done either. She looked around the room to see three hard cocks being stroked. They all looked so very good, but, she wanted to fuck Janean once more. She rolled on top of her and Janean opened her legs for her, clit to wet clit they were as the men watched.

Soft wet clit on soft wet clit felt amazing, Caramel thought as she meshed her pussy lips with Janean's. She whipped her hips left than right as her juices flowed to meet Janean's. The pungent scent filled the room driving everyone into a sexual frenzy.

The cocks of the men were rock hard and a delightful sight for the two women. But, they couldn't pull there pussies apart to allow a dick into there honey walls. The grinding became more intense when Janean folded her legs back further and grasped the cusp of Caramel ass.

Caramel was in control of a wet, soft pussy, just as hot and as juicy as her own. The wetness was making the sweetest erotic sound she had ever heard. The tender part of there clits rubbed back and fourth against one another, moving them to eruption...

Janean had some moves of her own, with a up and down that moved there sensation that much closer to orgasm. Their clits played in a warm puddle of female nectar that soon will fed to each man. Her last deep grind mashed their clits together, as she pulled away. The nip of their clits slid the length of their pussy lips. It was a sensation neither woman had every felt. The pleasure broke over them like a title wave.

Caramel found Jamean's breast and bit down sending another powerful sensation through her euphoric body. They took off at the same time, mashing their pussies together. Janean circled left while Caramel circled right, both women quivered from their head to their clits. The two women were panting, squealing, pinching, grinding and gushing nectar on one another.

It was a high Caramel never experience before, the orgasm found depths she never thought she had. The look on Janean's face was one of deep satisfaction as well, which added to Caramel's bliss. She had never pleasured a woman before and it really turned her on.

She wasn't the only one, the men Rafel, Byron and Marcus didn't even let them catch there breathe. Bryon swung Caramel and spread her legs wide open. Caramel didn't mind, she was dying for more, she looked over at Janean whom was already on her hands and knees.

This is what Caramel craved, this is what she need, and this is what she desired, three big dick men and as an added bonus a big breast, wet pussy woman. The sexual gods heard her prayers, felt her passion and delivered with promise.

As Byron moved his fat cock head up and down the length of her soaked pussy lips. The touched made her jump as her clit was still in a very aroused state. Caramel could hear some one already fucking Janean, she could hear the erotic sounds of her still very wet pussy.

She looked up to see a deep desire in Byron's eyes as he slowly caressed her love button, with his huge cock head. Her clit jumped when she noticed that although he was playing in her very pussy soup. Byron had his eye on something else.

His stroking of her wet, soft pussy lips lingered around her once fucked brown eye. Caramel shuttered as she looked at Byron's huge cock and thinking what it would do to her rarely fucked ass. It wasn't a shutter of fear, but, one of new desire.

Caramel always fantasized about being fucked up the ass by more than one big dick man, she could see each man taking his turn in her minds eye. The fire began to build once again as she looked at Byron's large, throbbing cock.

Byron didn't sense any resistance from Caramel while he teased the brown eye. His heart pounded at the thought of fucking her sweet looking ass. He coated two fingers in her wetness then he made sure her ass hole was well coated.

Her breathe caught in her chest when he slipped a finger into her tight ass hole, he didn't wait long before he slipped a second finger in.

There was no pain and the feeling became intense, he wiggled his fingers to stretch her hole so that he could get his cock in.

Caramel was so focused on the wiggling in her ass that she didn't notice that Marcus had lowered his nut sack onto her soft lips. Caramel was startled at first, but, quickly parted them to receive his jewels. Greedily, she fondled his balls with her tongue and lips.

Caramel became a woman immersed between to pleasures, the sweet taste of cock, which she truly craves. But, her ass was experiencing new and delicious pleasure. Which were opening a new sexual exploitation of her mind, soul and body.

Byron began plugging his fingers deeper into her tight ass. He was on a mission to loosen up her tight ass so that he could fuck it. With his other hand he caressed her hips and ran his bare, rough palm over her round buttocks. Byron took sweet delight in spreading her butt cheeks and fingering her ass hole.

As the intense good feeling enveloped her body and drove her desire. This ignited the suction of her mouth as Marcus groaned in pleasure from her hot mouth. Her tongue went from nut to nut and the underside of his dick. Caramel left wet suction marks on the bottom of his cock.

Her focused was changed again when Byron rolled her hips and put her in the dogie position. Once again her heart raced and anticipation filled her brain as he placed his strong hands on her sexy hips. He pulled her back as he thrust forward.

A few times he poked her in her soft ass cheeks, but, once he got his aim right. He poked her right in her brown eye. The sensation was surprisingly refreshing, new and arousing. Caramel didn't know what got into her, but, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks for him.

The tip of his cock slipped in her ass and a bolt of sensation shot to the tip of her clit. It caused her clit to throb and her pucker to quiver. "Your so, damm tight", he grunted! He took a moment before pushing deeper.

Janean took this opportunity to slide into position; legs spread wide, pussy dripping with nectar and man juice. The aroma took Caramel to a new sexual delight as she took a deep sniff. Her mind began to spin with deep lust and desire.

She didn't even think, Caramel sank her face into Janean's sweet pussy. Her tongue went up, down, left and right of sucking her pussy. The mixture was intoxicating as she slurped at Janean's tasty twat. She could taste bits of the men whom had fucked her tight pussy. But, the main sweetness was Janean's.

By this time Byron regained his composure and pushed another inch in to her tight ass. The sensation caused her inner tights to quiver, sending un-felt sensations to the tip of her aroused clit.

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